Episodes 1-75 of The Early Years Now Fully Restored — 9 Comments

  1. Jack this is great! I love the old podcasts. I just listened to #3 The Survival Drill which is a great idea to test our preps. Have you thought about making that an annual thing and we all test our stuff at the same time. The idea that comes to mind is the Amateur Ham radio operators Field Day, where the hams all go on emergency power to communicate from the field. Maybe we could even do the survival drill on the same day as Field Day which is held annually the fourth full weekend in June. With you promoting “Survival Drill Day” it just might turn into a really big thing and get lots more people involved.

  2. Excellent news. I think it’s pretty daunting for some people to jump right into the middle of something as big and long-standing as TSP is now, and those old shows have a lot of the basic info in them that new people will want.

    Good work.

  3. The “download” link for episode 74; downloads episode 73.

    In service,

    • @Duncan, problem rectified thanks for finding it. You may have to do a full restart to get the right episode if your browser cached the other one.

  4. Really enjoying some of the early shows.

    The one on the green greenhouse has particularly inspired me to get on with my geodesic Dome project

    Thanks Jack


  5. Hey Jack,

    I just noted that the new file name format for episodes 1 through 24 is different from higher numbers. As you can see below, 24 and below is missing the extra zero where 25 and above has it.


    In service,