New MSB Only Video – Episode Three – The Nine Mile Farmstead — 13 Comments

  1. Great info and update! 2 questions or suggestions. 1 a TSP show on raising Ducks, I’m sure like chickens, but do you use your chicken laying boxes for the eggs? Do you coop them at night? How soon can they be free range? Should I grow a special plant for them to munch on? And so on.

    2 I live in Arkansas and a founder, and am really excited about the new farm project in Arkansas. Being a founder and completing the PDC, is there a way I could (shadow) the project? Maybe have some sort of visitation rights? Or even volunteer at different stages of the project?

    One more thing, I think all founders (upon graduating the PDC) should receive a cool hat like yours….. Or a discount link for founders. Just a thought. Thanks again for keeping it real..

  2. Jack, so much to enjoy learning about your the duck trade. Who knew about a specialty client possibility. Also excited about the Arkansas farm. I spoke with Mark at the Acres USA conference and will be speaking with his associate this week about our farm. The PDC has laid the foundation for the Indiana farm. Thanks for a great year and 2015, looks exciting for many of us.

  3. I just wanted to say thankyou for adding in the monthly, quarterly, and yearly payment options. At the time of renewal my family just could not do the full 50. I was very excited about the video, and thanks to e new payment options I can continue to view great content AND support you. So thanks! Happy new year

    • Glad it helped you but those options have always been there. Like since day one. May be I should mention it on air more often?

    • Oh! I didn’t know that. Yes, I think you should metion that on air more often. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Jack,
    Great video.
    I would also love a podcast with further detail on raising ducks specifically, for eggs as well as for meat. I am considering raising ducks in the near future and would love as much info as possible. I talked to someone who raises ducks recently and she mentioned that they were night-owls – up all night making noise, etc. I’m curious if that is your experience or not. You also implied a duck renaissance happening in the future. Please discuss this more. Thank you for all you do!

  5. Great update Jack, please keep them coming!
    I too would like more info on raising ducks.
    Also on plant propagation, I’m preregistered for the course and am reallyexcited to get started!

  6. My wife and I use Vista Print for both of our businesses. If you get on their mailing list they send coupons for % off and free shipping often. Hope this saves someone a few bucks.

  7. Glad to hear about the big business for the Arkansas property. With regards to big business – the order of the ethics matters. If you reverse the order then you get surplus, people, earth….very different from earth, people, then surplus.

    Nice update…thank you.

  8. Hi, Jack. good job. I thought you should know, if you don’t already, that the Asians also eat what they call, “Black Bone chicken” They are silkies. I used to sell them to a Chinese restaurant for their employees. They are used for medicine, so they can bring a good price. If you’re selling them duck eggs, this would fit that niche’.

  9. Jack-
    I am curious about how you structured the farm business (LLC, sole proprietor, etc.)? Did you pick up insurance for the farmstead business?

    Also, you’ve mentioned the trouble with the chickens before. I was wondering why you haven’t tried tractoring them.