Episode-97- Gerald Celente Predictions and My Thoughts — 6 Comments

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  2. Great podcast – again!
    So many things that I see everyday was mentioned on today’s podcast.

    The educational system is a real mess! I am a school bus driver and transport all three levels. I have noticed over the years that the education of our children is getting narrower.

    Children who fail (or should fail) because they miss too many days (skipping, suspensions, etc.) and/or are “problem students” are “promoted” to the next grade because: 1.) The teachers don’t want them back in their class, or 2.) because the child might be “embarrased” if he/she doesn’t move up with his/her class.
    The children aren’t allowed to experience failure – which could be the best thing to happen to them in some instances. Disappointment – not allowed. Taking responsibility for negative actions is discouraged by not giving the proper “punishment” or by giving no punishment at all.

    Some children aren’t challenged enough. (Can’t make it too hard on them!) One of the big “pet peeves” for me is that they also aren’t allowed to deviate from the “accepted norm” of what is being taught in class. (Come up with their own solutions if it varies from what the school board dictates.)

    The school board/teachers put “blinders” on the children. “Look only at what WE want you to know, not what someone else might know as well.
    Classes are focused on studying what the students will be tested on in order to graduate. Anything other than that is discouraged.

    I’m sorry. I could go on and on about this. I see it every day (M-F), but since I don’t live in the district where I work, I’m not allowed to speak up at the school board meetings. (In fact, the board complained to management about some drivers who DO live there speaking up at the meetings and the drivers were threatened with the loss of their jobs if they continued. They have students in that district!)

    Thanks for the podcasts! I look forward to them every day and really miss them if you don’t post.

  3. Enjoy your podcast brother. God, guns, family, and freedom in any order you want to arrange them.

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  5. Can’t even describe how good I feel after listening to this, or where to start on how much I align with your thoughts. I’ve been standing on my soapbox at home talking about the same damn things for so long now… absolute redemption listening to this.

    My wife is a teacher, she and I talk about this stuff all the time including the teaching industry. She will be listening to this tonight.

    I think there are a LOT of people in this country that are tired of the lies and poltical correctness and spoon fed rubbish that is at the forefront of a dying institution.

    I predicted a revolution back in 90′, been preparing all my life for this time. You can’t get something for nothing, you cant get something for free. This country and the people in it, have been that way for way too long.

    If we are great, we need to show it. We can’t ride on our history, we have to do something NOW.