Episode-954- A Two Parter, Yellow Journalism and Archery with Caleb Runnels — 28 Comments

  1. Just a note, remember that the reporter usually doesn’t have control of the headline. That is usually an editorial decision. Having been a journalist, the writer is often not at fault for headline issues.

    • @Todd Mike is the owner and editor and chief of Natural News he has complete control. Don’t make excuses for him, he isn’t worth of your efforts.

      • Jack, Thanks, that is what I get for commenting before listening. I almost mentioned the possibility of a blog or other publication where the person is the writer, editor and just about everything else. I stand corrected.

  2. When talking about inspecting your gear. Checking your carbon arrows for cracks is very important!

    I have Preps in my hunting gear back. Always bring extra batteries for your range finder. Its also not a bad idea to have an extra release. 2 is 1, 1 is none. Have flash lights, headlamp, a saw, and I actually pack an extra strap for my harness for up in the tree (important when hunting multiple spots).

    I also wanted to add that shooting in what you where when hunting is important. It is easy to hit your jacket with your string or throw your aim off when you have a heavy glove on your grip hand. I like to use lighter weight gloves that I can practice regularly with, and keep my hands in my pockets with a warmer if necessary. A good bowholder hook is important if you do this because you never know when a deer will appear out of nowhere.

  3. Jack,

    Jackson County issued Harrington the permit then retracted it. It took me 3 minutes to find this fact. There is nothing inaccurate about the article. Is it saturated in anti-Obama politics? Yes and it weakens the article.

    A law is still a bad law even if they don’t enforce it. I have issue with your opening statement Jack especially being a constitution libertarian. There are numerous bad legislative laws that can be enforced any time like the NDAA. Nobody has been rounded up by my knowledge, but the NDAA is still an illegal draconian law is it not?

    Water in Oregon is restricted, it’s not free to use as in rainwater collection without a permit. Without water you have no permaculture. If you need a permit for water, then yes it is illegal to practice permaculture unless you get a permit permission from the State. So yes using water for permaculture has been criminalized in this case.

    Yes, water rights have been a century old debate. In Southern Nevada county trucks will patrol neighborhoods and if you water your lawn or backyard garden in the “illegal hours” you get cited. The same water restrictions are in place in Wyoming counties as well. So I agree it’s nothing new but nonetheless a violation of libertarian principles.

    Oregon had a decade long battle for “sustainable development” over the Klamath river dams that provided energy and agriculture for local farmers and ranches. The agenda for sustainable living has forced four dam removals in the area which is a concern for other States in the pocket of the Department of Interior, and Department of Agriculture.

    Water rights belonging to the State is a legitimate concern. Bashing a sitting president that believes the U.S. Constitution is fundamentally flawed is the right of the people.

    Yellow Journalism is the media standard. It is the objective of a title of a written work to grab the reader’s attention. I think we both agree it’s bad journalism but nothing new as you stated the water rights issue is nothing new as well.

    I have looked at countless peer reviewed articles in my past studies that could be labeled yellow journalism.

    Is the article libel by Mike Adams?

    I don’t believe so.

    Oregon suing Mike Adams over the article?

    That is scary you would support the State suing individuals for alternative news media on the internet. We will have to agree to disagree on your opinion.

    You used a newspaper article to support your opinion against Mike Adams, and yet newspapers are notorious violators of yellow journalism and have consistently been blaming the Tea Party for every hate crime and nut job shooting massacre.

    I agree Adams is a coward for shying away from the second amendment. However, I believe your attack on Jones and alternative media is a double standard. Yes, we need to research the news, but that should be said for mainstream media as well, notorious for printing misinformation.

    • You stated, “Without water you have no permaculture”, to which I respond the article is still complete and total fucking bullshit.

      You sir have no understanding of permaculture if you think not being able to have a pond means no permaculture.

      Permaculture fundamental, “the more constraints on a design the more elegant the eventual design”. ~ Geoff Lawton

      Also the coward claims this law would outlaw swales, really? Show me how, show me one person attacked by the state over a swale.

    • @Sage, let me add though.

      1. You are correct about the permit though Adams’ was intentionally and completely misleading about how it was mentioned which is why I didn’t find it. He stated it as though the guy got the permit, built the ponds and then they changed their mind and tossed him in jail. The truth was he built the ponds with no permit, he then was cited, he appealed, got a temporary permit during the appeal, lost, had it revoked and then refused to drain the ponds for years before being sent to jail, more for refusal to comply with the order then building the ponds in the first place. Adams knew exactly what he was doing, I made an error and one I will correct on Thursday as tomorrow’s show has been published.

      2. You are correct about my foul in saying Oregon should sue Adams, I was angry and that is an over reach. Adams is still a coward and this article is bull shit and I think we both know that. However no blogger should be sued for expressing their opinion. Though I think the intent is clear when in doubt I would have to side with free speech.

  4. Thank you for calling this guy out on that article. First time I saw the title it screamed that something was wrong. I couldn’t make it threw his article, it was so full of bull.

  5. Good Lord Jack I am shocked to hear your story about Mike Adams saying that gun related topics are too controversial for his website. He was a fellow student at a recent training class with Tactical Response. It is very upsetting to learn about the chicken neck and two faced stance he is taking regarding advertising and ‘guns’. Thanks for pointing out the blantant issues of his article. Your messge about doing your own research really hit home on this one. Oh and I find you do a great impression of AJ by the way so thanks for the laugh!

    • @Ty G, in the interest in walking the walk let me admit here that as Sage pointed out I did get a detail wrong. At one point a permit was issued for the ponds though it was temporary and AFTER they were built and AFTER he had already been cited the first time. As for the ad policy here it is right from Mike’s site,

      “NaturalNews PROHIBITS ads promoting products that contain: HFCS, yeast extract, MSG, aspartame, sucralose, sodium nitrite, hydrogenated oils, chemical pharmaceuticals, toxic perfumes and fragrance chemicals, etc. No gambling, casino, alcohol, firearms or adult content advertisements will be approved.”

      So there you go, note I have never called for a boycott or anything like that, I just told the audience what the truth was and the cop out excuse I was given by Adams.

  6. I live in Western Australia I can’t afford a gun crossbows are illegal, pistol grip sling shots are illegal as are neckknives. You need a licence for an air rifle so a bow and arrow may be my only means of long range weapon either that or I invest in a nice sized brick to throw at the bad guys. Thank you my rant is now over :-/

  7. I justed wanted to thank you for thoughts on the Oregon water case. Bad journalism at it’s best. It’s nice to know that my rainbarrel and I are still safe 🙂

  8. The nice thing about carbon arrows is they are either straight or hey are broken. Much nicer than aluminum or wood.

    I have a bag target that I love as it is much easer t pull arow out than hay bales. Even my 4yo granddaugher can pull arrows out of this bag. The down side of this bag is with the cotton stuffing it actually stops the arrow too fast. Te ony carbon arrows i have broken have been eitherf fromRobin Hooding them or shooting into this bag. The fast stop realy puts a lot of stress on the arrow.

  9. Mathews has string dampers called Monkey Tails that are a cinch to install and only cost a couple of bucks each. Like the string whiskers, they can go on any bow.

  10. Jack,
    That Airbus plant is in Mobile, Alabama. I know, it’s not New York or L.A., but that might be a good thing.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Jack is right to get angry about that case of yellow journalism, because it is sometimes difficult to convince people to prep with real information, so that it doesn’t help that you made into a fool by buying into some wacko conspiracy theory easily debunked with good.

    Believe it or not but I need more than 20 minutes to convince my brother to buy pepper spay for self defense, using past example of crime that happened to us and people around me. Image that I approach him about food storage, and instead of some good reasoned argument, I come up with some crazy GMO zombie story that He can debunk in 5 seconds and label me as a wacko job for the rest of my life.

    The Alex Jones principle seems to be that government is so evil that making stuff up is not wrong because they are either doing it in secret or will do it in the future. But it makes bringing other people into prepping difficult.

    Bow hunting sounds interesting, but it is definitively not my cup of tea. I hope we get a show on crossbows one of these days.

  12. 60-70 lbs is way too much for bow hunting especially where it’s colder during hunting season. Imagine siting in a tree for hours and having to pull 70 lbs while sitting down…

    • I don’t know what you mean, I shoot a 70lb bow and hunted in PA for years with it.

  13. Jack said above, “I made an error and one I will correct on Thursday as tomorrow’s show has been published.” I appreciate that maturity. Great show.

    • @Christopher thanks that said the correction occurred on Fridays show but it did occur. I took an extra day to be sure I had it right the second time around.

  14. The opening of this episode is what pisses me off about Jack …. If you use the analogy of the Food Safety Bill again I am going to pull what little is left of my hair …..

    THE BILL IS LAW ..Just because they choose not to enforce it does not mean they will not … AJ has been proven right time and time again … has been on the air for 17 years waking people up ….

    You on the other hand do a 1 hr show sometimes 5 days a week for 3 years and have what 40000 listeners ? I bet a large % of your listeners have come from Alex Jones .

    Your constant harping and whining about him is getting really disturbing.

    • @Stormy_NY, this is what pisses me off about people like you. People like you will believe anything guys like Jones say no matter the facts in fact people like you seem to basically be saying fuck the facts I will believe in this crap simply because it puts the government in a bad light. The FACTS about the Food Safety Bill are

      1. It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with a garden, the word garden isn’t in it, never was, isn’t now, won’t be.

      2. It isn’t they are not enforcing anything it says about gardens, it is that is DOES NOT apply to gardens.

      3. It says not one fing thing about saving seeds or trading seed, never did.

      4. Specifically the Bacaus Amendment EXEMPTS 100% any concern that does under 500,000 in annual revenue.

      Now I am going to mention this bill for the next thirty strait episodes until you either admit AJ is full of shit about this bill or promise to go listen to him and never listen to me again and leave me the hell alone.

      The way Jones covered the Food Safety and Modernization Act was complete bullshit, the way Adams covered the story about the guy with the ponds was complete bullshit, and if you think it isn’t after I have given you the FACTS I can’t help you so shave your damn head and go back to the shock jock and yellow journalism hypesters. You can be happy being paranoid and miserable, I will stick to the FACTS.

  15. So it seems without the Tester Amendment being put in at the last minute …. AJ and Mike were right

    A key amendment sponsored by Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) would exempt small farmers who direct market more than 50% of their products.

    These famers must have gross sales (direct and non-direct combined) of less than $500,000, and sell to consumers, stores, or restaurants that are in-state or within 400 miles. This amendment is especially important for off-farm retail locations such as farmers markets and CSAs.

    Why do you have to be such a Douche when replying ?

    • No it doesn’t, the amendment was put in to protect small FARMS from the cost of the legislation which was the entire justification for objecting to this bill in the first place, I covered it extensively at the time. I also dealt with thousands of panicked people from your shock jocks bullshit convinced Feds would be hauling off old ladies for back yard gardens the day after it passed. SUCH COMPLETE BULLSHIT.

      Here is another FACT! The bill only had on major provision in it that wasn’t already law, this provision was to allow for the tracking of food back to its point of origin in the event that people got sick on it. The purpose being that if someone got hepatitis or e coli from tomatoes or onions or peppers (all of which have occurred) they could pull produce only from the offending source.

      Now for small farms selling locally that was bullshit and Tester is the guy that squared away that loophole, again I covered it,

      The bill mostly took power that existed in 5 departments of government, power that was decades old and consolidated it in one, with the goal to save money. We both know that won’t happen but that was the reasoning behind it. The tracking component on industrial food to me is also a good thing. I would have preferred that the Tester amendment had went up to perhaps a million dollars as that still is a relatively small farm. Or that say a farm selling into a larger distributor that the distributor be handed the burden of applying the tracking.

      Very few things have damaged the liberty movement more with the middle of the road person though then the countless stupid emails that came from Jones’ complete and total bullshit coverage of this bill. Rather then actually report the facts and the legitimate concerns we heard stupid shit that gardens will be outlawed, trading tomatoes for peppers with your neighbor will be outlawed, seed savers exchange will be shut down and we are all going to FEMA camps.

      Jones breaks some great stuff but he always goes to the extreme, and as for “proven right”, how about where he is proven WRONG, like on the Food Safety and Modernization Act? Where he was clearly wrong from day one, making shit up the entire time and some of his zombie listeners like you refuse to even CONSIDER FACTS in analysis and just keep insisting “but it could be used in the future for….”

      Again if you want bullshit, go to those types of people, if you want facts and a correction and admission when I get it wrong come here.

      • Strangely enough I followed a link from Facebook. I think from Ready Made Resources. That took me eventually to an ad for a Mike Adams video training on defending your home. I thought, wait didn’t I just hear that name on Jack’s podcast? It talks about type of guns and ammo to buy and not to buy. The ad was from an article on his site, Natural News. In fact its a Natural News program. Did he just violate his own rules? I was thinking this might be a good program to view but its around $40.