Episode-891- Listener Feedback for 4-30-12 — 22 Comments

  1. I just read what the topics are for today. Ass clownery from Saturday evening. I went down my street with a dog that wouldn’t go away from our house to see if I could locate the owner (I didn’t know whose dog it was, there’s a ton of dogs around in this small town of 1 acre lots). As I was walking with my 4 year and 1 year old, a man in his 40s comes out and starts saying all sorts of profanities because he’s upset that all the dogs in the neighborhood are barking like crazy because I’m walking this stray dog down the street.

    Yeah, that got my blood boiling. I’m still in the process of letting it go. What kind of wacko would do something like that, especially with young children around? Probably was raped as a child. I’ll forgive him.

  2. Your non-opinion stance on the Martin-Zimmerman fiascoe is admirable.

    However, your revealed opinion about responsible journalism I hold even more strongly because of this case. It’s really knocked me for a loop even though I haven’t had a lot of faith in the media. Nothing is as striking as the media touting the “forensic experts” who say the voices on the 911 tape aren’t Zimmerman’s when I’m convinced they must be.

    What little faith people have in the media they should let go of after all the facts come out and they all corroborate Zimmerman’s story. I’m not taking a side, I’m just pointing out that the popular narrative of Zimmerman calling 911 to announce that he would stalk and torture a black kid just to kill him with a single 9mm shot never made any sense at all…except that it worked for sensationalism.

  3. Just got back from the Alaskan Republic Party’s convention in Anchorage. I went into the convention supporting Ron Paul but am not sure who I am supporting now. The Ron Paul people were meeting and planning their strategy which is okay, but during the convention at times they became intimidating and close to, if not being, hostile. Some moments during the convention honestly reminded me of Occupy Wall Street (without the excessive violence-no physical harm was done). On the good side, many of the party platforms that were passed were pro-constitutional (both state and U.S.) and emphasized reducing the federal government’s control over our state.

    • So you support Ron Paul, but some of his supporters are fools, so it’s making you question whether you should support him or not?

      • @Michael, that is my thoughts too. No matter who you support some of the people that support them too will be idiots. To base your decision on a third party who has likely never even met the primary individual in question makes NO SENSE at all to me.

        • This group of Ron Paul supporters was working directly with the Ron Paul campaign headquarters in Texas. They flooded the convention with Ron Paul delegates – of which I was one. Information on this strategy was handed out when I went to see and hear Ron Paul himself talk in Anchorage before the primary election. What I did not partake in last weekend at the convention, was the collective manner in which the overwhelming majority of Ron Paul supporters did block voting to vote on certain issues and went about getting as many Ron Paul supporters to go as delegates to the Republican National Convention in Florida. I am not opposed to a coordinated strategy, I’m just opposed to the intimidation used to get there. It personally made me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. What I did agree on with most of the Ron Paul supporters was that in our Alaska Republican Party platforms was the backing of the constitution and state and peoples rights.

  4. In regards to the food myths, the blogger is a chef on America’s Test Kithcen on PBS. I’ve always thought they had sound science and were entertaining. I have no comment on the accuracy, just pointing out the source.

    • Have been a fan and subsciber to America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country for a couple three years and have really liked the presentation of the show’s format and incorporated many of the recipies/techniques into our family’s kitchen.
      They’re marketing is fairly aggressive (if you Like them on FB or subscribe to the email list you’ll know what I mean).
      I really don’t understand Jack’s rating this as “Assclownery”. At the beginning of the segment he even admit’s Chef Keith Snow might even agree with the article. I seems the disagreement is with Bridget’s choice of words.
      Jack did a great job on effectively explaning absorbsion of juices which Bridget did fumble with.
      Still Jack, as a man who has cooked his share of meat, has valid points, but my opinion of Bridget and the ATK/Cook’s County crew remains high.
      It seems like a good piece to counter the nanny goverment’s overprotectiveness when it comes to meat handling and to take responsibilty and enjoy finding out for yourself the joys of well cooked meats.

  5. It’s the main reason why I don’t watch any of the news on TV, get all my news from the web and I sift through it and do my own research to form my opinions

  6. I can not for the life of me understand how consumer banks are even still in business. Credit Unions are superior in nearly every way.

    Folks, if you’re on the fence please go into your local credit union(s) and asken them about membership requirements, fees, and products. You will be pleased.

  7. My boss does her banking with Wells Fargo. Today I made deposits, got change and ordered deposits slips. I had to go to 3 different locations to do these operations. That is one big bank that has no consideration for their customer’s time. It took over 40 minutes.
    I am glad that I have my banking at a large regional bank. They never make me run around. All three operations are normally done at my teller’s window.

    • @Scott, I don’t care if you like the guy or not, your attitude is totally off the mark. The issue here is the state telling someone what they can’t say not whether the guy is a good guy or not.

      • From the NCBDN website:
        It has been alleged that the NCBDN is attacking Mr. Cooksey’s right to free speech and has ordered him to stop speaking, change what he says and change what he publishes.

        Of his own volition, upon being informed of the complaint against him, Mr. Cooksey made changes to his site, including, making his disclaimer that he is not a licensed dietitian/nutritionist more prominent and taking down his diabetes support packages. Later, Mr. Cooksey was sent a document detailing some of the Board’s concerns regarding his past interactions with some of his followers, however, this document was sent attached to an email that stated, “[g]iven our discussion, I believe our comments should make sense, however, should you disagree, I am happy to discuss.” Mr. Cooksey never contacted the NCBDN to discuss these comments. The NCBDN never ordered Mr. Cooksey to make any changes to his website.

        I’m just saying there’s a move for page views going on.

  8. Don’t panic on the Dutch government “collapse”. It is not as dramatic as you may think.

    Jack, how much do you know about the political system in Holland? They way you are depicting it a disaster occurred. The PM doesn’t just quit, you make it sound like he is walked out stomping his feet, fists clenched holding his breath.
    There is a coalition of political parties in Holland and these parties work together (yep, novel idea if you are used to the “two” US political parties fight each other all the time) to find common ground and establish a budget and policy for the country. What happened is that those parties in the coalition can not come to a plan they all agreed upon.
    When this happens the PM turns in his resignation, the country keeps running but a new election is scheduled and the people get to vote on their favorite party. Your party get the most votes, you get the most bodies in the government for your party and you get more say in what happens. After the election the parties can form new coalitions a new PM can be selected and a new budget will be discussed.

    Having said that, yes you are right folks need to be prepared but journalists need to be explaining to their readers/listeners really what is going on and how seri0us something like this is. The government’s “collapse” is not that big of a deal.

    • @Yeah, no

      Well first I NEVER panicked or said that anyone else should panick, to insinuate that I did makes you well, at least a potential assclown. The point I made was at some point cuts need to be made and clearly here is yet another example of where they were not made and no one had the political will to do it. You can also say what you want but when a nation’s Prime Minister quits it IS a big deal.

      • The panic wasn’t directed at you Jack, try not to get your pee-pee stepped on right away. Read it again. I made a general statement about no one needing to panic, then after that I addressed you Jack asking how much you know about the Dutch political system. How much?

        On a side note, man you get all defensive when someone who knows more than you points out an inaccuracy of yours and the article you reference. Internet is interesting though, would you call a random stranger in the park or in the local starbucks a potential ass-clown if you do not agree with them?! Bet you don’t. Could get you in a lot of hot water you know… back to the subject at hand

        Yes, cuts need to be made and the parties could not agree on them. Unlike the system here in the US we bitch at each other for the next couple of years until there is another election there the system is set up to reset itself. New elections are announced, sizes and strengths of the parties are adjusted (or not) new coalitions are formed and new negotiations are started. It is NOT that big of a deal, it is not pretty but it is all part of the process of working together.

        Jack, it is your show and you can do and say what you want but take a chill pill would you. Your mind isn’t open. It may very well be someone else knows more about the Dutch governmental structure than you do… See you at Starbucks, be nice.

  9. Jack

    thought I’d jump in and talk about the meat questions briefly..way back in 2004 I took a “culinary media training class” in Atlanta GA at the urging of some Food Network producers I was working with on a pilot…during that ridiculous training, the trainer told me to say the same thing…let me meat to absorb juices…and a bunch of other total was then I decided that if I could not be myself on camera and succeed in culinary media as me, this was not for me..they were trying to turn me into a rachel ray clone..SUPER HAPPY and totally phony…

    As far as this meat had it right…when meat comes off the grill or pan or oven, the juices are very hot and super viscous…as they cool they have a tendency to not come out as fast as hot juices…but it’s not re-absorbing…rather cooling off. Same thing for items like sauces cooked in a pot…when hot they look much thinner and when they cool off the “tighten up” as we say in culinary speak… I wash chicken, then scrub my sink and anything else with a bleach solution…Also, steak is seared mainly for the crusty goodness on eh outside…that stuff kicks rump!

    also, another big myth is searing stew beef in a pot to “sear it to keep in the juice” only to then place it in liquid and stew it for 3 hours…(braise) which will eliminate and crust you created in the first place….I have tested this both ways and except for stinking the whole house up due to the searing in hot oil, there is no difference in taste or texture..I now use a pressure cooker fro stews anyhow, just dump all the ingredients in, and in no time you have perfect stew…without all the searing…

    • Same experience on two different occasions with pot roasts. One we “seared” then slow cooked per a recipe and the other we did not. Both were fabulous.