Episode-889- Xavier Hawk on the Transition from Urban to Rural Living — 25 Comments

  1. I hope his kids are old enough to work the farm. If not DC will put a stop to that.

    I think we are head beyond fascism or socialism and head to some f’ed up Utonervpian society.

  2. I am so stoked to listen to this interview, since Western NC figures into my bug-out plans!

  3. I really enjoyed this show. Already bookmarked their site and hit them up on Facebook. It is inspiring as we are a family with two small children and one day hope to escape the suburban setting. I spent so much time in Western NC growing up with my grandparents and would love to get back there. Awesome guest, thanks Jack!

  4. I really need to listen to more interviews like this. I let myself stop listening to people who have ideas outside of my comfort zone and I have to make myself hear their whole message. Often I find more in common with them than I would have thought. It also reminds me how other people hear me when I talk about prepping. Maybe if I can make myself listen to someone with a few ideas that ring my “nutty” bell then maybe someone will take time to listen to me when I ring their “nutty” bell. Good Karma if you believe in that. It makes for a good gut check. Thanks Hawk. Thanks Jack.

  5. Hey Patrick,
    BWAHAHAHA! Yes man. During the interview i would say something and think to myself, “oh Dang, i just went off radar with a whole bunch of listeners im sure of it!” LOL

    I hope I wasnt TOO out there for everyone. But, like you said it might be good for folks to hear some more “out there” stuff and realize it isn’t too out there. Thank god some people go there cause it takes all kinds.

    Thanks for commenting. I hope everyone gets something out of this interview.

    I did forget to mention two things:

    1. If you are in there area of WNC and have kids and want them to learn some real wilderness skills check out my friends at who have taught my children. I trust them explicitly, they are very integrous individuals.

    2. If you are in WNC and want to train Search and Rescue, hit up the Knight Hawks.

    • Thank you for the camp info. Sounds wonderful. Seriously looking into heading to WNC for a trip in the fall and would love to get the kids involved.

  6. Xavier, I looked at your website I must know where you got that old playground equipment! I have 5 acres and I have wanted to find some old 70’s “dangerous” playground stuff for years. I figured it all went for scrap by now.

    Great show! Enjoined it immensely.

  7. Hey Mark,
    That was actually the old equipment from our local town playground.
    They were remodeling and getting rid of it all.
    Right place at the right time sorta thing.

  8. Excellent job Xavier. Keep sharing the info and the truth. Thanks for airing this, very important talk.

  9. Sometimes it is easy to forget why we are prepping and get caught up in the act itself.
    Xavier summed up prepping for me in two off the cuff sentences.

    “It’s not about preparedness or survival. It is about being a good person, being a good man and looking after your family.”

  10. Xavier,
    Great interview. I really enjoyed hearing what you are doing. I wanted to give you some suggestions on the need for “oil,” cooking oil that is. When you get your cow, you can breed her and raise your own beef. When you butcher that beef you can make gallons upon gallons of tallow. Also, you can feed some of that extra milk to a feeder hog and when you butcher the hog you can make gallons upon gallons of lard. I was interviewed by Jack last month and talked about some of this. I have cows, hogs, chickens, and goats. Do you have a cow lined up? If you need any help in any of that (ideas and routines) let me know, I’d be happy to help. I love helping people get their cows.

  11. Jack, You hit another home run with this interview! I hope Xavier is on again in the near future. I used to think that I needed a farm with several hundred acres like my grandparents had to reach a greater level of self-sufficiency. Listening to you, Darby, Shalali and Xavier have made realize how much I can achieve with a whole lot less. Thanks.

  12. Jack – just finished listening to this episode and thought it was great. What made it great was the discussion the two of you had about servant leadership as a father and husband. I have worked to apply those principles to my role as father and husband for the nearly 36 years my wife and I have been married. I hope what both of you shared will inspire other men to begin serving their wife and family, and enjoy the rewards of being a servant.

  13. These type of shows are my favorite. I love hearing about Shalali and Darby and Xavier leaving the modern type life and escaping. Thats exactly how I want to live. The shows are always very inspirational to me. I admire you guys for what you have accomplished, and I hope to emulate it myself.

  14. LOL, funny that you were talking about snakes when I came across a harmless Eastern garter snake in my raised garden bed this afternoon. He was digging a hole looking for worms. I left him alone to go about his business while I worked on my new wicking bed. Fast little critter.

  15. Great interview Jack and Hawk! This took place while I was at Rivercane Rendezvous and I’m just now catching up. Keep that fire burning, I’ll see you at Firefly gathering.