Episode-880- Listener Calls for Friday the 13th of April 2012 — 42 Comments

  1. With regards to the beer. Apart from the issues you brought up Jack, I would like to point out that its still ANTI-biotic. I would propose that people learn how to make PRO-biotic beer using kefir grains adapted to non dairy culture. You can do a good search on kefir to learn about it, once you understand it look up recipes for kefir beer. This wouldnt just be practical in a SHTF scenario but everyday life since it functions as a detox and boost to your immune system.

  2. Jack-
    As a longtime listener, I just wanted to congratulate you on how fantastic you look. I’m not joking. You’ve lost a TON of weight and look great. Paleo all the way, and busting your butt on everything you do from TSP, 5MWJ, TRTM, Agritrue…. and on and on. Congrats again, and me, my wife, and 2 daughters can’t thank you enough for all that you (and let’s not forget Dorothy) have done to make a positive impact in our lives.
    Thank you Jack-
    A Forever listener to all things Spirko!

  3. Jack, you always talk about your audience being “in sync.” Amazing blurb about the raccoon. I just “took care” of one this week that was a threat to my (future) chickens, and I wanted to harvest it. I need to get over the “squirm” factor. My wife wouldn’t touch it (raccoon meat) with a 30-ft pole.

    PS – I haven’t listened to the show, yet, just saw the note about eating raccoon.

  4. x2 on your advice about eating plenty of healthy animal fat. It is so hard to un-learn the negative stuff we’ve all been told about saturated fat. Folks, that’s just marketing! And it wouldn’t have flown 50 years ago. Saturated means it’s stable and less likely to go rancid. Nonetheless, I do keep a couple snack foods around: home made jerky and sheets of nori (that stuff they make sushi out of).

  5. Greetings Jack,
    Another great show.

    Best, Duncan

    Current TSA rules.

    Self Defense Sprays – One 4 ounce (118ml) container of mace or pepper spray is permitted in checked baggage provided it is equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. Self Defense Sprays containing more than 2% by mass of Tear Gas (CS or CN) are prohibited in Checked Baggage. For more information visit, click on Passengers, then Preparing to Fly.
    Carry-on: No
    Checked: Yes

    • @SerenityGulch
      Since TSA won’t let you carry-on mace/pepper spray, perhaps you could purchase some “jewelry” or other accessories for your outfit that would serve a dual role. Kevin “The Paracordist” makes a self-defense lanyard by tying a monkey’s fist knot around a 1-1.5″ steel ball bearing. The 1″ ball configuration is much lighter and could be worn as a necklace to get through airports before returning it to your purse or other EDC location. The lanyard adjusts from a complete circle (you could wear briefly) to a relatively long lanyard – 30″ or so – that you could swing and do some serious damage. I, for one, would not want to be on the receiving end of this thing. I would think a woman would have an easier time wearing this accessory through TSA screening than a man, as necklaces often have intricate, heavy focal points.

      Here’s a link to Kevin’s site…

      I am expanding my repertoire of paracord accessories and would be happy to try and make it for you myself. But I haven’t ever attempted this knot, so the results might not be as polished.

  6. To the woman asking about EDC items on a plane,
    All the following items are legal:
    EMT Shears = Knife
    All Metal body Pen = Penetrating weapon, Kubaton(if you have kubaton training)

  7. An option for folks with raccoon, possum and fox problems but who do not want to trap themselves is to contact a local fur trapper and allow them to trap on their property. They’ll clear out your varmint problem as well as put the critters to good use. Contact your state trapping organization, ag extension or other farmers for suggestions on where to find these folks. I spent this last Winter trapping for a couple of chicken farmers and they had none of their typical losses due to varmints. Lots of work, but lots of fun plus lots of fur too!

  8. Re: being hungry on a paleo or “protein power/Atkins” diet.

    Soluble fiber, as in many fruits and vegetables has value not only in bulk, but also in being metabolized by healthy bacteria in the colon. These produce short-chain fatty acids, which provide not only nourishment to keep colon cells healthy, but also keep energy levels from bottoming out as they trickle into the blood stream. That salad you eat for breakfast (smoothie for me) lasts a lot longer than you’d think.

    Re: Jack’s comment on going without food for many hours. I’ve fasted most of the day after not eating breakfast during times my diet consisted mostly of vegetables and fruits (*not* grainy carbs). Some quality meat and fat really complete the picture.

    One thing to keep in mind: Many people start with a bad American consumer diet and then subtract things… Arguing over what to subtract.
    E.g. salmon and a bagel (“fat’s bad”, “carbs are bad”)
    How about a sprouted-grain bagel (some carbs), but dressing it up with smoked salmon, onions, tomato, some cheese. Peppers on the side. Instead of focusing on meat vs. grains, expanding the range a bit lets you vary things and slow-burn fiber.

    Great show. Thanks, David

  9. I have some ideas I want to share for Paleo/low-carb snack ideas, but I want to post the disclaimer that I don’t avoid dairy. I don’t base my entire diet on dairy, but I do use full-fat dairy as part of my low-carb, mostly-Paleo eating plan. So here goes!

    – celery w/almond butter or cream cheese
    – pepperoni w/cream cheese (It sounds weird, but it tastes great, and it’s a huge fat blast to satisfy on very little food.)
    – macadamia nuts (They have a lot more fat than almonds, and they have way fewer carbs than cashews.)
    – roast beef w/mayo (homemade to avoid soy and canola, of course!)
    – berries and cream. I LOVE fresh blackberries and raspberries with some heavy cream. Raspberries and blackberries have a more favorable nutrient profile if you’re trying to lose weight like me, so I tend to those instead of blueberries and strawberries.)
    – cold chicken wings. My favorite is at my blog ( and they’re awesome cold.
    – sliced apple w/almond butter
    – cheese “crackers” (Take a slice of cheese, put it on a microwave-safe plate that you sprayed with olive oil, and nuke cheese ’til it starts to puff up and get brown around the edges. For me, this takes about a minute. After the cheese cools a bit, it’s crunchy.)

    Sometimes we snack out of habit, and if we’re low-carb particularly (which I don’t know if the caller is), we’ll tend to snack if we’re not getting enough fat. Looks like I’ve gotten a little inspiration here. I may have to write something on low-carb and Paleo snacking. 🙂

    And as usual, great show, Jack!

  10. Thank You for the response to the data back up and the survival podcast call in.
    Hope all will go well for your wife does well going into the next week.

    Grog 🙂

    • Google for Crashplan, carbonite, jungle disk, and “review” to get some good info WRT pros/cons. I prefer Crashplan because of their “seed drive” concept, where they ship you a drive, you fill it up (encrypted), and ship it back for them to load on their datacenter drives. CP has been scalable & reliable for me. Carbonite has been problem-free for my wife. I found Crashplan because they had a client for PPC Macs & I trusted the fact that none of the data shipped to them could be decrypted by them. Note that I have some Truecrypt volumes backing up to CP for stuff that I can’t take a chance with.

    • PS I shipped > 1Tb via seed drive but it’s been all internet-based backup since.

  11. For the women looking for a self defense item she can take on airplanes and is allowed by TSA…

    Do a search for Brutus the self defense bulldog, if links are allowed here is a link

    It’s entirely plastic, it’s not “brass knuckles” at least in my state, and I learned about it today while taking a CHL class. The instructor indicated his step-daughter had flown with it with no problems.

    Hope this helps.

  12. I was rather shocked to hear that you are not happy at the Bug Out Location/Homestead. Could you elaborate a little more on that, so we do not make mistakes when acquiring one for ourselves? Your place always sounded like a dream spot to me. If Mr. Survival Podcast is not happy with that lifestyle, how am I, Mr. Average Joe ever going to like it?

    • I, too, would be curious if there’s anything specific to the smaller-town “bug out” aspect that leaves Jack unsatisfied. However, I got the sense it wasn’t about being rural but rather about where he was specifically… Culture? Climate?

      One thing that’s been more clear to me over the years is that location and culture matter. Choosing a place that’s a bit more expensive but where you’re near family, feel at home, are near friendlier people makes a difference. More for some people than others, but still. We went back to visit a place I’d lived in for 10.5 yrs, and it felt so alien compared to where I am now…

      • Plenty of friendly people in Arkansas. I live maybe thirty minutes from Hot Springs so to me it can only be the culture or family hook.

  13. Jack, have you found a solution on how to be your own ISP in case of government/corporate-sponsored Internet shutdown?

  14. You mentioned using hair spray for a defense item so here’s a little trick for everyone. tTo change the spray into more of a stream you can take a pin and use it to widen the hole just a tad on the spray head.

    For a little added fat, try saving your bacon grease and using it for cooking. I love to cook my eggs with bacon grease and it works with lots of foods to add some great flavor.

  15. One item that can get through TSA are all ceramic knives but if caught with one of these they are definetely going to detain and question you. I have personally used a cane and not only was I not questioned about it but put at the head of the line as a handicapped person. You can check a firearm as checked luggage which I have done for hunting and training purposes and it is relatively hassle free…I usually get comments about my equipment because I dont have a lot of guns but what I do own is high quality.

    I am a Law Enforcement defensive tactics instructor and some good hand to hand combat or knife course can go a long way in dealing with improvised weapons or self defenese situations. Krav Maga and Target Focus Training are 2 very good ones I am familiar with

  16. I have to second what Jack said about being less hungry. I “went paleo” 2 weeks ago, and I have surprised myself with how much less I need to eat. As long as I start the day with something protein based, I am often not hungry until dinner. This has allowed me to upgrade the quality of what I’m eating, but still keep my total food cost down. I never would have thought that possible.

    • If you start the day with something “protein-based”, what you really doing, usually, is adding a nice dose of healthy fats. Despite what all the vitamin water and protein granola bars say, it’s not the protein that satiates — it’s the HEALTHY fat.

      For instance, I love to have eggs with veggies for breakfast. Three eggs, a mess of peppers, red onion, mushrooms, spinach, and the like, and enough coconut oil or lard to get the job done, and I’m usually well into the afternoon before I’m ready to eat again. Eggs only have about 6 grams of protein a piece, and the sugars in the veg certainly wouldn’t make me full. It’s the fat, both in the eggs and the coconut oil or lard that do the trick. And doing that doesn’t give me a huge calorie punch.

      When I eat grain and refined sugar though, we’re talking something entirely different. I could literally sit and eat an entire loaf of bread as toast with butter and jelly and STILL be craving more despite the fact that my belly couldn’t possibly fit another bit of food. (Don’t ask how I know!) Grains, ESPECIALLY wheat, cause serious problems in the body. They act on brain chemicals that make us want more. They act on our blood sugar (which makes us want more.) And wheat in particular has a protein in it that’s known to be extremely addictive. When you get rid of the crappy grains and you JUST EAT REAL FOOD, the difference is amazing (in both hunger and energy levels/health and well-being.)

      Yeah, it’s easy and cheap to store a bunch of grain, but if it makes you eat through your food supply 3-4x quicker than you would otherwise, AND you’re sick, fat, and diabetic, then it doesn’t sound like much of a bargain to me. I’m just sayin’. 🙂

      • I know. Bacon and eggs is my started of choice these days. My wife has been gluten intolerant for a few years now, so I was most of the way there. Embracing healthy fats still stretches my brain these days, but I have seen too many results to question it.

  17. I have both Ham and CB… I think you are misunderstanding something about ham though… The repeaters are not necessary for them to work. They are better for local communication within 100 miles or so, and most inexpensive radios can be made to work as a repeater. Even without one though, you can still communicate just as far or further than a cb for several reasons… Small 2 meter and 70cm antennas can have much more gain that even a large CB antenna, you are permitted up to 1500 watts versus CB’s 4 or 5 (not that anybody would be checking post SHTF) and they are less susceptible to atmospheric noise. Also, with a general class licence (at that point you are $30 into the licensing process) I was able to communicate most continents (Japan, Belgium, Africa, South America etc.) with a home-made speaker wire antenna and a cheap RCI-2950 10 meter radio… I feel each has a purpose, CB is by far superior on the highway when you need help or are looking for information on traffic, and HAM is FAR superior when it comes to reliable medium and long distance communication. That’s why my vehicle has them both.

  18. I’m not trying to be a ham snob, I just think you are not giving enough consideration to a useful prep. I know as a nation there are probably more cbers than hams, but in my locale I think it’s the other way around. The more people are encouraged to drop the 15-30 but and get the license the better. In fact, the guy that runs a nearby repeater is a prepper, and it’s set up for easier access than most if something were to happen. I can’t describe it too much without giving it away, but it will most likely be up for a long time if there were a SHTF situation.

  19. Jack I would you to comment further about why yall are not happy in Hot Springs please. Maybe a homestead update?

    Thanks you are awesome.

  20. I just wanted to make a comment regarding Paleo diet and one side effect which has effected my wife in particular and me just a little. Let me preface with my wife is Native American and her ancestors were Hunter/Gatherer longer than my German/Irish Ancestors. whenever my wife eats bread after going Paleo for a period of tme she gets sick and for the most part cant even swollow bread. I can eat bread and bread products like pasta and pizza but it does make me feel ill. Anyone else getting similar side effects after going Paleo for a while?

    • @dan,

      Occasionally I cheat and the results are not evident right away, I don’t get sick after eating I get instead hungry and jittery from hypoglycemia. What happens is the bead or other no no sends my blood sugar way up and an hour or so later it plummets and crashes. I either eat as soon as I feel it coming or I pay for it with jitters and at that point I have to eat a LOT to make it better.

      The feeling sucks, you get jittery, you sweat and you know you have to eat. It feels a lot like you drank way too much coffee and energy drinks at the same time.

      For years I thought was just “how it was for me”, I would have to eat often and if I didn’t eat or forgot God help the people around me. I was an irritable ass. When I went paleo that part of me just went away. I don’t miss it. Yesterday I ate a bagle for breakfast because we stayed at a hotel and it was the only thing that looked good to me at their breakfast bar. By the time we got back to the Homestead I had eaten jerky and candy on the ride home (yes another no no) and had to eat more to get the balance back.

      We were talking on the way home and we are definitely upping the meat in our preps (long, short and mid term) even more.

  21. Jack,
    You mentioned a data drive while I was listening/driving, and I don’t recall what you said. Do you have that name or link?

  22. Another EDC option might be a standard Sharpie permanent marker. They’re pretty tough and I expect could be used as an impact weapon.

  23. I’m using my urine to repel critters. Foxes are like dogs, they trust their sense of smell. Using my urine, I’m confusing them. There was a fox predating on my chickens. I saw it one time grabbing one of my chickens. I chased it. It let go of my chicken. When it ran away, I took note of the direction, so I assume it’s the direction it’s coming from. I used a rope to hang aluminum cans along the fence. Wind noisemakers. That, and the urine, seems to have taken care of the fox. I refresh the urine almost every day. Urine is a fertilizer too. Using urine along my fence, I expect plants along the fence to eventually get so thick as to make passage of any animal almost impossible. And muscadine grapes along the fence will provide fruit, a plus.

    • @Rich, good thinking though on urine it is a fertilizer but can be over done, spread it out man or you are gonna end up with a dead spot as many dog owners with suburban lawns can attest to. When used to directly fertilize urine should be mixed with water at least 15 to 1 and I find 20 to 1 better to avoid burn and to much salt.

  24. Jack, the idea here is to “mark my territory” in animals’ language. I have probably a thousand feet to cover around my property. I’m hoping this urine scheme works against humans too, as I have been getting “night visitors”. I’m aware of the possibility of diluting it but I want to keep it full-strength fot the sake of my night visitors, human or otherwise. I will just avoid using it in the same spot too often.