Episode-88- A Survivalists View of the 22 Long Rifle — 8 Comments

  1. the .22lr is my favorite hands down. I can carry 1000 rounds easily if need be, use it on a wide variety of game (and man if need be), it is very accurate in the forest (my home area is so forested a 100-yard shot is a very long shot), relatively quiet report, and I can shoot it all day using inexpensive and widely available ammo.

  2. A relative of the family was a gov culler for the Parks Dept in Hawaii. His job was to cull the non native Deer, hogs, and goats. He has personally killed thousands of deer, hogs, and goats with a suppressed 10/22 so as not to alarm the park guests. He would brain shoot them. Some of the deer got over 200lbs, and yet a shot to the head rooted them on the spot. The .22 is truly amazing.

  3. I just purchased the Henry U.S. Survival .22LR today. I haven’t had a chance to listen to this episode yet but I’m convinced that the .22LR is a great survival tool. Protection and taking game with a low key profile could be imperitive.

  4. the .22LR is wonderful tool to have with you in case it came down to packing up and heading to the forest to harvest game. Just as has been stated before, its quiet, is very accurate and lethal out to about 100 yards and beyond and the possibility of carrying a lot of ammunition on you is incredibly valuable. Personally my bail out weaponery is a Mossberg 500, Mossberg 702, and a SW9VE for a sidearm. All of it is very light and carrying ammo in a simple vest is very easy, which is essential if a long distance walk/hike is in the works. Packing 50 shells of different types of shot and slugs, 250 rounds of .22LR and four filled mags for the 9mm is plenty of ammunition to have on one’s person at any given time.

    On the other hand; Very informative show and your presentation of the information is excellent, keep the show’s coming!

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