Episode-878- Listener Feedback for 4-11-12 — 25 Comments

  1. Jack your response was a bit of an ah-ha moment
    1) Realize your weakness, how true
    2) What we are strong with when young, tends to get stronger as we age
    3) Generational community.

    My family is beyond repair, my brother is 58 and fried his brains with drugs over the years, and my sister passed away in2004. I am not married, and have no children. So at 48 I have lots of time to put things in place. Your show has gotten me about 70% there. I even have a ‘MOM BOB’ in the event I get that phone call. She is in a ward, Im told, that very few leave. So once again, thank you for your commentary Jack.

  2. The 4 gun discussion is as much fun as the top 4 baseball player discussion. I have a Glock 22, Mosin Nagant, Saiga 12, and the .22 rifle Ive had since I was 13. Hexalit 12 gauge slugs turn your gun into Star Trek phaser for damage…

    • Oorah on the Mosin Nagant! .30-06 power, 2 MOA accuracy, and hella stout for $99.95? What’s not to like?

      I have 2.

    • My four guns (and why):

      1. 22 LR (Ruger 10/22, Marlin, Remington,)
      REASON: Training, varmint hunting, ability to stock thousands of rounds.

      2. 20 gauge shotgun (pump)
      REASON: Self-defense, hunting (shot), hunting (slug)

      3. ACR .223/.308 barrels
      REASON: Tactical rifle with superb ergonomics. Ability to use modular barrels. .223/.308 are standard military cartridges with large availability. .308 is decent hunting round and when used properly can take down any North American animal. Issue, not allowed for legal hunting. (See 20 gauge slug). If SHTF, such laws will largely be ignored.

      4. 9mm M&P/Glock or Ruger .357 Magnum
      REASON: Personal defense, in home, vehicle, small enclosures.

  3. Great show today Jack. As a person who has recently lost both parents and witnessed their need for more help, it has influenced my attitude about how ‘remote’ I’m willing to be as I age. When we’re young and healthy, we seem invincible and forget that things sometimes change as we age. I now factor in the location of medical facilities when looking at remote property. I don’t have to be next door to a hospital, but I’d like one to be close enough to find me in the event of a catastrophe like a heart attack or stroke. Ultimately, I want to stay healthy and active and hopefully live a long life with my family- I want to see my kids become parents, spoil my grandkids and send them home with my kids with a big smile … 😉 And maybe I’m a dreamer, but I’d love to think that in the future my family will still be living on our farm, but in their OWN houses… making our own little self-sufficient community.

    • Well put Dene B.

      Age is the great equalizer, if we live long enough to see it and realize it.
      I remember Charleton Heston’s last interview he said:
      “That which cannot be changed, must be endured”

      Even though I have no children, one of my best friends, from NewFoundland (best sense of humour in THE world), has a six year old who loves pumpkins. So I bought him a package of ‘Atlantic Giants’, which can grow to 500lbs, I just want to see the look on his face if it reaches 100 lbs. So in short, that boy will be stacking my wood ..

  4. On the ‘chain of IOUs’..

    Imagine the global financial system as a house of cards. If any one of the cards ‘collapses’ the whole house falls down. This is the reality of the global economy. What happens in Greece, Spain, Japan, etc. directly effects the US economy. If any ‘player’ in this game stops playing, or drops the ball, game over.

    this is why the Fed ‘loaned’ out $16 TRILLION in 2008, to the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, etc.

    see this:

  5. Thanks for reading my letter on air today. There was so much I wanted to say but could not. The preparedness lifestyle has saved my life. Not from death but helping me to live a better life. We so often forget 99% of the time WTSHTF it is personal. I lived it and know it. Thanks to all in this community who continue to move forward knowing in their heart “what they do makes a difference”. It did for me and I know it will for you.

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  7. Hubby listened to the show. We talked about stuff afterwards. He’s on board with being prepared and is waking up but tends to hit the snooze button from time to time. When it comes to the economy he has a hard time thinking that things can get that bad. So we looked at the debt clock. He sat there watching it. Watched it some more. Went to do something came back looked and watched. Then turns to me and says ” So when is it going to stop or slow down?” Watched it some more (now an 1/2 hour has gone by) and says ” Reload the page again I think it’s broken or something is wrong. It’s not stopping or slowing down at all. Don’t you think it should have stopped by now? If this thing is real and not broken how the hell can we keep up that pace? We wont ever be out of debit. ”

    I was cracking up by this point. He had the same look on his face the kids did when they found out the truth about santa claus. He watches some more and says ” How can it not stop I don’t think there is even that much money. Oh crap we are going to be major fu^*^&ed up!”

    He gets it now I think he has hit his snooze button for the last time. Nothing like a good visual to get you to see whats going on and to help you understand it.

    Thanks again Jack.

    • @Roundabouts and another decouples from the Matrix. No it won’t stop, no it won’t slow down, it is designed for perpetual increase. The debt clock is only half the monetary bomb, if you can get him to read my eBook The Real Truth About Money he will understand why.

      On the book, you may want to give him a day or two before suggesting it, if he reads it now it might give him an aneurysm.

      • I think he had one when I showed him the youtube One Hundred Million Dollar Penny right afterwards. Maybe I should have waited a bit. He had a hard time sleeping last night.

        It’s hard to comprehend the magnitude of such huge amounts of money. Especially when you are use to measuring in 100’s or 1000’s . So the visual of that video really drove it home for him. It just bogles the mind.

        Now he understand why I push to get the house paid off. And why I have been building savings food stores and …

        He sat with me to go over the budget. It left him confused as to why we were not saving more. Since I have eliminated all debit but the house. And cut 50% off the monthly bills. I had to explain it like this.

        You know the $100 that I cut off the electric bill well the idea was to put it into savings but instead it now goes into the gas tank. The $200 from the cell phones and TV payments now goes to the grocery store. We are just holding on to the status quo. If we don’t do some hard core growing (money & food) and cutting to get ahead of this thing eventually there will be nothing left to cut so that we can keep the status quo. Then we will have less to put into savings. If that continues it will take every penny we make to just barely get by. Honey time is running out.

        I should mention that this year we will turn 50. He has always said he wanted to retire at 55. So the natural question was “honey how do you see this happening for us at this current rate” It was a very somber reply “I don’t”.

        I then shared with him how many hours days or weeks do you need to work to pay for xyz way of thinking. Asking him to remember back 20 yrs ago Can he remember any thing that we bought? He couldn’t. However he did remember we had credit card debit and very little in savings plus we both had paychecks. The conclusion was 33 yrs (we just had our anniversary on the 10th) of mindlessly spending money caused him/us to work for many many years for absolutely NOTHING. Could have just told them to keep the paycheck.

        That $1000 we got as a wedding present could have gone a long way to help the retirement dream @ 55 happen. Instead we ate out, bought puzzles, booze, clothes and crap for the apartment that we didn’t need. We spent it like that debit clock. Young and dumb. We knew no better.

        No sense in crying over spilt milk or spent money. Just learn from past mistakes and press on. If we work TOGETHER and make the most of each day I know we can move mountains. Hey we are still together. Maybe not always just going to live on love attitude lol. It may even be down right horrid @ times, but we are still holding on.

        Every thing we do now has a how will this affect us now and 10, 20 +yrs from now. Garden beds are even set up with enough spacing to get a wheel chair through if need be.

        It’s been a hard year getting him to wake up and unplug. He so wants to believe the lies he was told. Get a job work every day contribute to your 401k and you will have all the money you need. They will take care of you. He’s a hard dedicated worker/employee it’s hard for him to think it won’t turn out the way he was told. It was suppose to be better than this. Shoot he’s been working full time since he was 15. This is one of the reasons he left the USAF after 8 yrs. He just couldn’t see getting ahead staying in the service.

        It may be a hard cold slap of reality but the way I look at is we no longer have the luxury of youth or time. In a short 25 yrs we will be pushing 75. Guess all those old farts were correct when they said time goes faster the older you get. 25 to 50 seemed like a forever long time away. 50 to 75 not so much.

        Thanks for your help in getting us and him unplugged. Neo asks why do my eyes hurt? the reply because you haven’t ever used them before. It truly is a time to look around and really see what is happening. Then prepare the best you can. No matter what your current pay check will be gone some day some way. Illness lay off retirement how will you cope live thrive?

  8. Jack,

    One of the things I think you should have mentioned regarding Silver in my research and regarding specifically Junk VS Silver Bullion.

    We all know Silver Bullion (.999) is more pure than Junk Silver, and Junk Silver is actually a form of currency, or money acceptable in the current structure.

    But Silver Bullion (.999) is a better investment to me for a number of reasons…

    1. .999 Silver is very pure, and thus more compact, and less weight for “worth”
    2. .999 Silver is the type of silver used for industrial use which is one of the major uses of Silver.

    I still think “Junk Silver” is a good investment, especially as you indicated in a barter situation it is in smaller formats such as a mercury dime which I believe without looking it up has .0715 OZ or something similar of silver and it’s near impossible to find any .999 silver in anything under a 1/2 OZ, or 1/4 OZ.

    About 60% of the silver “used” every year is used in industrial applications, since they are one of the major “players” in the silver market wouldn’t you want silver that they can use as is? Industry isn’t going to look at “Junk Silver” as a form of equal worth to .999 Silver since they will have to put money, time, effort and energy into making it pure to use for what they need.

    Of course you could say that silver jewelry (which is roughly equivalent to 90% silver coins) is similar, but they are not such a major player, or use of silver as industry is.

    There also isn’t much difference in the price between “Junk Silver” and getting “second hand silver rounds”

    A $500 dollar face value bag of mixed 90% “Junk Silver” is about 33.36 per ounce ( While You can buy 34.20 a ounce. Do you think it will cost industry more or less than 84 cents per ounce to make your “Junk Silver” pure? I think it might actually be more with the rising costs of energy, production, etc. This doesn’t even include shipping and transportation costs.

    Also if your making a bigger investment the difference becomes even less.. 33.30 a ounce for junk (at 10,000 dollar investment) to 33.74 a ounce for a similar investment for pure silver. Once you include shipping costs the difference is actually about zero, or close to it and you have a less pure product which has to again be refined for industrial use.

    Also in my purchasing of Silver Bullion (.999) second hand coins I have gotten a number of American Eagles and similar “American” coins which have a higher value than just generic .999 silver.


    • @IceDeep, except when you start buying in small quantities on eBay the entire formula changes. I generally get dimes and quarters in full rolls for 1-4% over spot price of the melt value. Those guys generally ship flat rate for about 4-6 bucks. That can’t be done with bullion anywhere.

      Next again you have to think about barter as a possibility. Have you priced fractional silver, like a quarter or tenth of an ounce? The premium there is insane. In a temporary barter economy an ounce of silver may be like a 100 dollar bill or even a 500 today. Hence this is why I like diversity.

      • +1 on that! Buying and selling on ebay, all the rules change. But I think it shows just what the market is willing to bear. Spot price be dammed, ebay shows what people are really paying.

      • Never checked ebay will do over this week and see what I can find 🙂
        Thanks for the tip, I would like to have some smaller denominations though I do have a number of half ounce pieces

      • Jack,

        Well I spent about 1 hour trying Ebay and zero luck, I am constantly outbid and can only find silver at or higher than I can purchase pure silver from similar dealers online (which I would like to note have provided me about .15oz extra in one order, and is in troy ounces not regular ounces meaning I would love 1 troy ounce of silver for about every 11-12 coins purchased).

        I am not seeing it. I guess if you spend a good portion of your time checking ebay it works. Or maybe just bid and bid and bid on different items until you finally win?

        Also are you including that about all the junk silver I see for sale is in regular ounces and not troy ounces like the silver I order from other places is? It takes about 1.22 ounces (regular) of junk silver coins to give you a troy ounce of silver in those coins. In my calculations it is actually (in most ending auctions I have seen in the last few hours) about 2$ a troy ounce more to purchase on ebay than buying second hand pure silver.

        Maybe I am not doing something right, or seeing something that isn’t there? But in my instance the only two values you get out of buying junk is the smaller denominations of silver. But to me if i’m going to have to over pay for it I would much rather have the 1/2 troy ounce coins I have then have say Mercury dimes which are only about one 6th in size which isn’t much difference, quarters are only 1/5th a ounce.

        Am I really missing something here, or what? Nothing but the dimes seem worth it to me for the small size, and maybe some quarters but really only the dimes would be useful for chance for the most part and I can’t even win 100 of them and there very few auctions for dimes only. I will keep trying but really it seems not to be such a “honey hole” to me.

  9. Jack-You gave me some real “food for thought” in yesterday’s show when you asked the audience what we thought about voting for a third party in the hopes that they get the percentage they need to get campaign backing in elections. I have been saying that I’m writing Ron Paul in no matter what but now I am rethinking that stance. Perhaps voting for the Libertarian on the ticket is step to take towards really changing things in the political arena for the next election.

    At first I thought…”but my conscience says Ron Paul no matter what”, but then I took a step back and thought that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t be compromising my ideals by voting for the Libertarian on the ticket, because if enough people do it, the third party will have the backing it needs to really compete. And my ideals align with the Libertarian mindset anyway.

    Not sure what I’ll do yet, but you definitely got me thinking!

  10. Oh yes got it I was confused from the typo thank you. That makes sense. I should have been able to figure that out duh. Thanks.