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  1. Holy cats! I am part of the show topic? This is either going to be very embarrassing, or very encouraging, I don’t know which!

    • If you’re getting run out of town you might as well lead the mob and make it look like a parade. Seriously, you’re good and it’s obvious that Jack holds you in some regard.

      • @jandg, I hold Backwoods in VERY high regard. I see him as one of our most valuable contributors like up there with folks like KAM, TrekFanDan and Oil lady.

        I respect the shit out of people that disagree with me and know why they do, even when I think they are wrong.

  2. Does he say anything about finishing his “Mastering the .22 Rifle” book? I’ve been waiting to buy that for a while now 🙂

    • @call for now the answer to that is simply some day. Sorry man, what I may do is take the manuscript which has no photos and only deals with set up and drills thus far and make it available free to the MSB.

  3. Another truth I have found and would like to share,
    “When evil rules good men must become outlaws” Just make sure that your morally right. The good people will always prevail.

    • @Anon Prepper while I totally agree with the principle I don’t agree the conclusion. Here is a quote that “The good people will always prevail.” made me thing of

      “Cowboys don’t cry,
      And heroes don’t die.
      And good always wins
      Again and again.

      And love is a sweet dream
      That always comes true
      Oh, if life were like the movies,
      I’d never be blue.

      But here in the real world,
      It’s not that easy at all,
      ‘Cause when hearts get broken,
      It’s real tears that fall.
      And darlin’, it’s sad but true,
      But the one thing I’ve learned from you,
      Is how the boy don’t always get the girl,
      Here in the real world.”

      ~ Alan Jackson

      I would like to believe good always wins but history if full of examples where evil did win out. Entire races have been successfully eliminated or driven to a few survivors. In some nations slavery is still legal, etc. Again I am on board with the principle but good doesn’t always win, that won’t stop me from always fighting for it.

    • I agree with the first part- but I have to say, how many evil things have been done by people who thought they ‘were morally right.’ Hitler thought he was the one acting morally correct. Yes, you should always only do things you think are ‘right,’ but I think it is even more important to make sure you don’t think that ‘being right’ gives you a right to force it on others.
      Great debate here!

  4. Reading through the comments from yesterdays show (which I really enjoyed) I got hung up on the statement about the “TRUTH”. It reminded me of a video I had seen with Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) talking about castrating sheep. It’s a great video, and it may at least open your eyes to what is the truth, how do you even know? Unless you were there to see it, you just don’t know. Here is the link for the video.

    • @KY60 : That video of Mike Rowe was great. I remember watching that episode about castrating sheep. The rest of his thoughts were great too.

  5. @Jack,

    It is true that people in the era of our Founding did live long lives.
    However, I think this is a bit of apples and oranges to compare specific life spans of individuals and the average lifespan of today (or any era). I think the reason (as I recall hearing) is that lifespan is governed largely by infant mortality, which was quite high in the past.

    I can’t be sure of the exact number (there is debate about this), but I believe the average lifespan in 1800 (for example) was quite a lot lower.

    • @KAM you just made the entire point! Infant mortality is a 0, you know what 0’s due to an average right. Add in women dying at child birth and childhood deaths and take them out. Then the average isn’t much more than today.

      Modern medicine has done some things to extend life but the reality is the availability of food and good shelter has done FAR MORE.

      • @Jack,

        Yes, I’m in agreement with you in terms of overall lifespan.

        I just think that the comparison is a bit more direct if you remove infant mortality (and thus not use “average life span” as one side of the comparison).

        In my family’s case, my Great Grandparents lived longer than my Grandparents. I hope that trend doesn’t carry to my parents or me.

    • Actually, up until 1928 the average lifespan in the US was only 40-42, about the same as Paleolithic man. Lifespans were curtailed by infant mortality, which was not an issue prior to the agricultural revolution (grain diet led to 6 inches in lost height and narrowing of birth canal/higher infant mortality). Lifespans were also curtailed by disease, and in 1928 penicillin was discovered. In 50 years, the average lifespan has expanded to age 72, as a direct result of modern medical advances. Lifespan is more governed by this than by infant mortality.

  6. @Jack

    I agree with your “truths” but I can’t agree that they are truths and not opinion; especially the Salatin quote because it requires a definition of a good person, which absolutely deducts to opinion.

    I agree with most of what you say, but when you start declaring truths, I can’t help but disagree with your definition of truth. Nearly anything can be disputed. I’m not going to call you arrogant, because I don’t think you are, but it *might* come across that way sometimes when your truths are declared. I’m guilty of it too, of course. But I suggest you avoid using that label and stick with “opinion”.

  7. Have not listened yet, but wanting to hear about the Spirko updates has me in fits for a while now. Im surprised Jack, you mentioned a return to Texas, notably East Texas. That would be another major move would it now, considering the time investment getting the land where you are ready for crops?

    • You’ll enjoy it. Jack has been going nuts with rock walls on contour and swales. It’s amazing how much water control and landscaping can create a micro-climate all its own.

    • @Brent, not really. We would again not sell the Arkansas location. The reality is we really don’t enjoy not having a true BOL any longer. My wife misses the family etc.

      90% of what we have done is Ark is designed to be largely self maintaining. The only real exception is the green house. Even the beds we grow annuals in would easily convert to perennials if we choose to do it.

      Part of it is I miss Texas too. It is one of the best states to live in in my view.

    • @kenny am I to take the antisemitic rants as sarcasm. I think so but text is the lowest form of communication so I want to be sure.

  8. Jack,

    Thanks for your explanation on Zionism. While your “Mormon Holocaust” scenario is a pretty close analogy, it isn’t (as you stated) an exact one. It is useful to examine most people’s feelings on the subject.

    I do see your point about Israel (like any country) not always making the right decisions, and we shouldn’t support unrighteous actions. I’m in agreement there.

  9. @Jack,

    Some supplemental thoughts/question in regards to the Israel/Utah fictional analogy.

    First–the harsh reality (which isn’t the same as agreeing) is that the world is ruled by power/force, be it political, economic, military, etc. Israel was brought into existence because the people who governed the most force made it so. That’s the hard fact, whether we like it or not. Just the same as what you mentioned with our ancestors (political if not literal) conquered the American Indians. It happened.

    But in the Utah example…well, if the powers that be made it so, and whoever didn’t like it couldn’t resist it…well, they lose. My point–the world has winner and losers.

    I’d also point out that the Middle East in terms of “Nations” in the modern sense is essentially a creation just the same as Israel is as a Modern Nation. Following WWI Great Britain and France essentially carved up the Middle East into Nations.

    So, people can be upset about “zionism” if they want, but to be honest about it, they would have to acknowledge that just because one of those areas was later designated as a Jewish State is no more or less reasonable than the rest of the partitioning of the middle east.

    So, while I understand what you’re trying to illustrate, I think we should also take time to understand the historical events that led to ALL of what is going on in the middle east in terms of nations.

    I guess what I’m saying it that whether I like it or not, or think it is fair or not really isn’t terribly relevant.

    Lastly, from a libertarian standpoint, if Mormons experienced a Holocaust (they did experience a lot of hatred, disapproval and prejudice), then would it be inappropriate for them to form their own nation? We formed our own nation following abuse by Great Britain. We had the help of France (a great power in that time). Were we wrong?

    From my perspective, we were right. We had a right to be free and independent, and I’m sure the English didn’t like it, but they also got past it eventually. They accepted the reality and today accept it as history.

    Another thought (and I realize I’m bouncing between your illustration and reality). Israel was an Ancient Nation, so couldn’t they make the argument that the Palestinans were wrongfully occupying THEIR land in the first place? And of course couldn’t the descendants of the Caananites argue that it was really theirs? So on and So on.

    MY point is that anyone who looks at this from the Early 1940s as if that was the natural state of the Middle East and Zionists ruined it all is really creating a false basis for any position they might wish to take.

    Interesting Illustration however.

    • @KAM you lost me at the end. The US is NOT a “christian nation” it is a nation founded by mostly (not all) Christians on christian principles. You don’t have a right to citizenship in the US simply because you are Christian.

      To me the myth that the US is a christian nation vs. a nation of christian principles is one of the most dangerous on in modern time. I know it sounds wonderful when spoken by a gifted orator of a preacher but that don’t make it so.

      So should we take Ohio and Oklahoma and give them to the remaining native Americans? What was done to them is almost on par with what was done to the Jewish people in WWII.

      I mean come on man, no just because a people are oppressed doesn’t give them a right to a piece of land that is to become their nation at the expense of others already living there.

      We won’t solve this debate here. Again I am neither Zionist or anti Zionist I see Israel as a nation. Nothing more, noting less. Like all nations the winners set the boundaries. My only concern is when we act as if Israeli sovereignty is some how more valid than French or English or American or Japanese or Chinese or Indian, etc sovereignty.

      • @Jack,

        I think there might be a bit of a misunderstanding here. My use of the Term “Jewish State” is not of my creation. I didn’t say anything about a “Christian Nation” at all. Nor do I mean to imply that just because someone categorizes themselves in a certain group, or had something horrible happen to them that they have a RIGHT to anything.

        What I’m saying is that the powers of the world carved up the Middle East, and if that was acceptable, then why is having a small piece of that carved up for a different group any worse? Why is a sliver of the Middle East being sliced up for Jews any worse than carving the rest up for all the other ethnic groups, tribes or religious sects?

        I’m not sure why the Establishment of Israel is a horrible crime, but it ok that Jordan exists or Iraq or Syria or Lebanon? Israel’s creation is part of an Anglo-American manipulation, but the rest aren’t?

        I don’t think that Israel’s sovereignty is MORE than any other nation, but it is equally rightful as ours is. Both are based on exercise of force to establish and maintain and when they aren’t someone else will destroy them (or us) and establish themselves.

        At some point being angry about history is not at all productive, except where it helps form our actions in the future.

      • @Jack,

        Clarification from my last post: I’m not saying that YOU are characterizing the establishment of Israel as a “Crime” or anything of the sort, but many in the world do treat it as such.

        My view–well, maybe the way it was established WAS a bad idea, and DID harm innocent people. I’m just saying that the entire Middle East was carved up like a turkey, so I have a hard time saying one bit of that carving was much different from the rest.

  10. Jack,

    Thanks for bringing us a summary of a track record of our government. I’m a cynic anyway, and I will be looking much harder at what I am told by our federal government.

  11. I am in the middle of this episode and feel like chiming in about a point you are making. It has been so difficult making this gestalt shift realizing all the crap we’ve been fed for so long from our government isn’t after our best interests. I think the average American really believes that most of the time the government is in place for us and our benefit. Now that I am taking the time to learn about history and the forces at work, I know this is far from true. The sheeple tend to feel appeased when they are given simple explanations and propaganda, very few it seems delve in and question the things we are told. One of the reasons I love this community that you have helped foster is that they don’t think folks like us are crazy and they understand one of my favorite phrases, “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you”!

    • @ cavegirl I like that phrase too. My oldest son told me once, “mom you need to be careful what you say you are on the edge of people thinking you are crazy. One word about the mother ship and someone is going to come and take you away”

      I laughed and said ” I know I’m waiting for them to come and get me but the mother ship is late”

      He did not see the humor in that. My youngest did and reminded me to shine my tin foil hat and keep the buckets of food full cuz “it will be a long trip”

  12. Dang Jack. The diet is working! If I was a girl I might say you look sexy…

    I’m from the Govt and i am here to help

  13. Thank for doing this show. I was up all night thinking about what would be the best course of action for us. You gave me some more food for thought the missing pieces so to speak.

    Also it is a sad sad day if people that are so like minded like in this community can let small differences drive a wedge between us. If we can’t hold it together then what hope is there?

  14. Would love to see some pics of the rock walls on contour. Doing a very similar thing on my property as well and everything held up during 3.80″ of rain in 18 hours.

  15. I’m very guilty of enthusiastically ‘sharing’ a new belief/idea/understanding with others while we’re still in the ‘honeymoon phase’.
    (Haven’t lived with it long enough to start noticing its flaws)

    @Roundabouts, I don’t think you have to worry about any permanent wedges over disagreements. As a man (can’t speak for the women), I tend to get angry and shoot off my mouth, then I feel stupid and start to reflect, then I come back and apologize and offer to buy the next round of drinks. All I need is a little space/time to stop reacting and start thinking. And fortunately, the older I get, the shorter the amount of time to get through the whole cycle (half the time now I’m calming down before I’m halfway through blowing up.. =)

    • I am a straight shooter and been told I can be harsh. I say what I have to say get it out in the open then press on. I don’t hold on to stuff. Just no point live and let live. How boring would life be if there were no mental sparing partners. I just hate it when people hold grudges over stupid stuff. I guess we can mellow with age. lol

    • “I tend to get angry and shoot off my mouth, then I feel stupid and start to reflect, then I come back and apologize and offer to buy the next round of drinks.”

      Yep, pretty much what happened with me yesterday!

      • I think we all feel a little stupid sometimes. I went off a few nights ago at a beginners chicken class. The guy was explaining the proper way to wash your hands & that you should do that after handling the chicks. I was in a foul mood to begin with turned to hubby and said well if these people are so stupid that they have to be taught how to wash their own damm hands then they are to dumb to be raising chickens. By the look on his face I cringed and asked oh shoot did I say that out loud? yeah I felt bad Not that what I was saying didn’t have some merit but in a room full of people? We just slinked away. I heard about it all the way home. Hey sometimes the mouth brake just don’t work.

        • @Roundabouts, just because you come off like a jerk doesn’t always mean you are wrong. In the above case I think you were dead on. I am sorry adults should not have to be instructed on how to wash their hands. I wouldn’t even have apologized for saying it. LOL

  16. .
    @ Jack,

    I really enjoyed your getting back to the homesteading topics in the first 37 minutes or so.

    I wrote about 5 paragraphs to debate a couple of points, but it is not worth it to me. So I erased them.
    We’re not going to get anywhere goin’ back and forth.
    I am here by choice, and for the most part agree with you. And I tried to get more involved after a long time of listening, but I will mostly steer clear of hot topics from here on out.

    • I’ve been deleting a lot of my own rants =)

      I read a good Warren Buffett quote the other day:
      ‘You can always tell a man to go to hell tomorrow, if you still think its a good idea’

      The things that get my blood boiling are:
      – Someone spouting the propoganda they’ve heard/been taught
      – Someone questioning or challenging the propoganda I ‘believe’

      In the first case, yelling at them doesn’t help.. them. It might make me feel a little better. In the 2nd case, yelling at them doesn’t help me. =) So I’m trying to cut down on the yelling.

      [The difference between ‘propoganda’ and things I believe, is when someone questions my propoganda, and I start thinking about it, I discover that I haven’t actually come to the conclusion on my own, I’m just repeating/believing something I heard or was ‘taught’. When someone questions a conclusion I’ve reached on my own, I might reexamine it if some new evidence or argument is presented, but it doesn’t make me mad. Just curious.]

  17. One thing you said reminded me of something I once heard, “You will never convince someone to your side by telling them how wrong they are.” Thank you for sharing what you believe and how you came to that view, instead of going Alex Jones on us.

  18. Having been away from the podcast for a while I was one of the original listeners and commenters to the podcast. I must say todays episode was excellent. I may have to start relistening. Trash from CO

  19. I don’t comment much, but I will at this time.
    I have been a listener to the podcast since the early days and have enjoyed greatly the variety of subjects and the level headed and wise approach that Jack always gives to the subject and shows. He treats his guests with respect and stays on topic with poignant questions and discussion regardless of if he agrees with them completely or not.
    It seems to me that many people in the “Prepper/Survivalist” or what you may call yourself, movement seem to think that it is a monolithic movement or mindset, and they get their panties all bunched up when a point of view that may diverge from theirs is offered. We do not all have the same ideas/point of view/dreams for our future. This diversity of viewpoint/perspective/worldview is why we are not the lemmings in pop culture that we all seem to disdain, and we should realize that different people have different needs and priorities in their lives. I have learned a great deal from most of the guests, I don’t totally agree with most people on some subject or another, but my philosophy is on fundamentals of freedom – let us have unity, other subjects let us have tolerance, not division.
    Just the perspective of a quiet observer and Watchman.

  20. Jack, if you were referring to the front yard vegetable garden of Julie Bass of Oak Park, Michigan, she was never actually put in jail. The city merely threatened her with jail time for the front yard garden. Then in July of 2011, when her blog (oakparkhatesveggies) brought her plight to international attention, the city began to get inundated with angry phone calls from around the world, some of them including death threats against city officials for being so ridiculous. So in July of 2011, the city dropped their case against her. Jail time never happened for her. (But they most definitely threatened her with jail time, and they were dead serious about it.)

  21. Love your show.
    This is probably a good opportunity to ask if there are any other Israeli listeners out there.
    Jack, you have an open invitation if you are ever find yourself on this side of the pond. One day I would love share a homebrew and shoot the shit with you.

  22. I just listened to most of the episode.

    I read the Scott Rittier book before we invaded Iraq and he pointed out that the WMD thing was all false and laid it all out ..

    I kind of agree with alot of the analysis on Israel in many ways, but there’s alot of interesting points I could add.

    Despite that the British empire kind created Israel and I’ve come to dislike alot of things about the British empire; Israel is a very tiny state as far as landmass goes. Israel was also a nation with pretty much the same boarders going back into ancient times and has it’s own language and alphabet. Hebrew has 22 letters and reads right to left instead of the other way around like many other languages. Hebrew is very close
    Phoenician which we are told is the original language. It’s basically the exact same alphabet. People say it is a miracle that hebrew is spoken once again as it fell into disuse for along time.

    The ancient Israelites where at war with the Canaanite people who occupied that land previously. According to the scriptures and some archeological evidence, many of these Canaanite tribes engaged in human sacrifice, temple prostitution, and things of that nature. If you look at the idol of Molech that is used at Bohemian grove elite meeting in CA, that is a Canaanite deity and it says in the bible: “do not sacrifice your children to Molech”. At certain times the Jews adopted some of those practices themselves as they never really completely routed out the Canaanites. The prophets give that as a reason that the Jews where thrown out of Israel and had to live in Babylon before they returned to the land and built the second temple. Some people will dispute what I have said about the Canaanites. All of it can’t be absolutely proven or disproved I don’t think. Though there is plenty of evidence, people will believe what they want.

    The first temple was built by King Solomon in 957 BC and it was destroyed in 586 BC by an invasion from Babylon as mentioned above. If we look at the history of the Jews, they have been exiled from the state of Israel and returned to Israel a few times. Viewed this way, the current return to Israel is another return of similar nature. This first occurred when they lived as slaves in Egypt. They ended up going to Egypt because of famine, but never left and the newer Pharaohs became oppressive and through Moses they escaped from Egypt and returned to Israel where they had lived previously as nomads descended from Abraham and the patriarchs. After this first return alot of conflicts with the Canaanite people occurred in earnest. I don’t think these Canaanite tribes where anything like the Palestinian Muslims either culturally or religiously and the Palestinians seemed to be in that area through the Muslim empire period. I certainly don’t agree with everything the Israeli government does and the Palestinians have been treated badly in some cases, but neither are they all angels either.

    As far as the Mormons; that religion is apparently growing rapidly and they send out missionaries. I don’t think it is growing where I live, but I guess it is growing in other places. I am not sure if Mormons might end up being a majority some day if that is the trend. Jews don’t seem to send out missionaries in that way. I also have the impression that their was some conflicts with Mormons over polygamy. There was polygamy in ancient times amongst the Jews, but that ended along time ago, but with the Mormons it has been more recent and seems connected with history in the USA. There are some differences there, and in some ways Mormons espouse conservative values. There may be some similarities with divide and conquer as Jack alluded to, but I wanted to point out some significant differences.

    • @surfvivor, why is it every time a technology superior race of people uses that technology to take land from and destroy another race that we are always told those wiped out “engaged in human sacrifice”, I am just sayin, come on.

  23. Jack,

    That is the biblical view that I am saying, otherwise I might be against all wars (and what about police being armed right?). My dad would say that the bible is just a bunch of killing and wars which alot of that is found in the old testament. Some of it is actually hard to explain in a few places, but I did study these things and I also pointed out to him that TV has lots of violence. In the modern world killing and so on is done differently and is not quite as blunt or as primitive but in some ways may be more widespread etc.

    He also said there was no such thing as witchcraft, so I bought some DVD’s and watched some stuff on the church of Satan, some odd cults that existed, people like Aliester Crowley who sacrificed cats and so on other reports of human sacrifice. I had some books on how in some vodoo practices they put a snake in a basket with a persons cloths to get the scent of that person. They then torture the snake by putting the basket near a fire and let it go near the persons house in hopes that it will more likely bite the person. Then my dad saw I was watching these videos on satanism and witchcraft and thought it was odd, but I just told him I was trying to see if there was anything to it since he thought there wasn’t. Some people apparently can become possessed or something so that they have convulsions and act strange.

    I do believe that the Aztecs practiced human sacrifice.

    Some similar types of things Alex Jones probably covers of what some secret elite groups do, human trafficking etc ..

    I don’t know that the early Israelites where particularly advanced with technology. Some of the people’s around them may have been very advanced or had more chariots. The state of Israel never expanded the way the other empires such as the Roman, Greek, Persian, Babylonian empires to try to control large areas of land and foriegn peoples.

    Those types of ways of looking at it I have picked up over the years from writers, Rabbis, biblical commentaries, various research, from debating with people on Usenet forums, thinking about it and so on.

    As far as what all the answers should be so that no one would have suffered when the state of Israel was created, I don’t really know. Even if I had the answer, I am not sure anyone would listen to me, so I haven’t tried to figure it out. I had studied a little on the conflict between the Palestinians and Jews going a ways back and it is pretty complex.

    My sister and I where driving in the west bank in Israel in 1995 and our car was stoned (windows smashed, car dinged up) and we where surrounded by Palestinians. They could have killed us and I was praying the whole time, but 3 of them diffused the situation and I am grateful to those 3 Palestinians. I believe we where mistaken for Jewish settlers. The Israeli government pays for all such damage to cars otherwise no one would drive to the west bank and it would hurt tourism is what we where told.

  24. What I said on witchcraft to clarify .. I do believe that innocent people where accused of witch craft and I am not saying that even if people did practice witchcraft they should have been killed. Not all of what we might call witch craft is necessarily the same either.

    How the Rabbis explain some of these things is a bit complex and I won’t go into it. I have studied some of the Jewish interpretations of the old testament as well. I could sort of sum it up by saying in some ways everything may not be quite totally literal the way the bible is written, yet still makes a statement.

    A strange paradox I find is that the biblical psalms contain some rather angry prayers, but sometimes those prayers help me to lose my anger.

  25. so Jack,

    Some of what I might consider witch craft today maybe goes on in the financial world or the media, or other high places so there’s another thought for you ..

  26. My impression is also that the conflicts between the Jews and Canaanites where not highly organized type of warfare and that in some cases or in many cases the Canaanites initiated battles and so on.

    The scriptures do sanction the conflict, though with many conditions that are not the way you would thing of as being a typical war. For instance, the scriptures would say if the Jews don’t follow the commandments or the lord adequately then they themselves would be cursed and destroyed, and things like that.

    One part of the scripture proclaims that the tribe of the Amalekites (one of several Canaanite tribes) to be a perpetual enemy of the Jews. This is because when the Jews came up out of Egypt and where destitute, the Amalakites would pick off the weak Jews who where straggling behind the main body, women and such ..

    In general, much of what is written about in the scriptures is complex and there are many analogies and things not easy to decipher without being able to cross reference other parts of the scriptures and so on.

    • @surfivor, I am not about to argue this stuff. Just not that important to me but one thing I will always say, no mater how noble or malicious the victor they always write the history and they always do so in their own interest.

  27. Jack, you make a good point.

    Alot of stuff I am not totally 100% sure on, what is the true history, the true science, the true religion ?

    The dominant forces and victors might have said what they said, but it’s not clear they lied about everything either or what is the true story in all cases I don’t know. Alot of stuff is not black and white so that if one thing is not quite true, the total opposite may not be true either.

    I do sometimes feel like if the Israelis do something dumb like attack Iran, it could be a bad thing for them and the general perception of the state of Israel in the near term. It may be more the Israeli govt than the people of Israel, but I am not an expert on some of that.

    • ‘When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.’ Prov 11:2


  28. Jack,
    Great show.
    After everything you said about trusting the government, do you still believe congress should be trusted with control of the money supply?
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m against the Fed controlling the money supply (business+government=fascism) but do you still want the primary means of production centrally controlled by congress? (central control+means of production=socialism)
    Not an attack, just a question.

  29. Your closing remarks (80% and 20%) reminded me of when a person follows the command of “‘speak the truth in love”; where it and respect are foremost in a person’s mind when he is discussing something with another, the relationship will not be damaged.

  30. >> ‘When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.’ Prov 11:2

    I like that bit of scripture and have meditated on it.

    What people consider humility is interpreted to some extent. If someone says something in a loud and harsh way and you disagree with him, you might see that as having pride or being arrogant. If you agreed with what was said, though it was said in a loud or harsh way you may not see as being arrogant.

  31. Jack!!
    I know of a lawyer who shovels pig shit, his cottage is just down the road from me, his name is David Hooley. I just about fell off my chair when I heard you say that. He has chickens during the summer, used to have a goat named Charlie and some African Snow Geese, he brings out every summer. Two of his pigs got loose last spring and I spent the better part of a Sunday afternoon getting them back. We finally lured them back with a row of turnips that led back into the pen

    • @Brent, I actually listened to this show myself on the way to Texas yesterday. When I head that I said it that way I was like oh am I going to get it now! I figured people would be saying, “hell mostly what lawyers do amounts to shoveling pig shit”.

      LOL of course Tim is our attorney with AgriTrue and I am sure he gets in the compost, perhaps lawyer wasn’t fair. May be I should have said congressmen and presidents, though they “shovel” a lot as well.

  32. African geese or snow geese, I cant imagine African Snow geese, but geese nonetheless 😉

  33. Hi Jack
    Love your show. There is a very interesting point about Israel’s history that most people fail to recognize. When the Israelis tried to form a country they were invaded by all of their neighbors. The Jews went to the Arabs and offered them full citizenship if they stayed in Israel. However most of the Arabs left Israel because they thought the Israelis would be wiped out. The Arabs (or Palestinians) who left were kept in refugee camps for 60 years by their Arab neighbors not the Israelis. The Arabs who stayed behind in Israel are full citizens. They serve in the IDF and they are represented in parliament. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. That’s why they are so prosperous. I believed the BS about Israel that I heard from the UN and the MSM. Then like you I decided to check it out myself.

  34. All governments eventually outgrow or corrupt themselves. It is just a matter of time and distance in the evolution. The rarely seen in history system won for us in 1776 has lasted 236 years to date. The monied elites have a plan, tech and crowd psychology at their disposal, and are using them to the max with great success on the masses. Jack, you are right-on in self-sufficient lifestyle as a goal, while we live day to day as an adventure, not in drudgery and jealous consumerism.
    “The purpose of man is to live, not to exist”, ~Jack London

  35. Your comment on the rocks capturing dew is correct, but time you listed is wrong. The rocks carry the cold from the night into the morning and pull water out of the air via condensation -moist air on a cold surface. The way I heard you on the show (about 37 minutes in) the rocks that are warm from the day pull in dew during the first part of the night, condensation will not form on the warmer surface. I’m sure you know this and just had a brain cramp.

  36. Jack-
    Excellent show! The part near the end made me think of my favorite quote from Ayn Rand:
    “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible to live without breaking laws.”
    There are so many of these ridiculous laws that I don’t think any of us could withstand detailed scrutiny of every aspect of our lives. Is that muffler on the Harley stock? Did you officially transfer that pistol you got when your grandfather died? I believe it is intentionally done to make us keep our heads down so we are reluctant to speak up lest the eye of Sauron turn its focus towards us!

    • Fear is THE mechanism of control. You can’t actually KILL all the peasants, because then who’s going to clean your toilet and grow your food?

      Atlas Shrugged is looking more and more prescient, but of course she was writing just after European Fascism had run its course..


      For a quick review.. ;-p

      14 Characteristics of Fascism by Dr. Lawrence Britt:

      1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism
      2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights
      3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause
      4. Supremacy of the Military
      5. Rampant Sexism
      6. Controlled Mass Media
      7. Obsession with National Security
      8. Religion and Government are Intertwined
      9. Corporate Power is Protected
      10. Labor Power is Suppressed
      11. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts
      12. Obsession with Crime and Punishment
      13. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption
      14. Fraudulent Elections

      Kind of scary huh?

      • @insidious and the defender that says the US isn’t a fascist state would point to something like “2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights” and point out that we have human rights in the US. I would simply state that it doesn’t say which humans are deprived of their rights or how said rights are infringed upon.

        • I completely agree. Human rights are ‘human rights’. Not ‘american human rights’, nor even; rights for all humans, excepting our ‘enemies’.

          If its not all humans, saying we ‘respect human rights’ is a big load of manure (going for a PG rating).