Episode-86 Election Day Thoughts and Predictions — 6 Comments

  1. I too agree with you on the liberterian view but… What do we do if we say it’s alright to do all the drugs you want and they are parents?
    My husband and I have custody of 3 children because their parents are dope heads and were staying in a run down car letting their children starve. Now…just so I can understand, where do the liberterians stand on this? With the rise in grandparents raising grand children because their children are deadbeats what’s our answer on this? These grandparents need help, and the kids need help.

  2. @Susan

    I understand your concern and GOD BLESS YOU for the efforts you have made on behalf of others by taking children into your home and giving them a chance. But and this is the key but here, you stated….

    “My husband and I have custody of 3 children because their parents are dope heads and were staying in a run down car letting their children starve.”

    And just want did drugs being against the law do to prevent that? Nothing right?

    Think about how we are told that these laws, “keep drugs out of our schools” and I bought into it for a long time. Then one day someone pointed out to me that you can get drugs IN ANY PRISON in America today and do so quite easily. That if you can get drugs in prison how in the hell can we say we are keeping drugs out of our schools.

    This stuck with me and it made sense. So this would be my idea for a drug policy.

    1. Sell drugs to a minor go to jail minimum of 75 years

    2. Bring drugs into the country illegally go to jail for 75 years

    3. Break the law, abuse a child, etc you get dealt with by existing laws.

    4. Redirect law enforcement spending and resources from drug users to real criminals and those who abuse children.

    5. Require drug users to be responsible fully for their actions medically speaking and exempt medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies from paying benifits on any condition arising from the use of drugs that are currently illegal.

    6. Drugs are made available in known purity etc at cheap levels. Anyone of age can choose to buy and use them, they must however register as a user and be ineligible for any medical benifits or government benifits. Only by personally paying for an exam and being certified clean (with follow up testing they must self fund) can one ever come off this list.

    Would this work? Who knows we have bigger fish to fry for now but drug laws haven’t worked at all, they have made the problem worse. The system above (refined of course) would make drugs cheap for users, totally destroy the illegal market and make selling drugs to kids high risk and low reward. The key in this drug issue is ruin the market for criminals that are profiting so highly from it.

    This is a touchy subject but I honestly feel laws against the use of drugs only make them more profitable and don’t really stop anyone who wants to use them from using them. I don’t and I won’t use drugs but if they were legal tomorrow I still would not. Just like millions that do use them today do so no matter how many drug laws we pass.

    In short we can’t have laws just because they seem “right” we have to judge how well they actually work and protect the public. If you made drugs cheap and their sale to children risky you could destroy 95% of organized crime overnight.

  3. I just think some how grandparents that are having to raise grandkids, (some I’ve met are in their mid 70’s having to raise 6 & 7 year olds)need help. If they were declared foster children then they would get paid by the state but the down fall is they could be split up and put in foster homes in other areas of the state. It’s financially hard on my husband and I so I don’t know how on earth those older than me make it on fixed incomes.
    Somewhere there has to be a solution.

  4. At one point, you talked about Obama’s comment that we need a civilian defense force that is as powerful as our military protecting us on our domestic soil and that we should watch for this and that we should start looking at what the objectives and agendas are and how we can oppose them in a legal, rational, logical way. My question is, how do we do that? What if calling our congressman and voicing our opinion and ultimatly voting them out isn’t enough? A lot can happen in 2 years. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  5. Well a few things here.

    1. What if’s are a bridge you cross when you get to them. There are many ways to get the attention of the government legally. They don’t just do things with out worrying about the results. Remember the immigration bill?

    2. What we do is simply watch, listen and sound the alarm if it looks like that path is being taken. The love affair of the media and Obama is about over at this point. Yes the media is liberal in the US but the only thing they love more then building up a candidate is tearing down a president (even one of their own). If this civil defense force is stated even as a concept we will hear about it.

    3. The key will be to be grass roots if it comes to it. People telling people and not trying to use it as a “bash Obama club”. A civilian military force is a very bad and certain to be unpopular idea among core democrats. If it rears its head DO NOT make it about Obama, make it about the issue. Then people will listen.

    This is one of those things that may have been said to appease an audience and may never even see the light of day. BO has a huge agenda and many promises the masses now want fulfilled. This is a move that won’t see the light of day in his first two years. At least for now that is my instinct.

    In the end though this will require a lot of money if he were to try it. Congress holds the nations check book so it won’t be doable behind closed doors unless we are really in deep shit. If the tin foil hat guys are right about that, well then all bets will be off. Just don’t go expecting that, an asteroid is probably more likely.

  6. Thanks for giving us your Libertarian view on drug control. What you said make a lot of sense. I would like to hear your Libertarian view on abortion. I hold the sanctity innocent life top priority when selecting any candidate for a particular office. It’s my baseline litmus test. As I see it, if a candidate can’t respect the unborn, he’s not going to respect any of my rights as an American. Some may say that there’s a medical reason abortions are necessary, but I want my tax money totally out of the picture and let the woman and her god/conscience decide.