Episode-857- Listener Feedback for 3-12-12 — 38 Comments

  1. After the political talk about Friday’s show, I was thinking exactly what you opened with today.. choices aren’t binary. There’s a continuum of possibilities. Nor do you have to make a choice. Pepsi or Coke? How about water. With us or with the terrorists? Nope.

    If you’re being ‘offered’ a binary choice, someone is framing you into that mental corner. Reject the frame, step WAY back, and take another look. Chances are the entire ‘crisis’ you’re being asked to make a binary decision on was created to serve someone else’s agenda.

  2. Saw the GBTV episode on Friday and have started listening. Love everything about the show so far. As far as politics, I think we’re pretty well screwed no matter who gets elected. I’m here for the survival/prepping aspect and what I’ve heard so far the information you provide is great.
    Thanks and keep it coming.

  3. Good show, Jack. Your comments for the two “start-up” listeners reminded me of something I heard on a ‘you tube’ survival piece. The host said,” when in crisis, STOP. S…Sitdown, T…Think, O…..consider your options, P….Procede. That stuck with me, and thought you’d like that.

  4. Another good part time job, other than delivering pizza, would be to apply to your local Home Depot.
    They do massive hiring this time of year for extra people to work in the Garden department. You get on the job training in person and via Computer based video lessons. I have been working part-time in the Garden Dept for 6 yrs just on weekends. My first summer there, my lawn looked 5 times better, and I startee a small 4’x4′ tomato garden. I now have a garden that is 20’x 40′ in my backyard and am growing an abundance of vegetables. I’ve also gained valuble knowlege from customers in the area that have small animals such as chickens, rabbits, etc. I am also planning on having a chicken coop this spring.
    To me it’s a win-win situation, I’m making extra money, and also am getting PAID to learn about something I enjoy doing. They hire for part-time as well as temp (seasonal).

  5. My house was moved from the country to a village just after WW2 (around 1946)
    I know that regulations have increase since then for moving , ie; hazardous materials abatment and the like. I agree that this is the biggest recycling/reusing project an individual can do is to live in and maintain a used house.

  6. Re: prisons & abuse in prisons. One issue people forget is, the worst of the worst [rapists, murderers, violent criminals] will not be abused in prisons- they will be the abusers. It is the minor-offense prisoners [pot, etc] that are victimized the most. So we traumatize people for crimes like drugs, but we teach rapists & murderers that it is ok to keep victimizing those weaker than they are. The exception is child molesters, but they are so victimized that they are kept separate.

  7. Re: Moving Houses – These guys are local to the Portland Or area and I saw them in action back in 2003/2004:

    They bought a piece of land, subdivided it, and moved 4 houses onto it make a tiny little subdivision. I watched them bring in a ranch style house on a large truck. It was amazing. there was a crew ahead taking apart stuff in the way, there was a crew with the house and on the house guiding it through (to include a guy on the roof with equipment to lift wires and the house passed under), and a crew behind putting stuff back together that had either got taken apart or destroyed. If someone had told me they were going to take that house, drive it down that road, make that turn and drop a house right there, I would have said no way unless I saw it live.

    I have no opinion or affiliation with emmert what so ever and this is not an endorsement of any kind. All I am saying is there are people out there moving buildings and have done so for years, and that it appears to be economically viable to do so giving what I had witnessed.

    I’ll also add that I own a Rental that was at sometime in the 50’s (long, long before I owned it) was relocated a few blocks from where it was built. The old timers in the neighborhood confirmed this. So apparently its been an option for some time.

  8. re: just getting started… Get some free 5 gallon buckets. Then find the best deal on rice and freeze for a couple weeks to kill bugs. 30 gallons of rice will keep a family of 4 alive for quite some time. Very cheap insurance. Next buy .22 rifle and couple thousand rounds. JMHO

    • a deep pantry is a great place to start, and its unlikely to meet with any spousal opposition.

      i find it really useful to use the show tagline (if times get tough, or even if they don’t) as a litmus test for any contemplated prep or action (like going to a class).

      does it help me even if nothing happens? if yes, its a go, otherwise, its a no.

      after i run out of things to say yes to (if that ever happens), then i can start looking at the ‘esoteric’ preps people like to buy (like potassium iodide)

      if you don’t spend anytime in the wilderness.. you don’t need to run off to a wilderness survival class. =)

      common sense. where r u the most. what is most likely. start there. (gotta eat, need a place to sleep/stay warm, water is nice, etc)

  9. @ Jack
    Great show today, and great job on GBTV.

    I like the idea of the barter system,..
    … but, the State and Federal Governments will not allow this for long, and will demand “THEIR cut” – or – “Declare it ILLEGAL.” (i.e. Allgyer’s milk across borders, kids and lemonaid stands )

    It’s my understanding that cash under the table “as income” is illegal, … and anything over the miniscule amount they DO ” allow ” now requires a 1099.
    (I think it’s around around 600 dollars a year)

    Unfortunately, even bartering, us “standing up” and telling the government scumbags they don’t have a right to help themselves to the fruits of our labor , at whatever percentage rate they declare at anygiven time will only get us ignored, audited, arrested, jailed , and forgotton about. – no matter who we vote for.
    They will eventually make slaves – or outlaws out of all of us.

    • Under current IRS rules, barter is already taxable. And absurd laws like those signed on in Lousiana are making even ‘second-hand sales’ trackable, taxable, and illegal if the rules are not followed. A flat or Fair tax may be the only method to remove the never ending barrage of taxes applied as a means of control, that and firing 95% of Congress…

    • @Bobby Garmon, Of course I know, it isn’t that the fight exists now it is the level it is currently reaching.

      • The fight over water in the Mammoth area, ie Owens Valley, is a long time fight. Mammoth Lakes is 300 miles “upstream” and LA has been sucking that area dry for ages. The Owens Valley used to be a beautiful lush area and is now a desert.

        • The story of William Mulholland, the CA Aqueduct and the Water Wars of the 20’s is an interesting history of engineering & enterprise combined with cronyism & corruption. I wonder how the courts will view things a century later? Combine the increasing battle w/ Arizona et al over the Colorado River, & LA can’t afford to lose a drop from up north. What will that do to industry & property values in So Cal if there’s rationed water? 🙁 Desalinization plants seem the only answer but the environmentalists won’t stand for that. I’m so glad I don’t live down there anymore!

  10. I saw the GBTV episode with you last week and decided to join you. I just listened to today’s podcast and picked up some great information. I especially liked your ideas about getting to know your Farmers Market folks NOW……I hadn’t thought of that. I have a vegetable garden, but can’t grow it all.

  11. Just a quick touch, absolutely love the podcast, will be joining the brigade soon. Keep up the good work it is so needed. Take care of you and yours, DC

  12. In reference to the tip on the gov’t training for food riots I found three articles pertaining to that issue. The most disturbing one is dealing with an agreement signed with Canada to have their troops to be used in any civil unrest here in the U.S.

    Links listed below.

  13. Well Jack I know for a fact there used to be a big market for relocating homes my grandfather and great grand father had a biz doing just that in the 60s so yes. Great show as always.

  14. Jack,
    The two guys in panic mode need to go back and listen to Episode 483. I did a couple of weeks ago and I think it’s one of the best you’ve ever done.

    • @Cathy – just go to the search box and type “hugelkultur” there. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of episodes for reference, as Jack talks about it a lot. Welcome to the show!

  15. Had never heard about RT on Dish until Jack mentioned it re the Spanish currency. Tuned ’em in last night and they’re definitely NOT the typical “NBC Nightly News w/ Brian Williams” & the other what-have-yous.
    An interesting discussion last night of investors trying to “Crash JP Morgan” by buying/taking physical possession of silver bullion since the “paper” is so leveraged. You won’t hear about “that” from the talking heads like Scott Pelley & crew.

    • Yes, RT is a very good source of news you won’t get from any mainstream US source. Of course they have their angles too & motivations too – do keep that in mind. Max Keiser’s show “The Keiser Report” is a must see on RT.

  16. The two guys freaking out mentioned they live paycheck to paycheck, but didn’t mention if they are in debt, but I’m guessing if they are like 99% of the US population, they are. So another obvious first thing to do is get that debt eliminated in addition to building up the emergency fund.

    Thanks for the answer about hugelkultur in containers, I had that very same question, and your explanation makes sense.

  17. Re: Quick Clot- An Alternative
    Check out the Veterinary supply houses for less expensive clotting strips.

  18. Another excellent show Jack! In terms of alternate currencies, you might want to take a look at time banking. We’ve got one here in Los Angeles. Instead of exchanging goods you exchange hours–this avoids taxation issues. One hour of labor equals one time dollar. has a software interface that facilitates the exchange of time dollars. It’s not a perfect system–you end up with more gardeners than, say, doctors or dentists. But some enterprising folks have built entire houses using time dollars. Might make a good TSP episode.

    And thanks again for having Kelly and I on your show last year. Been listening ever since.

  19. quikclot alternative-Chitosan and/or Kaolin white clay powder. Mixed with Vinegar to form a paste is antiseptic.

  20. to the desperate guys….please look into using coupons. I save serious money every week with coupons and it pays for my preps. Your local library will have books on saving money and coupons. is my favorite website to learn about coupons and she puts the sales and the coupons you need together to get the best deals. Look under the “drugstore deals” tab. 2-4 Sunday papers a week and you will start saving money immediately.

  21. Regarding the comment about the high cost of QuikClot, I think it depends on which item and where you’re buying it. Looking at Chinook Medical (recommended on the forum) they have a number of hemostatic items, including what looks like the $45 item mentioned from Amazon. Most of the items look to be in the $40 range, even for individual items. But then a lot of them are full bandages rather than a small sponge.

  22. A word on Quikclot. During my time in the military I was issued Quikclot in all of my individual first aid kits(IFAK). The stuff works and its cheap for what you get. It is also in a small package. I still keep at least one pouch in all my kits.