Episode-852- Listener Feedback 3-5-12 — 36 Comments

  1. Smaller government……hmmmm…..what if we had NO FEDERAL TAXES. Wow, talk about economy stimulas. What the heck would you do with all that money? Dang, talk about a raise.

  2. Regarding prepping on TV. My wife and I wish there were shows in a similar format to that TLC has on home improvement. It would be awesome to turn your TV on and see someone talking and showing you how to prep food items for long term storage, show you how to cook with it. Then another show talking about gardening, this or that plant, tips and tricks, show what the starting budgets were and what they spent, etc. Then another show talking about home defense, personal security, reviewing gear and weapons. Man, we’d be DVRing all of that and eating it up. I hope someone sees that there is a LUCRATIVE market for this. I would totally support shows and sponsors with my dollars ($2 dollar bills 😉 )that would do this legitimately and respectfully!

  3. Awesome show jack! I like what you were saying about minimal government. I always like to make a point that I still have all my serious ‘liberal’ values, but I don’t believe they fit with bigger government. It is just so obvious to me in 2012 that the government is not to be trusted to defend or promote even “good” values or things, nor is it necessary. I don’t want to force my beliefs on anyone, nor want someone using government to force their values or beliefs on me. I try to explain to my fellow liberals, if you say the government has the right be involved in something on your behalf that you approve of, then they have the right to intervene against you when the next president comes in. Libertarianism is, to me, the view that, for these personal issues, that the government doesn’t have a right to be involved in the first place. Great show.

  4. @Jack,

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    So, this Bill is a clear and direct violation of the US Constitution, and as such, every citizen has the RIGHT (and obligation) to ignore it. Any attempt to violate our rights in this way should be met with extreme resistance. Any law enforcement officer who attempts to enforce this Unconstitutional Dictate is an Oath-Breaker, and should be treated as such.

    In my opinion the first step of this extreme resistance would be for some brave soul (with major legal backing ideally) challenge this law in court. THEN, when that fails (if it does), then the only option is for people to basically ignore that Unconstitutional law en-mass.

    I’m not a person who is prone to run out and protest, but this sort of stuff really can’t be tolerated. It has gotten to the point where people really have to just say no, I’m not following that illegal dictate. It cannot be rightfully called a Law as it is in direct violation of our Supreme law.

    This is seriously scary stuff. This sort of thing backs people into a corner, where the only path out is a violent and terrible one.

    • …excellent points, can you answer my question below?
      I have never heard a solution from anyone.
      ….our” RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE” and “express grievances” has now gone from ‘let’s ignore them’ to ‘let’s arrest them’- (or scare them so they don’t assemble)… this is rapidly becoming tyranny.

      • @TrekFanDan,

        Your question below: When do Oath-Takers stand up against this? Well, I think that Oath demands that you stand up against it whenever it occurs. What I mean by that is that these Oath-Takers should refuse to act on any such order that is in such clear conflict with the US Constitution (what they swore to uphold).

        That’s the easy part(and not really that easy perhaps)–refusing to take active part in any such Unconstitutional activity. The much harder decision is when to take Proactive action in defense of the Constitution they swore to uphold against those who are actively violating it.

        This is SERIOUS stuff, and I am not saying “get yur guns and fight to gov’ment.” That is a dangerous path that you can’t turn back from, but I think it should be made clear that if push comes to shove that Oath-Takers and ALL citizens who support the Constitution will resist violations of our fundamental rights.

        The level of that resistance is dictated by the actions of the unlawful, Constitution-Violating people (whoever they might be). THEY are making the choice to violate the Constitution.

        Let me be clear–if this was ever pushed to violence, I would consider it a tragedy and one that would have far reaching consequences. But what is the alternative?

        I pray that someone exercises some wisdom in this and stops this long before it ever gets to such a point.

      • @ KAM
        Absolutely correct, I am NOT advocating any direct action(for the record), I am just questioning with boldness.
        The problem is how the government sloooowwwly bleeds us dry. They don’t come right out and say …” Today we are going to shred the Constitution, and replace it with something else.” -if they did, we all(mostly all) would rise up and fight back.
        The voting booth is a joke—They sneak in “laws” which are “unlawful” and steal of our hard earned cash, our freedoms, futures etc., taking them from us through dribs and drabs.
        I fear that we are out of time to stop the insanity.
        Where and when do the people of America stand up- draw the line and say “This far! NO further!”?
        —-and who will lead the movement to bring us all together as one voice to save our Constitution?

        I don’t have the answers….. only questions.

        • @TrekFanDan,

          Well, the reality is that it is hard to track or stop these Anti-Constitutional things from being passed into “law.”

          I think what is important is that we don’t simply accept this. If we do hear about this (too late for this one apparently), we need to contact our Reps and Senators and make it clear in no uncertain terms that X is unacceptable. If it does pass, we need to vote the people who vote for these things out (in the primary ideally).

          If someone tries to enact it, it is important that Oath-takers understand that they CANNOT follow these illegal dictates (which is where groups like Oathkeepers come into play).

          Then if you find yourself in a situation, you can resist using whatever method is appropriate. I suggest that Ghandi-style civil disobedience has its place and can be effective. God forbid anyone FORCE people into going beyond that.

          If you get arrested, you need to fight it, and ideally have a plan and backing of liberty-minded organizations to support you, because the Legal system will steam-roll you otherwise.

    • The biggest problem I see with this whole thing, is that it is extremely arbitrary. No valid law can be so fluidly defined as to MAKE you a criminal at the whim of someone’s momentary declaration.

      This bill is vague, and arbitrary, and that alone makes it extremely dangerous to liberty.

  5. Jack, I wish I shared your view that government is now encouraging urban agriculture because “they’re waking up to a reality”. Government acts only in government’s interest and, IMO, they now view home gardens as a future revenue source and another mechanism for obtaining information about the activities of individuals.

  6. I was just reading the article on urban farming. “Detroit was unique among the cities surveyed in that it did not permit urban agriculture in the city, due to the Michigan Right to Farm Act (RTFA). The state of Michigan passed this law in 1981 to protect rural farmers from nuisance complaints by neighbors moving into rural areas. ” uh WHA????!?!?!?!? Protect RURAL farmers from receiving complaints, by making URBAN farming illegal? And they call it the RIGHT TO FARM ACT!! huh? Typical!

    • I’ve never had a problem with Aguilar SSS Sniper Subsonic 22lr in my mostly stock 10/22. It has about the hardest hit you’ll find in subsonic.


  7. It is my understanding that “Independance U.S.A.” used to be called “Apocalypse PA”.
    – Regardless, you are correct, the hunting re-enactments are obviously NOT based in reality. (A similar “kill” on “Dual Survival” when Dave Canterbury bowshot the apparent tied-up turkey-squealing in distress.)
    Anyone who is a hunter can see right through the B.S..
    I think you have to “Eat the meat and throw away the bone” when you watch anything on TV.
    There is no time to demonstrate anything of value in these shows because we only actually get about 43 minutes of actual show per hour. The rest is commercials, and even much of the 43 minutes are wasted because of the re-cap of what we just saw before the commercial break.

    Concerning “H.R.-347 ” and the like…
    These kinds of acts demand a question …
    At what point do we as active or prior service personnel who took the following OATH…

    “I, _(your name here)_, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

    …stand up to the corrupt practices of a “Constitution killing” Congress, President , etc. ??
    I would really like to know, … at what point is it too late to save the Constitution? Anybody?

    • I hate to reply to my own posts, but I just noticed something…
      The oath is different for commissioned officers….something is missing – can you spot it??

      “I, _____, having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.”

      • As an NCO, it is obvious. The officer’s Oath has no mention of obeying the orders of the President, or officers appointed over them. Even so, the enlisted Oath refers ONLY to obeying LAWFUL orders. Any order that conflicts with the Constitution, ie. enforcing the indefinite detention provisions in the NDAA or confiscation of arms, as occurred after Katrina, is unconstitutional, therefore unlawful, and must be refused.

  8. ruger .357 vs smith & wesson .357

    the s&w has the better trigger. the ruger has the better price. in either case, .357 magnum requires a minimum 6″ barrel to get maximum velocity. also you can get a s&w with a rail for a light attachment.

  9. Can these podcasts be downloaded to my MP3 player? I like listening to them while I’m walking in the woods, etc.

  10. On the .357, while I agree the longer barrel of the lever gun beats a revolver. Here is a alternate idea for some extra cash, in pro arms podcast #18 Massac Ayoob mentions that police ballistic shields (about 3 feet of heavy ballistic material with a ballistic glass view port) are leagl for civilians to own. Pair that with a pistol with a laser sight and you have a solid cover an the ability to fire from a stable shooting position.
    Just some food for thought.

  11. It is sad that even Glenn Beck went for the sensationalist bull crap, I guess I will remain in control by watching videos of sane preppers on Youtube.

    Great show.

  12. Have a look at the wiki on Bonny Lake State park; it was drying up on its own. The lake is man-made so it is not “Natural”. Colorado thinks that the water that falls on the mountains is for its farmland use only; they dam up the rivers at their border so the states down river get almost no usable water. They are doing the same thing at the John Martin Reservoir on the Arkansas River and Trinidad Lake State park for the Cimarron River. Every freaking river that leaves that state gets blocked; water that falls there, stays there. Up to 2009 they prevented their citizens to have rain barrels. Don’t feel sorry for Colorado they are a bad, selfish people that restrict the flow of a river for their own personal gain.
    ~ Born & Raised, Hugoton KS.

  13. Contact me and I can explain how to put in an inexpensive septic system and how to get a composting toilet installed.

    • Ok, I have a minute. How to install a less expensive septic system:
      -Do not hire a Septic Contractor. Most of they will charge 10-15K to install something that you and a Backhoe Operator can do for a lot less.
      -In most places as a homeowner, you can “install” your own septic system. Of course if you are going to substitute $ for something it usually involves time and some DIY.
      -So, read your county’s septic code thoroughly, call an Inspector in fact if you have any questions. Usually they will give you some time over the phone for free.
      -After you have drafted up a plot plan with your proposed septic system, again see if you can meet the Inspector in their office during office hours and see if they can give you a preliminary nod on your plans. If not, no worry just make sure it meets code. The difficulty may come if you have high groundwater, short setbacks to well/creek/etc. or if you have marginal soils. If you have marginal soils some areas may allow you to design a mound system where you import good soil to use instead. So most of this pertains to a conventional vs alt septic system.
      -If you design seems good, get the septic permit application filled out, pay your fees, attach your plot plan and meet the inspector for a site visit. If they approve it, then go about getting an hourly/daily quote from your local underemployed backhoe operator
      -If design approved and septic permit issued, hire the backhoe operator, meet them onsite and commence installation. As the Homeowner, you are supervising them on how deep, wide, and long the trenches need to be and were they are going to go.
      -Once trenches are in, have operator scoot in gravel. You lay perforated pipes, clean outs at the end, and plumb perf pipe into lateral that connects them do D-Box.
      -Have operator dig hole for septic tank, have it delivered and dropped into new hole. Connect to d-box.
      -Call inspector for inspection to look at installation. Once ok, then cover trenches w roofing/construction paper, back fill w soil (leach lines and tank)
      -Done! Composting toilets you say? Want them? Pssst…. once you get all of your construction punch list items signed off… THEN install them. The health/building officials are going to say they are not allowed BUT, once you place is build… they do not come sniffing around to see what you are doing w your poop (unless you are unwise enough to make it known). Good Luck!

  14. Sorry one last bit of info. Most Backhoe Operators will only charge you $800-900/day and a typical septic system install will be no longer than 2 days if the weather is cooperating.

  15. I liked the idea of the youth model 870 20 gauge for a home defense weapon. But what is a “bucker slug”? It’s okay to laugh. I am new to guns but I can’t learn enough.

  16. Not only is this sudden awareness of HR 347 too-little-too-late, it doesn’t even do what people are saying it does. The damage was already done, at the latest, in 2006 during the previous amendment of 18 USC 1752, when they changed the tag line from “Temporary residences and offices of the President and others” to “Restricted building or grounds”. I haven’t scoured the whole law and it’s many revisions, but it appears likely that the Constitution was trampled long before 2006 by this abortion of code. You can read the law and it’s revisions here: You can also read the underwhelming verbiage of HR 347 here:

    Be angry, but know WHY you’re angry.

  17. I think in many ways the govt is too big, but I often tend to think in terms of there’s too much corruption going on .. I also see alot of libertarians talk about entrepreneurs and small business which sounds great, but the large corporations don’t get as much attention. On the other side in a similar vein, it’s sort of like liberals talk about taxing the rich, but it seems like most of the tax burden may go to upper middle class and not to the ultra rich.

    It seems like anytime there’s talk about changing something, I have the sense that if a change was made, it’s hard to go back to the old way if for some reason it failed.

    This may not be a good example, but say that our state says we will have casinos to raise money for the state. I don’t like casinos, but for the sake of argument say they build the casinos but it later turns out that it was a bad idea. Once the casino is there, you can’t get rid of it and go back to the old system.

    Suppose someone had a plan to implement a system so that people could garden someplace or maybe do permaculture on public lands and in turn receive a reduced unemployment check or do that instead of foodstamps or whatever the case may be. Perhaps something like that might seem like an interesting idea, but if due to unforseen circumstances, it wasn’t done correctly, failed for some reason, whatever the case may be .. going back to the old system until say you could try it again a different way or what not might be hard because of any number of political/bureaucratic road blocks.

    On some other stuff .. I tend to think the system wants to make survivalism look ridiculous any way it can .. Somewhere that seems like part of the plan ..
    but then there are those shows like “the world without man” where somehow all these cats and dogs survived but people didn’t which if all the people died off, I don’t see how other animals wouldn’t either .. There’s just basically too much nonsense on TV, there’s all kinds of mindless stuff, but no shows on how to grow mushrooms say ..

  18. There are some aspects of the federal govt that sounds like they are too big or are growing to fast ..

    I thought it was interesting that our state unemployment office has workshops specifically for finding jobs with the federal govt:

    FEDERAL JOB SEARCH — Workshop focused on presenting job seekers with an understanding of the current Federal Job market. How to find and apply for Federal Jobs. Plus a tutorial on navigating the web site.

    FEDERAL RÉSUMÉ DEVELOPMENT — An overview and process for developing a winning résumé suitable for Federal employment.

  19. For cooking offal, here are a couple of cookbooks with good recipes:

    “The Whole Beast: nose to tail eating” by Fergus Henderson
    “Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery” by Jane Grigson

    See also Chef Chris Cosentino’s website for tons of ideas and information:

  20. Hey Jack,
    Great response to the question about limited government causing more unemployment. I am finishing up Joel Salatin’s book “Folks, This Ain’t Normal” and he makes a great case, along with you, that big government and their excessive regulations actually hurts private sector employment opportunities as well as stifle entrepreneurial thoughts.
    Thanks for another great show!