Episode-839- Listener Feedback for 2-14-12 — 50 Comments

  1. One tip I learned about planting trees this weekend is to dig an “ugly” hole. I had always heard to dig a square hole, but the expert I talked to said to dig it more star-shaped or like an asterisk to encourage roots to grow out instead of in a circle.

  2. Greece has nothing to cut? How about disability payments for those who are pedophiles, pyromaniacs, compulsive gamblers, fetishists and sadomasochists?
    Oh, and one more thing. The disability payments to pyromaniacs apparently isn’t working is it. What with Athens in flames….

  3. Mushroom growing material… hardwood sawdust blended with some gypsom and placed in plastic bags. I have actually seen this being done just like suggested in David Blume’s book… Alcohol Can Be A Gas.

  4. Jack just wanted to say I stopped by Starbucks this AM. I never go because i am to cheap, however I made an exception today to thank them. Thanks for Tue cafe americano recommendation. It was great coffee. Still to high for me though!

  5. I don’t usually disagree here, but today I do. I really don’t like the idea of using green manure without also using animal-based manure compost. On my land in CA, I had very intense earthworm activity as I had intensely composted. However, none of that compost had an animal manure origin. By last year, I had debated taking the fall off to go get crap manure from Chino and stick a ton of it in the ground, because my phosphorus was running very short. I strongly recommend soil testing– don’t run short on P!! I learned the hard way. Fortunately here in CO I have sources of animal manure compost so I won’t have that issue (plenty of other issues though).

    As for wells, it is possible to dig deep enough for lightning to not harm the pump– I believe 433 ft? I have a friend who had to dig that deep because her first well got hit. Sometimes you can also crack a cleaner aquifer this way.

    As for voting– I’m about where you’re at…. with the exception of Ron Paul or Lee Wrights, I’m not going to be really thrilled about voting.

  6. @Jack,

    Just to add some information–it was Justice Ginsberg who made that brilliant observation about the Constitution. She was a Clinton Appointee. She (along with most of the rest of them) has been working diligently to erode the US Constitution.

    Funny isn’t it, that a Constitution that is little more than acknowledgement of Individual Rights, and Limited Government is somehow NOT good enough.

    Your later point about States violating the rights of individuals is one that needs to be talked about more–and is ignored by both Anti-Constitutionalists and many Originalists. The ONLY rightful purpose for ANY government is to insure the rights of the individual. THAT is the principle that our Nation is founded upon. Good point to keep reminding everyone of.

    • Michael Badnarik has a great video about the constitution.
      Thank you Jack for standing up for the Constitution!

  7. @Jack,

    Greece: Your point that they are out of money is another one that we (in the USA) had better get our arms around quickly. It isn’t a matter of choice anymore. The money to let people ride one gravy train or another is NOT THERE. It hasn’t been for a long time, but we’re to the point we can’t deny it anymore–which is what you’ve been saying.

    The interesting point about that however is that DOCTORS are included in those protesting. That speaks to how successful Greece had been at socializing their workers. DOCTORS are in the streets complaining about government cuts. Highly trained professionals with VITAL skills are at the whim of government. They apparently cannot effectively ply their vital trade without the government providing them the means to do so (directly or indirectly).

    When your most highly trained and marketable workers are protesting in the streets, it tells you how complete the failure of government has been.

  8. Jack- @voting, couldn’t agree with you more. There are no practical differences between the two major parties in our country. There is a group of twenty-somethings who run gardens and food pantries in our area (they’re anarchists and I love them). When asked around election time who they cast ballots for, they responded “we don’t vote…we effect change in much more realistic ways.”

    • @Chloe,

      My post below addresses this issue, but I think there is a good point to be made regarding “effecting change in more realistic ways.” Well, I actually agree with that, in a certain arena. Isn’t that the core idea behind “The Revolution is You.” I wish it were MORE that way in fact, and would be if we had a proper (original intent) structure to our government.

      That being said, let me give you two examples of why elections (in this case local) are very important. The first is involving an eminent domain issue. My town board had a majority of members who decided they wanted to get rid of a local business that had been in operation my whole life and before, despite it being a vibrant endeavor. They started with “We want to buy this” from the owner, but one particularly mouthy Town Councilman cavalierly said “If he doesn’t want to sell, we’ll just use Eminent domain. Well, that was too much for me to tolerate, and in my own small way, I fought against that–local paper editorial page, etc. I also voted against the @ss clown, and with my fellow citizens got rid of him and his partners (most of them). I confirmed also with their opponents their position on that issue.

      Guess, what–that issue went away, and that business is still operating, BECAUSE of the result of an election. Would he have been able to fight it off in court? Maybe, maybe not, but because of that election, he didn’t have to have that fight.

      Another example: Our Local school board has been pushing for a massive expansion of the multi-town high school. They got voted down, so they came back again at a time when few people voted, asked for MORE money and got it passed. As a result of that election, I’m now on the hook for paying for their little educational empire, that I wouldn’t want to send my child into.

      Now, I realize that these are local, but as Jack has mentioned–a few votes make a major difference in these cases. Obviously, with larger State and National elections, there are more votes, but that’s inherent in any Republic with various levels.

      The principle doesn’t change however. Elections DO matter in many ways. It might not matter with the “cancer” I spoke of, but it sure as heck matters in terms of the bleeding.

      Someone didn’t lose their livelihood because of my local elections, and I am going to suffer a major new tax burden because of another. Granted, different levels of government aren’t all the same.

  9. @Jack,

    Wow, lots to comment on today.

    In terms of Presidential (and other) elections. While in my frustration, I have similar thoughts as you, but in the end, I can’t agree, and think it is vital that we do vote–even if our only choice is the lesser of two evils.

    Here’s how I see it. We’re a nation that is ill–like having Cancer. But we’re also bleeding to death. I think we’ve got to do whatever we can to stop that bleeding, or we’re dead before the cancer gets us.

    Is Obama much different from Romney, Santorum or Gingrinch in terms of the Cancer? No, probably not much (but a bit). However, I think there are significant differences in terms of bleeding to death.

    This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pursue our best option, and what’s what is going on with the Primary. If anyone is a Ron Paul supporter, I say fight as hard as you can to get him the Nomination, but when that doesn’t happen, there is still a choice to make, and I disagree that the outcome is then the same either way, between Obama and whoever the Republican Nominee is.

    None of this should be taken to mean that I believe ANY candidate is going to make it “All better.” That cannot happen from where we are, without a long dedicated process, and in my opinion that’s a generational process.

    I think the best we can do now (politically) is to stop the bleeding and start treating the cancer. Focusing on the Cancer while ignoring the bleeding insures a faster demise, and that’s not acceptable to me as a Citizen. What’s acceptable to anyone else is their choice, and I respect that, but this is where I stand on the subject.

    I’ve got very little power, but what power I do have, I am going to exercise to the extent I can in order to survive as long as we can, while being honest about our long term prognosis.

    If anyone thinks it doesn’t matter, I’d say look at any number of things that DO impact our lives (“Assault weapons ban, National Healthcare, etc) and say that it doesn’t matter. To me it most certainly does matter, and whether those sorts of things happen or not is directly dependent on which sub-standard option we end up with.

    I don’t subscribe to the all or nothing mindset in politics. We MUST go with our best option, just the same as we should support Starbucks, even if they aren’t White Knights for the 2nd Amendment. They fell on the right side, and we need to acknowledge that. Just the same, we need to acknowledge that a President who does less damage to us is better than one that does maximum damage.

    • One other thing. I also am not saying don’t vote for a Third Party Candidate if that’s what anyone wants and think is their best hope.

      • I just wanted to say that I agree that PAUL is probably the best chance of beating OBAMA out of any republican. Not just because I support him, but because there are many ‘liberal’ or former-liberals like me who would vote Paul over Obama, but if I had to choose between one of the other 3 guys & Obama, I would vote Obama. [please don’t flame me!] As bad as he is, I feel the other Republicans are even worse [come on- NEWT?!?!?!?!]. At least O will pander some to poor. Both Obama & the other 3 republican guys will keep the empire, the drug war, the deficit, the patriot act, etc. There are many lefties I meet who quietly support Paul – the old anti-war, leave me alone, back to the earth hippies, to whom liberal means live & let live. Me – i will be writing in Paul. So any conservative on this list who is afraid they will be splitting the anti- obama vote if they vote for Paul- that there will be liberals voting Paul, ‘splitting’ the left vote also, so if everyone who would prefer Paul over the others voted Paul, he could actually get a large enough % that maybe people will consider breaking free of the DEM/REPUB mindset in the next election.

  10. I went to Starbucks with a coworker (who is a new TSP fan BTW.) We paid with $2 bills and left $2 bills in the tip jar so everyone who followed us could see them. The clerk didn’t know what was going on with the $2 bills, so we explained it to her. We didn’t make a big deal about it. I’m not sure she got it but sometimes forests start with a single seed. I do know every other customer in the store was safer while we were in there.

    On another topic, I agree 100% with your comment about going out on the roads in bad weather. Yes we should all know how to drive in it if we have to. However, it is safer to not go out in it. A year ago we had a major week-long winter weather event in the Atlanta area. Because we were prepared and had stored food, we never had to venture out until the roads cleared.

  11. Ruth Bader Gingsburg was appointed in 1993 by Clinton.She voted no on Heller vs DC and Mcdonald vs Chicago saying that the people had no right to keep and bear arms and has also stated that they are only one vote away from over turning both supreme court rulings seems a little dangerous to me but thats just me.

  12. Regarding having redundant water and electric provided by a municipality, I think that erosion of the area’s independence by increasing its dependence on a city for utilities can be a problem. Here in Iowa, cities will often make services available to an area for a few years before annexing them.

    Just something to consider.

  13. Jack, thanks for the stuff on green manure ..

    Are you going to have a meetup outside of the free state project thing ? I wasn’t sure I was going to go to the main event, but Nashua is not that far from here. I am also looking for a job and trying to skimp on costs of various things related to that ..

    I know you are a hardworking guy, I’ve known people who may have called in to say they had to shovel their driveway even though they had a snow blower (yuk yuk), I’ve slid around the road a few times and slid through a stop sign once pulling a 16 foot trailer. I slid right off the road once onto the curb in snow which if I hadn’t I would have slid into another car. Luckily I’ve never had a major accident and mostly I am a mellow safe driver who never tailgates or speeds too much. My toyota has 160k miles or some such. If I drove 75 mph I could probably shave off 1/2 hour getting to my BOL, but I always worry about possible mechanical failures, tire blowouts and I seem to burn more oil at that speed anyway so I generally do 60 or 65.

  14. Hey Airborne, I share your sentiments regarding the election this fall. That said I’m voting for Ron Paul even though he can’t win -and even if he dies before the election. I don’t know if you meant to say there’s no point voting in the presidential election this year, as the victor will be one of two undesirable choices. If that’s the case I respectfully disagree. Though the outcome won’t change, the communication sent to the public might – and a large number of votes for Ron Paul may help broaden the awareness of the blissfully ignorant. “Do nothing” is a course of action, but perhaps not a preferred one on the long hard road to societal change…
    Ghandi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” I would assess Ron Paul was ignored in 2008, and is being laughed at / fought by the media now. For now lets keep on keeping on and see what happens.
    Thanks for all you do.

  15. A “REAL” survivalist would say “screw work since I have that liberty”, and sit at the house watching the snow with a homebrew IPA.

  16. I guess it would be possible to create a device that generates electricity from a wood stove, or maybe a candle powered device that could recharge USB devices etc ..

  17. Great show, I went by Starbucks also today and they were indifferent to my comment about the 2nd amendment. The girl behind the counter was actually confused by the $2 bill. I’m in south Florida so nobody really cares about anything of any relevance anyway-sigh.

  18. Hey Jack. Keep hitting hard on the factory farm topics. I know it keeps me motivated to buy farm fresh products. I’ve said it before, it is important to wrestle the food movement back from the hippies and yippies. Most of the angry white males I know roll their eyes the moment they hear Farmer’s Markets, organic, CSA etc, They take a strange pride in eating poorly. They might be more open to change if they knew their food was bathed in feces and ammonia.

    Also, can’t wait to see you in NH! What is your talk going to be about?

  19. Jack you mentioned a 30% to 35% inflationary spike. I am trying to wrap my brain around that. In layman’s terms would I add say 35% to today’s prices to get an idea of what those prices would be? Say milk is $3.65 a gallon. if I add 35% Milk would be $4.92! Is that how it works?

    • @Matthew from Gooseneck, Basically yes! It will be something that doesn’t happen over night though. The new money comes in, day one local currency strength looses perhaps a point or two at best. Over the next year or three, the prices erode and stabilize at about about 30-40% devaluation. That would actually be the plan and the best case scenario. That is how you cut the national debt effectively by 30-40% and kick the can a bit further down the road.

  20. Be very careful with the auger when planting trees. If you don’t really pack the hole well, you can see your trees sink into the ground. At a recent conference I heard the story of an orchard that suddenly dropped 3 feet into the ground because the first heavy rain packed the soil and all of the trees sunk into the hole.

  21. Hi Jack!

    Thanks for the chuckle. I remember months ago watching your bucket videos and then clicking a link to the ‘rebuttal’ video made by the fat-ass. At the time for shits-n-giggles I watched another of his videos where he was walking through his homestead. My only thought is that this guy would never survive anywhere for an extended period of time because he was breathing like he just ran a mile from just walking maybe 50 yards in the video. I can’t immagine him being able to bend over and plant a seed, let alone tend a garden. I had no interest in watching that show, but knowing that guy is on it will make me watch it now. Thanks again for all you do!!

  22. Hey Jack,
    Last night, my wife and I went to Starbucks. While I was waiting for my order, I texted my brother, “Thanks to Starbucks for supporting the second amendment.”
    No big deal except my brother is a Starbucks VP.
    He texted back “There have been some minor protests, but across this great nation, the support from people has been heard loud and clear.”

    I want you to know that Starbucks “heard” us yesterday.

  23. Hey Jack,
    Another great show today. I have a question reference you answer to the question about reclaiming ground that may have had herbicides and/or other chemicals. I have heard that woodchips and manures have been spread over contaminated former industrial sites and then mushrooms are grown into the chips and manure in order to naturally reclaim the land for use. Have you heard of this and would this be an option for the person who asked the question?

    Also, reference the naysayers and complainers who want to put you down for anything, such as not having a show during an ice storm, why give them effort or air time to refute them? I know it pisses you off and justifiably so but most of the time they are not worth the breath it takes to address their stupidity. It’s one thing if someone wants to have a respectful debate because you may different stances or points of view but it sounds as if these idiots are only looking to bring you down to their level of misery. If they weren’t miserable, they wouldn’t be trying to drag you down.

    Keep up the good work. It is greatly appreciated.

    • @JD no clue on the shrooms but it can’t hurt.

      On responding to those who say I should drive in ice, it is for the people in the middle of the issue. Those that are open to realizing there are times to stay home. Those who may now get there are times to say f-u to your boss when they guilt you for staying home, etc.

  24. I am also considering growing mushrooms. I spoke with the mushroom
    expert for Florida. He told me to call my local forester. Every county has one assigned to it. This was to find out what tress species are correct. In my yard
    here in Central Florida I have the only oak that you should not grow mushrooms on. That is Live Oak.

  25. Hi Jack, just wanted to say I use Lee Valley for a lot of my woodworking tools and they are the absolute best when it comes to customer service. They back up their products and so tend to avoid cheap things. I haven’t used that lamp but I would imagine it is well built.

    I don’t disagree with your assessment that there are more bang for your buck methods of lighting, but if you want to pick one up for the cool factor you’ll be happy with it, or Lee Valley will make it right.

    • Just ordered one for the husband’s b-day. Figure if I’m giving a gift a little bit of novelty plus functionality is a good thing. Glad to know the company is good. I’m pretty excited and can imagine we might have more family dinners by candlelight. ha!

  26. I frequently hear people say they believe strongly in our constitution and then they go on to say they aren’t going to vote because it doesn’t make any difference, or that they don’t like the choices. I find those two stances to be incompatible with each other.

    • @second guess,

      While I vote, have voted ever since turning 18 and in spite of how I feel about the establishment will continue to vote, I COULD NOT DISAGREE WITH YOU MORE.

      1. If you yourself believe in the Constitution you must then say you believe the individual is sovereign, you can’t do that and turn around and say people can’t believe that if they don’t do what YOU think the should.

      2. Not one damn word of the Constitution states that a person is required to or is compelled to vote. It gives us the right to vote. Compare this to the right to pursue happiness, am I required to. In a true republic if I want to be miserable am I not free to be so as long as I don’t make you fund it. How bout the right to keep and bare arms, do I have to own a gun to support it? I know NRA members that don’t own guns.

      Your understanding of the Constitution, individual liberty and the nature of a republic could use some work if this is your actual view. Hope you gain some perspective from my response.

  27. Another great show Jack. I went to Starbucks early in the morning and spent my $2.00 bills and asked to speak to the manager and told him about the 2A for $2 and he didn’t know anything about it. I came back in the afternoon and the district manager was there with the manager and they said there were some protests at one starbucks but that there were alot of $2 dollar bills being spent throughout the day. The district manager said the message was loud and clear with the 2A for $2.

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  29. modern survival: “Not one damn word of the Constitution states that a person is required to or is compelled to vote. ” H-m-m-m…… I don’t pick up how that relates to my comment.

    “Your understanding of the Constitution, individual liberty and the nature of a republic could use some work if this is your actual view. Hope you gain some perspective from my response.” I don’t think this comment adds anything to the discussion.

    The reason why we see this differently is due to the way we interpret the word “support”. You can support the Constitution by thinking it was a great document, which you said you do, and I agree, but for me the word “support” is a verb. It doesn’t mean I sit in my rocking chair and say, “oh yeah, that’s a good idea”. For me it means standing up and getting involved, doing something, making a written document a living document in my life. The NRA member without a firearm is doing it. You don’t have to own a firearm to support the 2nd amendment. But you do have to participate in our republic form of government if you believe in it.

    I am grateful that you vote, I personally have an extremely difficult challenge voting for the choices that are available. I understand the conflict fully. It is widely held that this is the most pivotal election in our history. I encourage people to vote, even though I know that they would vote for what I am adamantly opposed to. You have to educate yourself fully at what is at stake and not be comfortable with your own conclusions, they might not be all that inclusive.

    It simply is not right that the audience of The Survival Podcast should hear that it is okay to not to vote by a the man that says he fully believes in our constitution. There truly is too much at stake. There are supreme court justice nominations to take place (up to 3, 4) that will determine the course of this country for decades. There are congressional elections that will take place that will affect votes concerning our 2nd amendment rights, U.N. treaty agreements that will affect us in so many ways; Agenda 21, Gun treaties, finances……
    Elections matter. Your vote matters.

    • @second guess, I still think you just don’t get it. I can support and do support the constitution by DOING exactly two things and only two things.

      1. Live my life EXACTLY the way I want and the way I choose on my terms any stinking way I want as long as I don’t prevent anyone else from doing the same or expect someone else to pay for my choices financially or resource wise.

      2. Understand that every other citizen in fact every other human on the planet has that right and NEVER interfere in any way what so ever with the other persons rights or choices so long as they do no harm to another and do not prevent another from doing the same and as long as they don’t expect that I or another should have to pay for it.

      Well how, what, where and if a person votes is covered by both of those. I will not vote for BHO or NG or MR or RS and I would not vote for them even if threatened with a beating to do so. So what do I do on election day?

      1. I can write in a candidate

      2. I can vote in the races I actually do support one side vs. the other

      3. I can realize that Judge Napalatano is completely correct and that who we elect doesn’t mean a damn thing any more and spend time with my family, working on my homestead or building my business vs. standing in a line to cast a vote that won’t change a thing.

      To this I submit

      and this

      You may mentally masturbate that you are doing your duty by voting in all elections today and that it matters or has an effect and if you think so fine, but don’t tell me you are supporting the constitution while telling someone else what they “must do”. Listen to the judge and then tell me how you feel.

      Right now I feel there is little to come from voting at the national level, especially in the general election.

  30. Hey, not to be too nitpicky, but I’m always surprised when I hear you say something like gold/silver is a “commodity” not “money”. I have sympathy for your views on the precious metals, and I’m not saying “gold is the one true money” or anything, but you make it sounds like commodity/money are mutually exclusive terms. But considering that I’ve also heard you describe money as being an agreement between two people (ie dry erase markers could be used as money, cigarettes could and can be used as money), and given the fact that you yourself accept silver in payment for MSB memberships, wouldn’t “gold/silver are forms of money” be more accurate? Love the show

    • @Justin, so close! You are right there, damn I don’t really want to finish it for you but I will.

      The agreement is the money, not the gold, not the silver, not the cigarettes, not the bottle of hooch, not the stone knife, not the paper, not the ______.

      In every situation where one item is exchanged for another there is a situational component driving it. Government mandates and taxes on paper currency, a historical view of gold and silver, the absence of another way to procure cigarettes, the absence of a traditional currency, etc. This situational component drastically effects the agreement (money) and the item taken in exchange (currency).

      Sure gold is worth 1700 bucks plus right now, let the currency collapse it might be worth 10,000 but if there is no food on the shelves, beans and rice will be a much better currency than gold for quite a while. This is so difficult because neither economics school really teaches it bluntly but it is there in both. The item isn’t the money the agreement is and the agreement is situational meaning any currency can be rendered worthless in the right situation.

      What is your gold worth on a sinking ship?
      What is your bucket of corn worth in the middle of a corn field?
      What is French Franc worth now that the Euro replaced it?
      What is the value of a box of ammo to a man who has no gun and has no one he can think of to trade it to?

      The agreement is the money, not the item. It seems like nit picking but it isn’t. The lack of this one fundamental understanding is how many people are misled about what would make a good currency for a country.

  31. I’ve expressed similar sentiment as Judge did in that first video. At the end however he doesn’t offer an alternative to voting, and since we still have the vote available I’m going with it. And someone tell me, is the man’s name Judge, or was he a judge?
    But aren’t you a hypocrite Jack to badmouth voting after numerous times throughout many episodes imploring listeners to call on their representatives and admitting that you do vote? If voting is in vain, why do you do it and what do you offer as an alternative? Plant a potato? Bury a log? Trap a squirrel?
    Let’s talk about masturbation, since you brought it up. Mental masturbation isn’t a term I could connect with, so as for your admonition to absorb your thoughts….. ah, (thought process experiencing train wreck). Back to work: Let me try to understand what Jack is trying to communicate. And I am not a stranger to this task. I have 8 people that I have steered to the Spirko enterprise and we do talk.
    Previous paragraph continued: I have to walk them thru what they perceive as arrogance. I tell them it isn’t arrogance, it is Spirko-ism; you are on stage and you are demonstrating how to make pies and then you’re giving them freely to the audience and most people take them but a few pick them up and toss them at you. And so Jack has to pick up a tennis racket and slam the pie back at you. It isn’t arrogance, it is verbal ping-pong.
    But back to masturbation. I’ve done this. I do not have bad feelings about having done it. I think it is healthy. But what I am talking about is the dictionary definition that it is a physical manipulation of your sex organs for pleasurable gratification resulting in an ejaculation of seminal fluid, for males. In the female I understand that they squirt, but I don’t have firsthand knowledge.
    I don’t think this definition worked for what Jack meant when he said “mentally masturbate”. So I brought back ancient and fond memories of when I masturbated before I was married and recalled that what I did was to envision an absolutely gorgeous women laying down before me with her legs spread with large tits draped across her chest, As I rub my penis I imagine sticking the erect rod into her wet and warm vagina. But the reality is, I’m standing there all alone with nothing but a picture from my playboy magazine or a memory of an image in my head of the woman I saw earlier in the day at the gas station leaning over with the pump handle in her hand. And also girlfriends, and girlfriends of best friends. Even some of my sisters’ friends. Never any of my mother’s friends. But this is what it is to “jack off”.
    So what does “mentally masturbate” mean? I would take that to mean, the way Jack Spirko uses the term, as to mean that you are going to the voting booth in anticipation of getting results that you imagine that simply isn’t going to happen with the candidate that you voted for. The beautiful naked woman is only in your mind along with your imaginary outcome of your vote.
    I am not guilty of this “mental masturbation” that Mr. Spirko speaks of. I am without doubt the most cynical voter on the planet. I crossed a burning bridge when I cast my vote in the last presidential election, but I’d do it again. And what Judge ranted about is absolutely, exactly, dead-ringer, bingo, bulls-eye, what I feel.
    We might want to take a look at history. Where we are today is due to a lot of voter apathy for perhaps 70 decades. I absolutely believe that if we can generate interest in the voting public to vote by inspiring them by informational knowledge of history, what is at stake, what this Preamble to the Constitution is all about, what the Constitution is all about. We are in serious trouble as a nation for one major reason and that is because a majority of our population is not knowledgeable of our history, our nation’s purpose, our constitution, our role in personal liberty, sovereignty and freedom and what it personally means to them and their posterity.

  32. The candle powered led lantern most likely uses a peltier device to power it. So with very little electronics knowledge someone could build these relatively cheap.

  33. I agree with Jack, There are many shows that you got to listen to again. i have Create a list of podcast I listen to again. Great, Great stuff.

    I can’t believe TSP listeners would bitch and say “Jack is not a real survivalist” that is pretty dumb. You don’t know what your talking about.