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  1. I’m trying to pull together a plan for my first year back in Midway, Colorado. What’s his opinions on water spikes and ollas? Where I am at, we get 12 inches or so a year, alkaline (7.5 or so) clay/chert “soil”. I have limited water access. (It’s the one huge downside to living here). I’m trying to localize where the water will go, since I know that wetting the entire soil just goes through too much water a month (what I used to do). Does Dave have any opinions, other than the obvious amend the heck out of the soil, use contours, etc.?

    BTW Dave’s animal was a nutria, I’ll bet.

    • I’m in Colorado Springs and am adding ollas this year to the garden. Am very interested to see if there is a difference in the growth and frequency in watering using them. I refuse to buy them from the Devres though!

      • @Chris, the Deveres are a perfect example of how being stupid can ruin your online rep with the people that made you a success overnight. I still dare them to sue me for the use of the term urban homesteading. LOL In fact I can feel an urban homesteading episode of TSP coming soon.

  2. Its funny because I was thinking the same thing about digital currency. I was also thinking about letting users post their own content to earn some digital currency. I’m not 100% sure how I would want to control it, but its a great idea.

  3. Great show, but I’m confused about the meat preservation method you were talking about, the alternative to jerky. What’s it called? Thanks

  4. Happy to hear Dave on the show. I too heard him on Jason’s show and thought he was a perfect fit for TSP. Urged him to contact Jack.

    Hope the drought ends in Texas soon.

  5. I love when you have guests on. I really enjoyed this podcast. ,,, little pre amble. . I have no idea what you work out with your guests before you start in regards to time or for how long they are available. … since you don’t have any time constraints why don’t you make them longer if its possible?? this could of easily been 2:30. anyway, thanks!

  6. Hi Jack. Geoff from Sydney, Aust. Just wanted to say fantastic interview – more like eavesdropping on a long phone conversation with a good friend. You sure know how to – unlike a lot of interviewees I’ve heard – allow a good guest to guide their own discussion flow – particularly in areas which they didn’t expect to be talking about. Where even they are learning things about themselves they didn’t expect. And I never walk away without having either learned something new or viewed a topic from a different angle. Way to go, Jack!

  7. Oddly enough, this show got me thinking about some food production elements on my property that DON’T involve a garden. We have a 45-degree, east-facing slope on our property that’s by a state highway. It’s nearly impossible to mow, and when it rains, water floods off the highway down that slope and it also floods at the foot of the slope (from a culvert that runs under our gravel drive AND a creek that runs along the north side of our property.) Hearing Dave talk about his land flooding made me think about this spot on our property, although I can’t seem to be as excited as Dave because that water contains “Big Ag” and highway run-off.

    I’m wondering if you folks think I’m over-thinking this. I’m as “newbie” as it gets when it comes to plants, trees, and the like, but I have a few goals. I want to do something with that slope so my husband doesn’t have to drag a push mower up and down it, and if possible, I want to do something with that area that might provide food or something. (I’m just not sure if I should fear the run-off though.)

    Anybody have any ideas?

    Great show as always, Jack!

  8. Hey Dave,

    I tried to find the youtube video on hugelkultur and could not find it. I would live to see it. I clearing some small stuff and am trying to start a hugelkultur bed.


  9. Hi Jack, Dave and others. I am a South African living in Australia and thinking about moving onto the land sometime soon. Love the show and the resources available. Very happy to hear you have discovered and enjoy biltong as much as I have since a small boy. To this day (39 years old) the only birthday and Christmas presents I get are biltong! 🙂

  10. Dave mentioned Chickweed on the show and that stuff grows everywhere just about. Florida to Canada and tons of it in my garden in SW MO. It is peppery when eaten raw l, but is similar to spinach once it’s cooked. It loves fertilized tilled soil!

  11. Hey dave really glad to see you and your family doing well. I have often wondered how you were doing. I now have a 20 month old little girl Haley Grace Adams, the best thig that ever happened to me &my my wife Amanda.please try &I reply to me if you get time it will be great to here from you.