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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS JACK & family!!!! Thank you for everything. You are one of the good guys!

    • @ Ronnie in Iowa,

      Check out the Region 6 board on the forum. El Rhino and I are trying to build a network of TSP listeners in Iowa…

  2. Oh man just love this. When you were talking about planning I just cracked up. I had a friend one time that told me my problem was that all I ever do is “plan for the future” “Working towards the future is just not the way to be happy” When she told me that it was like I was hit with a 2×4 SMACK!! I was having trouble because I was NOT planning and doing. This just reminded me of that moment. Goes along with if you ever want to amount to any thing you have to have debit and if you fail you are a bad person. Humm no wonder I love your show the voice of reason and common sense. Next year maybe finding more people with common sense would be in order. LOL

  3. Hi Jack,

    I believe Rand Paul is right on his message to McCain on the Senate floor. The Homeland Security report on right-wing extremism does not require the American people to meet all the criteria they describe in order to be labeled a domestic terrorist. So when Paul stated Americans that store food for 7 days can be labeled as domestic terrorists, he is factually correct.

    I really appreciated your podcast it was beneficial to hear another perspective on some of the most controversial political and domestic topics that concerns many Americans today including myself. I admit having serious concern over NDAA, and many of the threats to liberty.

    I have no concerns over zombies, foreign invasions, road warrior future scenarios, or terrorist attacks. I fear my government and my personal home library on the founding fathers all speak of paranoia regarding a tyrannical government. Ron Paul is paranoid, and I all the respect in the world for his beliefs and concerns.

    I just wanted to provide an example of my background. I am working towards my Master’s Degree in Public Administration despite the opinion a college education is not worth the expenses. My wife and I actively participate in the community in civil politics, volunteering for coaching youth sports. My family are in high profile political positions, one is actually a future presidential candidate.

    I grew up in politics as a child. My mother as a child fled a fascist communist government to come to America so that her family could be free while her father was rotting in a prison for his political ideas of liberty. So liberty is fundamentally, an important part of my life. I don’t see it as paranoia.

    I actively contacted all my State Republican representatives regarding the NDAA and the sections you discussed. I received a letter yesterday from one of my senators that stated essentially he ignored 1031, 1032, sacrificing liberty for security. This statement would make Madison and Jefferson turn over in their graves.

    My goals in addition to prepping is serving the public. However, I just wanted to say politics and preserving liberty is my passion and my life and not a job. I teach my children about constitutional liberties, and we have passion for life and freedom in our home in Wyoming. My life is about our family and the hunting, fishing, wilderness activities, teaching our children, and our future we strive to improving our lives and those of our community and country.

    God bless, and have a Merry Christmas.

  4. Jack,
    Excellent episode!
    Hope you and your family and all the others who listen to your show have a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!
    Btw, I love what you did to the boat!!

  5. Fanfreakingtastic post Jack!! Way to finish out the new year! I am definitely stoked about 2012. I found this podcast about 2 months ago and man I am on my way. I had to take notes on this one and I am about to que it up and listen again. I really liked what you said about opportunity presenting itself next year, it really is a matter of perspective. I am not a “survivalist”, I listen because I am a “resilientist”. Or is it “resilientant”? “Resiliant”? Anyway, I’m really not too concerned with the zombie apocalypse, I am looking to live my life the way the founding fathers intended.

  6. Merry Christmas to YOU! Great POST! I’m dealing with stressful time of mom with dementia, yet I’m planning. My lifestyle is up-ended. Wayneman, right on, resilentist! The statement–“Believing you can get this shit done” –in this episode is well said. Focusing on stuff you can control, redundacy, self-sufficency is a fantastic reminder. Living for the passion for life and one’s faith in the midst of crazies can save one’s life.

  7. Have a GREAT BLESSED CHRISTMAS! Jack & Family, and the listeners, and whoever’s reading!
    As they continue to tear down and remove remaining remnants of Christmas (but not others), there still can exist Christmas in the hearts and homes.
    Let’s make the New Year a time of real change for truly uniting and standing up to the evil forces!

  8. This is an excellent episode! I will have some of my paranoid friends listen! I understand now they are paranoid because they truely are not prepared. Thank you Jack, for the common sense and the continued education. I can’t get enough!

  9. There’s so much truth in the idea that the hard-fought battles are the most valuable when it comes to building life experiences. I’ve always said that if I weren’t visually impaired, I’d probably be the biggest slacker out there. I would have cruised through school only doing the minimum to get by. But because I have to work hard for everything that I set out to do, I appreciate the successes that much more. Because I don’t take “easy” for granted, I live a good life with a possitive attitude. It makes a difference, folks! Learn from your failures, stay positive, and realize that the journey is the best teacher in life!

    Merry Christmas, and thanks for an awesome show as usual, Jack!

  10. This whole podcast was a much better explanation of what I posted on my blog just a few days ago.

    I love how you can explain such a complex thing in such a simple and clear way.

    Have a great holdiay and get lots of recharging! Looking forward to next years shows!

  11. I know Jack said he wanted to keep the “p”s short & catchy ’cause that’s just good marketing, but I’d like to add a couple more;
    Priority – you’ve got to decide for yourself, ” what is most important” and then focus the energy to make that happen. Without priorities, things tend to end up poorly done, if/when they get done at all – wasting your precious resources of time, materials & finances..
    Patience – not the same as “persistence”. You can be persistent and plant seeds every day of the week, but if you can’t be patient and allow them to sprout& grow, you’re again just wasting resources.

    Any more “p”s you’d like to add?
    Merry “RamaHanaKwanzMas”, winter solstice or whatever you celebrate, even if it’s just the fact that you’ve survived another calendar year to all.

  12. I feel a new life in me after this episode. I tend to be the person to get bogged down with the things I don’t have which tends to make prepping a little more frustrating. Sometimes it takes hearing the same thing for the 50th time for it to click. Thank You.

  13. Jack, another great motivational show. I find when I read the show headline, I crack open a homebrew and either put away bags of tealights or go through my preps to see where I am at. How about a link, linking all episodes of this nature so when middle of February rolls around, we can ‘git five or six hours of “Get up and do something’

  14. Jack, my boss is a douche-nozzle, but I am not. Therefore I have decided to work for me. Thank you for the inspiration and guidance to start something for myself and start building a sustainable living on my own terms and creating my own systems of support. Regards..

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  16. Great show as always practical and pragmatic advice. Thanks for the past year and wishing you and other preppers a successful new year.

  17. Jack,

    I just wanted to post that this was an inspirational episode. I got to it a little late (01-01-12), but I am inspired to think beyond my 1 and 5 year goal list that I always do in January, and think about my whole life plan. The last time I actively planned my life beyond 5 years was when I decided to get a degree (and by extension a job) in engineering, which was 12 years ago.


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