Episode-804- Steve Aukstakalnis from Alerts USA and Threat Journal — 49 Comments

  1. sigh…it’s not “blame America.” It’s do these people pose an existential threat to us, which is highly debatable, and how to address it without posing an existential threat to ourselves by destroying our country ourselves, which is obviously happening.

  2. Sorry to doubleup, but looking on the bright side, whatever motivates the guy to do a good job is great I suppose. I noticed your disclaimer about political disagreement.

    However, the logic of “they’ve said if we attack them, they’ll attack us, therefore we must attack them (or instigate them), therefore war with them is inevitable” is, well, what can I say?

    We’ve got to start out with clear eyes, otherwise no conclusions that follow will be uncontaminated.

    • @Andrew, you got that like TOTALLY wrong. That is not what he said, what he said was, one country may attack another, a third has said if that happens they will attack the first. That is a chain reaction we have to be concerned about. That particular chain didn’t actually include the US. Well not in the first 4 components of the chain, nor did Steven advise that our solution was to attack anyone first.

    • I don’t think I got it totally wrong. Certainly if you consider many peoples’ commitment for 100% support of Israel, which he didn’t explicitly state, but may be. The logic that I expressed is definitely out there, perhaps not from the guest, who however did say we should have sent the military to retrieve our spy drone.

      • I’m not here to lambaste the guy or disagree with you, but he did (almost) did characterize the entire non-hawkish side as “blame America.” Again, the guest is probably a great guy, but he really is expressing opinions that are straight from the Karl Rove talking points playbook that we’ve heard for at least 10 years.

  3. So I already signed up for the Threat Journal from TSP link to Steven Harris Link to Threat Journal Link. Can I still enter?

    • I can’t see why not, use a secondary email address. Just make sure to use the link above.

  4. Something interesting on the nuclear bombs in our deserts issue… I graduated from high school in 1995, and my AP chemistry teacher walked with a limp. She was in her early 60s. Turns out, she’d had a significant portion of her thigh bone removed because she contracted bone cancer as a young lady. Apparently, her bone cancer was a kind that, under any other circumstance, would have been exceedingly rare, but when she contracted it, there were a ridiculous number of cases. Turns out, folks’ bones were assimilating the radioactive strontium (from the domestic bomb tests) into their bone structure (just as one would assimilate calcium to build bone.)

    I’m not saying that I think some death cloud is headed here to kill me. I do think, however, that these big situations warrant careful watching.

  5. Excellent show, more of the “one man’s view of the changing world” ( ok well 2) that I enjoyed when I first started listening to the ‘cast.
    In addition, there was a thread on another forum that was asking about this very type of thing this morning so I posted a link to TSP & the Alerts USA site too. GREAT timing Jack!
    I have a feeling that as word of this gets out, it’s going to become one of those “indispensable” apps like ShopSavvy by having almost real time “heads up” capability could be invaluable.
    What if this was combined with a phone tree, maybe a way for more folks to afford it when it goes up to $169. 17 people in a tree pay $10 for one person who has the most phone access to get the alert and spread the word from there?

  6. A couple of things about Islam.

    The vast majority of muslims have no idea what the Koran says because it is not written in their language. It’s written in old arabic. It’s also important to know that any translation is viewed as a corruption in that culture and not the true Koran. As a result most muslims just carry on with the culture they grew up in which is nominally Islamic and non-violent.
    Islam and the Koran that spawns it are 100% evil, violent and anti-man. The clerics who preach Islam to the people love it for this reason. They are like the Nazi leadership, enjoying the pain and destruction they spread. This goes for the Iranian leadership and their terrorist underlings as well. They are absolutely sincere in their expressed desire to bring down The West. Not because of our meddlesome ways (though it does complicate things), but because they want to see us submit. Our superior lifestyles are a rebuke to them that would barely have two turds to rub together without our trade.

  7. What this guy said about the unmanned border check points is not completely correct.

    Yes, there are unmanned check point at the border crossing to avoid long crossing lines for people who cross frequently. But it is a pain in the rear to get that level of clearance. Moreover, the in-land check points, at least on the southern border, are but a few miles from the borders with only one way in or out.

    I’ve lived in the border for many years and still go there frequently, and I found this guy to over generalized the dynamics of the border. If that is the level of accuracy he provides on other threat intel, I have little use for his information.

    I did consider him as a service for when I travel to Mexico and need to know where the hot spots are flaring up (military vs. cartel shootouts for example), but the best way to do that in real time is with facebook and twitter.

  8. Jack,

    You know how you occasionally lament meeting with others that are so ignorant to what is going on in the world that you are left speechless? Where do you start with a person, ostensibly an adult, that has lived long enough in the age of the internet and whose political acumen is such that the apex of their political knowledge sounds like Fox or MSNBC talking points?

    That is where I find myself. I was unable to listen to the last 15 minutes of your show today . . . a first. The nausea was about to turn into violent wrenching. This dude, whatever his name, sounded as if he were a CIA plant put in place to pervert the survivalist/prepper mindset of general distrust of the all-powerful state. Anyone in this community that believes that the same president that said he would extend the Assault Weapons Ban if congress passed it, didn’t also lie us into the wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq is deluded past the point of rational conversation.

    All . . . nay, ALL wars are fought for one reason and one reason only: Money!

    The first casualty of war: Truth!

    Timeless principles these are. Paul Harvey said is most eloquently when he stated that War is nothing more than old men playing games with young men’s lives. The Civil War was known as a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.

    Have you ever noticed that the USA has never gone to war with a nation of good, hard-working decent citizens that had a good, honest leader but that we just happened to disagree with? Every time, in the history of the world when two nations go to war, they run the EXACT SAME PLAY – they demonize the citizens in general of the enemy country and equate the enemy leadership as Satan personified. They do this to rouse the rabble to charge the cannons while they sell funeral wreaths to the widows of the slain and in turn give out Medals made of fake metal to those who do their bidding with the most reckless abandon.

    That is EXACTLY what this dude was doing. He either gets his talking points from Fox or he has an agenda or both.

    Iran isn’t a threat to the USA. Hezbollah isn’t a threat to the USA. The Taliban isn’t a threat to the USA. (The BRIC nations are a different matter altogether.) If Iran were to actually attempt a nuclear strike on the United States, every man, woman and child in that country would cease to exist moments later. Our own Nuclear rockets would obliterate them from the planet long before they even received news of such an act. And this dude tries to tell us that they are a threat?

    That’s a friggin joke.

    Just like Iraq. That too was a joke. WMDs anyone? Babies thrown from their incubators in Kuwaiti hospitals? Please tell me I’m not the only one that remembers these lies.

    The Iraq wars were about securing the Middle Eastern oil fields. The war with Afghanistan was waged because the Taliban refused to allow Unocol (now owned by Chevron) a pipeline to remove natural gas from the Caspian Sea Basin via a route not controlled by Russia nor Iran.

    A war with Iran would be the same.

    Remember Rob Wolfe’s sentiments re: Dr. Oz?

    Rekon you could arrange a meet between this POS and myself?

      • They r a threat.

        AND…they are a threat because of our meddling foreign policy.

        You would make a better case for some of your VERY valid points without all the excess and pointless accusations and remarks.

        • If they are a threat, then why have they not manifested themselves thusly given the near constant saber rattling and threats, both veiled and explicit, of imminent armed action lest they act according to the wishes of the Israel and its crony, puppet government of the USA?

          And the threat they do pose secondary to our “meddling” (another word for provocation) is exactly what the meddlers are striving for. If I want to entice a man to fight, all I need to do is let him see me raping his daughter.  If he then throws the first punch, who started the fight?  That is, in principle, what we are doing via the CIA throughout the world when a regime becomes unfriendly in a place where we have “interests”.  And our nefarious media always arrives on scene right before the man whose daughter was raped opens the fight. 

          And if I act a bit miffed, please forgive me.  I lost a year of my life and semester’s tuition when I was pulled out of college two weeks prior to finals to go avenge those poor Kuwaitis whose babies were pulled from their incubators and left to die on the floor by the Iraqi Republican Guardsmen.  All so I could go destroy oil fields in Iraq.  Destruction which was subsequently blamed in Sadam Hussein’s scorched earth policy.  Oil fields that Haliburton was then able to rebuild for a king’s ransom. 

  9. “It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms.” – John Stockwell, former CIA official and author

    Does it not sound like the above quote by John Stockwell sound exactly like today’s quest was doing?

    And just who is this John Stockwell?

  10. Whenever I hear someone say that we’re the good guys and then, a minute later, say that we should bomb a country (and *kill* people…) because OUR spy drone crashed in THEIR country I just scratch my world and wonder what a bizarre-o world I’m living in and how I got here.

    • @Nick another example of putting words in someone’s mouth. I didn’t hear him say we should “bomb the country and kill people” just that we should send in a strike and destroy the drone.

      Now I agree with Ron Paul, we shouldn’t have the drone over Iran in the first place but once it is down, do you just think we should let them keep it and harvest the tech?

      Trust me we could have taken it out with no loss of life. But as Steve accurately stated, gee, wouldn’t a self destruct function but a good idea for such technology?

  11. I call “Government Front” on this one.

    The sad part is, we’ve been down this road so many times before that we can hardly plead ignorance when the propaganda machine fires up again: USS Maine; the Gulf of Tonkin “Incident”; Saddam Hussein’s non-existent WMDs, America-reaching, nuclear-armed attack drones, and ties to al-Qaeda. Iran was the victim of Western aggression three times in the 20th Century (1941, 1953, 1980) but if Iranians say anything other than, “Thank you, Sir! May I have another?” they’re irrational, extremist lunatics who want to destroy the West, make us all bang our heads into the floor five times/day, need to be killed, threat to our freedom, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    William F. Buckley’s National Review magazine began as a CIA project, Buckley himself being a “former” CIA officer. Buckley argued that we needed to accept totalitarianism at home in order to fight totalitarianism (Communism) abroad. Why the average American (as opposed to the Big Business/Big Labor/Big Government axis) should prefer totalitarianism at home to totalitarianism elsewhere was never explained.

    Today, while The Troops(TM) are, “defending our freedom” against people who don’t threaten it, our dollar is in the tank, we’re forced to submit to being groped and irradiated at airports, legal protections going back to Magna Carta are being shredded, “collateral damage” is now officially part of the American law enforcement lexicon–the list goes on.

    Don’t fall for it, folks.

  12. @bantamangeltx

    Since the reply button is MIA. Kinda funny…

    I think you should have the Qur’an explained to you by a true Muslim. Your statements are seemingly uneducated in your understanding of the religion of Islam.

  13. Great interview.

    I DO have a question for Steve.

    On the interview you stated that you got a request to NOT release specific intel.

    Hypothetically, if there were a mass casualty incident about to take place and you got intel on it and were instructed to NOT release it, what would you do?

    Let’s say there was credible intel that an EMP strike were about to take place over the US and you had that intel but were instructed to NOT release it due to panic…what then?

    Or a Bank run…

    I ask only because I really want to purchase your service, however it concerns me that I might not receive the beta that I am specifically signing up for due to “national security reasons.”

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and respond.

    I am truly excited about what you are doing and thought the interview was great.

  14. @ George

    I agree with the points your making George. Provocation probably IS a good word for it.

    For instance, Iran would never have been a problem if we didn’t get all up in their business in the 50’s. Heck most of the “Threats” we face PROBABLY wouldn’t exist if we had exercised a more sane foreign policy throughout the years.

    That being said, we DONT have a sane foreign policy. we DONT have reasonable and honorable people dictating our nations foreign or domestic policy. Good people HAVENT been more active in running our country, and NOW we have equally insane people on the outside wanting to destroy us as we do on the inside trying to make it worse. who caused it is irrelevant to this specific convo. Its there. do i agree with you on the causes? probably.

    My point is this…The Guest IS in the industry. I want no BS up to the minute intel. In the Spec Ops game everyone is an asset to someone else. That DOESNT mean they work ideologically for that someone. Might they provide a useful service? sure, but does that mean they are “out to get you” and mislead and whatnot? doubt it.

    My question below is whether the info he provides is key or just more data points I have to wade through. I want to know if KEY info like, bank runs, impending EMP, FEMA roundups, etc are happening or would be deemed to sensitive to be released to subscribers.

    For a service like this to beneficial to me safeguarding my family I need critical intel, not just updates on terrorist attacks over seas, etc.

    I hope this helps.

    BTW, thanks for your service. Im sorry it had to be used in such a dishonorable way.

    • ” I want no BS up to the minute intel.”

      You should probably look somewhere else. If my intuition is correct, this guy’s service is, at best, akin to rat poison: 99% tasty. But that last critical 1% – deadly.

      • @George, again we see why libertarians are screwed. You disagree with a man’s view so you insult him and at that point everything else he says is wrong.

  15. @ George

    The US has not had a rational foreign policy since before 1900. And it has certainly deteriorated more rapidly since the ’50’s.

    This does not change the fact that the Iranian leadership is viciously evil and has been engaging in acts of war against the USA (and the West) since ’79. Or do you call the 52 people taken from our embassy and held for 444 days ‘guests’? One of the most recent examples is the attempted assassination of Saudi Arabia’s ambassador while in DC. Iran is the no.1 source of funds for terrorists in the world and has been for years.

    The cure is a consistent, determined and rational foreign policy. (I join you in not counting on that any time soon.) Engaging is these petulance driven cranial/rectal inversions is futile.

    @ carpus

    Here’s a little education for you. If you click on ‘Meet the Apostates’ I’m sure you’ll find a couple of experts.


    • @bantamangeltx

      Thank you for the link.

      For every “evil” quote from the Qur’an a person can find an equal number of “good” quotes. But even in this “evil” book, it says, “There is no compulsion in religion…”. When the word
      is translated into “infidel” the meaning is normally misunderstood to be non-Muslim or non-Islamic when it means non-believer (i.e. a pagan, heathen). As far as the Qur’an goes, the Christians, Jews, and Muslims are on the same side, against Shaitan, Satan, Iblis, etc..

      It makes a person, such as myself, ask a question. What is a better way to keep people divided against each other than religion?

      • No sale.
        Everything I said is based in fact.
        If you want to persuade people that Islam is free of compulsion than you need to start with the Iranian theocracy.

  16. Bantam, I don’t mean to be rude even though I know it’s about to sound that way so please accept my preemptive apology as sincere but my opening lines in this thread are the only words I have at the moment:

    “You know how you occasionally lament meeting with others that are so ignorant to what is going on in the world that you are left speechless? Where do you start with a person, ostensibly an adult, that has lived long enough in the age of the internet and whose political acumen is such that the apex of their political knowledge sounds like Fox or MSNBC talking points?”

    A good place to start would be Robert Neuman’s History of Oil. It’s on YouTube.

  17. @ George

    First, I don’t consider a wildly inaccurate assumption about me to be an insult. It’s more of a confession on your part.
    Same for your ‘history’ recommendation. Suites you.
    I know better than to waste another moment on your account.

  18. @all since some of you must result to personal attacks, insulting the guest and insulting each other, I am CLOSING COMMENTS here. I am traveling right now and dealing with some technical issues and don’t have time to play peace maker or moderator.

    This show was about what is happening, what we should do about it is for another day.

    It is sad that some of you can’t be decent to others in OUR OWN COMMUNITY.

    If you can’t debate the issue with out attacking the individul you don’t get to have the debate here. NOR SHALL I ever permit the ignorance of attacking an entire faith, race or group of people based on what one portion of that group may or may not have done or said.

  19. @all, I am reopened the comments. Three things…

    1. This episode wasn’t about politics but threats. We can argue about who is to blame but as we are on the receiving end if the threat is legit it doesn’t matter who caused it. I told Steve my view directly on the air, presented the counter points and we were civil in our disagreements, LEARN SOMETHING FROM THAT.

    2. If you must debate the politics fine but don’t insult my guests and don’t insult each other. Further such insults may very well result in getting your ass banned from the site, NOT JUST THE COMMENTS but the entire site.

    3. If you think this tramples on your “free speech” see section 4 of this. If you want to use your own property to insult each other, go ahead I will defend to the death your right to do so. If you want to use my property to do so, tough crap.

  20. Jack,

    I think I was perfectly respectful. But it’s hard to talk without “insults” when someone starts off by lumping the other side into “blame America” crowd. And it’s even hard to talk now without sounding insulting because when they say that they aren’t interested in discussion but in making you look like you are not a patriot, and if I say someone is using that debate tactic that is de facto insulting to them even though I don’t mean it to be.

  21. Jack, I have a few questions:

    True or false?

    The US military is controlled by the US Government?

    The US Government is controlled by The Fed?

    The Fed is an evil institution?

    The CIA is an extension of the US Government?

    The job of the CIA is to keep the world unstable?

    The Fed via its CIA proxy is keeping the world unstable?

    The Fed keeps the eyes of the US citizenry focused on external threats and internal turmoil created by itself via the CIA to keep those in opposition to its theft of the wealth of nations from coalescing?

    Our community is based on a generalized FEAR that times may get tough?

    What is Steve selling?

    From what it sounds like to me, his service is one where well-placed GOVERNMENT sources in the INTELLIGENCE and DEFENSE departments tell us what it is that they think (would like?) for us to be scared of.


    Might it be so that we can be herded onto preordained paths?

    Steve tells us that Hezbollah is a threat. As evidence of this, he tells us that they are all over the place in America and south of the border conducting illegal fun(d) raising activities and sending the money overseas to fund terrorist operations such as that quasi-Boy Scout camps for suicide bombers.

    And what type of big money scams are they into?

    Selling untaxed Marlboros. (Which given how I hate taxes, I can’t help but to cheer them on in this particular activity.)

    That being said, if Hezbollah is being funded by the illegal sale of cigarettes, if that is what they are forced to resort to, how big a threat are they really? Hell, the Crips, Bloods and Cali Cartel must be better funded than Hezbollah cause they sell the crack rock. And if funding is what Hezbollah is in need of, they need go no further than the American Medical community which has no shortage of medical doctors (average income $250,000) that call the Middle East “home”. Probably 10% of the doctors in the hospital in which I practice are from that region of the world. Now pray tell, why would a bunch of doctors need to resort to selling illegal cigarettes in the hood to raise donations?

    That don’t make no kinda sense.

    And I’m supposed to be afraid of em?

    This Threat Alert thingy is going to tell me that I am supposed to fear the very people that are disproportionately responsible for the life saving work in the community in which I reside?


    Iran isn’t a threat. For Iran to actually DO ANYTHING that even remotely smacks of provocation toward the USA would be akin to putting a gun to their collective head and pulling the trigger. Iran!! You know Iraq’s next door neighbor. The same ones that got a front row seat as the world’s fourth largest army was annihilated by the US military machine in like 4 days. Does anyone here actually think that a country could see what happened to Saddam and Company and be so daft as to wait until the we were once again drawn up to our full strength and then launch some sort of offensive military action against us?

    Currently, we are like Sparta when at the height of its power – to challenge us in open combat is absolute suicide. And if we even think you are provoking us, we will not hesitate to open hostilities with you and the very best you can hope for is to die with glory for the full power of the US Marine Corps would be called upon, . . . the Devil Dogs of war . . . loosed.

    (And backed by all you others guys that wish you were Marines.)

    And so war with pissant little Iran is inevitable? That sounds JUST LIKE someone who is trying to color the debate as not one of whether or not we should go to war. But rather like someone trying to tell others that war is a foregone conclusion; the only real question left is “when.” And here I am, I haven’t even gotten past, “WTF have they done to us?”

    Please forward that question to Steve for me and let’s see if he can’t come up with an answer better than selling cigarillos sans taxes.

    And when did the debate take place where we resolved that war must surely be the only course of action open to us?

    You tell your listernship frequently to avoid living in fear. I am here to tell you that in this particular instance I will take your advice for I have absolutely no fear of Iran.

    But then I’m a Marine. Fear is not something I’m well acquainted with. You see, for us life is simple. We have one, over-riding mission statement: “To locate, close with and destroy the enemy. . .” No where is our mission statement are we told to fear.

    I just want to be sure that the next hapless bastard I’m sent to kill is an actual bad guy and not just some hapless bastard that happens to be sitting on top of the world’s fourth largest proven oil reserves and whose death would serve no purpose other than to make Satan Cheney et al richer still.

  22. Jack,

    Just had a chance to catch up on this on. I don’t usually post, I’m much more of a lurker due to my somewhat “unpopular” occupation, and I never use the cruise the show notes, but I just wanted to say thanks for the tool. I signed up for the newsletter and I’m considering using the service from alerts USA. Mr. Aukstakalnis was pretty spot on, and it’s a shame my agency doesn’t use a similar system for disseminating intel. I appreciate your civility in your interview and the fact that you were able to state opinion and share thought with out being juvenile about it. Also thank you for getting the extra discount for us MSB members. If I decide to pursue a subscription, the savings will be a major bonus.

    If I may, I would like to a moment to address some of the posts in the show notes.

    What ever your views on politics are you need to understand that there are very real threats out there in the world. People who actually can put aside religion and nationality for the sole purpose of bringing harm to our nation, our citizens, and our assets. Wether it was because our parents or grand parents stirred the international pot due to bad foreign policy or even because of the “evil” dollar, it doesn’t matter. The threat is there and the threat is real. Every thing Mr. Aukstakalnis said about our Southern Line is true, including the “proposed” manless Ports of Entry. Even being on the Line and actively involved with it, it’s hard for me to believe half the stuff that happens here. Hezbolah (and various other terror groups) in Mexico is real, the cartels are real, and the fact that Venezuela and Iran are real friendly is very real

    This podcast wasn’t about Oil, Money, Wars, Politics, Diplomacy, or any other point that you guys are arguing over. It was a show about a gentleman’s company and the service it offers. Jack asked him questions and he gave answers. If you don’t have a use for the information then move on. Open a thread on the forum, or better yet, share email address with each other so you can argue all of your “theories” in private. The majority of whats above makes the community and the movement look as if it’s made up of a bunch of whack jobs who can’t agree on who’s hair brained conspiracies are the right ones.

    Let’s keep the remarks useful, relevant, and on topic.



  23. I’d like to apologize for contributing to the degeneration of this thread.

    I would also like to add, after listening to monday’s show (12-19-11), that I would like to say…

    I am a Deist. I believe everyone is completely free to choose their path. Using blanket statements to describe any group, to me, is disadvantageous to the ability for us to come together as a people. Whenever I see a statement such as “Islam and the Koran that spawns it are 100% evil, violent and anti-man.” I feel it is a fault in my character if I do not attempt to at least provide some insight on why that or any statement may be wrong.

    Religion is only another tool used by highly influential organizations to promote division on the people they wish to rule over. Of course this is IMO, and YMMV.

    @ bantamangeltx If you would like to discuss our points further, please email me and we can continue this discussion elsewhere.

  24. Maybe I don’t understand this well enough but what exactly are you going to learn from their alerts that you wouldn’t learn from mainstream media? I’m thinking of specific life-threatening scenarios such as natural disasters, chemical spills, terrorist attacks, etc. If you’re wanting to be more informed than the general media will allow then perhaps this is a good resource but I would venture to say that there are other (free) options availalbe for that.

  25. @ George Please accept my regrets at giving offense. It was uncalled for.

    @ carpus I think the closest I came to making a blanket statement about a group of people was my description of the vast majority of muslims as non-violent and ignorant of what the Koran says.

    Beyond that, check out the Koran for yourself and keep in mind that the Iranian theocracy takes it more seriously that you or I an even imagine.

    And here’s a look at that Iranian government.

  26. Maybe I misunderstand what you’re saying.

    You stated in your first comment “Islam and the Koran that spawns it are 100% evil, violent and anti-man.”.

    All Muslim people follow the religion of Islam.

    When we start talking about fundamentalists or extremists then we are getting into the different shades of Muslim people, but they all still fall under the religion of Islam.

    I’ve not read the entire Qur’an yet, as I go back and forth between quite a few religious books, but it’s my understanding that the Hadiths are where the more extreme views come from.

    I understand what you’re saying about the Iranian theocracy, and in my opinion any form of theocracy is wrong.

    • The Koran contains all the teachings and edicts of Islam. Don’t eat swine, spread the worship of Allah throughout the world, kill the infidels, etc. Just as there are people who call themselves Catholic despite the fact that they don’t follow all the rules, or even a bunch of them, so it is with muslims. Just the fact that most muslims aren’t on board with converting by the sword doesn’t mean that the the religion doesn’t teach it. The folks who follow Islam consistently (terrorists for example) have no trouble citing texts that back their actions up.
      If you recognize free will as essential to living as a human being, you can see why I call Islam ant-man. And that is evil.

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  28. Well apparently some of you JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND my pollicy about not insulting an entire class of people based on race, religion or creed.

    Hence comments CLOSED and I am damn close to banning some of you permanently.