Episode-796- The Future of The Survival Podcast — 63 Comments

  1. Haven’t heard episode yet but the show notes are encouraging! I had been observing lately that TSP has been expanding and drifting since you became able to do it full time and am glad to hear that you have a plan. I knew you could do it!! (Which is why I am paid up 3 years ahead MSB.)

    If I may make a suggestion, (and I know your hesitancy of being mislabeled or used by mainstream media) Jack, you know marketing and there must be some way to use the media to send your message not theirs. I have suggested having you as a guest on and if others keep pressing George Noory to get you on, you could probably add 10,000 to your rolls.

    They had some other guy on the other night talking similar stuff but Jack could do it way way better. Email c2c and hammer them.

    Thanks Jack!

  2. Any way to do more Q&A shows? Those are my personal favourite since they cover a wide range of issues.

  3. Im glad to hear your doing a show like this, it shows you care about your listeners. I’ve been a long time listener but I’ve been drifting away from your podcast for the last month or two, I don’t really know the reason but I contribute it to my bad case of perper burnout 🙁 That should be a topic for a show lol. Thanks Jack

    • +1

      I have been listening to TSP since Jack first reviewed ‘Patriots’ back in the early days. For some reason the past couple months I have found myself picking & choosing what episodes to listen to, sometimes only listening to 1-2 episodes a week. I can think of two reasons why:

      1) Prepper burn out. I know what I need to do. Hours in the day and dollars in the wallet limit how much I can do. Listening every day has made me feel like I am slipping and falling farther behind – despite a big picture look that shows me moving ahead.

      2) Guest shows. All things are good in moderation. I have listened to maybe 25% of these episodes depending on the topic.

      That said… Given all that Jack has said over the years about setting goals and planning ahead, I knew this topic was due for discussion as we wrap up 2011!

      Jack, thanks for taking the step back and having the reality check. I appreciate you openly sharing your plans with us.

      • Marty I couldn’t of said it any better. I feel the same way about the quest shows and like you said I know how far I need to go but I only make so much money and I feel my buying power shrinking.

        Haha I feel like I’m trying to make a cross country drive with an old car before an epic snowstorm and the trick is I can only afford a gallon of gas a day………..

  4. SAMPLE LETTER to what used to be the Art Bell show
    send to

    The other night you had a guest about “survivalism” but Jack Spirco could do it way better. His approach is “live that better life, if times get tough or even if they don’t” meaning everything one does to prepare for when systems of support fail (unemployment, house fire, tornado, pandemic, Zombie Apocalypse 😉 should benefit you now, even if nothing goes wrong. He calls this modern survivalism, which has nothing to do with hiding in the hills with guns and canned food.
    See this video:!

    Jack is a rising Force among Americans (and worldwide) who want to fix our own lives. He doesn’t talk much about government but also has a site about money

    Get him on the air, he would be a valuable guest, for you and for Americans.

    Grant in Ohio

    • I apprecite it but if you are going to email people about me as a guest, the name is SPIRKO, not SPIRCO lol.

  5. Jack I like the idea of only two guest a week. I would also like at least one show a week where you just talk about what you feel is important, you seems to know what I need to hear, when I need to hear it. Thanks for the future plans.

  6. When I first read the synopsis I thought it said you were going to limit your shows to 2 a week! Whew!
    Good cast. Glad to see where the ship is headed!

  7. Loved hearing your plans for TSP- thanks for the awesome update! You know, it is easy to get caught up in a ‘gloom and doom’ mindset, but it is actually an exciting time to live in and our opportunities to learn and grow are limitless. We have the potential and the motivation now to make our lives into something better and more sustainable for ourselves and for our children. I want to always be a contributor to that process. As one of those long-time listeners you mentioned, I just wanted to say thanks for letting us know that we’re not alone.

  8. I’m excited about the plans you have for the coming year. My interest in the Podcast had been waning over the last month or so. Hearing more Jack Spirko and regular guy/gal guest sounds like a real winner to me.

  9. I also would like to see you on, but you need to be sure you want your business to grow that fast. Once you appear on coast to coast your web site will crash as soon as you put it on the air and your business will just take off.

    • @David, I am not so sure about how big the impact of Coast to Coast would be. I have done a lot of radio stuff including some pretty big shows, it never really amounted to much. As for “crashing the site”, not going to happen when we upgraded the server we built it to handle about 100,000 listeners before we have to do anything more, even then we just add a second one, load share and rock on.

    • Hearing Jack on C2C would be awesome.

      Jack, Coast 2 Coast has a tendency to take popularity to a whole other level. “The house that Art built” is such a total success that any other radio show or TV show you’ve done can’t really touch it in terms of how many people it reaches, and how many of those people actually follow the links that George puts up. I’ll email George too and suggest you as a guest.

  10. Great show, Jack. I like guests. They bring a new perspective on things and keep things fresh. I started listening to you back on episode 3 when I was looking to make sense of things going on in the world and then I stumbled upon a guy in a VW doing a show that sounded fresh and true.

    It is amazing how after so many shows you manage to keep the topic of preparedness fresh and captivating. That’s true talent.

    Congratulations on a superbly done job.

  11. Jack, I’m happy to hear that you’ll be returning the show to it’s preparedness roots.

  12. Wow the title almost stopped my heart when I read it!  I’m glad my world didnt come crashing down with any bad news.  I’ve been noticing all of the interviews lately and wondering about the future to come. I finally got my brother listening and never want you to stop.  I’ve listened from about to ep 1 to 135 then ep 547 to present.  I miss the old rowdy jack from the car and the economy shows. With that said I’m glad you have a plan for 2012. I didn’t listen to the show yet but will soon. Jack, your the man!!  Thanks for all you do!!  

  13. I think this episode needs to be repeated, similarly to your Thanksgiving episode. It addresses issues at the 50,000 foot level; and they top up the batteries for me personally. How about seasonal episodes, ie) Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I like the ‘tick tock tick tock’ intro you have used on occasion. Maybe start each seasonal episode with a clock ticking, to remind us of the continuous march of time. As well, maybe an annual video, like you did last year of what listeners have accomplished. Maybe a call in show about favorite books. And as you suggested, more of what you are doing. I started listening in 2008 after a knee injury forced me off work for a week. I’ve followed your journey like many others and wish to receive updates. Still hope you can get Richard Heinberg on in the future Jack.

    • Agree with more of Brent’s ideas. 🙂 Also second Heinberg. Would love to hear Martenson again – nobody ties energy & economy together better than he does, and if you just look at one or the other, I don’t think you get the full picture of what’s coming.

      • Good point metaforge. Energy and economy is what most people don’t understand. I heat with wood, and unless it is within a mile (1.6km,CDN) 🙂
        It’s not worth it. EROEI is what it it all about. I brew my own beer, have a few to relax the back muscles and haul my own off my own property. It simply has to be worthwhile. No sense in burning $50 worth of gas for $55 worth of wood. James Howard Kunstler discusses such issues of locality and how we will have to live closer to home and build things locally.

        If you, or anyone you know burns wood, check out:

        It is wood porn…

  14. Thanks for another great episode. btw- recently you have often mentioned someone ragging about something on your show, and i can hear a little bit of frustration in your voice. Which makes sense you’d be a little peeved. Who are these people? I wouldn’t think of critiquing & complaining about something unless I am currently doing it better than the person I am complaining about, & am offering constructive criticism not just sour grapes. after 700-odd shows, if someone isn’t totally thrilled with an episode, surprise surprise. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, and Jack is just a human being… Anyway – Your show is great! You have been such a great inspiration to me especially this past year. Don’t let the pricks get you down!

  15. What about a live call in show Jack?. Once a month. Get a good screener and it would be current and topical.

  16. Really enjoyed the beginning & end of the show – why are we here and what’s coming up. The middle was mostly review, but that’s cool & useful for new listeners.

    Anyway, with respect to the guest stuff, I’ll agree with some of the posts above – I really really miss the feedback shows and I have really been picking & choosing among the interview shows to listen to. The result being over the last month I am actually listening to fewer episodes than ever of TSP, and more of Financial Sense & some others. I was excited to see this one.

    That being said, personally my vote would be to definitely cap interviews at no more than 2 per week, barring extenuating circumstances, and probably try to average 1.5. I would also suggest ALWAYS have at least one listener feedback show per week; and preferably 2. Whether it is questions via email or via the call-in line, or maybe do a mix of both emails + call-ins. Also with respect to those call-ins, I think you need to just bite the bullet and throw out the old ones. You are probably hopelessly behind now to try to get everyone on the air. Let’s start the 2012 listener feedback shows with only content from that week, and then keep the future ones current from there.

    The listener feedback shows are just too important in doing that job of reminding us that it’s not just me, or just me & Jack, or just me & Jack + a few of the expert interviewees – there’s a huge audience of normal folks out there trying to make liberty a big part of their lives too.

    So in summary, suggested averages:
    1.5 feedback shows (never ever less than 1, always with current feedback, not from a few weeks ago)
    1.5 interview shows (almost never more than 2)
    2 Jack shows


  17. Jack,
    love the show and the work you are doing – have you considered an interview (assuming he would accept)
    with Dr. Ron Paul?

  18. Jack, please don’t limit the content or the guests because some in the audiance can’t handle the breth and depth of the information presented. They can skip a podcast or two when they are overwhelmed by their negitive self talk. I would prefer the Spirko firehouse securely attached to my ear.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • “negative self talk”??? WTF? Anyway… I guess I’ll more respectfully disagree. I can get interviews with many of these people elsewhere. What originally attracted me to the show was Jack himself & the community, not the expert interviews. I don’t mind interviews and enjoy quite a few; but lately it has (IMHO) gotten out of hand. Interviews within reason definitely – but don’t squash original TSP exclusive content. That’s my 2 cents.

  19. Jack,
    Heard the show today. I want you to know that I never really have had a problem with your show line-ups. There is a reason that I listen to you… I NEVER KNOW FOR SURE WHAT’S COMING NEXT. Far be it from me to attempt to funnel your creativity. Every once in a while there is a show that I think I won’t be interested in, and without fail I have at least learned something by the end. I know you are wanting to serve your audience and want to please us as a whole, but there is a reason that I listen to shows like yours instead of talk radio anymore. It was always the same ole same ole day in day out, aggravation without inspiration. Whatever you decide to do I’ll be listening and learning and appreciating your hard work. I have not joined the brigade yet, but will as soon as I get dug out of this debt. It will be coming soon.

  20. Jack, I’ve perused through the responses so far and can only say that I enjoy every episode. I consider myself a long time listener (prior to episode 100) and can honestly say that I find value in almost every episode. One day soon, we will share a homebrew (I’ll be in WV in the spring, which is closer than NY!!!) I say don’t change a thing, as you always seem to have a knack of giving me info exactly when I need to hear it! Only wish (investment wise) I’d found you a few months sooner) lol. Bravo Sir!!!

  21. I would like to suggest that Jack begin The Survival Podcast Petitions. I have a petition going concerning the internet take over and I have nearly 150,000 signers so far. Think of what could be accomplished if we ALL sign and fwd petitions formed thru TSP!! Just look at what is cooking the the gov’t witch’s cauldron! United we stand. The army of ants!!

    Executive Orders still on the books and working:
    10995 — Federal seizure of all communications media in the US (tested last month).
    10997 — Federal seizure of all electric power, fuels, minerals, public and private.
    10998 — Federal seizure of all food supplies and resources, public and private and all farms and equipment (including what you are storing for emergencies in your home right now).
    10999 — Federal seizure of all means of transportation, including cars, trucks, or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and water ways.
    11000 — Federal seizure of American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government so desires (this happened before in Europe during the Nazi regime).
    11001 — Federal seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, both public and private.
    11002 — Empowers the Postmaster General to register every single person in the US.
    11003 — Federal seizure of all airports and aircraft.
    11004 — Federal seizure of all housing and finances and authority to establish forced relocation. Authority to designate areas to be abandoned as “unsafe,” establish new locations for populations, relocate communities, build new housing with public funds.
    11005 — Seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities, both public and private.
    11051 — Provides FEMA complete authorization to put above orders into effect in times of increased international tension of economic or financial crisis (FEMA will be in control in case of “National Emergency”).
    And we thought Nais was so terrible with the below rules…. and again regulations. It was to be the ultimate tracing tool knowing when a old lady’s chicken sneezed. And she must report it to the USDA at a cost of a reporting fee reported on a program each person has to buy from the USDA on their computer. Oh yes folks it is a wonderful program to keep us safe and assure us where our food comes from like the ear tags today don’t work?
    Any ‘official’ has the right to come onto your land to inspect to UN standards
    Any ‘official’ has the right to come onto your land to test anything to UN standards
    Any ‘official’ has the right to come onto your land to vaccinate to UN standards
    Any ‘official’ has the right to come onto your land to electronically identify all life to UN standards
    Comment Period open until December 28, 2011
    Implementation Date- January 9, 2012
    This bill is 150 pages of information on the transformation of Agrigculture and a scary program to everyone even those that are not farmers, it also includes domestic animals such as cats, dogs and birds. Only the big feed lots are exempt from these rules.

    • A lot on schedule feedback so far, but not so much on content.

      I appreciate & agree about the threat of global socialism, but we should also be concerned with global fascism – aka crony capitalism. The Fed enriching its buddies, sucking the treasury dry; Europe being pulled closer to a “one continent” government; liberties being eroded daily – case in point: indefinite imprisonment without charge or trial (S.1867 – hopefully Jack you’ll comment on this soon).

      • This was supposed to be a mainline reply, not a reply to Ronnie’s coments. I apologize for the confusion.

        wrt Ronnie though… petitions aren’t really what we should be about here. We’re not trying to get the assclowns in DC to do the right thing. I mean that would be great if they did but…. the message @TSP IMHO is more about “the revolution is you”, not “the revolution is sign a petition”.

  22. Coast to Coast AM….YEAH! Jack, you are the voice of reason and calm in the eye of this storm. I can’t hardly handle the panicky types that hype everyone up to get everything done yesterday. Of course people want to be prepared…yesterday, but in many instances this is not always possible. And with all the economic woes, it gets harder all the time to be prepared. Add to that the type of preppers that practically stand on their toes screaming doom and gloom, it’s no wonder people are suffering from prepper burnout. But when I listen to you, my hope returns that if I just do ‘something’, regardless of how puny, I will get to my destination. I like that you don’t go about educating people by jumping up and down and freaking out like other preppers do. You are calm, methodical, and realistic. You have a real ‘can do’ attitude that is contagious.
    Keep up the good work. I personally believe that you affect people for the better in ways you can’t begin to comprehend.
    If you were a guest on Coast to Coast, you would reach sooo many more people that really have need of hearing from a prepper that has his act together in a calm fashion. I’m tired of the ones that are the equivilent of shouting ‘fire’ in a theater.

  23. I didn’t read any comments other than people saying you should go on a shill radio show. C2CAM … will read after I post…

    Wait a second, you are getting complaints on all the guests. WTF!? why? these have been great.

    Ive enjoyed what you are doing and thanks for the “shareholders” meeting …

    obviously you could/will go back to doing the regular topics. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last 6 weeks of podcasts.

    cant understand the guest complaints.

    thanks Jack!

    • If you can’t understand the feedback – I’ll not call it complaints, cuz Jack himself asked for FEEDBACK – then I don’t think you’ve really read what has been said.

  24. Jack,
    Love the idea of the on the road podcasts as you stated. Love listener Q&A and shows with just you! I also like the quest interviews, but agree with others with about 6 or so a month being cool.
    I appreciate your continued optimism, but the economy type shows from time to time offer a good kick-in-the-pants that I do need to not fall in the trap of apathy. Those type of shows for me are not depressing, but a source of motivation. Especially since you offer solutions and action plans.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with Lisa. I came here from a “doomer” paradigm site long ago, and I am so grateful for the liberty-based + positive & realistic approach. As a side note, it’s funny how many “doomers” are socialists in disguise….

  25. Great show Jack. Loved the being human section.

    Although guests are great, I come to TSP to hear Jack speaking in his down to earth common sense way. Listener feedback episodes are a particular favourite.

  26. I realize petitions are not the “answer”, but they do provide us with a voice. I subscribe to “megavote” which shows me how ‘my’ elected official voted on subjects I approached him about. Petitions are a “we are watching you” notice. Petitions must be done on a petition form (easily found on line). If you get these emails that say to add your name and fwd, then just hit delete. These are useless as there are no addresses or other info and anyone could sit there and type in hundreds of names. Has to be done the right way.

  27. I have been listening for a year now. Have gone back and listened to several shows. For me it’s all good! The positive can do attitude is what got and keeps me hooked. I hate doom and gloom crap.

    Interviews are like are a nice surprise. But would not want them every single day for ever. I don’t think there have been to many in fact without them I would still be trying to light the firecracker under hubby’s butt. The show when you had Steven Haris(?) table top still and sunshine to dollars guy. That was the show that really got hubby hooked. I ordered a bunch of stuff and books. Hubby reads over almost every night. That is huge! Since he is dyslexic and HATES to read. Without that interview hubby would still be hit and miss and not really get what I am trying to do or why.

    The guest shows are great it gives me more info that I might not otherwise get. It takes to much time to surf and filter through the crap. You are like a one stop shopping. So far no matter what I need to know or want to learn about we come to TSP and there it is. I am addicted to TSP just like my coffee. Ok would rather give up my coffee.

    I also think that if having interviews every day for a week or so gives you a break go for it. I want whats best for you so you can keep doing what you do.

    The thing that maybe I would like to see happen would be having the new shows up at the same time every day. It seems the interview shows are up very early. I get so excited oh a new show is here already! I love that. I guess if I had more self control I could listen one day behind. Have tried that but I am like a kid at Christmas I just can’t wait.

    I love how you always include new people.

    Maybe some shows about “how far you have come” “Where are you now” “What have you done” Could have regular people talk about their journey with obstacles they had to over come and how they did and was it worth it. What would they do differently. What did they learn. How did this make their life better in the good times or how did it help in the bad. Or how they implemented what they have learned from the TSP. How they woke up or how they stay awake and keep focused and keep going. I know for us we have gotten more done since Feb than we have gotten done in the last 18 years combined. Thanks to the wake up call you gave. You taught us more pin point focus.

    I would like to see more info on animals / livestock/ pets and how to prep for them. First aid evac food BOL BOV this is what we are trying to figure out now. This really opened my eyes. I know that a lot of people may not have to deal with this but it has always been a concern of mine because we do have animals and as we grow the homestead will be getting even more.

    Thanks for all you do.

  28. First I would like to say I really like the interviews I see all these comments about going back to the way things were but I like how it is now! Keep up the great work ! I listened to all of the interview shows, even the ones I didn’t think I’d be interested in and I always found value.

    Second.. ROBB WOLFE is going to be on? AWESOME!! can’t wait … All you paleo nay-Sayers won’t have a leg left to stand on .. Robb is blunt … Wheat is bad and WILL make you sick. As Robb says before you can argue you have to understand some microbiOlogy before you understand why paleo works! Can’t wait!

  29. Spot on with the format of a listener show or two a week, 2 interviews and depending on the listener show one or two with you solo..

    For the interviews definitively keep it a mix of the more well known and unknown while everybody gets super excited when a big name comes on sometimes they just have the same talking points to get across where unknowns will come up with some fresh non-typical solutions giving new perspective to issues. That being said like you stated not everybody will like every guest but I have found great takeaways in interviews that may have not been on a subject of my personal interest there is usually a nugget waiting to be found. Also prod the guest to speak out of their norm a bit like the Pedal to Petal guy who spent almost his entire first show talking about business and it definitively displayed his passion for that subject it was a cool change up that came on very naturally!

    With all that said you are doing great and I appreciate the shows and knowledge shared!

  30. Jack,

    I’ve been a listener and TSP member for about 2 years now, and have enjoyed the show, as a whole, tremendously.

    The format you’ve followed thus far has worked great, and unless you plan on making your podcasts consistently 2 hours long, then one man can only do so much.

    As for my show preferences, I would definitely like to see you keep at least one feedback, and listener call-in show per week. When things get a bit back-logged, add another one on a slow interview week. I believe those types of shows are essential for you to stay connected with your audience. As for interviews, definitely no more than 2 per week. I tend to prefer the more focused interviews, where the discussion expands and elaborates on a single topic. Having a big named guest on the show, primarily for their own benefit of selling their books or dvd’s, are the shows I would shy away from. That leaves you one day a week to just be Jack, or to adjust the format as needed.

    Keep up the excellent work, and enjoy life.

  31. I love it when guests are on this show! Excellent job, Dorothy!!! The line-up is AWESOME!!!!

    I like how Jack brings us different points of view. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest if they believe something I disagree with or if their presentations are not the best (mine aren’t!). I like the information, perspectives and new ideas.

    When are the money saving tips coming back? I sent in a dozen.

  32. For what its worth, I prefer the episodes where you’re just teaching. If you do 2 interviews and a listener feedback and a listener call, then theres only 1 show a week from you.

  33. Hello Jack, Love the Podcast, Love the interview shows don’t mind at all how many you do. I would miss the listener feed back shows. They are both good. It is fine with me if you miss a feed back show here and there for great guest. I happy with whatever I just would be sad if any one of the shows disappeared. It always good to hear what ever Jack has to say. I like the Long shows. If it was all Interviews that would be sad. Extra interviews could be a bonus podcast for the weekend. Although you want to keep it to 5 shows a week.

  34. I for one also miss the caller feed back and email shows. I like the guests also, but the feed back shows are up there. I fully support limiting the number of guests.

    Still, it’s a great show. Makes my 47 mile drive to and from work/school better.

  35. I love all your podcasts, especially the ones that are by yourself. My suggestion, for what it’s worth, is to limit the “threat analysis” to once per week. One reason your podcast is one of my favorites is that it does focus on positive things to do, that will improve my quality of life even if collapse doesn’t occur (in my lifetime).

  36. Hi Jack-here are my suggestions:

    More guests less listner feedback.
    Opening theme music sucks-change it.
    More economic issues I think you have done some with just yourself that were great.

    • @gary2 true to form you don’t have much to say unless you want to complain. Here are my responses…

      1. By the zillions of emails I get a month you are in the minority on the guests and the minority on the feedback shows. Hence we are going back to Monday and Friday feedback shows and capping guests at a max of two a week. Feedback shows are about the audience, the audience is the show if you think the material isn’t good enough instead of complaining contribute to it. This ain’t Glenn Beck about 25% of what is sent in gets on sooner or later. That mean for every four contributions you would probably get featured once on average.

      2. Piss off about bitching about the music. If I played 10 different songs 100% of people would hate about half of them. Bitching about the music is just silly. The song plays for 25 seconds in the beginning if you can’t work the FF button I figure you deserve to listen to music you don’t like. Seriously intro music just intro music, if I put some sort of rock song or something you liked others would want the original one back, some want no music, etc. Telling a man something he helped to write “sucks” though is probably not going to get you listened to.

      3. There is only so much to say about the economy, we look at it as necessary but the show about what you can do, not sitting around worrying about things we can’t control.

      Seriously with all the complaints I don’t know why you listen at all? I mean you are entitled to your opinion and I even feel you deserve an answer (though you may not like the answer) but for someone who bitches as much as you do I figured by now you would find someone doing things the way you want them done.

  37. Thanks for the response. This was a listener feedback show. I do FF through the music AND the messages from the sponsors.

    I thought your analysis of downward class migration was brilliant and describes my situation to a “T”. I especially could relate to you saying the wage your dad made many years ago that was a good wage is now the same wage being paid now and it is entirely inadequate.

    I do not mean to complain, however, just trying to give feedback. Maybe my wording was done poorly.

    I do stand by my critique which is why I only listen to about 15% of the shows.