Episode-791- The Thanksgiving Special — 20 Comments

  1. Jack, I haven’t listened yet but I was up when your podcast hit and I read the show notes. Thank you for what you do. I started listening somewhere around show 170 something. It has truly inspired me, at times frustrated me, but always it has taught me. So thank you for all that you do, please have a wonderful Thanksgiving and keep up the great work.

  2. All the best to my American neighbors. To my fellow former Canadian co-worker in Austin, good luck with the turducken

  3. Thankful that my soldier husband is home safely from Iraq and here to spend the holidays with the families again.

  4. I am French and of course we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in France, but all the same, I feel like I have to mention that I am very thankful for having discovered Jack Spirko and the Survival Podcast about 18 months ago. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow.
    Happy Thanksgiving to the community!

  5. I am thankful for the skills I have acquired over the last two years of listening to TSP. Notably the realization that I am not the only one who thought this way; that preparedness as a personal responsibility.

    Thanks Jack

  6. I’m thankful for my wonderful wife, a loving family, two fantastic dogs, my health and wellness, the fact I took the plunge and took up a martial art finally this year after wanting to do so since childhood, the fact I’m currently employed, and that I’m in the middle of changing careers to do something that will no longer feel like work to me once I start there in January. I’m thankful that I found this podcast and community a couple of years ago and have learned so much since then. I wish you all that are reading this a fantastic Thanksgiving to you and yours and to Uncle Jack- take that extra day off on Monday, you’ve earned it and we’ll all be waiting here for you on Tuesday.

  7. Wishing all who celebrate the Thanksgiving time, a peaceful, contemplative, reflective, fulfilling, filling, loving day!
    I’m thankful we still yet have a chance to turn our countries around! It may look currently of a point of no return, but there is still a chance.

  8. Once again Jack, Thank You. I am thankful for so much – thankful for you and your audience for the knowledge, experience, optimism and inspiration that you bring EVERY DAY. I am thankful for the “conversation” that I am allowed to hear from all sides of the human experience. I am most thankful that I am able to share this thanksgiving with my son who is in the Army as well as as my two daugthers who are in the army of life and my wife who daily fights the battle of me. But, I am most thankful every morning that I am allowed to experience another day regardless of appearent “quality.”

  9. Jack, keep u the good work, enjoying the podcasts, have a blessed Thanksgiving from our family to yours, Lee from NY

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I wanted to say I am most thankful for our son, who passed away a week ago tomorrow. Our bug out bag became a baby out bag as he was 2 months early. He survived only one day but it was one day longer that any of the doctors gave him. We love you William and your memory lives on in all the people he touched in his short time here.

  11. Jack,

    Thanks for all you do. I am thankful to live in the greatest country in the world. (Despite the problems that we have) I am thankul for our Armed Services, Law Enforcement, Firemen and EMS who protect us and keep us safe on a daily basis. I am thankful for my first grandson and can’t wait for Christmas to spoil him rotten. Thanks to all of the people here.

    Doug from IN

  12. Great show. I’m so thankful for finding TSP. Jack you have made my life better, I am thankful that you have “woke me up,” I am thankful you have opened my eyes, I am thankful that you have gotten me thinking about long-term rather than short-term. Thank-you. I am also thankful for so many things, I have truly been blessed. I am most thankful for meeting a wonderful woman, and finding love in my heart. May God bless the TSP family.

  13. Jack I usually agree with just about everything you say. But the bean casserole thing has crossed the line. So you leave me no choice but to withdraw from the MSB, Plant a lawn over my garden beds, throw out all my preps, watch liberal media and become a Democrat. ; ) Hope every one had a good Thanksgiving.

  14. I’m thankful for you, our military, my family and friends, our land, our home, my husband who does so much for me, our garden, our animals, our neighbors, that I live in America, all the skills we’ve learned, my ancestors, our health, our children, my readers, my Lord.

  15. Going through family photos the day before Thanksgiving we came across food ration books from the 40’s. It contains stamps detailing how much of each food category you are permitted to buy for your family. I ate my dinner being thankful I did not have one of those booklets in my pocket.