Episode-785- Audience Questions on Paleo and Low Carb Eating — 39 Comments

  1. Jack, great show. FYI: Mushrooms are excellent sources of Vitamin D. very paleo and have many other benefits. Mycology is an amazing subject, love to see a show on mushrooms and other edible fungus. Paul Staments is a Fungi god and is doing some great research. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ya gave me a hankerin for some homemade kraut, it’s been years, and it’s the best. Gonna have to find a crock now.

  3. Ooooohw boooh! Now I don’t know what to do anymore Jack! Your putting out a very convincing story here about paleo, but I also just watched Gary Yourofsky put out a very convincing story about why you should not eat meat, eggs, cheese, milk etc. Now i’m confused! 🙁

  4. I had similar results Jack. Lost close to 70 lbs in about 9 months. My cholesterol numbers IMPROVED my triglycerides numbers IMPROVED while eating eggs, bacon, cheese, steak, butter, coconut oil, etc, all the stuff we have been told to avoid. We have been fed lies about food and nutrition. Recommend anyone interested watch the “Fat Head” documentary (should still be on Netflix instant streaming) and read “Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It” by Gary Taubes. Thanks for the show!”.

  5. That’s an easy one, Jasper. Try Paleo for a month and try 100% veggie for a month and decide which one makes you feel better. My money’s on Paleo but YMMV.

  6. Hey man, great podcast over all. I thought I’d call out a ‘quick’ and ‘regimented’ version of exercise for those of us that want to match paleo movement/physical stress as much as possible while still fitting it all in a busy corporate lifestyle.

    You are totally right that any walking or ‘moving at a slow pace’, as Mark Sisson refers to it, is important. However ‘lifting heavy things’ or high level resistance exercise is important and can be done exceptionally well and in a short period of time by using a Tabata sprint style of exercise.

    You can see examples here:

    And some information on it here:

  7. Jack,

    3 things

    As a programmer and designer, some of the most astounding things that I have ever designed or programmed have been under the state of ketosis. The brain runs on glucose and insulin is the enemy of blood glucose. Eating carbs causes an insulin override, which limits the amount of available glucose for use by the brain. As you said, ketosis is good. In a state of ketosis, the plaque came off my teeth, the aches from inflammation stopped, and my acid reflux disappeared. I feel great.
    I am from PA and come from a family from central Europe. Homemade, sauerkraut was always a staple and always served with turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Caraway seeds and apple bring back memories. Thanks.
    Dr Greg Ellis
    I have followed Greg Ellis for years. He is a good friend of my brother in law who is also a physiologist and I believe went to school at Temple with Greg. I am ecstatic that you are having him on. I can’t think of a more survival related topic than starting with the “prepping” of our own bodies. Keep rocking on Jack! You amaze me everyday with your topics.

  8. Coconut flour tends to bake very DRY so keep that in mind. I’m not overly fond of it. I prefer almond flour. The expense is an issue but you can do just about anything on earth with it.
    Paleo Friendly Poultry Stuffing
    2 cups finely ground blanched almonds
    1 cup chopped onion (use chopped dried onion for a better flavour)
    1/2 cup chopped celery (optional)
    1 teaspoon ground sage
    1 teaspoon ground thyme
    chopped parsley
    1 tablespoon mild-flavoured oil (more if it seems too dry)
    pepper to taste

    Mix together all ingredients. Fill cavity of bird with the mixture, then

  9. The Paleo Diet Cookbook is a huge waste of money (my opinion). I donated mine to the library. Save your money for steak.
    Read the comments about the book in the Amazon listing.

  10. Soda
    I had developed a habit of drinking two to three diet sodas a day along with about two 16 oz coffees. The Brian Davis episode talked about your gut health and it got me thinking that all that acid, caffeine and sweeteners was not good. I stopped the sodas and coffee cold turkey(drank a little unsweetened tea to ease the caffeine withdrawals) and in about a day I noticed a significant change. I felt full after eating a modest amount of food and did not want more. Before that my body would not tell me enough was enough until I had eaten much more than I needed.
    The other day I decided to have a soda to help keep me alert while driving. That evening I was craving more food than I needed again. I am not that much over weight but with just that simple change I have been loosing about two pounds a week.

  11. The science of all this glazes me over but I have to +1 Ed’s comments re: a MUCH clearer mind, more positive attitude = more productive at work and play (work & play being virtually the same thing in my life). And goodbye acid reflux! No matter what or how much I eat, so long as there’s no grain or sugar. Happy.

  12. One thing I have been eating “on occasion” for a desert when I get a hankering is as followes. Take a banana, slice it into a bowel, put a handful of walnuts on there, then put 2 tsp honey over top of there. Probably not good for every day, but it cures the sweet tooth.

      • Crap, I hate how this I-pad automatically will fill text in. I don’t know what I typed in, but it was supposed to be bowl. Sorry…. 🙂

  13. I had to laugh when Jack talked about not drinking Coca Cola. About 20 years ago Coke got in touch with the diary farmers assoc. in Virginia looking for a nice pretty farm to do a commercial. The head of that assoc. recommended some farms for them to get in touch with. Coke asked if he would like to be in the commercial, this diary farmer at the time was in his mid-fifties and had never even tasted a coke. The only thing he had ever drank was water, milk, and tea. He had never tasted a soft drink in his lifetime. Well they decided it wasn’t a good idea to have him in the commercial after he gagged taking his first taste of coke.

  14. Jack,
    Amazing show and amazing subject. My question is about Paleo and gout. One of the things people with gout are told is stay away from excess of protein or it’ll precipitate an attack. I tried the Atkins diet about 15 years ago and started having results when indeed I had a big gout attack. Have you run across any information on this subject with all the research you’ve done? Is there a way to do paleo with a gout problem?

  15. Excellent dessert:

    Kefir with a few nuts and berries. This is an excellent paleo dessert.

    If you are going to have something sweet, I agree that ice cream is better than something like cookies or cakes. From a “low carb” perspective it might be about the same but from a “paleo” perspective the wheat is a no-no.

  16. Great show. The Paleo diet not only works, but is the preferred diet among top Triathletes in the world. I think for listeners that are skeptics about the diet should just try to eat “Real Food”. Fruits, vegetables, and meat it’s really that simple. If its on an isle shelf it’s probably not real food unless you are in the isle with all the spices , oils, ect..

  17. the question around the 50 minute mark on SAD, I believe the questioner means “Standard American Diet”.

    For myself, I find that I have become accustomed to protein and veggies in the morning. Italian sausage with green beans, Cauliflower mash with last night’s meatloaf, etc. I don’t even eat cereal anymore.

  18. Jack, you said you can’t prove that carbs are addictive. That’s ok, because science has already proved it 🙂 Look up the book “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis to read how carbs, wheat in particular, is physically addictive, more so than heroin.

    • Thanks, Octavian! Underground Wellness has a great podcast interview with Dr. Davis as well as a written blog and video titled “These Ain’t the Same Grains!” Even though I don’t eat grains, it is worth checking out for what they did to grains before they used virii to GM crops.

  19. Yeah I’m pretty sure the “SAD” meant Standard American Diet. The kind that involves large amounts of Cheetos, hot dogs, Coca-Cola, and things beginning with “Mc”.

    Note that the Paleo experts have been moving somewhat away from the carbohydrate hypothesis as the sole cause of the usual metabolic disorders. It’s starting to look like the causes might be more complicated than that. But carb restriction as a *treatment* is still fairly standard. Even if carbs aren’t the whole picture, they’re probably a big part of it.

    Look up info about the Kitavans and their diet…

    Great episode. Thanks Jack!

  20. Just a thought I thought I would toss out there on another use for some of your now-obsolete preps if you decide to go the paleo route.

    I recently came across some red wheat I had that I realized that I am not ever going to use(paleo-regardless of my diet). As it was organic I know it was never irradiated so I know its technically fertile. So I tossed it on my garden and raked it in for a fall/winter cover crop.

    I know beans will difinetly sprout as well as I dip into my stores all the time to make bean sprounts. (apart from the fact that it is far too cold where I am to sow them now)


  21. Great episode Jack!
    A ferment note: Good to test those ferments as they go in the beginning, or should I say as a beginner. Once you familiarize yourself with the transformation happening in the crock, learn to never open the crock. Open the crock only for removal of all the kraut and jar it, refrigerate it. Clean the crock and repeat the process. Trust me. I’ll explain more to anyone interested.
    I hope the community doesn’t feel overloaded with Paleo and ferments- This is all so important and needs to be covered heavily to get everyone up to speed.
    Thanks Jack, Thanks everyone!

    • Hi Bryan, your comment to me on #746 was prophetic! “You are the kind of neighbor a person wants to have, whether they know it or not.” I followed your blog and it turns out that one of my neighbors makes Pickl-It. Thank you for introducing such a great product and (neighbor!) to me. I am halfway through my first batch of sauerkraut (9lbs) and it is true- it is far superior to any commercial “sauerkraut”! I think Pickl-It is a better product than expensive German crocks. In comparison, I made some kimchee three days before your appeared on TSP #746 and ended up with a stinky, unappetizing mess. So, there is something to be said about proper anaerobic fermentation!

      I have just contracted Lyme disease (sorry for the late comments)- guess what has been recommended by three people in as many days – no sugar nor carbs and plenty protein and fermented foods! Coconut oil has also been recommended by others for Lyme, which I previously used to kick my massive caffeine habit!

      Jack, you would like the Weston A. Price Fondation (WAPF). WAPF is AWESOME!!!! I joined a week ago and their first chapter was founded right here, by my neighbors! Man, I am lucky to live in this comunity!

      Thank you for exposing me to these ideas!

      • This is all so great!
        I just was going to log in and mention to Jack: definitely look into WAPF.
        I can only imagine/hope he is going to dig it.

        RE: Lyme. I would do the auto-immune Paleo protocol. And kick it’s ass before it kicks yours.

  22. I’m wondering if there are any benefits of the diet for me. I’m stick thin and have been all my life. I would have a hard time affording the diet. maybe next fall when I get my garden going.

  23. Three sources not mentioned that predate any mentioned in this podcast that solidly support paleo principles.

    Eskimos Prove an all Meat Diet Provides Excellent health

    Title: A journey from Prince of Wales’s Fort in Hudson’s Bay to the northern ocean in the years 1769, 1770, 1771 and 1772

    Also Jared Diamond’s book The Third Chimpanzee, specifically the chapter dealing with the “mixed blessings of agriculture”.

  24. Thanks for the encouragement and info, Bryan! I searched for the protocol and found a wealth of information! I am sending it to others whom I know with Lyme. My new friends in WAPF have hooked me up with all sorts of goodies to rebuild my guts and resources, too. I should have mentioned that in Baltimore, sauerkraut is a traditional side dish!
    @Ron, I would give Paleo a shot since you may have a condition where you are not absorbing all the nutrients. That happened to a friend who turned out to have celiacs.
    @George, thanks for the articles, these are fascinating!

    • Great!
      Never knew that about Baltimore, very cool. I’ll be sure to stop by next time I’m in the neighborhood.
      Have you ever heard of The GAPS diet? This is a healing protocol for the gut that can be used to treat many illnesses. I see using the strict GAPS diet to heal and then move towards a standard Paleo diet for the long haul. But everyone needs to discover for themselves their best fit and it may change with time.

  25. Hi Bryan, I would love to have you visit! I live in New Hampshire now, though. Thanks for telling me about the Guts and Psychology Syndrome Diet; 3 weeks of Doxycycline is messing me up! (3 more to go 🙁
    I am listening to this great interview with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (It’s at the bottom of this page) It would be awesome if it can reverse my gluten intolerance!

  26. I wanted to say a big thanks to you for putting out this post. Because of this post I started the Paleo diet a month ago. Since then I’ve lost 10 pounds of fat and dropped my total cholesterol 21 points. All this and I only exercised 3 times.
    I feel great. I’m never hungry. I have energy now and don’t have the ups and downs of being on sugar and hi-carbs all day.