Episode-777- Alcohol Fuel Questions and Answers with Steven Harris — 14 Comments

  1. Great show, I LOVE the shows you do with this guy. If there is anything related to survival, it must be knowledge…

    I’m not much in impulse purchases, but my Christmas list (after “the winter harvest handbook”) is topped with “alcohol can be a gas” and “sunshine to dollars” followed by steven harris books like the ” Free Alcohol Fuel Compendium “.

  2. I could listen to you two all day! Another great show – thank you so much. Can’t wait for the next time Steve is on 🙂

  3. Once again an awesome show and excellent guest! Liberation from ever increasing gas prices is definitely a step in the right direction.

    Does anyone know where you can find a decent price on the champagne yeast that Steve mentioned? Like a bucket full even?

    “Think outside the box” PPL

  4. About the fat thing. It’s interesting the way in which it’s absorbed by the body. There is a lymphatic system that is connected to the intestines. Your intestines absorb the fat and pass it off to the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system then dumps all those fats into your heart where it’s transported to the rest of the body via the blood stream. This is one of the facts that gave credence to the fat hypothesis of heart disease.

  5. Another great show! I do have one comment though. If natural gas is the future of fuel and relatively cheap, how come Steve doesn’t spend more time talking about the best way to make our cars run on that? Ethanol seems like a lot of work and still requires traditional gasoline to mix anyway.

    • It’s called a big ass tank for the high pressure gas. People used to put them in pickups, because you could put the tank in the bed. Not many places to fill up and as he was saying the company that sold the pumps to pressurize your home supply for $6000 is out of business. You would have to drive a long time to pay off that $6k. At least with the ethanol you can use the gas tank you have.

    • It’s pretty expensive to maintain a natural gas system too, since they aren’t mass produced. Also, the tanks need to be disposed of every ten years or so as a safety precaution. If you do your own repairs on the system then it is much cheaper, I had a fill nozzle mess up on me, a friend and I had a machinist make a special tool so I could take it apart and replace the seals, cost = free (+a ten dollar tool). If you had a NG mechanic do it, it would be about $200 (they just toss the nozzle and put in a new one, pretty crazy when it is so cheap just to put in a new seal).

      I used to live in UT where they have a pretty nice system for natural gas, you can drive from Southern CA to Southern WY on natural gas.

  6. I would hate to have an accident like the one described in the show, but it’s nice to know that if some ethanol accidentally fell in my mouth it would be safe. Great show. I love it when you have Steven Harris on.

    • I am the most accident prone person I know when it comes to stuff like this. So I had to make sure because I wasnt going to do it if something bad would happen!

  7. So what are the actual cost savings/gallon, i.e., how much does it cost to create a gallon of the alcohol, including electricity, yeast, sugar, etc?

  8. This was just an amazing and thought provoking interview. Jack, your interviews not only capture the imagination, but spark the entrepreneurial curiosities that may lead to a better and brighter future for all.

  9. I ran my Chevy van on Gasoline, E10, E20,E30 and E42 and drove 55 mph on cruise and calculated the dollars/mile. I think they price the fuel based on miles per gallon so there was no money savings for me.