Episode-774- Zombie Apocalypse 2011 — 60 Comments

  1. I’m very anxious to listen, like the idea of doing themed shows like this every once in a great while. Good job mixing it up Jack, and regardless of the quality of your acting skills, props for manning up and doing it.

  2. Really cool idea for a show. Loved it. Prepping can be gloomy sometimes, and we all need some light relief now and again.

  3. I just returned from an incredibly intense zombie apocalypse put on by The Human Path (Sam Coffman) in the San Antonio area. From noon Saturday until dawn Sunday about 2 dozen humans had to face FEMA, a crazy doomsday cult leader, and more zombies (victims of a viral pandemic) than I ever want to see again in my life. From the start we were stripped of all of our gear and had to make do with what we could salvage or obtain from the cult leader. I learned that I don’t want to deal with FEMA, that strong leadership and teamwork is always underestimated, that security and a safe camp are necessities from the start, and that most people can’t read topographical maps.

    Having said all that, I look forward to this podcast. Keeps the zombie-themed weekend going a bit longer. 🙂

  4. Next year’s show should be themed around the survivors ‘one year later’. What have they learned, what has helped them survive the apocalypse.

  5. Head for the ocean dudes! If they can’t drive a car, they sure as heck don´t know how to use a boat. Take a couple weeks of food with you, drive to the nearest marina, hijack a boat and away you go! If you have a choice, pick a sailboat so you don’t need fuel.

  6. Hilarious. I love how Jack gets pissed off at stupid questions. People are faced with not just their own demised, but potentially the end of days and Jack is invalidating them.

    Tip: next time around, it might be worth publishing some ground rules for the scenario. That would make it easier to play along with a basic storyline.

  7. That was great wish I head time to have called in and contributed to the show but I am in the middle of moving, love the episode Jack.. Brent

  8. Contrarily to what we see in science-fiction, it won’t be giant ants, spiders or dinosaurs eating people leading to the end of the world. Man is his/her worst enemy. But it may well end up humans against humans and humans battling the aftereffects of global warming, like pests that used to be confined to the tropics, now, because of warming up of temperate climate, their range has extended. Fighting over water rights has already begun. Revolutions over food supply are happening. The current economic system brings out the worst in people. More people are homeless than ever before.

  9. Nice one Jack when your door bell rang did you use the Bersa 380 or was it the Taurus 45.

  10. GREAT SHOW JACK! I can’t stop laughing at the zombie treadmill generator. Ps. Please post a “how to” video. Thanks again jack!

  11. Here I thought the occupy wall street people would be totally safe from zombie attack! Just goes to show you that zombies don’t care if the brains they seek are properly functioning!

  12. Great show, enjoyed the Alex Jones sound Byte. Ha good stuff and any reason to get ready for a collapse is a good reason even if it’s to prepare for the roving zombie hordes of the apocalypse.

    Loved the zombie treadmill energy generation. Good stuff.

  13. Great show Jack! I would have include perhaps how the government wanted to reduce the population numbers and let it go on for that reason. LOL

  14. As soon as I heard the news, I took my wife and son to our roof with the AR and a bunch of ammo. Now, as I write this it appears many of the children in costume are infected. They keep approaching the house from the front. They aren’t very bright, seems like they can’t get in, but they DO keep ringing the doorbell. Good luck Jack!

      • Right! The candy! They must be attracted to it! It appears they all are wandering around with sacks of it. Maybe if we put it all in an airtight container they will stop arriving in hoardes.

  15. Great show jack! I had a thought after hearing the zombie treadmill part. I don’t know if you know but you do not need an alternator. We have actually tried this. (Without zombies haha) At a walking pace on a tread mill you can achieve around 14 volts. Which as you know is what you need to charge a car battery. Many people use the motors in treadmills for wind turbines.

  16. Hey Jack,
    Don’t apologize about not being an actor. The show sounded like you were in the midst of it. Loved the changed ads and the plug at the end for why we really prep.
    Thanks much for putting all the effort into this show!


  18. LOVED IT!!!! CAN WE DO IT AGAIN??? I am sure you had tons of work into this it showed and turned out very very well thank you!!

  19. Great show Jack, your usual steady voice with a twist and some zombie action. Even when doing a fun show, you have a way of driving that main mission across… You never know what is going to happen, use your brrrrains!!! and the skills you have learned to make the best of a bad situation, even if that means a roof top and lots of ammo!

  20. Fantastic! Lots of creative listeners and with Jack putting it all together, just great. I laughed so much my cheeks hurt now! Catfish!ha. Love the ending too. Was it one of the Occupy protests? You gotta tell us!!

  21. Jack, the mock product placement and in-jokes were the best! Gotta build up a mammoth tusk machete before the ZA really happens – and I KNOW were to get the right materials.

  22. Zombie treadmills were hilarious. Wonder if I can figure out a way to make it work for looters. Hmmmm.

  23. “Imagine the pride you’ll feel when you hack off your arm with a blade you made yourself”…LMAO…that was the BEST!!

  24. In retrospect, the last minute or so of the podcast sent absolute ice through my veins. Easy to not think about that when you live rural, but yeah, I can see civil unrest. I remember the first time I saw OWS protesters in Colorado Springs– my hackles raised and we booked it out of there. Not because of them, but because the C/S cops can be, ah, heavy-handed at times with protesters.

  25. Absolutely AWESOME show Jack! It was very entertaining. I laughed my ass of at the Zombie electro-tread mill, The guy who wanted to eat the Zombies etc! I would be lying if I didn’t also admit that I got a little tense at times (audio from University of Austin)! I know it takes a lot of work and creativity to do a show like this and you pulled it off flawlessly! Thanks for making my Halloween so much better. Please make this an annual tradition. Thanks for all you do buddy!

    • Zombie burger….gives Jamie Oliver’s pink slime a whole new dimension. A little ammonia and a whole lotta Tony Chachere’s and you have a party.

  26. Fucking awesome and amazing! I admit I didn’t think I’d like the show much, but it was by far the most entertaining media I experienced this Halloween. Thanks so much for putting it together Jack and thanks to everyone that submitted to it. Please make this an annual tradition.

    • I didn’t expect much from this episode, but I was impressed, too. Well done, Jack and callers!

  27. Awesome show! The zombie treadmills and Alex Jones being eaten was hilarous. The guy who tried to convince his wife that his mother in law was infected had me crying. Job well done!!!

  28. ZOmbies ? this show is getting crazy by the day lol

    Really funny that so many sheeps are followwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    4 chan Zombi riting eat him ned u email fo lunch

  29. Jack,

    Awesome podcast! My brother, who hasn’t listened to your show before, thought it was really funny. To a frequent listener like me, it was HILARIOUS. Caller and questions were terrific!!!

    I hope you do this again next year. You can switch monsters each year! Or start with “I know we joked around about a zombie attack last year, but it looks like …!”

  30. If you’re planning abut doing it again next you, you might consider listening to the Zombie Podcast (iTunes keyword: We’re Alive) as a template. It’s *awesome*. Done in the old radio serial show style, it’s positively gripping. If nothing else, it’d definitely give you some great ideas on how to do a show like that. I downloaded and listened to all 24 episodes back-to-back, and now anxiously awaiting Season 3. Highly recommended!!

    • Awesome show, I think this should definitely become a tradition!

      I looks up the Zombie Podcast as recommended by Debra above, it’s under the podcast category, but I would consider it a mix between an audio book and an audio movie. Everything is acted out with sound effects. A couple of the actors aren’t stellar, but overall it’s awesome!

  31. Hey, Jack,

    Just a thought, but if you do something like this again and want to incorporate some recordings of news broadcasts that sound professional, I’d be willing to help those to provide some realism. I had a morning radio talk show for many years and was a professional broadcaster for Clear Channel. I know the format and have the necessary presentation skills. This way, you’d have a “neutral” voice that isn’t recognizable but fits into the News Anchor profile. Just a thought.

  32. Awesome show, better than most zombie movies out there!!!
    By the way, my 3rd ex-wife was a zombie, and she made excellent bait, just spread some catfish juice on her and she flopped around and held the zombies attention while we escaped. Got to wash the bait real good ’cause zombies can smell other zombies!