Episode-743- Paul Seyfried on NBC Underground Shelter Construction — 11 Comments

  1. Any thoughts on protecting a generator from an emp? I want to store in with some level of protection, underground it not an option for me now. Would a metal gun safe work, or grounding it be an option? I keep radios in a grounded metal box, but I’m not sure about something as big a generator. (Honda 2000i)

  2. Nice show. Briefly it was mentioned using the common construction site concrete tubes as a poorman’s shelter. It seemed like common knowledge, yet a youtube and internet search yielding no results. What I’m wondering is how would the ends be sealed? And would you have to purchase one of the specialized blast doors?

    For reference, here is Utah Shelter Systems website:
    A basic site, but does well at presenting details of their systems.

    Although we certainly hope we never need to make use of them in regards to “end of the world” scenarios, and they are mostly an insurance policy, I think there’s still part of us, that little kid inside, that likes the idea of the “adventure”, as well also appeals to our innate survival mechanism and the victory of beating the attack be it natural or man-made.

  3. My ideal would be to have a cheese cave/cellar made of reinforced concrete and built onto the side of the hill that can double as an NBC shelter.

    • JFK also wanted to dismantle (or at least bring to the surface) Israel’s nuclear weapons program and dismantle the non-Federal non-Reserve. Hm, that didn’t last long.
      But I digress.

      A. Rios, I agree as well in regards to a cave/cellar. Just wondering the best way to seal it up for NBC. Buy a blast door and one of the Swiss type filters.

  4. I wonder what’s best if you live in a place where the water table is always at least 3-10′ from the surface and often near the surface… gotta do a lot of drainage it seems, deep drainage.