Episode-741- Listener Calls for 9-9-11 — 49 Comments

  1. Jack, I received my pressure canner, and cooked the ground beef first then canned. I also did bacon, wrapped in parchment paper. I am going to let both sit for a couple of weeks before testing.

    Thanks for addressing both my questions

    • I never cook any meat before canning it. It comes out to moist and wonderful and it is so easy to do. If a store is having sirloin tips on sale, tell them you want it cut into stew beef (for free) and then all you have to do it put it straight in the clean jars and can away! It’s my favorite “roast in a jar.”

  2. Ya know, I have always said that I am not political, I just try to do the right thing. Every time I listen to you and hear subjects that I am interested in I realize, it’s not that I’m middle of the road, it’s I’m not interested in the road. Limited freedom or no freedom, really isn’t much room for middle. “Give me liberty or give me death” is probably the most important thing to go down in American history. Patrick Henry said it, whether he knew the significant value of that statement when he said it, or he was just bein’ a guy, we’ll never know. You speak of libertarian-ism with such passion, which is tied to the constitution as well, and the views elaborated, I agree with. In short I believe that you have helped me to understand that there is a party for “Leave Me The Hell Alone” people in America.

  3. Mason bees rock. ours here in the northwest have little Gortex rain coats so they can get out early and beat all the honey bees to the good stuff(just kidding) but you see them out earlier than the honey bee.the mason bee blocks are awesome. either make your own or buy them,I have both and they work great.good subject jack.

  4. This is great! Hopeing for a reply from the “space blanket” guy. Exactly how do you use these in windows – tape? We have 2 – 8ft by 16ft north facing windows! Sounds like it would help out in the winter.

  5. Hey Jack-

    Can you add the link to the google video link for the Australian discussing drip irrigation?

    I have several FireFox plugins that can download videos directly from the website. I’ll test out the link and let you know which one works.

    PS- Good to hear you plugging flies as pollinators! I’ve heard from experts that they’re actually more responsible for pollination than bees. Get rid of those bug zappers people! You’re more likely killing more beneficials than the true pests.

  6. As I type this I am downloading the Backyard Permaculture video from Google Video. I am using the Download Helper extension from Firefox.
    Download Helper works well downloading most Flash videos. It can also convert them from the .flv file type into other formats.

      • JDownloader (a separate, very powerful app), works great for all sorts of video downloading (I’ve downloaded literally dozens of 1000’s of online videos using JD alone).
        If not up for a separate install, sites like,, work well also.
        The only problematic videos to date are rtmpE streams (e for encrypted), such as with Hulu.

    • @porkchop that is what I use and usually it works great but on this one it failed to convert and just gave me the .flv which is pretty much useless, let me know if it works for you.

  7. I listened to your show today just for the last part. I wish your mentality was the predominant one in this country. Oh well, 🙂 maybe we can get some lobbyist support from lays potato chips, eh eh what do you think?

  8. Marijuana is not legal in the US?

    I have the stuff in my Bob (legal here), I carry it as a lightweight barter item (silver, gold and alcohol are heavy), and I partake after getting a migraine – about 3 or 4 times a year – it reduces the pain/vomiting and blurred vision effects from 2-3 days to less than a day. Good stuff.

  9. Just a couple comments about Marijuana and Hemp and legalizing Marijuana. There is a condition called Excited Delerium which can happen after smoking Marijuana, but usually occurs more often from Crack Cocaine and Meth. Excited Delerium can kill you but again this is rare from smoking Marijuana.

    I couldn’t agree more about Hemp…IMHO it is illegal because there would be a ton of Marijuana in the middle of many Hemp fields. Thats still no reason to keep it from being an agriculture plant especially considering the many uses for Hemp. If we were growing Hemp we wouldn’t have to cut down trees for paper…my understanding is an acre of Hemp can make as much paper as an acre of trees and it doesn’t take 40 years to grow an acre of Hemp.

    I work in Law Enforcement and I am uncomfortable with legalizing Marijuana except for medicinal purposes. My Uncle died of cancer and while going through Chemo he said Marijuana was the only thing that worked to keep him from being sick and eating. Medicinal Marijuana should be legal and it is criminal not to make it legal for those with cancer.

    • It may be that Hemp is really illegal because as WWII was ramping up, companies that were manufacturing ropes made of synthetic material knew they wouldn’t be able to compete with hemp rope (a rope that has a LONG maritime history up to that point). So they, in bed with government, made it illegal.

      When shit like that happens…always, always, always “follow the money.” Its not some great mystery, usually, this kind of stuff is driven by money for someone.

    • @Dan I am calling flat out bullshit on this. I bet you you can’t show me ONE and I mean ONE documented case of death from an OD or “excited delirium” from pot, not a damn one. Sounds like some bullshit myth the feds worked into your training materials to plant that seed in your head. It has NEVER and I mean NEVER happened.

      The only cases where ONLY pot was involved and ED was blamed for the death is where you LEOs stun gunned the shit out of a guy, he dies and you blame it on that. Even then no one really tries to find out why.

      Don’t get me wrong I support LEOs but just like everyone out there you guys totally screw up at times and no one is quicker to cover a cops ass than another cop.

      • @Shannon Moore don’t hold your breath you are more likely to die from that than to get an answer that is based on fact to the affirmative. It has never happened, it has been dropped into cops and society minds with nonsense like “Excited Delirium” and you can find things on line that back it up but NOT A SINGLE CASE of documented death from pot, other than a fat high guy tazed into heart attack by an over zealous LEO.

        Again I don’t smoke dope and I won’t, ever. I can’t say I never tried it and I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence with stupidity like, “I didn’t inhale”. There was a time when I was a stupid kid and did some rebellious things just because I could. I find smoking anything in quantity to be a health risk and one I don’t take. Yet I take other risks, like, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, climbing rocks, jumping off cliffs into water, eating the occasional doughnut and the consumption of alcohol. So who am I to tell any other adult what they can and can’t risk when the only person they harm is themselves?

    • Also,
      I don’t need a field of help to hide even 10,000 plants. The mexican mafia is putting in huge grows all over my mountain. Guarded with machine guns and death dealing booby traps, farmed by kidnapped slave labor.

      I am SCARED that one day I’ll be out on the back 10 of my 100 acres and I am going to find a nest of very pissed off narcos that would rather bury me than pay me off.

      Of course, if it were legal, they would have no incentive to come all the way out here, there would be no profit in growing WEED, and I wouldn’t have to wonder if the bullet came from the Mexican Mafia or the DEA deciding that I’m an armed pot grower.

  10. Another good source for investing knowledge is “The Intelligent Investor” written by Ben Graham.

  11. Actifed:

    Jack I never heard of Actifed, but the original Sudafed is not the same as the Sudafed PE. If you don’t have to show your driver’s license (in AR) then you aren’t getting the right stuff. Ask for the “good” Sudafed, it has psudoephedrine. “HCI” I think you mean “HCL” (lower case L). It looks like an “I” on the box. It’s hydrochloride salt.

    So anyway the “original” sudafed is the good stuff.

    If you don’t like that, here’s an article on Actifed. According to this Walgreens has a product that is similar to Actifed’s original formula.


    • @blueprint thanks for trying to help but Sudafed PE is shit as far as I am concerned. It was the combination of pseudfedrine and phenylephrine HCl that worked so well. Anyone who depended on it can tell you nothing else works as well in fact for many of us nothing else works at all.

      The wiki article is also out of date the off name brands including WalAct are no longer using the old formulation either.

      This is a perfect example of only honest citizens being harmed in any way by the actions of government. There isn’t any less meth on the street today but people like me now simply suffer once or twice a year with out the ability to breath through our noses.

      I would have laid up a huge stash when they were about to make the switch but of course I couldn’t do that for obvious reasons, thanks again you assholes in government. Fortunately it doesn’t effect me often.

      This was a safe effective med that was even used on the Apollo missions by astronauts. And people wonder why I think government has grown beyond its usefulness.

      • Jack- you and I are on the same page on this. I remember when the anti-Pseudoephedrine law was being voted on in Texas. I contacted my reps (mostly republicans), etc and told’em to vote No as it did nothing useful except punish citizens. Their reply was typical War on Drugs(TM) BS & propaganda. Of course this “smaller government” bill passed during Gov. Good Hair’s (Rick Perry) tenure (not sure how Perry, the ex-Al Gore cheerleader gets away with calling himself a republican & people actually believe it! Sorry- I’m ranting).

        I will now send follow up emails asking my reps to provide proof demonstrating the law did any remarkable good and if they can’t, to repeal it.

        PS- Not holding my breath…

    • @Jack I agree the Sudafed PE is shit, what I’m saying is I don’t use that. Unless the law has changed again very recently (last year or so) you can still get the “good” Sudafed from the pharmacist. You just have to show your ID.

  12. to hey mom
    The space blankets work good in the summer to keep out /reflect sun from windows during summer.I tape them up.
    For the winter I use the drapery liner fabric you can by anywhere they sell drapery fabric. Its quilted with a foil like stuff in the center.I staple it to the window frame.It does darken the room but keeps out the drafts.I use it over sliding glass doors also.I can roll it up during the day on the windows the cats use for sun.It lasts for years. For my kids rooms I covered it with fabric and use as winter curtains.It says to dry clean but i just hand wash it every year before I put it away.

  13. Wow, I didn’t know about Five Minutes with Jack until now. I’ll start watching and taking notes today! Hopefully this’ll finally kick my butt in gear to get serious about my own programming and meet my 12/21/2012 goal of releasing an app. Thanks!

  14. The 1000 true fans link,

    I have a WordPress blog to start a learning experience. I am not sure on my true passion is and not sure where to go. I really like the 5 minutes with Jack podcast. I wanted to get blogging and start creating content and getting people to follow it. I pretty much get less then 10 views in a week. I have done some SEO. More or less I need to just invest more time and answer that question of what I really want. I have been really busy with all the things going on in my life but I need to do more. Gary “Stop watching loss and start working” Jack should I buy a domain and put my content there? If you have time to look at my blog.

    I enjoyed the rant at the end. I am all for making cannabis legal. However, I will not smoke it and don’t think you should smoke it either. I like the idea of taking away the profit. If there no money in doing it, then no one will do it.

  15. I sent an email to the owner of about his info on Mason bees and asked that he fill out your guest request page. I heard him on another podcast and he was a great guest. One thing he explained is that Mason bees are better pollinators than honey bees because they don’t collect pollen so efficiently and spread it around a lot more. He said tests were done in almond orchards comparing two hives of honey bees, 125,000 of them, versus 500 Mason bees and they did equally well. Putting them together improved pollination so that there was 15% greater production. I hope he contacts you to be on the show.

  16. Hemp helped build America.

    I know that is a very broad statement but any one that thinks US policy has always been against it needs to watch “Hemp for Victory”.
    Hemp for Victory was a 14 minute film produced by the US Department of Agriculture during WW2. It encouraged farmers to grow hemp so that the US did not have to rely on foreign imports of hemp fibre.

    In the film it reveals some interesting facts such as:
    1)The covered wagons used by the pioneers were covered in hemp.
    2) The sails and ropes on the USS Constitution were made from hemp
    And don’t forget (although it’s not in the film) George Washington grew it and was an advocate for it’s production.

    You can watch Hemp for Victory on youtube

    Also hemp has a wiki page

  17. Another fire protection suggestion, trim low hanging and dead branches, these are known as ladder fuels that make it easy for fire to climb into the crown of your trees.
    I prefer to leave some dead trees standing for animal habitat but I drop most dead branches with my pole saw when I find them.

  18. I just subscribed to your iTunes Five Minutes With Jack podcast & episode 15 isn’t there… I did download it directly from the show notes, just wanted to give you a heads up.

    This episode reminded me I wanted to hear Five Minutes… I also recently started blogging (2 posts so far) so I figured it was very timely (

  19. Disregard my last post. I see now ep 15 is a video format, that’s why it wasn’t on the podcast list. I should have checked 1st.

  20. Jack,
    Thanks for the cogent thoughts Re; Marijuana laws. I’ve got two points for you to consider.

    1) I think you left out the most damaging aspect of marijuana laws. One that has such far reaching consequences, most people never consider it. Anti-marijuana laws have bred multiple generations of Americans who have contempt for and mistrust of the American legal and judicial systems and law enforcement personnel.
    When you are a marijuana smoker, you learn early on; “never tell the truth or cooperate with law enforcement.” You learn that the government tells you that drug are wrong, but that they will confiscate them from you and sell them on the streets. If something happens on your property, don’t let them in. They might see a pipe and bust you, or even plant drugs that they took from someone else. They might decide you’re high and take you in.

    The fallout from this situation is disastrous. I myself, simply from watching friends go to jail for no good reason, hearing stories of cops pulling guns on people, shooting their dogs, and even inadvertently killing them with tasers, have an extremely difficult time trusting law enforcement, or cooperating with them in any fashion. I have been pulled over, searched, and one time even unjustly arrested so many times I’ve lost count, all in the name of “winning the war on drugs”. All without probable cause, all before I became a smoker.
    People should stop and think a second on the sheer volume of crimes, real, violent crimes, dangerous drug crimes, etc, that go unreported due to fear of drug war. People should think; Do we really want to raise multiple generations of people who viscerally distrust/loathe our system of law over the use of a plant?

    Would songs like “F%^K the police” be so popular if the 50%+ of today’s youth who have tried marijuana were told that they weren’t part of the criminal class for having done so?

    My second point;
    Smoking ANYTHING is bad for you. However, consuming, vaporizing or inhaling negates those effects. Were marijuana legal, these more costly forms of consumption would be more readily available, and the health costs of marijuana would go down, not up.

    • @Shannon Moore:
      +1 on that. I don’t smoke anything (never have, doubt I ever will), but thanks to these laws (among other issues), I know to treat cops with the same distrust. Unfortunate really since every cop I’ve known personally has been a friend, but even they have said that you just can’t trust cops you don’t know.

      To expand on your second point, my attitude was about the same as Jack up until I had a person I know tell me why they eat THC brownies. They have a debilitating condition that causes pain so sever that it takes enough morphine to keep you sedated to control. THC controls that same pain without the sedation, without the long list of side effects, and ingested rather that eaten it doesn’t even impact their ability to function or make them high. There’s a lot of building research showing that girls ought to be using TCH to control menstrual pain to the exclusion of any other pain reliever. Think about how many girls trash their livers and stomach linings on midol and motrin that could take small doses of a FREAKING HERB, and function symptom free.

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