Episode-734- Listener Feedback 8-29-11 — 31 Comments

  1. I find it ironic that the address for the chicken application is listed as 555 Liberty St.


  2. The people in the Antelope Valley video all talked about clearing out the valley being cleared out for development. However, considering other things that have happened in California that have halted farming and development, I’m wondering if they are being pushed out in an attempt to get rid of all development there.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts on the greenhouse idea. I am seriously considering it. Now, I have to clear some brush to the right of my garden, and wait for a sale. Elliot Coleman’s book got me convinced I can grow/harvest Corn Mache and Spinach up here

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bartering segment! Just wondering when the government will start butting in to somehow tax and punish barterers… The email from Trinity literally brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing her story with me. She echo’d many of my same feelings and emotions these days.

    • Alas, the government is ahead of the curve on taxation of barter-based income:

      I am not a lawyer/accountant, but there seems to be some exemption for incidental barter. However, it’s not clear the example from the podcast meets the requirement.

      Suppose you can make estimated payments by giving the IRS agent a haircut?

      • A way to dodge barter taxes is to not ‘exchange’ items. Informal reciprocity (no accounts or balances kept) leaves nothing to tax..

        If I gift you my excess tomatoes today, and you gift me your excess apples next month. No ‘barter’ or ‘exchange of value’ has taken place (at least in the eyes of the tax man).

        So, to tie it into the capital segment.. you invest in ‘Social Capital’ instead of ‘Material Capital’.. and get a better ‘return’ emotionally and materially.

      • You are both thinking to hard about this. Simply put if there is no record of something it never happened. That is how courts view things. Trade your ass off, keep no records and it is pretty bullet proof.

  5. I have no personal experience with dissolved methane but, according to at least the following article, it’s may not be that difficult to deal with. Worth looking into anyhow.

    Dissolved Methane

    Dissolved nitrites, now there’s a problem

  6. I hope that Nick (the gentleman who defended himself) contacted local law enforcement about the incident since it wasn’t mentioned.

    Very glad that he and his family came out ok.


  7. Hey Jack,
    Michael in California here, wanting to give you a link to a documentary I watched several months ago with regards to the Fracing for natural gas issue.

    There is a good amount of info on the process as well as some info on the roots of how this stuff even began and how it managed to come into existence with next to no EPA regulations what so ever.

    Thanks for the podcast, I’ve been enjoying it now for several months. You’re doing an awesome job.

  8. RE Antelope Valley: we are going to look at rural land in SE OK next month. But now I’m wondering if our neighbors have a better idea: move out of the country, to American Samoa or someplace.

  9. I am listening to today’s episode.I am the one carrying concealed. My husband refuses to learn firearms. I wish he would, because as I tell him, I carry a lethal weapon, I have one in the house, and he really should “be on board” Any advice?

    • Brooke, first I’d suggest trying to find out WHY he doesn’t want to be on board. Once you know that you can figure out a course of action.

      A site that might help is Oleg Volk’s pro firearms site. He’s included many of his great images and posters.


  10. Yea Nick.Glad it turned out good. I think we will be seeing a lot more of this in the future

  11. Jack – Great show! So much to comment on, but the best was the letter you read from the woman at the point of giving up on her family and life in general, and how your one comment saved her and her family from a lot of misery. You put your heart and soul into each podcast, and I thank you for all you have done to inspire me, and so many others to keep moving forward, even if we encounter a step or two backwards along the way.

  12. What a great show, Jack. When I hear stories about politicians (repubs or dems) using law enforcement to pull cameras and BS Nuisance Abatement squads kicking people out of their homes, I get a serious case of THE RAGE and can’t see straight.

    But being angry & pissed off doesn’t get anything done. Please keep us posted on how your listeners can help those independent people in LA county and put their govt. back in its place (public servants, NOT oppressors).

  13. Sorry, LA County is done, do not come here and expect to live free.
    The property problem here is TMP = To Many People and neighbors, or realtors that are neighbors that are all up in your business. If it is in plain sight (front/back yard) it will be complained about, you can count on that.
    I listen to my local city police scanner, non-stop 24/7, Neighbor called and complained regarding “you name it” Sometimes I wonder when the police have time for real police work.
    I swear to ***, this county is the most over regulated, over taxed piece of ground on the planet with more freedon robbing regulations on the way.
    I have lived here in SoCal for 27 years. Every colleague close to retirement age I have talked too wants to leave and many have. There are some, that feel trapped by their spouse or family or have become too comfortable and are willing pay the taxes & put up with the S**t (most are not prepers), that said, they would leave if they could.
    I can only hope this is not a grass is greener thing and I am still looking for a place.

    Thanks for all you do,
    JRH in LA waiting for the day.

  14. I never had any way to implement it but I thought of the podponics thing. this feels like last nights Curb lol. … What crushed me before hearing about podponics was an Israeli company called Organitech.

    thank you Jack.

  15. All we have is time.
    We can choose to ‘invest’ it, and convert it into ‘capital’, or we can choose to not use it (use it or lose it).

    If we ‘invest’ it, its available later, to be reinvested, given away, or consumed.

    Investing more and more of my time in non-monetary forms of capital, is yielding me much greater, and more secure, forms of tax free wealth.. and ensuring that I’m supporting only those things that I wish to support.

    – Insidious (forums)

  16. Jack, methane in water wells is common in Colorado. It’s not due to natural gas fracing. I don’t know of any water well that’s been damage by a frac job somehow making it’s way up thorough rock strata. If a water well is damaged by gas production it’s likely due to a poor cement job up the backside of the casing, in which case the well can be ‘squeezed’ with cement. Bond logs give a picture of the cement job between the well bore and the casing.

    The movie Gasland, for example, was a propaganda lie. The State of Colorado tested the family’s water well two years before the documentary and found that the chemical makeup of the water well did not match the area’s gas well production. Here’s the criticism of Gasland by the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission:

    I wouldn’t want it myself but the caller asking about the methane in the water well is mostly due to biogenics.

  17. Similar to the LA county thing, there was a full length documentary released a few years ago called Garbage Warrior. The whole thing is on youtube and is worth the watch.

    It’s about an architect in New Mexico that started experimenting with building homes from tires, bottles, cans, etc. and eventually starts a whole community of self sufficient off the grid homes built almost entirely from other peoples trash. There is a slight anti capitalist, kinda commune like bend but not really the focus. He ends up fighting the county for years.

    The most interesting portion is at 54:00 minutes in the youtube video. He starts getting assistance in crafting the bill from a person on the judiciary committee. She says flat out “If this were to take off, and the utility companies were somewhat threatened because there are alternatives available to people, and they are no longer feeding into a system which is obviously money hungry…” You can probably guess what happens to his development.

  18. I so related to the woman’s letter that wrote to you about her despondency and overwhelm ….. it really resonated with me … everything we do does matter and it isn’t always obvious. Thanks for your show and what you do.

  19. I just started listening to this episode today and have only made it through the first few emails. I had to make a comment about the first person’s story who lost his home in the fire.

    I am an insurance claims adjuster and I can attest to how overwhelming the process can be for a policyholder who just experienced a large loss (I hope he was fortunate enough to have an adjuster with a brain to make the process easier!). It can be a very daunting task to list every item you own (and yes, you will have to do this). Think of all the items you have in your closets, cupboards, shelves, and in storage. Every knick-knack and picture frame. Every item of clothing. You most likely own a great deal of “stuff”!

    One thing you can do that will help is to go through your home with a video camera and list everything you see of value. Talk as you film it, open closets and cupboards and mention what you have. The insurance company doesn’t know what you own to pay you for it. Make sure to mention specifics on anything of value. This video can also be used as proof of ownership in case your insurance company asks.

    Upload this video to an online back up server (my husband uses Carbonite) or store a couple extra discs away from you home.

    Hopefully this will never be needed, but if it is you will be glad you did it.

  20. I had almost the same exact experience as the guy at the ATM (Chinese restaurant and all). The only difference is the parking lot was completely empty except a VW bug parked way at the back of the lot which I noticed but didn’t think it was a threat since it was a good 50 yards from the ATM. I go to get cash out and then I hear the bug pull up behind me, I had already punched in my number but hadn’t received any cash yet. I watched the guy get out of the bug using the mirror many ATM’s have to see behind you and as soon as he got close to me I spun around and looked straight at him. He then made like he was going to use the ATM next to mine stumbling to enter a PIN but didn’t take out any cash and left with a second guy in the bug. There was no reason for him to be behind me as there was no path to the second ATM and there was a separate path to it. They were casing those ATM’s as they faced the rear of the bank and there is no doubt he was going to try to rob me as he was “danger close” for no legit reason. Once he saw that I was on to his intentions and close enough to grab him (plus I’m the size of a silver back gorilla), he decided to abort the robbery. That branch is known for getting robbed (they even have an armed guard in the lot when open) but not for ATM stick-ups (it’s in a suburb).

  21. Public school education has been declining, but even more so in the field of economics. The damaging nature of the central banks requires that people be at ignorant of or brainwashed into thinking they are a good thing. Here is at least a partial discussion on the issue from a couple of years back:

  22. Jack, I just listened to Jim Puplava’s Financial News Sense podcast from sept 2 right before listening to this one. He interviews about Agenda 21, relates directly to the folks kicked off their land. Got to hear it!