Episode-713- Steward Rhodes on Opperation Sleeping Giant — 12 Comments

  1. I have not yet listened, I upload the podcast to my iPhone and listen while gardening, but will listen to this one while doing inside chores as soon as 7/27’s episode is done playing. I did want to say thanks for sharing this, I have a son in the Arkansas National Guard. We have made sure he knows his oath is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and his unit has informed him of the issues of following the orders of the Comander in Chief and how and when that applies, and the oath tot he Constitution comes first. I cannot wait to listen to this, I may actually enjoy washing dishes and sweeping the floor for a change….

  2. I’m going to Appleseed this weekend and I recruited 3 teen age men to join me… I never thought I’d be so excited to go shoot as I am now, knowing that I’m taking three young men with me who will learn not only how to shoot, but what it means to be American!

  3. I did get to listen, thank you for sharing this, and thank you Mr. Rhodes for doing this!

    I would love to go to an Appleseed event, there is one not too far from us this weekend, but hubby has to work and we are a 1 car family.

    Jack, next time you head into TX on I-30, wave as you go through Texarkana, I’m in that general area!

  4. Thanks for the podcast. Everyone of us old soldiers must remember our oath to uphold the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Hurray for the Oathkeepers.

  5. Great show apleseed seems like a great group.
    one question where did you get titanium lock picks?

  6. JAck, Since I returned from my deployment to iraq in Jan 08 and had problems describing the problems in iraq I realized my country was experiencing the same problems so I started to search for solutions on a personal level which I could affect became a prepper and in my search for knowledge discovered your show and the whole previously unknown to me prepper-survival movement.
    I want to thAnk you for your efforts to awaken our citizen brothers and sisters And myself. I still serve in the reserves and a few guys I have spoken to are awake or awoken also,we are working on an op order to support each other and families when tshtf.My preps are doing good and I want to give you and your efforts mY gratitude. Would love to share a brewski with you anytime!who knows !if my plan to move my family to KY doesn’t work out, Arkansas is my second choice..

    OATHKEPER and American Rifleman..Jeff

  7. Hey Jack, you made a very interesting and, I think, appropriate typo in the title of this show. Great show, glad to know I can be an associate member!

  8. Jack,

    Great show!

    Please don’t take this as a jab, but you talked over and interrupted the poor guy a lot. You both had a lot of interesting things to say, and I wanted to hear both of you equally. Since you get exclusive time before and after the interview, maybe try to let the other guy have the floor until he’s done answering the question. (…unless he’s the type of person to ramble on. THEN help move him along.)

    Thanks again for the work that you do. It is appreciated very much.


  9. I wasn’t sure that this show was for me, but as always, it was! (I mean, there’s a lot of groups out there trying to do something “for freedom” or whatever, but a lot of them are just a lot of talk. This one isn’t just talk, from what I heard!!!)

    I found this show to be very informative and love what the Oathkeepers are doing. I was hoping you’d post a link for those cops who did the right thing when one was using his status for political gain. I loved it (although hated the abuse). When it was mentioned that there are videos everywhere of people in power doing wrong things, Anyways, going to go back and listen to see if I can catch something about them to google it myself.

    Great show, you keep bringing guests and have great content that has kept me interested and looking forward to the next podcast since I started listening!