Episode-710- Holly Hirshberg from The Dinner Garden — 10 Comments

  1. My wife’s niece has terrible eating habits and her parents let it go and do it over the years as she has grown it drove me crazy the way they let her eat but since the parents are divorced and I am not the parent my efforts have been in vain to get her to eat right.. I grown up eating from a garden even tho I will admit that I have gotten away from a garden I am heading back in that direction soon, my worry is if she was only eating pizza and french fries which seem to be her main staples in life what ill effects will this kind of diet have on her… I wish parents would be parents and stop letting these kids do what ever they want ughh.. Cya Brent

    • I couldn’t agree more Brent. On a recent visit to the mall I was shocked at how many obese children I saw, not overweight, obese. I feel so bad because I know those children are being taught to eat the food the eat. They are just children and it is up to us adults to protect them.

  2. This is great interview, so glad I found you! The bucket gardening mentioned is explained at Not only is it a great idea but the story behind it is teenagers wanting to make a difference in the world!

  3. GREAT INTERVIEW! Jack, you just keep finding great guests. Holly and her crew are doing the Lord’s work. I just gave them a donation, and recommend other TSP’ers do the same.

  4. EXCELLENT show. Thanks!

    On bag gardens, just a small caveat. This year I bought cheap potting soil at the dollar store, several bags, and nothing would grow in it. I believe it was contaminated with herbicides. Wasted a lot of seeds.

    • @the optimist, was it potting soil or was it top soil. Top soil is pretty devoid of any nutrient if you don’t enhance it. Also if the bags were too small and dried out often that could be a problem as well.

  5. Jack – unique and inspiring show! Keep them coming! I have donated to The Dinner Garden. They are doing exactly what I would like to do: teach poor people how to thrive by becoming more self-sufficient.

  6. I made my donation, and then sent her a note letting her know I found out about her on TSP. I’d be very curious how many others donated too…

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