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    • Too small for life, not too small for the next 5 minutes. Naps are fine but they don’t solve any problems other than stress and fatigue. For those purposes though they have value.

      Balance in all things.

  1. A life for my wife and children where they, mostly, get everything that they deserve – a healthy amount of want, but not ever even the slightest hint of need.

  2. You hit the nail right on the head! I turned 34 two weeks ago. I find as I get older, the more I am taking stock in where I am and where I want to be. I have two beautiful children, and a comfortable home. My wife and I live within our means, especially when we look at many of our neighbors, but we definitely could downsize some aspects of the way we live. The problem is we are miserable at work. We both work for a major insurance company, and I we are happy to be working (don’t get me wrong), but our jobs SUCK and we are stuck there because we NEED the money that they pay us. I just started to listen to you about a month ago, and I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I am going to sit down with my wife and ask her what SHE wants to do, and where she sees us in the future. We need to start somewhere!

  3. @Jack, great show once again. If “America” took the hour to listen to this show alone and actually took the time to do the self check(sitting down and actually thinking) This would fix sooo many problems, in 5 years or even sooner we wouldn’t recognize our country. What a great environment and place to raise as family that would be. Love what you do for America, keep it up. The funny thing is you actually have done it and have the success. I agree the success WILL happen to varying degrees.

    @everyone else. Believe you deserve it, get it done and I’ll celebrate with you on your success. I’m expecting many success stories from the TSP community and waiting to hear your story.

  4. i look at my niece and her beau, recently acquired masters degree and phd, heading off for their first high power jobs, 30 mile commute each in a different direction,NIH and JHH, and i think,,into the “trap ” they go,,
    at 59, i will tell you live simply, living below our means was the smartest thing we ever did,,we just adjust but no big deal,, in the end freinds and family are all that really matter,,
    as for school i love it,,but despite a masters degree myself, it is the 2 year nursing degree that has carried me through thick and thin, and allowed me the flexibility to travel and do others things i want,
    thanks for great show Jack,,and helping people wake up from the “sleep”

  5. Really great show, Jack – it was very inspiring.

    A year ago I was asking all of these questions, and finally had to take some giant risks to move out of a bad living and financial situation and into something I hoped would be a little better. Like you said, not everything worked out exactly as I had planned… but looking back now, I realize that it worked out even better than I expected! I’m a lot happier now, my freelance business is growing, and I’m finding new interests and getting a lot healthier to boot. Some of the keys to that are finding things that I love doing and sinking time into them. As a result, I’ve started a new blog, met a lot of new people, and pushed my personal limits further than I ever thought I could. As a result, I’ve discovered that there’s a lot more you can get out of life if you stop sitting in front of the TV feeling sorry for yourself. 🙂

    Now I’m contemplating a couple of new changes for myself within the next year and a half, including moving out of the city and quitting my full-time job, and it’s scary, but I’ve learned that you can’t get anywhere without taking chances, and that if you’re unhappy with what you currently have, you really don’t have a whole lot to lose. Just dream big, fix what you want in your head, and go for it! Like you said, the worst thing is that it won’t work out and you might have to make some corrections along the way or even try something else. But you won’t get anywhere if you don’t at least give it a shot.

  6. This show was awesome Jack! It should end up in a “best of” collection of the shows. Do you think that this was one of your best? Anyone else have any other personal favorites?

    • I agree, this show was awesome! It was actually just what I needed to hear at this time. 2 of my other favorites are episodes 223 and 224. I think 223, and the “Patriot Garden” episodes have had some of the greatest impact in my own life.

      This was supposed to be a “short list of favorites”, but with over 700 episodes it get’s tough to narrow it down LOL – anyway, you can’t go wrong with these: 42, 43, 106, 391, 400, 435, 438, 443, or 531.

      Still many I left off, but had to stop somewhere 🙂

  7. The only job that I think I would be really good at and would also enjoy, is to be a professional congressional bitch slapper. I know…..they are not hiring for position, but I really think there is a need. Oh well, there would probably be too much competion for that job anyway.

  8. Your points remind me of “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield. I could write SOO much, but I’ll just say, “Amen, brother”.

  9. Jack,
    I really like when you do a show like this. You inspired me to start my own blog so I could have something that is mine and to help me get to where I want to be in a reasonable amount of time.
    Thanks for all you do,

  10. To Tracy
    Dont bite off more then you can chew,you dont have to do it all at once.Take your time and try to do what you really like first.I also used to raise rabbits,chicken,pigs,goats etc with my X husband.I rasied em,killed em,milked the goats and we all ate them.I just dont want to do it anymore.You dont have to,it proves nothing to see where your food comes from.Chalk it off to great expirence cause now you know what to do if you ever half to or want to.
    My 2nd and last husband of 15 years,and I own paid for a 1 acre piece of land with a small 3 bed room house in upstate NY.Cheap taxes and cheap up keep and because its small and 2 story cheap to heat.We planned ahead for retirement.He retired from 44 years in the nationl guard and i will retire next year after 20 as a nurse where i am now.Ill be 56.
    When I started listening to Jack 2+ years ago I said wow this makes so much sence! I can do a lot of things to make my life better and more secure.I coupon,Ive put away enough food for a year,I have a water scorce and a good filter if I need it.I can go weeks with out electric.I have medical supplys.I could go on and on.Ive done this on the cheap over the last 2+ years.Lots of yard sales and ebay.
    But most important is the garden.I dont have time now for a big garden so I thought ahead.I dug up my bushes and flowers sold them at a yard sale and planted berrie bushes of all kinds.I have a strawberry tier in my yard that is beutiful,I have blueberries where my azales were and they are even better looking.Ive planted fruit trees and asparagus.Ive even planted a area in the back with jersulam artachokes.I made a 4×8 raised bed in my side yard just for salad stuff and i have containers of tomatoes and cukes etc, just cause they are fun.An im learning a lot ,how the sun effects my plants,how to save seed and water.And what I just dont like! Ive always canned but am now learning to dry food in a sm round dehydrater i got at a yard sale for $2.00 if I like it enough Ill get a better one.My kids already beg me for my dry pepper mix!I plan on adding a deck in the back next spring and will put grapes and kiwis on it.I have had to remove a few oak trees but I put the smaller pieces in a low lieing are to make a large bed later on after im retired.I put any wood debrie in it and my grand daughter brings me a 20 pound bucket of horse poop ever week that I dump on top.Its look Very good and Im already wacking weeds down on it.Ill rake the leaves into it and will cover it with plastic this year and let it cook all winter.Sounds like a lot doesnt it? It takes me about 1 /2 hour a day to keep up with it.I work nights,when i come home i do something in the yard,anything and thats it.My grand kids come over and play with me in the yard evey now and then and its FUN. You have to have fun.
    I have weeds So? and bugs,they got to eat too.But so what? I could feed my husband and I just from the garden in the next year or so. Ive also planted clover in the far back by the woods and have rabbits and deer come for it,their own little garden.I plan on putting a corn feeder out as my son in law likes to hunt,last year he got a deer from my bath room window with a bow!After I retire I will get a few chickens for eggs cause its fun.If you dont enjoy the life style you have to do something else.If your unhappy with what your doing then its no different then a 9 to 5 job.I think sometimes people try too much at a time and become overwelmed.
    Jack,I love your show and it really has set me and my husband in a more sustainable lifestyle that we are already enjoying.And if the zombies come well kick their ass too !!

  11. Jack, good show. The culture that has been created in America, I believe, causes so many to miss out on everyday life. We’re all striving to get to the end of the road in hopes of “arriving” at some grand experience but we’re often disappointed to find, that it’s not what we thought it’d be. As you said, its the journey, not the destination. Figure out what you want and start living it today! It’s cliche but don’t let life pass you by and don’t be afraid to: do hard things, try new things, learn new skills, meet new people, take risks and improvise, adapt and overcome when things change or become difficult, cause they will.

    There’s a book titled Rework”, written by two programmers, founders of 37Signals and the project management tool Basecamp. I highly recommend people with a business interest read it for insights and encouragement. The theme is very counter culture and counter corporate America but very realistic.

    A few lines from the book are:
    Planning is Guessing
    Make Tiny Decisions
    Start a Business, not a Startup
    Launch Now
    No Time is No Excuse
    Fire Workaholics/Emulate Drug Dealers

    I hope the audience checks it out and I highly recommend it to you Jack, if you haven’t already read it. Not an official endorsement, I just think it’s insightful 😉

    Anyways, I appreciate your practical no B.S. advice and I get a lot out of your shows. Keep them coming…!


    – Jay

  12. Love this kind of show! RE being surrounded by people who are wrong: I’ve learned I have to be very careful about who I tell about our 2-yr plan. Most think we’re crazy (although too nice to say it) and that it won’t work out.

    Gotta say I freaked a bit when you mentioned the weather was worse in Arkansas than Dallas b/c of humidity (we’re looking at SE OK.). Then I found a real-time relative humidity map, and saw that SE OK is actually a bit less humid than where you are, and only a tad bit more than Dallas. Anyway, it’s not nearly as humid as where DH comes from – LA – so we’re still good. 😉

  13. Awesome show, Jack. I look forward to these shows more than the logistical, how-to shows. Thanks for keeping me motivated.

    PS- Must be a secret requirement somewhere that all Shop teachers rock!

  14. Jason-
    It is too bad that with all the people that through the years have been positively influenced by shop teachers, the school districts are eliminating shop classes. Everyone has got to go to college and shop doesn’t fit in. They just closed the wood shop at a local high school.

  15. Hey Jack loved the show listened to it for the 2nd time and I have one question did Zombies really eat or steal your TOMATOES ??????? LOL

  16. After hearing this show, not only do I want to go out there and grab life by the balls, I want to go out there and grab life by my aunt’s balls.

  17. AWESOME! Way to go Jack.

    I can’t tell you how much you have motivated me to change my life over the last three years. I’ve got the place in the country and my family and I are turning it into our self suffient dream. I’ve started a blog and have taught myself how to build and market on-line businesses. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to ditch my highly paid job with an international firm, because frankly – it makes us all miserable, and I’m about to start my own IT consultancy. I’m not perfect – I’ve made some mistakes along the way, but I’ve learnt from them. These are things I like to think I would have done anyway, but I know listening to your show has motivated me to get them done quicker.

    To Tracy : God bless you. I pray everything works out for you.

  18. This was my first exposure to the site. Pretty damn amusing & inspiring! It appears this type of podcast isn’t the norm, but still…

  19. Live life now. A couple I know were both retiring this year, selling their home, moving closer to kids/grandkids. They were getting their home ready to sell, and he had a sudden heart attack. He’ll never get to live his retirement plan.
    However, he did live life, helping many. Cooking was his passion, especially dutch oven/cast iron cooking. Dutch ovens will always remind me of him.

    • @txmom, so sad to hear but at least it sounds as though he touched many. I know of so many similar stories though, so yes, find what you want and do it now. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for anyone, ever.

  20. I am willing to bet Tracy could find someone that would do 2-3 hours of work daily in exchange for a space to park their camper/RV. This is called workamping and is done all the time by RV parks and State/National parks.
    Some will stay if there are minimal or no RV hookups (called boondocking) or she could look into installing a water/electric hookup. She could do this all year, seasonally, or have different campers for each season. If she is uncomfortable with having a single man live on her property, get a couple. There are plenty of couples traveling looking for opportunities like this.
    Your ideas were pretty darn good as well.

    • @dvdchris,

      That is a fabulous idea. The sewer hook up may be an issue but two 50 amp circuits would pay for themselves quite quickly. I would charge for the electricity (at cost) but allow them to stay for the work, very fair agreement.

      It might take a while to find one or two good RVers but once you did it would also be added security for a single woman. I am going to email her and make sure she sees this if I can find her orginal email when I get back to the office on Monday. Super suggestion, thank you so much.

  21. Excellent show. This is the kind I like. Please do more like this and less of the boring listener feedback shows. I thought you said listener feedback was only once per week???

    Please rethink all the listener feedback shows. They are so boring.

    • @Gary2, I have head you, I am done listening to you complain about this. Go eat a damn cookie and accept that when you work your ass off for three years, risk you own income, work till 2-3 am many days to get it going and get it built to what TSP is today, you can run the damn thing anyway you want. Until then, I will run this show the way I have for the last 3 years.

      You have been heard, I will not bother responding to your bitching about this again. I may shut off your ability to comment though if this is the only “contribution” you are going to make.

  22. @Gary2 – while I agree that I am not often interested in what other listeners are asking, on the other hand with most listener feedback shows I always learn something new that I appreciate.

  23. Listener feedback is invaluable in my opinion. You may not always find an interest in the calls but that’s not point. The point is getting the opportunity to have someone like Jack research and respond to your personal question. He could lock everything up and totally ignore his listeners. What kind of show would it be without feedback?

  24. Two years ago, I got a free 30 minute consultation from a profitability consultant. I thought he was going to ask me what I had accomplished and where I planned to go with my business. Instead, he asked me “if you could have anything, what would that be?” I was speechless because I hadn’t thought about it that way. I told him my grand desire and he said “Now, form a plan and make it happen. I know you can do this, others have done the same.” So I did, and realized that what I thought would take 20 years, I can and am doing in 5 years. Probably the most influential 30 minutes of my life.

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  26. Hi Jack,
    Just listened to this episode for a second time. Thanks as always for the inspiration.

    I needed to hear this again today… my mind was swirling in the abyss of ‘woe is me’ and I remembered that recently I heard some great advice for changing my world. It was great being able to look up the episode and listen while at work. Talk about a boost for clearing things off my desk and mapping out a plan for change!

    All the best,