Episode-702- Chef Maribel – “The Food Diva” — 18 Comments

  1. great show, very smart articulate guest. good to see another person so dedicated to what he/she believes in

  2. Jack you have out done yourself with this show!
    It was kind of hard to focus 100% due to the Oak Park situation. So on board to do what ever it takes to get that lady ( as well as all of us) to keep her garden.

    It is critical that we the people send the message that in no way shape or form will execution or destruction of our home gardens be tolerated.

    Am sending info to Jamie Oliver and to local tv and radio stations. To bad Oprha still wasn’t on the air. So guys who can you think of to inform send a message out to any one and every one. I would love for these people aka “Ass Clownes” to feel like a nuk just went off in their lap!!!

  3. This was an educationally and entertaining show that was a pleasure to hear. I would like to point out a possible clarification, however; acids have low ph not high. Again, the show was very informative and has me wanting to investigate the different knife techniques.

  4. Jack found this posted on Jamie Olivers wall it’s happening in Canada too. I am shocked this seems to be happening more than I realized. This is crazy wrong. I am so taken back by disbelief I’m in total shock.

    Mathew Kagis
    Hey Jamie… Check out a village council’s attempt to shut down an organic farm. Send your opinions here:

    Lantzville Takes Legal Action « Synergy Magazine / The Magazine for Mindful Living / Vancouver Isla
    On Friday, June 10th, a process server arrived at our door with a letter. It stated that our Lantzville Council was proceeding with legal action—taking us to court to shut down our “urban” farm which is located in a semi-rural area, on a dead end road.

  5. I’m totally in for the Monday Smackdown! I’ve already written the guy, but yes, emails can easily be deleted. This is just nonsensical! And UNAMERICAN.

  6. Chef Maribel was great guest, please invite her again in a little while. She’s into so many things that you could do a whole show around each project.

    I’d like to correct one very common error that she repeated several times. An Acid has a lower pH (between than 0 and less than 7) and a Base has a higher pH (greater than 7.01 and less than 14). We all knew what she was trying to say, but words have meaning so let’s be careful when we speak.

  7. Great show! Do our public officials have to take a “stupid” test before they can run for office or become prosecutors? Common sense has become so rare it is almost a super power.

  8. @Adjams: on her site, all the way at the bottom. Very nice!

    On an unrelated notes, I have the sudden urge to go buy some knives.

  9. Jack great show. She should have a monthly slot on tsp along side Paul wheaton.
    I really like she hunts. She teaches so well. I learned a lot by listening.

  10. I have to say she was one of your best guests to date. Very articulate. It was amazing how much great information she was able to impart. I’ll agree she needs to be a regular.

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  12. One of your best …. She was so good she almost made you look like an ass hat 😉 Great Job to bring us another interesting person.

  13. On the note of medium vs well done meat: I was on a business trip a few weeks back and we stopped at a road side steak house (non-chain) and ordered a steak for dinner. I asked for medium to medium well. About half way through I looked at my plate and all the blood that was still soaking out… then I looked closer at the meat. Something didn’t seem right about it, and for $10, something was wrong. That’s when it hit me… yea, that looked like meat glue.

    From now on I’m going to be considering well done for my steaks… unfortunately.