Episode-700- Listener Calls for 7-11-11 — 15 Comments

  1. This is a fascinating article that I would like to share with you and the readers.

    In an interview conducted June 19, 2011, Mr. Lawhorn, a representative of the American Reassurance Communities, stated that the number of private bunkers has risen by over 1800% since 2009. Obviously people think (or feel, as I’m told often) a major catastrophe is imminent and underground will be the only safe means of survival. American Reassurance Community Bunkers or (ARC Bunkers dot com) has bunkers in every state and in every major city.

    People want a safe comfortable place with a long-term sustainable “independent” environment, and ARCbunkers delivers it all. Our units are designed to support one person or a community of thousands.

    The United States Federal Government has been buying our bunkers since the 1970s and for good reason; when it comes to bunker installation, we “literally” wrote the book, no really; it’s called Principles of Protection, authored by our CEO and President, Walton McCarthy, and it is THE book utilized by many Governments, including the USA.

    Thousands of ARCbunkers line our country-sides and cities… everything from a $75000 backyard bunker to a 375,000 sq ft $160 million community shelter… big enough for 2500 people to live underground for up to 60 months with power, food, livestock, hydroponics, Government, everything is thought of in advance, no last minute scrambling for you and your family’s survival.

    Most people have Life Insurance… American Reassurance Communities is Life Assurance. There will be times in our future that are uncertain; whether that uncertainty comes from another country or space, it only makes sense to be prepared. ARC (the “R” stands for RE-ASSURANCE) and when there is a TRUE safe place to go, then you will experience true piece-of-mind.

    And that is evident by the number of new bunker sales we are experiencing. If you would have ordered a bunker system in 2008, we could have it completely installed within 120 days, right now, June 2011, the same bunker system is 16 months before we can even begin. This late in the game, your only option is to get accepted on a Greenpass Membership or buy-in to an existing ARCommunity. You can see more at

  2. Good statistics to have. I have been in and worked in many of the bunkers our country has to protect its president and other government officials. I was in charge of the course that taught personnel how to run operations out of these shelters. I would love to see the 2500 person bunker this article talks about. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rather than a fanny pack, I use a Maxpedition Jumbo and it has worked well for me for several years!

    It has a weapons compartment, that is roomy and works great with no printing and I can draw almost as fast as with my kydex holster!

  4. Great podcast. In my humble opinion. If you have a rifle for self defense have it in a rifle caliber. Th whole point of having a rifle is for cartridge performance. That said I agree with Jack a shotgun is the way to go . I to have a 20 ga.

  5. I will admit to using a fanny pack occasionally when it’s very hot (Houston summers), as it’s sometimes difficult to conceal properly wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

    I would just like to point out that I look very fashionable and the ladies love it. That is all.

  6. Regarding pipe for rocket mass heaters – I would NOT use dryer ducting. Use only suitable stove or chimney pipe as one would in a wood stove installation. Stove pipe refers to the pipe sections between the stove and the wall/ceiling passthrough – you can get both single and double walled stove pipe. Chimney pipe refers to the pipe that runs from the passthrough to the exterior of the structure and outside. Double walled pipe is now standard for chimney pipe. I would think that chimney pipe might be the best option as it is designed for an exterior application. When I installed our second stove I purchased pipe from the following vendor as was very pleased:

  7. Agree about magnum primers in handgun loads at low elevations and warmer weather. I have noticed a difference at below freezing temps at high elevation with H110. This will only apply to a small percentage of listeners. Love the show Jack.

  8. Jack, your comments about the mob mentality reminded me of a book I read about a year ago called “Meditations on Violence,” by Rory C. Miller. The author has years of experience as a jail guard, and transmits this experience with rare skill and eloquence into a set of lessons that people of literally any background or disposition can benefit from. Can’t recommend it enough.

    • @BenVanDortrecht,

      No just acknowledging service. How many people after completing a 4 year degree (which you now must have to join) are willing to travel to a third world hell hole, live in the same conditions as the natives, earn minimum wage and do it for two years just to help others.

      In the military the most significant time I had was 6 months in Honduras living in a tent, build a road and schools for children. Someone from the Peace Corps asked if I would extend the discount and described for me what they do, the similarities were very obvious. Oh other than as a solider I had better living conditions, better pay and better food, better benefits and more likelihood that someone would care that I put US Army on my resume in the future.

      Of course in Honduras I was shot at (twice) by locals that didn’t want us on their cattle land but plenty of people in the Peace Corps were also shot at, they just didn’t have 500 of their trained and armed brothers around them like I did. So yes, the Peace Corps represents significant service and sacrifice.

  9. There used to be some guy in Alabama who had a concrete business that made concrete septic tanks. He re-enginnered his septic tank to also sell underground shelters for tornadoes.

  10. Dryer duct is usually aluminum and will melt in a rocket stove. Steel is needed. If you pack cob or cement around the pipes, even if the steel wears out, the cob should fire like clay and continue to work.