Episode-694- Listener Feedback for 6-29-11 — 15 Comments

  1. At 33:30, it sounded like you were talking about “huge… tracts of land.” 🙂

    (Sorry – couldn’t resist.)

  2. I went over to Ready Made Resources there is a book the SAS Survival Guide product number sas760, I spoke with Julie, a wonderful person who tracked down my question about the pricing and was informed the rather high price was due to the book being out of print, new but there were some used copies for sale that were priced comparability for similar books. This is my first experience with them. Thanks for pointing them out, only trouble now is so many choices and I like all of us have a small budget.

    Great thanks for the recommendation. Their customer service so far is wonderful. I did mention that I heard about ready made through you and the TSP.

    Great work. Keep it up, on a side note with the email updates for tsp, are you still working at in Texas? The email still shows the Texas address not the Arkansas address.

  3. Great show as always Jack!

    I did enjoy reading “Lights Out” but disliked “Patriots”. The only valuable piece in there was the concept of the barter fair..which I think would be a great idea. Just toooo far right wing for me.

    • By too far right-wing, I assume you mean too many guns and gun-related lingo and referenced to Christianity (God forbid). Other than that, what was so right-wing about it?
      Correct me if I’m wrong though, but don’t left-wingers own guns and believe in God? Just sayin’.

      • Actually most left wingers tend not to own guns, unless they are rich and then they have hired goons to carry guns on their behalf.

        As for the Christianity issue, no big deal with it being mentioned or even positively presented but in Patriots it is done a bit in your face so to speak. Like making a big deal about how the one jew always pulled guard duty during “church” and how in the end “he finally accepted Christ”, etc.

        Some of it just seemed unnecessary, not the mention or where it made sense but some places where it was forced into the plot. Much like many things were “forced into the plot”, take for instance the guy relating model numbers of the guns when relating the story of a gun fight, etc.

  4. This student debt article is interesting. It reminds me of when I was a bit younger. I too was actually proud of my debt, proud of the fact that the bank considered me worthy to have a line of credit and a credit card (secured by my parents of course).
    Only when I passed 26 years old did I realize what a viper in the grass this debt can be.

  5. The part on debt…seriously? I feel better now, knowing that our only debt is our house than I have since I first got my first credit card at 18!

  6. I am fortunate in the fact that I’ve never had a credit card, and that I found Dave Ramsey before I took on more than a few thousand on a truck and a student loans. I eradicated my debt before I was 20, and was lucky to purchase my first house after the housing bubble burst. I am now 24 and have seen my debt loving friends continue to dig themselves deeper. Some are already feeling the pain{having to move back home, while others still think they have it great. Unfortunately I will have to watch them too eventually succumb to the mess they are creating.

  7. @Jack,

    That Debt-for college article is probably part of push back that I’ve seen in a few places against the dawning reality that the “Must go to College” propaganda campaign is a massive scam.
    I saw an article the other day (I think it was the New York Times) talking about how taking on this massive debt is still a good idea (and a good payoff). A lot of nonsense, and I didn’t bother to send it to you, but the point is, you know the word is spreading, if you’ve got these guys feeling the need to attack.

    The argument is a false one–“well, you will still make more money than if you didn’t go to college.” which may be true in some cases. The REAL argument is whether or not people NEED whatever college provides in order to perform the vast majority of those jobs that require a degree (when they do not need to).

    REALITY is that in many, many cases (if not most) the requirement for a college degree is pure broad-brush filter, and has nothing to do with skills required to perform the job.

    I know I harp on this, but our kids are being brainwashed into thinking there is a real-factual NEED to pay some mostly-worthless elites huge amounts of money so they ALLOW us to apply for a job that has a false requirement, which is possible only because these elites have succeeded in pushing this belief on society.

    A college degree may make a difference in pay…but it is a manufactured situation–one that is draining us of billions of dollars.

  8. Re: the tone of the podcast

    I found it pragmatic, and useful. The one thing that always keeps me coming back is the sheer variety and quality of what you put together. I’m stockpiling cash, because I work in the (heaven help me) financial sector! Part of me thinks I should be putting by even more food than I am though.

  9. Re: Doomsday preppers.

    Just got done watching the show posted on YT and all I can say is meh. Biggest thing that bugged me was that all of them were prepping for an event rather than just being prepared in general. As you have said before that is a recipe for disappointment. The guys in SC seemed to have it pretty well together though.

    I know you are talking with a producer about a TV show, but if that falls through, I think it would be FANTASTIC for you to do a show, a series of shows or a show segment where you get a listener on and chat about their preps and then run through scenarios to test them. I know I would volunteer and even if you didn’t end up talking to me, listening to what you had to say to other listeners would make for some great content.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep buying my MSB 😉

  10. The value in farm land is from the rent, not the capital gains. You need a large investment in cash down to generate an income, but the rent will pay most of the land payment. Another thing to look at is that as land values increase, the rent goes up but the loan payments stay the same. So over time, the rent will make more of the payments. Look at it carefully, but it can be a good investment. Buying larger lots near a big city and subdividing into smaller lots may also be a good investment.