Episode-689- Dr. Kyle Christensen on Herbal and Alternative Remedies — 14 Comments

  1. Just loved this show! I hope the government NEVER gets it’s hands on herbs. Government regulations have made it so I don’t practice massage / muscular therapy (not just talking an oil fluff rub) . I was practicing for 11 years and have been able to help so many people get out of pain, avoid surgery, increase flexibility and mobility & such. There is not a week that goes by that someone doesn’t call asking for help. It breaks my heart that I can’t work on them. Looking for a legal way around regulations and also CYA.

    Maybe becoming an herbalist may be the answer I am looking for. I have always love herbs /weeds/ plants and of course helping people. Since I was very young people have always asked me what herbs and such they should take for this and that. Guess I just have that kind of face? Strangers in stores will ask me questions. People I don’t know will have heard from someone that I might be the one to ask.

    What I have always wondered is how do you get quality training. I have found so many sites on the web but how would you know if they are providing excellent training? any suggestions? I live near Portland Oregon.

  2. Was going to listen to something else this morning since the topic seemed quite boring, but it was a good show anyway!

    Ironic as usual, a good deal of the show relates to things I am currently doing.

    Just the other day I walked over to my basement storage shelf to see a bowl of “rotting lettuce” with a heavy bottle on top and a towell draped over it. I asked my girlfriend why we have some rotting lettuce in a bowl downstairs and found out how saurkraut is made!

    Glad to hear there are medicinal benefits to this as well! I have always liked saurkraut but never made my own. Any time I have used it in my own cooking I just buy some in a big jar.

    Also, some of the ideas about Apple Pectin and the like are relevant because the Apple Mint I planted in my garden this year is the only thing worth harvesting right now and I have been looking for things I can do with it.

  3. I am so suprised when I hear about doctors going against natural remedies. Every doctor I have dealt with has been more than willing to try that method if I wanted to. Many of them have suggested herbal supplements for my wife. (She has systemic lupus) The only complaint I have heard about the natural remedies from doctors (other than the obvious snake oil salesman. This plant cures everything from cancer to poor credit scores) is that patients won’t tell them they are using some herb and the doctor unknowingly prescribes somethign that reacts terribly to that herb and they get sued when the horrible reaction happens.

    One thing I will second is the part that doctors are not gods. They are part of your health management team. You should use them, and learn from them. It drives me nuts when you ask someone about their visit to the doctor and they reply. “He say’s I’m fine.” Didn’t you go to this guy with some questions? I’ve seen way too many people that were “just fine” that turned out to have something on the way, but they weren’t willing to be involved and figure it out.

  4. I had started getting spring allergies and had a chronic bronchitis condition that would keep re-surfacing over time during my high school and college days.

    My VERY FIRST experience with a doctor who was not someone my parents took me to was quite horrible.

    I had started seeing a chiropractor because of my flat feet, crooked back etc. My chiropractor had been giving me homeopathic sinus and allergy treatments.

    When I saw a general practitioner I ended up going to the first doctor that could see me in less than 4 weeks (which was the average wait-time of over a dozen doctors I had called).

    To make a long story short and get to the point, after seeing this general practitioner (who was actually a heart surgeon) he would not give me a referral to my chiropractor to save me out of pocket costs because they are quacks, etc.

    He then told me words I will NEVER FORGET for the rest of my life, and this is the sole reason I don’t trust doctors as far as I can spit in their faces…

    “If you brought me more business I would be willing to sign your referral, but instead you only come in once a year or so whenever you feel like you need treatment for something…”

    I was much more verbal in those days and sat up told him to “Eat “S” and go “F” Yourself” and walked out of his office without a second thought.

    I have since been to a doctor THREE times in the last 15 years and have been perfectly healthy.

    I realized the reason his waiting room was ALWAYS full of decrepid old people who could barely breathe let alone move under their own power is this quack was just making a fortune keeping these old people coming into his office on a regular basis.

    He was a complete a-hole and scumbag but I did see him featured on a TV show as one of the “best” heart surgeons in Pittsburgh a couple years after I told him to go F himself.

    Now on the flip side I have seen a couple doctors over the years since who were not human turds like this one was, but the turds seem to be the norm these days.

  5. Great show today! I love herbal medicines and make most of my own remedies from them. So happy to hear mineral deficiency and bone broths discussed, and it tastes so much better than the salt-laden broths at the grocery store. Our foods are so altered that an egg is rarely just an egg, or milk isn’t just milk anymore.

    Thank you for the advice for people to rethink health care and the crazy advice that doctors make in order to turn a buck. They have their place, but they are an industry. After how I was treated by that industry, I’ve started training as a homebirth midwife. Each class has been inspiring, but also infuriating, learning what women are not told about our own prenatal and labor care.

    It is so easy to ferment the kinds of foods you mentioned today. Love your attitude towards food in today’s show!

  6. I hope your show doesn’t get kicked off the “air” after the FEDs raid your “compound” for stating that Orange Juice cures Scurvy.

  7. Good show, thanks Jack.

    I have to admit I was a little disappointed to hear that Dr. Christensen believes in homeopathic medicine (if I understood him correctly). I believe in the efficacy of (some) herbal medicine, but homeopathy is way out there in placebo/wacko/snake oil land in my opinion.

    Alternative stuff is cool, but let’s not dispense of all critical thinking.

  8. Another great show, Jack!

    You can find recipes for the super tonic if you google “fire cider”.

    Joachim…don’t discount something because you don’t understand it. I have seen Homeopathy do miraculous things and it works on animals and babies…it is not just a placebo. It is also worth remembering that often placebos are more effective than medications and do not harm as drugs do, soooooo The important thing is that we need to be able to have choice and not be mandated for our well being!

  9. @James
    Take a measure of cayenne powder and mix it with a measure of water or other liquid, you now have a shot.

  10. Great show Jack !!!Folks need to get real familair with the fact that most of our dis-eases are the result of diet, excersize, and life style. Heart disease, diabetes,high blood pressure,these are diseases of excess.Meaning a culture of to much food, meat, sugar, processed stuff. Whereas TB, ricketts, malnutrition, these are diseases of the truly poor.Interesting ?!!SOOO, when the fish is sick, we change the water.We can change our own water.The doctor is soo right.It is a whole ball of wax, not just some herbs, or an adjustment. More shows like this.

  11. Hey Jack, its kind of funny. I downloaded a back log of shows and this was one of the first to play. Its been on my mind a lot lately.

    I recently started to look into how the make fruit teas, and ended up learning that the Mulberry trees out back make a great tea for diabetics. Been slowly adding more ingredients, Mulberry leaf, Mint, Sage, and Stevia is the latest and boy does it work. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic for 18 yrs and this has helped me gain better balance, and cut my insulin needs by 1/3 and hopefully more when I’m done adjusting.

    One sad note that I think about while I’m doing this, is my wife’s grandmother. She died many years ago due to complication from diabetes. We live on the property where she lived, and the Mulberries have grown out here for as long as my father-in-law can remember. If she had only known of the information that I’ve found, then she may have had a longer, better life just by picking things just outside the back door.

    Keep up the great work Jack.

  12. Fluoride toothpaste has been proven to be just as effective as drinking fluoride and much safer.

  13. awesome show jack. so many points to touch on with this topic, but i’ve been waiting for the day you reference sally fannon’s nourishing tradtions and/or the weston a. price foundation. you could do a whole show on fermentation and animal fats and i’d be hog heaven.