Episode-688- A Throwback to 9 of My Predictions in Oct. 2008 — 12 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Good show. I actually listened to some of your first shows awhile back because I thought your “recording while stuck in traffic” idea was brilliant.

    I have a couple of questions for you after a brief background…

    A good friend and I tried a go at doing a weekly podcast on Revere Radio (not sure if you ever listen to them or not). We made some good friends in the process and had a BLAST doing it. We got good reviews and everyone wanted to hear more.

    However, this actually eludes to a post of yours I saw somewhere in regards to content vs. production quality… I am a multimedia designer and was OBSESSED with good production quality.

    My friend lived in Baltimore at the time and I live in Pittsburgh. I set up a rig where we could record via skype, using my condensor mic and he bought a decent mic, and I had this thing set up in such a way that we could record multi-track. We would talk on the phone in real time but each person’s audio was recorded into a seperate track…

    As complicated as that sounds once we did it once, that part was easy.

    What I found (and let this be a ‘warning’ to those who think this stuff is easy) is that my perfectionism was making it so that our ONE hour per week show consisted of us sitting on the phone for a couple hours a week recording a show, and then since I was the editor it took me about 5 to 16 hours to edit the show.

    Now, we were using audio clips, music, audio grabs from youtube videos and news clips, we even used my rig to record several hysterical prank calls to places like WalMart and others to throw into the mix.

    Our format was a news/informative chat but keeping it funny. We just wanted to make people laugh but inform them at the same time. People were passing it to their friends and it seemed like a winner.

    The biggest obstacle for me was the time necessary to take all this raw audio and edit it into an hour show. I got pretty ridiculous and started editing out the “um…” “uh…” and all the pauses in our speech and things that made us sound dumb (even though I listen to big time mainstream talk shows and those are FAR from perfect).

    We ended up doing around TEN shows (one per week) before I decided I didn’t have time to keep up with it unless we were making SOME kind of income from it. We assumed it could take a year or longer to do that and I could not devote that much of my week to it. My friend didn’t have any experience with editing etc (but he was funny as hell and I thought the mixture of our ideas made it better) and I did get a little resentful of having to do all the work on that side.

    We wanted the show to sound as good as a high quality live broadcast but did not have the manpower or equipment necessary to do all that stuff LIVE. If we had done a live format half the show would have been one of us googling some clip to play and then fiddling with everything to get it to play correctly through the live pipeline.

    Put it this way — my friend was actually getting laid because he was passing out copies of the show and girls thought it made him hot LOL… I guess people thought it was good. I was in a relationship at the time and therefore could not cash in on those ‘payouts.’

    I have read / listened to your advice about content vs. production quality and agree. I think I could have been MUCH more flexible with the editing of our talk portions and still slipped in clips / music / etc. We were doing this as an underground thing so we didn’t care so much about copyright and lawyer BS at the time. We figured if it got bigger we would start to care.


    How long did it take your show to build up a following where you were able to generate an income stream from it?

    How long did you / do you spend editing your shows after recording them? Since you do this as a daily show I assume you do not spend much time at all.

    I love the concept you had of recording your shows in the car to get started. I always sit there in the car talking out loud to myself all the time, if I only had my mp3 player that has a microphone and several hours of recording space I could make shows just from the ramblings that come out of my mouth as I talk to myself.

    I know that you are careful about copyright and all of those things for good reason. Have you ever had legal issues and had to “lawyer up” after your show began to have a following?

    How long did you have to keep up and dedicate yourself to this show before you started seeing a return in the form of an income stream?

    How much time do you need to dedicate ASIDE from the actual logistics of recording a show and editing it, posting it, and putting up the description into your feed? Is this a small part of your daily life or do you dedicate more time than someone at a full time job with your podcast?

    I have never really heard someone successful in this kind of endeavor really talk about how they got there and the kinds of issues they had to deal with along the way, and how DIFFICULT it is when on the surface people make it look so easy.

    I understand if you don’t want to answer or discuss those kind of things and introduce competition into the arena, but my best friend and I have CONSTANTLY talked about how we should not have stopped doing that show since we stopped. He lives in Alaska now and the logistics of having regular time where we can BOTH dedicate to recording something does not exist. It would be very hard for us to do something together.

    However, since I started listening to your podcast awhile back I cannot get it out of my head that I would like to attempt to build something simpler that I control myself. Maybe bring my friend in here and there, but for the most part run it on my own.

    I think your show is one of the more successful attempts I have seen at someone trying to do this kind of thing and I am very interested in hearing about the pitfalls you have run into along the way.

    My Format would not be the same as yours. I am more of an Alex Jones meets George Carlin meets Myself kind of thing. I think preparedness would be a part of the discussion but not the main focus.

    Hell, I would LOVE to have you as a guest if I started doing this on my own to talk about those kinds of things. I know you are a busy guy but would that be something you would be interested in?

    Maybe this comment thread is not the best forum for asking these questions, but I see that you read and respond to them.

    You have a really great show. I feel a soft kick in the ass to get up and start doing something with myself after having taken a year long + sabbatical of sorts and since I stumbled upon your show, hearing your progression from how you started, listening to your first shows, and how it has grown and progressed since then.

    You seem like the kind of down to earth guy who would actually answer questions like these.

    Feel free to send me a private email or message in the forum if you would rather respond that way.

    If you want any ideas or tips on how to good production quality on the dirt-cheap using unconventional means feel free to ask those kind of questions.


  2. Wow, I would have picked a different ‘look back’… this one makes you sound like a freakin nut.

  3. Enjoyed the listen back. It was great to hear the old intro music too. Hope vacation has been energizing and fun.

  4. One thing that stuck with me was when you were talking about New Zealand in your perspective section. You said that China is left of New Zealand which is true in some respects economically but definitely not socially. Personally, I would not call China “liberal”. Sure they were founded as communist but they have now moved to be corporate and authoritarian. The population are into making money, entrepreneurship and investment. Just look at their stock market and real estate bubbles. Also their populous is extremely repressed. The country reminds me more of a giant corporation than a government. I don’t think you could find a single sane liberal person in the western world that views China as a good model for a nation state.

  5. Some good some bad. It was nice to listen back and see what came to be and what failed to materialize. It reaffirmed that I cannot predict the future but I can prepare for it. Looking back on my mentality back then and now I realize how much I and this podcast has changed and grown.

  6. @Andrew,

    We must agree to disagree, everything I see that comes from the left moves us in the direction of China. This is why I think most people that think government should be in the business of solving problems are not in touch with reality.

    If you ask such people if China is a good model, they will say no and they will mean it. They then support and push for the government to control the lives of the people more and more.

    The typical liberal only buys into this bullshit because they are deceived by class warfare. Like taxing the rich, not realizing that we are being moved toward a global government and that they are among the richest people in the world if we judge wealth on a global scale.

    Most liberals and to be fair most conservatives in this nation are digging their own figurative graves. Convince the liberal that the government must intrude on your economic lives and convince the conservative that the government must intrude on your personal/social life and in the end both sides are eroded.

  7. Jack ,
    I started listening a couple months after that show!
    Man, I wish I would have found you a little sooner. I sure am listening to your advice now- you have helped me in many ways! Thanks – please keep em coming 🙂

  8. Jack,
    Thanks for digging up an oldie but a goodie. In listening to it, though, I heard something in your voice that I don’t hear much from you any more, and I can’t place my finger on what it is – you either were very passionate about what you were talking about or maybe a little worked up, I don’t know. I miss that. It could be that your move to Arkansas has soothed you a bit; don’t quite know. I do know that you’re passionate about what you do and what you believe; I just sometimes don’t hear it in your voice like I used to. Thanks for all that you do, and keep up the good work!! T…

    • I think that edge came from weaving in and out of traffic, dealing with assclowns, etc.

  9. I was thinking of the last time you revisited this podcast and how we were chatting about why there wasn’t a crime spike. We determined that it was probably because of the “bread and circuses”, i.e., food stamps and unemployment checks.

    Well, AZ finally stopped extending their unemployment checks (btw, you can now conceal carry without a permit in AZ – I’m sure you already knew that though, since the podcast was pre that happening).

    Also, don’t know if these incidences are growing or not but Ferfal just posted a second post on increasing crime in the US. Maybe it is finally happening now that the money is starting to dry out? Or maybe they are just over emphasizing things that have been going on for a long time, I don’t follow these enough to know.