Episode-687- Listener Calls for 6-17-11 — 25 Comments

  1. Jack,

    I really liked your response to the first caller. I’ve find myself these days ostracized from most of my family and have lost quite a few friends trying to share information with people over the years.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people react when you are essentially trying to tell them there’s a proverbial “turd in the punchbowl.”

    They just want to keep drinking the Kool Aid and make fun of, de-friend, or attack the messenger. It reminds me of a certain well known Dane Cook skit about coats… (but I digress)

    I get TONS of comments on my Facbeook about how I only read infowars to get my news, but in fact even though it is one of the top news sources in my feed aggregator, I would say that at least 65% of the articles are simply re-posted news from “valid” news sites.

    I always post and share the source link vs the infowars link because if people read the article on the Alex Jones sites they won’t believe it (even though the source is CLEARLY listed), but like you said, if they read the SAME article on the source site like Faux News then they are more inclined to believe it (unless they are a democrat in which case you need to find the same story or an equivalent report on CNN or NPR to share with them).

    While I cannot count the number of friends and relatives I have LOST over the years I can also not count the number of people who have come back to me after a long time thanking me for sharing information with them that eventually woke them up.

    I will never forget how my late stepfather used to explain to me how the FED works way back when I was a teenager in high school and I just laughed at him calling him an idiot — how what he was telling me made absolutely no sense and really didn’t care what he was talking about.

    Much, MUCH later in life as I began to wake up and learn for myself the workings of the world I am shocked to realize how much of this stuff my stepfather KNEW about and shared with me before we ever had an internet connection in the house (and he was a software engineer and we always had cutting edge computers and systems in the house).

    How my stepdad figured this stuff out without today’s vast sea of resources is beyond me but I never really did get to thank him for that. I honestly think that while I forgot about all the stuff he told me, that he in fact planted some seeds that took a long time to sprout.

    So, the point is — regardless of how people react to you when you share information (even if you do it in a non-overt non-pushy manner) — people are going to EVENTUALLY wake up on their own as this all begins to affect them in their own life. Someday they will see a news report or a government admission, or something is going to eventually happen where they will remember what you told them and realize you weren’t some tin foil hat wearing nutjob.

    I say this even while I am one of the most pessimistic people you will EVER meet when it comes to my faith in humanity and the American people waking up from their slumber.

  2. A LICENSE to grow an apple tree?

    Are you SERIOUS?

    I don’t think anything infuriates me more than hearing about some new G-D license or regulation that tells me I am not allowed to do something as simple as well… In this case — GROW an APPLE TREE???

    What is going to happen if I break the law and decide to play Jhonny Appleseed and plant the illegal Apple Trees on my land without getting a government permission slip to do so?

    Are bandits of swat teams going to show up on my property and burn down my apple orchard, take away my family in chains and execute me on the spot (and plant a gun on my person so they can justify it)???

    Do you think they will someday make it a requirement to buy a license in order to legally take a dump? Maybe a “breathing” license?

    Is there any LOGICAL or REASONABLE, or even SANE reason why somebody would need to get government permission and buy a LICENSE to grow a frigid apple tree? Am I missing something here?

    Also, is there ANYWHERE left in the world where you can actually live free or was there never a place to live free in this world in the first place?

    My blood boils when I hear about garbage like this.

  3. I am a woman and just love the show. In fact I turned my hubby on to it. Every day the info seems to link up with what I am doing or thinking about.

    I have tried to get more women to listen. The problem as I see it in my circle is this. I don’t get hung up on make up nails hair and clothes. Many women can’t be with out that stuff. It’s tied up to their femininity. They can’t understand that I just don’t like it. Never ever have. They think it is because of the things I do.

    I enjoy digging/gardening have my own tools and really love to play with heavy equipment. I am about 5′ so fairly small. My friends see me as being a very very strong woman. Physically and in my personality ( they have told me that several times) They don’t see themselves as ‘strong’ so it is very hard for them to imagine that they could begin to do any thing.

    Then there are those that say I can do what I do because I have a man in my life. ( If they only knew how sometimes he holds me back)

    The the biggest reason (from what I see) women are taught from the time they are young to be a “nice” little girl. Raise a family work a job don’t complain and don’t use your voice. If you do you are probably just being hormonal.

    Like it or not many many women still act as though they are to inadequate to deal with such things. Add that with the loss of basic skill sets cooking from “scratch” gardening and lack of a storage pantry ( wine cellars are more in) you can see why it can be hard to reach them. Then on top of all that working full time shlepping kids here and there domestics & just getting by day to day. Now I have to learn to do all this prepping which can be very overwhelming at first.

    To use tools or a gun requires dealing with loud noise. Women have more sensitive hearing than men. And big noise can be very very intimidating. Sometimes Jack has a big voice (I love it) some of my friends say he is to loud and outspoken. ( Gosh if he sounded like Mr Rodgers so funny but I wouldn’t listen) So they can’t hear the message. If they do they often times get scared and shut down.

    The best and only way I have found to reach them is give a gift of your harvest. Have them over for harvest time so they can see first hand that it’s not that big of a deal. And most important never complain that you have so much to do. The bottom line is if they are asleep they won’t wake up until their alarm goes off.

  4. Adam B I feel the same way. I just hate being told what I can and can’t do on my property. However If I came up with a plant lets say an apple tree /plant. I had worked very long and hard to develop this tree/plant I would want profits from that tree/plant to compensate all the work time and money I had put into it. The last thing I would want is someone to (from this point of view) to steal it. Now if that tree/plant were to just grow on your property and no one was making a profit from it then that would be a different story. Sometimes the government wants to know where certain trees/plants are growing to control or keep an eye on pests. Especially pests that can destroy a large crop. In our area apple trees. Funny though they sell trees almost at every store. Go figure.

    I don’t think any one would come burn down your orchard or drag you off. Well I hate to think that can happen. I do know of crops that have been burned people fined and some time served maybe not for an apple tree or two (not talking illegal plants either ) but for other things so why not plants.

    I do think there are too many stupid laws and regulations on stuff. But until the public stops treating the government like mommy and daddy fix it for me it won’t stop. WA state has passed some new laws that have ended up taking away my income. I am no longer able to afford all the fees to follow there regulations. So believe me when I say I can get very worked up on this. Hubby had to pull me away from a girl getting a petition signed. Crap don’t people know hit companies in the pocket book if you want change leave government out of it. The only people it hurts in the long run is us little guys.

  5. I received an email from a client of mine in Malaysia this week telling me she can no longer receive herbal or homeopathic remedies or supplements. She stated…”We got a warning letter from Pharmaceutical Service Division – Ministry of Health, that we are not allowed any longer to import medications, pharmaceuticals, health supplements without registration/license. It is an offense under Regulation of the Control of Drugs. We will be facing the law if we keep doing so.” Other countries are having similar roadblocks and it won’t be long before Big Brother will have it that way here…people need to wake up. We need to grow and wildcraft our own pharmacies.

  6. @Roundabouts

    Yeah, I call myself a “conservationist” and have a nice long rant if I ever decide to do a podcast again I could spend a whole show titled “The difference between a conservationist and a tree hugger.”

    I can understand if the government wants to control and regulate certain invasive species, and I understand why the USDA inspects your bags when you fly in and out of the country, etc. Zebra Mussels, Kudzu, The great Stinkbug invasion of Pennsylvania and the surrounding states (a problem I have a GREAT deal of experience with as I had to clear over 10,000 of them from a house I used to live in)…

    However I don’t agree that someone can patent life. Getting a PATENT on special soybeans, or a friggin’ apple tree, or what have you is equally ridiculous as having to pay Paris Hilton a royalty fee whenever you say “That’s Hot!” or how restaurants cannot sing “Happy Birthday” to a customer without getting sued so they make up their own stupid ass corporate clap and sing advertisement song to replace it.

    When I read about a farmer getting sued because another farmer’s Monsanto soybeans cross-pollinated a non-monsanto farmer’s field and now the non-monsanto famed OWES a royalty to Monsanto for his soybeans?

    I’m gonna have to call BULLS#!+ on that. In fact stories like that make me want to go out and do the very illegal thing they say I am not allowed to do just because it makes me so angry.

    What would the founding fathers have done if the British had told them they could not save their seeds, and had to pay a “royalty” (pun intended) to feed themselves. Uh… They would have probably the same thing that they DID!!!

    The only reason I would even suggest that a swat team would come burn down your illegal apple orchard is because they are sending out swat teams for late student loan payments now LOL!!! (yes, I know there is “more to the story” but the department of Education won’t tell us what that is).

    I have absolutely NO FAITH WHATSOEVER in the American people to break this government stranglehold and only expect it to continue to get worse until I finally die. I just have absolutely no hope whatsoever…. NONE.

    That doesn’t mean I won’t stop speaking my mind or trying to wake these fools up when an opportunity presents itself.

    What I do appreciate is this show and the community that seems to be surrounding it. I am a news junkie and get it from all sources and frankly THIS is the show with the best attitude about it.

    Freeman and Jack are the most positive dudes I have heard in the media when it comes to dealing with issues that should make you as angry and foaming at the mouth as good ole’ Alex Jones.

    I am going to join the forums one of these days and make some new online buddies I am sure over the next few weeks.

  7. hope to see you there. I can get so worked up over things that’s why I love Jack’s message so much. It’s all about balance and lead by example. So you heard about the burning of crops in France? They found contaminated crops and burned them. Contaminated with GMO. I say good for them. Now if they could sue monsanto

  8. Jack,

    For some strange reason that CIA ranking list link doesn’t work any longer, it just redirects to the CIA main page ..

    I am curious if you recalculated the derivatives that created the bailout and considered that debt as a theft instead of a bailout and then said we don’t really owe that money, then what would the ranking look like ?

    I understand according to these numbers, China looks good if you look at a country the same way as you look at a corporation etc. If you are an investor and you want to buy that corporation, that’s how you look at it.

    If you want to work at a company, you also look at other things such as how they treat their employees, what are your benefits and pay. If China has an unfair advantage with help from our govt or others, then there may be something artificial about that whole picture ..

    I saw that on the wikipedia list for last year

    Costa Rica is listed around 85, but alot of Americans like to vacation or retire there. They may not go there for jobs of course ..

    I think actually there may be a danger that they want to create a war with China. I sometimes wonder if playing into the idea that this or that country is number one, then it is a threat and maybe that helps play into creating a war. Perhpaps I would like to have a decent life, but I may not care if this or that country is number one or not, though I may care about certain types of things that go on. I have often cared for instance of the horrible treatment of the Tibetans by china and our govt not really caring a=too much about that except that we do talk to the Dalai Lama even though China is bothered by that.

    I also think we play into the whole everything has to be part of a global economy and such. Our govt seems to help bolster China in one way or another. I have heard we sell them military secrets and such.

    Another interesting fact on China seems to be that more people starved during Mao in China than at any other time in history. Many Chinese cities also seem to have very intolerable air and water pollution ..

  9. Jack,

    I heard something about that zone south of Boise. I am not sure exactly what it is all about, but it sounds like it could be unconstitutional for a foreign govt to run something in our country if say the state laws of Idaho or something are supposed to be exempt in that zone. I am not sure exactly what it entails, possibly a way to introduce oppression into the US with China as the sponsor. The way I look at it, it doesn’t matter how much money is owed through fraud or other means. If it’s illegal and wrong then it should not happen.

  10. Jack,

    I guess I should thank you for referring to me as a “logical” tin foil guy. I don’t want to forget to mention that. I looked at the show notes and decided to listen to the first question before I leave the library here and head back to camp since it looked like one of my calls.


  11. Hey Jack,

    About apples- every apple, of all varieties from my knwoledge, has “crab apple” seeds. This is just because of their reproduction.

    The specialized varieties are not created by taking the seeds and planting again- you’ll just get more “crab apple” trees. All the specialized varieties are created through grafting from the original mutant apple tree which grows sweet apples.

    If you make cider (which I really love doing” then just plant the seeds. You can use crab apples for cider and it tastes great, while using the few sweet apple trees for eating.

  12. The tin foil man in me wondered if CIA saw traffic from ‘survivalists’ and shut the page off for a while, but that CIA link is now working ok ..

    The USA was listed #1 or #2 just last year, so why the rapid drop ? It seems the bailout must have been the biggest explanation. People sometimes seem to think laziness or decadence in America have alot to do with these things. Perhaps there is some aspect of that, but take for example that many American cars over the years have been very poorly made compared to those in Asia. That seems to have been a decision by management or boards of director type people to skim on quality more so than the workers. Union people of course don’t go on strike when management does that but still I think it’s a management decision.

    A line of reasoning has been that America became great because of freedom and this contributed to economic prosperity. A similar line of thinking is that if employers treat their workers fairly well, those people will value their jobs and perform their jobs better and that this fosters creativity and passion for the work.

    Here’s an article I just found that says “Chinese White Collar workers are burning out at 5 times the US rate”:

    It seems like part of what has been going on is that the bankers and elites find a way to bottle up the prosperity that comes out of America and keep it for themselves or send some of it overseas to places that fit the type of world that they prefer to see where people are not treated very well and perhaps even where they have some control behind the scenes (not sure on that). I can’t say that I am an expert on China by any means, but that is the sort of thing I wonder about and is my impression. At any rate it is not clear there is a level playing field. It’s not just that blue collar Americans wouldn’t want to go to China, but how many white collar jobs are there in China that westerners flock to ? If it’s only American Tycoons who go to China who don’t really do work in what most people would consider work, what does that say ? China has a giant population, but I think there is also alot of rural land in China. My Kung Fu teacher went to the Shaolin Temple, but when I asked him about if you could go off hiking in the mountains, perhaps it was him who told me that people get kidnapped and they’ll steal your kidney or some other body part.

  13. What I am saying in my last post seems possibly counter intuitive because if economic prosperity occurs from freedom then the rich owners of mega corporations should want that freedom as it would benefit them. I think that man has a self destructive side and this can be seen at all levels and not just in the drug user or heavy drinker is my impression ..

  14. not only that but some wealth is necessary in life, well beyond that and what is it but a game of who has more etc ..

  15. The only American made car I’ll ever purchase is a Jeep, and honestly it won’t be long before they are too poor of a quality compared to the foreign competition.

    I had a friend with an H3 which looks bad ass on the surface but since they are made by GM when you get inside the vehicle everything just breaks. The switch to roll down the window literally broke in my hand when I went to put the window down and a number of other things broke off as we went on a single drive with it. My friend wasn’t happy with the vehicle and I had to laugh my ass off because the interior, buttons, knobs, dash, every single piece of the interior looked like it was taken out of my piece of garbage Pontiac I had just gotten rid of after it completely fell apart with 120k miles on it.

    Where I live, the only OLD vehicles you see on the road (which is a great guage on what car brands are good to buy) are old Hondas, Toyotas, and Jeeps. All GM models completely vanish from the roads when that model year is about 15 years old. However, I see Jeep Cherokees with 300,000 miles on them constantly. My girlfriend counted 20 Jeeps parked along a hillside on my way into work today. People where I live choose them because our roads never get plowed in the winter and we have the crappiest roads in the entire country here (as voted on by truckers).

    Also, Freedom does NOT benefit the owners of mega corporations because FREEDOM means that others are free to COMPETE with them.

    If you are the king, your main objective in life is to eliminate anyone who could rise and become a threat to your throne. A king would never support a democracy or republic where people get to CHOOSE their leader. It is the same with a corporation. It is much better to eliminate your competition and create a monopoly for your goods and services than it is to become efficient and make a good product or service.

  16. Apples (eating type) are generally pollinated by crabapples. Crabapples grow great, are cheap, flower with abandon. Also the blooming season is Looooooooong. Therefore a single crabapple tree can pollinate varieties of eating apples that bloom at various times. Futher therefore, most apples you can buy nowadays actually contain seeds with potential for apple/crabapple hybrid trees.

    Secondly, most apples only survive and thrive well enough to fruit where they grow because someone took the time to graft scions onto rootstock. That rootstock usually being….wait for it…crabapples.

    Thirdly, many new apple varieties are anomalies and came about because of genetic mutations or anomalies that won’t occur again except in probably 1 in a billion new trees. The first Gala apple was a fluke produced by crossing and crossing and crossing and crossing until one tree came about that was Gala. Every other Gala apple tree is cloned from that one Gala apple tree by removing scions and grafting them on to some other rootstock.

    Jack’s explanation was pretty much spot on but I think if he’d explained all of this and what he knew it would have been one whole show! LOL

    Regarding Pinata apples…

    My understanding is that you don’t need a license to grow them but rather to acquire stock and grow them and sell them. Licensing is standard with new inventions if you want to sell a license and have someone else use your idea and sell the product under license.

    I totally oppose the government getting involved with these things but luckily it sounds like this is strictly a business thing. There is nothing prohibitting anyone from buying the cultivars that the Pinata people used and crossing until you get your own Pinata type apples. Just don’t call them Pinata!

    I also struggle to call this an invention. But again, you can still the idea all you want as long as you have enough trees, time and money.


  17. I think that the CIA site information was incorrectly interpreted on the podcast – the current account balance is not the “value” of these countries, the net amount owed by these countries, or even the size of their economies. It is the net trade balance for those countries.

    China has a positive $270B trade balance and the US has a negative $561B trade balance. This is not surprising.

    World GDP’s (the value of economies) can be found here: – the US is still #2 behind the EU and China is #3 (although their GDP is spread across 3x as many people as are in the US)

    The public debt of all countries is found here: — The debt of the US appears to be vastly understated as we are now approaching the debt limit that is equal to our GDP. This is likely because Social Security is considered debt by the government, but is not publicly held.

    • I wondered about that too, and I believe you are correct. However, the net trade balance is still analogous to a cashflow statement of a business, if I am not mistaken, which is typically used to value a business. So I think the analogy still holds. Basically a shitload of money is flowing out of our country and into the ones at the top of the list.

    • No I am sorry you have it wrong GDP is gross domestic product, key on GROSS this is not a trade imbalance this is basically the income statement and balance sheet in one.

      To make is simple the old adage applies, “it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep”. GDP doesn’t take into account what goes out and I do NOT mean just in the trade side of things.

      I have no idea how you could think this is just about trade imballance when it says on the CIA site,

      “This entry records a country’s net trade in goods and services, plus net earnings from rents, interest, profits, and dividends, and net transfer payments (such as pension funds and worker remittances) to and from the rest of the world during the period specified. These figures are calculated on an exchange rate basis, i.e., not in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms.”

      That is far more a total financial picture than GDP.

  18. On the IDPA issue:

    I teach handgun carry classes in TN. I heavily recommend my students get involved in IDPA. However, I make sure the students understand IDPA is PRACTICE not TRAINING. Training is learning or perfecting skills with the help of an instructor (even in written or video format). Practice is just that, sharpening skills we have learned. IDPA is much better practice than most of us can set up for ourselves. I have private access to the indoor range at school and I am still very limited in the types of training I can do.

    At an IDPA event you can expect the other shooters to be very helpful. It is not training however. The advice you get may only apply to making you better at that game not at being better able to defend yourself.

    The thing that usually keeps people from going is the fact that it is a “competition”. They don’t feel they are “good enough” to compete. To this I say “If you don’t feel comfortable enough in your skills to compete, do you feel comfortable enough in your skills to carry on the street?” Look at IDPA as practice for the street. If you are still nervous about the score tell your range officer not to record your score. Just shoot it for the practice..

    That said I don’t shoot IDPA anymore. My time is very limited. When I can I shoot 3 gun competitions. That has some elements of IDPA but you get to use your rifle and shotgun to.

    With either game you can get what you want out of it. It can be just like a game of golf for you or you can use it to practice skills you may need some day..


  19. On the China issue,

    I have lived in China for about a year and a half. This was right at ten years ago as China was starting to climb the growth curve. It is very different than most Americans imagine, we think of it as a repressive place with the government controlling everything you do, but in many ways it is less totalitarian than the United States.

    For example, in China you will not get a ticket for not wearing your seat belt; talking on a cell phone while driving; have you id checked for buying beer, regardless of your age; have a SWAT team kick in your door and shoot the family dog because a “informant” described a house similar to yours.

    There is a huge expat population with people from the Nordic countries, Germany, the UK (formerly Great Britain)and numerous Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Korea and Thailand. There is an issue with illegal immigrants from North Korea, and Uzbekistan.

    When the project I was working on in China completed I traveled throughout the country by myself without any problems. I was able to travel by airplane, bus and train and was amazed at not only how much people were willing to help me but how much they wanted to help me and just to talk to me.

    My wife, I met in China but is Japanese, went to college in China due to the fact that her grades in elementary school – high school were not good enough to get her into a good Japanese college. Even though there is still a lot of animosity toward the Japanese she was able to live there without any problems.

    Without making this too long (maybe too late), I have lived all over the United States, in France, China and have visited numerous other countries. China was probably the nicest in many regards and definitely has the friendliest most polite people that I have ever lived among, and that includes Texas and Georgia where the people are the friendliest in the US.

    My wife is pressuring me to look for another job in China so that our daughters can become fluent in Mandarin Chinese as well as English and Japanese and so that they can blend in comfortably with Chinese culture. We both believe that China is going to be the next business superpower. Like it or not.


  20. Thanks Rick,

    I get sick of Americans who have never left the country talking about how we are so god damn free over here.

    I am not saying that other countries are BETTER — I don’t recall the army sending in tanks and soldiers to run people over because a bunch of students protested in the streets, but I do remember the national guard did shoot some students nearby at Kent State.

    Bicycles — This is my favorite comparison to China. Here in the states, especially in the city where I live, we have monthly gatherings where up to 400 people will show up to go on a bicycle ride around the city (google “critical mass”).

    In every city that does this, the police beat the crap out of bicyclists, arrest them, and the general harassment from the public in general is insane. I watched a guy in a porche convertible purposely ram into a cyclist but the asshole got what he deserved when 200 cyclists simultaneously opened their water bottles and dumped the contents into the Porche (of course the douche had the top down).

    My point is, Americans can sit in a traffic jam every friggin day but as soon as the traffic consists of bicycles they flip the F OUT! I’ve watched several friends get the crap beat out of them by a bunch of assclown pigs because they were riding a bicycle. The pigs can’t catch me if I am on a bicycle (i’ve been chased so many times in my life I can’t even begin to count).

    In photos and videos of China you see the streets FILLED with bicycles. It seems to be more of a main mode of transportation than a car would be, and it seems that the powers that be WELCOME the bicycle as such. Most european countries embrace cycling as a means of transportation. The US is pretty much the ONLY country that treats cyclists like roadkill.

    I have a friend who used to gripe about illegal immigration with me and our friends and the whole deal… So what does she go out and do?

    She married a mexican immigrant and moved to Mexico with him and has told us that the only reason she would ever set foot in the US again is to visit her family. She has no intentions of ever coming back to the US and while I doubt she will renounce her citizenship she is spending the rest of her life in Mexico.

    For what they were able to buy a nice house for in Mexico you would have a hard time finding a nice cardboard box to live in here in the states. You don’t have some dipshit building inspector with a shiny badge and a power trip coming by to make you tear down your house because of some endangered sand beetle.

    She claims to have a LOT more freedom than she ever had here in the states. Yes, she says there is a ton of corruption down there, but it does not affect the average person nearly as much as the general corruption of our own government affects ours.

    I know people from all over the world who have come to this country and hate it here. A lot of them went back home. The all tell me that we are not much more free than they would be in their own country. There are differences and pros/cons for each place but overall they find the United States to be MUCH more repressive than their home countries.

    They also point out how people in America hate their own families, their neighbors, and are the most self centered, selfish, arrogant, FAT, STUPID, and generally useless people they have ever met. Now keep in mind, if someone has the means (either monitarily or brain-power) to move to America that does not mean there isn’t a bunch of “riff-raff” in their home country who would never have the means to come over here for a visit.

    The way I see the rest of the world is like this…

    The average person you see on the street, be it America, China, England, France, Africa, wherever wants basically a few things in life… They want the god damn elite and the government to leave them the hell alone. They want to be able to raise their families and they want to spend time with their friends. People of all walks of life and areas of the world have ambitions above these and regardless of where you live there will be a group who knows if they intimidate and bully others into submission then they can live high on the hog on the backs of those they have “enslaved.”

    I HIGHLY doubt that the average people of Afghanistan want to come here and kill all the Americans even after all the bullshit this country has done to theirs. Before we came along most of them had to deal with the same kind of crap or worse from their OWN people.

    However watch Faux News for an afternoon and that’s what they want you to THINK.