Episode-68- 850 Billion to the Bail Out – Now What’s Next? — 7 Comments

  1. Welcome back Jack!!!,,, That sounds like something from “WKRP in Cincinnatti”. Now that I’ve shown my age, it’s good to have you back and have your thoughts on the past couple of days events.

  2. hey Jack,
    Love the show but I have to play devils advocate for a minute. I don’t see the value of “dollars” as being worth much in a sever depression or any situation with hyper inflation. Much like in Germany, Nigeria and hundreds of other countries the currency becomes worth nothing at some point.
    I agree with you Jack, don’t panic just start living a different life style.

    My personal opinion:
    -Food + Water, the best investment
    This is the most important thing to life itself. More people die from lack of clean water than a certain disaster itself. Better to have 1000 dollars worth of water, purifiers and food than in a savings account.

    You’re gonna be a lot better off with extra gas, medicine, camping supplies, weapons etc. than you are with a bunch of paper thats only value is based off speculation.

    -Gold + Silver Work, but not right away
    If there is a major collapse of society gold and silver will be as worthless as paper money. You can’t use gold and silver to fill your belly, heal a wound or kill an animal.

    -Live within your means
    Cars are only worth the gas they run on. In a gas shortage your cars will be a big piece of scrap metal.(with the exception of a stationary travel trailer which you can live in) Property is expensive and can be seized by the government or bank if not fully paid. Don’t try to buy either unless you have other supplies like water, food and medicine etc.

  3. Glad to hear you back! Also think a few days away has let you calm down on the issue! Well balanced podcast. We are in very uncertain times and as much prep as you can do should be done. the best defence is an open agile mind!! We are all very well prepared for this mentally, as you have assisted in providing us the tools to better understand this and not be sheeple. BR steve