Episode-671- Becoming a Better Shooter and Trainer with Airsoft Guns — 6 Comments

  1. Jack, your podcast today has inspired me to get off my tail and get a BB pistol I’ve been thinking about getting. It is an exact replica of the pistol I carry (M&P 45) and costs less than $40. If nothing else, this will let me get in more practice time in my backyard with a good pellet trap.

  2. Great ideas. This is a great way to introduce guns to my children when the time is right.

    When I was a kid we had the Red Ryder “You’ll shoot your eye out with that!” BB guns and I am surprised my family ever let me shoot a real gun based on how reckless and stupid we were with the BB guns LOL.

    I’ve never shot an airsoft gun before. Are they powerful enough to break windows? hehe…

  3. Thanks for the show Jack, I think I will buy an airsoft 1911 now. On simulated weapons, maybe you could use silly string to represent pepper spray. There would be no question of whether or not there was a ‘hit’.

  4. Great show Jack, I would love to see airsoft training courses, I think that’s a great idea. I’ve seen scenario based training similar to your idea, only using paintball guns. As an entrepreneur, if I knew qualified instructors I would be tempted…

  5. Good show. I use my airsoft pistol to practice and to discourage the pigeons from eating all my bird seed. I have a six foot fence around the yard and don’t have to worry about shooting into my neighbors yard. We have wind much of the time which limits the range to about 10 yards with any accuracy. The practice is great though and inexpensive.