Episode-669- Listener Feedback for 5-23-11 — 17 Comments

  1. Maybe someone at the CDC finally figured out that if your prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse, your pretty much prepared for anything.
    If only they understood who the Zombies are that we are really referring to.

  2. I had a talk with my son about all the College loan money he was getting. Had to explain to him about borrowing so much that his future job wouldn’t provide enough of a salary to be able to pay off the loans. He went white after our talk & has since stopped getting so much in loans for each semester. He actually thought he could just live on all this money until he graduated.

  3. Hello,
    Just wanted to comment on the topic of a college degree, and how I just got done with my first semester and now owe 14,000 dollars. I have since then woke up to the reality that I could not pay it back if I was to continue on this path.

    Further more I was treated as a dollar sign despite the fact that I made the deans list, and had a perfect attendance record. I was told by several of my mentors at that time that I did not need to receive a diploma to have the job that I was there for. HA HA the truth came out, unfortunately I have to pay that money back plus interest, but at least I will not be adding to it. Thanx for the awesome podcast!!

  4. I would like to ask one question. Why would a GMO product be less severe for humans than the insects they are intended to kill? This question comes from experiments like this has already been performed, see if you can figure out when. These experiments produced the most well known secrete agent that America has ever had the horror to produce. This agent went by the name: Orange the place: Viet Nam the illnesses: still discovering some, death, …

    Just sayin’


  5. @Jack,

    You said (paraphrasing) that you don’t go into debt to become well rounded. Actually, millions of people do…each and every year. They are brainwashed into thinking this is a good idea, AND that it will bring you prosperity. Actually, they likely call back on this “well-rounded” nonsense as a way of defending what is now becoming clear that which is indefensible (these ridiculous costs for little or no return).
    I PRAY that this utter scam comes crashing down on the heads of these leeches in the world of “higher education”, but of course like most disasters innocent people will be harmed.

    Bottom line–keep beating this drum, because people need to know this.

  6. Isn’t it time Jack started facing up to the reality of anthropogênic glòbal wärming? It’s causing havoc in the US, with floods and twisters killing hundreds. Talk about survival! Take your blinkers off and see the elephant in the room, you redneck dumbäss.

  7. Wow, cannot wait to see Jack’s reply to Climate Chaos. I won’t even begin to reply to this nut because it would pale in comparison to what the “redneck dumbass” will come back with.

  8. Climate Chaos, if you feel this way, why are you even listening to the podcast. What elevated you to the high ground to call someone else a “redneck dumbass”? It seems we do not have enough “redneck dumbasses” to offset your ilk. When it comes survival time, I hope I am surrounded by renecks instead of people like you.

  9. Jack, this is about the letter about the government “borrowing” the retirement funds of government workers. You made a comment to the effect of “those cushy jobs making $60k a year.” You always talk about the class warfare crap that TPTB push to keep us ignoring what they do. This is definitely a class warfare statement. There are many extremely hard working government workers. Most of them care about their jobs and strive to do that job the best that they can. Comments about their cushy jobs just drives a wedge between the government and non-government worker and does nothing to help the situation. I agree that there are many in government that are doing nothing of importance, but there are lots that are supporting the soldiers.

  10. Jack in my own profession xray. I got my education from a hospital based certificate program. I was able to sit for the national regitry. Two years approximately two thousand dollars. I have made that many many time over! A great ROI. Our licenseing agency ARRT just made it that all xray people must have an associate degree. Some keep pushing for four year degrees as minimum. It is just not needed for the repetitive work we do.
    I have long thought this a scandal. It is elitism. The techs with four yr degrees and debt think everyone should be like them

  11. FWIW, I worked as a public high school teacher for nearly a decade and it was the most demanding, time-consuming jobs I’ve had. In the time I was teaching, I saw two lawyers burn out in less than five years and return to law. Cushy govt job my a$$.

    Love you Jack, love the show.

  12. @non-insane people,

    Interesting fact…COOL Weather tends to be more favorable for Tornadoes.

    Read some articles here to get information, involving actual science, instead of the religio-political “science” of Climate Change.
    Here’s a quote from there:
    “Anyone who claims more tornadoes are caused by global warming is either misinformed, pandering, or delusional.”
    Or all of the above.

    It is also interesting. Apparently being a “dumbass redneck” is what’s required to avoid being indoctrinated into the most blatant unscientific fraud of the modern world–man made global warming. If so, I’m praying for more “redneck” in the world.

  13. Jim Rogers does have a raw materials index, which is up 200% or so since he founded it many years ago. He’s an Alabama boy way ahead of us other rednecks…

  14. Read the Jim rogers interview and agree with Jack’s assesment. what is depressing are the comments at the bottom. If you ever wanted a guage on the stupid people, read comments at the bottom of most articles. Productive people read an article and then get back to work or move on. Assclowns say stupid things.

  15. It’s possible that the CDC, to get people to be better prepared for a pandemic or a disease outbreak without having to talk about pandemics and disease outbreaks which are not a part of most US citizen’s experiences so won’t connect with them viscerally.

    Floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters are happening multiple times a year and you read about them even if you don’t experience them.

  16. Did anyone save the Yahoo photo montage that Jack linked to above, “Inspiration for Monday – Farmers Fight and Beat the Floods.” I saw it at the time it was posted, but wanted to go back and look again, but can’t find it now.