Episode-66- Secondary Income Opportunites for Modern Survival — 4 Comments

  1. More Opportunities:

    Become a house painter that uses dura-shield paint additives to insulate, fire retard and helps reduce outside noise.

    Install low maintenance lawns for people: Search for low growing grass that requires little mowing, chemicals and watering. and yes! install gardens or edible landscaping. then teach them how to manage it.

    Install solar air panels (like the ones on ebay that look like window shutters or bigger).

    Farmer Markets if you can grow veggies (which you should be doing if your a survivalist). I saw tomatoes for $2 ea last time I went to the market.

    Learn how to lobby for businesses and causes.

    Repair bikes and offer e-bikes and power bikes. . .they are becoming more and more popular.

  2. One I forgot to mention today.

    Grow mushrooms, specifically shitaki, very expensive, great tasting, store well and all you need is spores and some logs and a place to keep them.

  3. I have been enjoying the podcast very well, I have not gone thru all of your podcast yet. I am chipping away thru them day by day. you podcast quite a bit I hope you dont over do it and run out of topics.

    I thought I would share one thing secondary income I know that this would not be possible for everyone depending on where they live. The town I live in puts out a small monthly news paper. I saw an ad that the town was looking for call firefighters. It was paid training, all gear was provided, paid stand-by and calls. No experience nessecary. Being new to the town I figured what the heck I joined figuring I would help pick up hoses and direct traffic or something like that.

    Well that was almost 4 years ago and since then I am now an FF 1 and 2 EMT-B. I receive a rather nice check at the end of the month. I like it because I can pick and chose my own schedual, its rewarding, I have also made some really good relationships with people in the town I live in. I know people like me who have a full time job, who also work part time, but they pretty much dont get to make their own schedual and I think I am enriching myself far better than working at home depot on the weekends.