Episode-658- Converting Raw Land into Fertile Land — 9 Comments

  1. Corn uses a lot of nitrogen, so plant legumes around it so they can add nitrogen back and help the corn grow. You can also create a moveable pen to keep livestock in and grow your garden in the area where the pen was kept the year before. Livestock help churn up the soil surface which helps work nutrients into the soil and well as urine and manure for fertilizer.

  2. You are mistaken about BT Corn. It is not a fish gene, it has a gene taken from the common soil bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (BT). The substance created is a protein called Bt delta endotoxin, which interferes with the development of the larva into an adult.

  3. A little disappointed. I’ve been getting one episode of the intro to permaculture on Itunes at a time when I had fast enough internet. I went to get a new episode today and it was GONE. On the bright side, it was brought up here today.

  4. The atmospheric pressure on the surface of Mars varies from around 0.0044 psi on Olympus Mons’s peak to 0.17 psi in the depths of Hellas Planitia, with a mean surface level pressure of 0.087 psi, compared to Earth’s sea level average of 14.7 psi to about 4.4 psi at the summit of Everest. So the air pressure on Mt. Everest is more than 25 times greater than the highest pressure on Mars.

  5. Great show as usual. Jack, I have access to a farm where I could try out an acre or so for permaculture, but most of the farm uses (don’t gag) Monsanto and Roundup. Should I try to find a place away from the run-off from those fields (if possible, it is ~250 acres so I’m sure I could find somewhere), don’t worry about it, or find somewhere else to grow?


  6. Great show, one of my main current focuses as I save for land and study what I’m likely to do once I buy.

    One thing I think you left out, but probably agree in your order of operations, was after your permanent structure locations are decided (house, deck, pond, etc) and land elevation ideas are at least planned, maybe before you start implementing, would be to plant your near maintenance free trees like pecan in this area. So if it takes you several years before you can do regular maintenance or stay at the property, those trees may have several years of growth.

  7. For years I have specialized in Rural Land and Farms in North Carolina and Virginia. I understand the requirements and specialties needed to evaluate Land. My connections are nationwide with fellow “Dirt Dogs”. If you are interested in Land please contact me.

    Lou Jewell ALC
    Accredited Land Consultant

  8. I’m a science lover and skeptic interested in modern preparedness. In order to use sound reasoning in your reasons or explanations for doing something please avoid common logical fallacies. Much of this podcast sounded like the naturalistic fallacy and isn’t convincing to someone aware that nature doesn’t always = good. There are many “man made” things that are an improvement to nature (irrigation, plumbing, hybridization, etc) and many things in nature that aren’t always good for humans (radiation, lead, too much water, etc). Anyway, please be conscious of common logical fallacies if you wish to reach the broadest audiences possible.