Episode-653- Thirteen Interesting Facts About Liberty — 31 Comments

  1. With the birth certificate we are born into a commerce clause and are literal income for the government. Liberty is not consenting to those legal jargon words that enslave.

    PERSON is a legal entity – a trust, corporation, partnership, association. Don’t be fooled by the attorney’s statutory word trickery if you see “natural person”. An adverb cannot change the root meaning of a word. Plain and simple, it is impossible to be a “person”. You are either a man or woman – a living being. A “person” is a dead entity and attorneys may only represent persons – commercial legal entities.

    RESIDENT is the word term used to establish jurisdiction in a State (a legal entity). To “reside” is a commercial term only used to establish domicile for tax revenue purposes.

    CITIZEN is the word term used to establish jurisdiction in a Federal district. It is also a commercial term only used to establish domicile for tax revenue purposes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may only tax those people who have voluntarily deemed themselves internal to the district. Thus only legal entities have tax liability.

    DRIVER is a For Hire / paid operator of a motor vehicle. The term “motor vehicle” is defined as every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power used for commercial purposes on the highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers and property, or property or cargo.

    PASSENGER is someone who pays a fare for passage on a commercial carrier – airplane, bus, taxi, limousine, cruise ship, train or trolley, rather than a “guest” who travels without charge or fee.

    The NAME = all Capital letter designation – JOHN DOE or JANE DOE is the corporate legal entity = person (also known as – strawman).

  2. Damn Jack that was good! Finally someone has verbalized all my own core beliefs. You even said the line that I thought was my own “You have the freedom to fail” Sorry Jack but I must agree with you 100% on this one. LOL

    Put this one in the “new lister list” and the “best of Jack Spirko” list

  3. Awesomely put!

    Dearest govt., Keep the $200,000 Soc. Sec. I have put in running on the gerbil wheel…keep the medicare I have paid for the last 31 years but when I log out you’d better let me alone with my liberty. And in turn I won’t ask you for anything. I will die working the soil like my Texas forefathers did.

    I’m only four years from where you are Jack. I started 6 months ago…have the power and septic in and the pole barn half built.

  4. Jack,

    Quick question: You mentioned that if there’s no victim, then there’s no crimes. What are your thoughts on drinking and driving?

  5. I have a small disagreement with on regarding you use of Justice Holmes’s dictum “Your freedom to swing you fists ends at my nose.”
    You applied it someone contaminating your corn crop with pollen from GM corn. First, I think you’re a bit nutty on GM but that’s fine. Where I have a problem is when you object to someone growing a GM crop anywhere near you.
    You (or I) might believe popcorn is poison and that raising it near our yellow corn somehow contaminates it. A court would demand proof.
    I met a guy once who thought radio waves were deadly and wanted to ban all antennae! Again, prove it and maybe he’ll have a case.
    I just don’t like when a supposed victim defines the crime. In the case of genetically modified food (and all modern food is modified, whether through accident, breeding or gene swapping) just about every scientist and researcher in that field believe it safe.
    The more we investigate, the more we realize that gene swapping, from one organism to another, happens all the time in nature. There are microorganisms that have picked up genes from humans!
    Justice Holmes came up with a good rough guide to liberty but we can’t go around sticking our noses into fists.
    Great podcast this time, I enjoy all of them and this time I got to argue with you and that’s the best thing of all.

  6. @Walt well bro here is just how wrong you are and how cut and dry the case is.

    I am growing corn I sell as GMO Free and Certified Organic so it sells at a premium.

    You grow your GMO shit next to me and it cross pollinates.

    My customers demand testing to prove my GMO free Organic claim.

    Testing clearly shows when cross pollination occurs. My customers will now no longer pay my premium. I have suffered financial loss due to your actions.

    Done the end, you mentioning of radio waves HAS NOTHING to do with the example here. GMO cross pollination does occur, it is also easy to prove. In fact several organic rice growers have SUCCESSFULLY sued on these exact grounds. Proof of cross pollination is actually easy to provide. It also does cause financial loss to the person effected.

    May be you would not think I was so “nutty” if you gathered even the most basic facts in regard to GMOs.

  7. @Phil

    While I feel DUI in general has been used as an excuse for unconstitutional “safety checks” and that blood limits are insanely low at current time, I do see true drunk driving as a crime with victims.

    First when you drive on public roads I do believe you should have to have a license, this traveling the purest libertarians use is bullshit. Said roads are public and built with public monies. If you want to chug a bottle of Jack Daniels and your only passengers are adults who know it and you are on your own private road go ahead.

    What a person is truly drunk and on a public road they are taking other lives into risk, a risk the other person has a reasonable right to not be included in. Just because the accident didn’t happen yet doesn’t matter, the risk was created. If I try to kill you and miss, that is attempted murder, just because you suck at shooting doesn’t mean you get off Scott free.

    Yes things like DUI go into gray areas but I think that is why men have the gift or reason and logic if we choose to use it. Again I think current limits are way to low to substantiate real impairment but I have no issues with a reasonable limit on any intoxication regardless of the source when driving on a public road.

  8. Modern Survival;

    I won’t deny cross pollination exists. Fairly well documented.

    My popcorn may also degrade your crop, if your market is a popcorn fearing crowd. That they happen to be “organically-oriented” is their and your problem.

    If your market happened to fear corn raised in the presence of radio waves it would be your responsibility to erect Faraday cages and not mine.

    As a good neighbor, of course, you could ask me to move my popcorn to the other side of my property and we could work out a deal. If you have some religious fear of GM corn and decry the slightest taint of such evil I would probably tell you to climb a rope.

    Actual harm in the form of poisonous contamination is one thing; marketing schemes are quite another.

    Now, I don’t raise corn but I’m happy to see GM food on the market. I’m nutty in many ways, fearing GM just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

  9. @Walt so you think it is nutty to not want to eat corn that is infected with a transmutational virus carrying a gene from a fish? You think it is nutty to not want to eat corn DRENCHED in roundup twice during the growing period?

    What in the hell has our world come to?

  10. Modern Survival,

    Yeah, I think it’s a mild form of nuttiness to overworry about GM foods. It may be a good kind. It does bring a sense of perhaps needed caution to a new technology.

    Things could go wrong with genetic engineering. Very wrong and still not invalidate it. Things often went wrong with fire and sharp edges but we found a way to work with them; we’ll find a way with gene transfer.

    So I don’t mind a little nuttiness. We’re all feeling our way in a new world and in the end you may be right, though I personally doubt it.

    The only thing I mind is forbidding other people a chance to try new things and maybe make things better.

    Oh, and rinse off that Round-up before you serve it to me. I’m a bit nervous about that stuff myself.

  11. One of your best yet Jack!!! I will be passing this one along to several people who need to hear it. “Freedom isn’t alway pretty” So very, very true.

  12. “Liberty isn’t always pretty”. My bad, just got off work.. Again, awesome podcast.

  13. You are the most dangerous American I know. Keep making the case for smaller constitutional government. I would like nothing better than to see the unemployment number go up because we fired a ton of politicians and beuracrats.

    Ending prosecution of victimless crime would also put a ton of folks out of work in the criminal/industrial complex. Another good thing.

    What if all these parasitic leaches actually took up productive persuits?

    Another best of show for sure!

  14. Also- forgot to thank you for adding the RWVA logo and link to the site. I’m up to Instructor in Training II now. So fun working with the kids and getting to tell stories about our heritage and the sacrifice our forefathers made so we could have the possibility of living free. Nothing was certain that April morning. They were traitors to the crown. The only two outcomes were hanging in the public square or victory and the creation of a new nation.

    BTW- we are starting a campaign of doing lectures in public libraries so we can reach the crowd that just will never come out to a shoot.

  15. Another good show Jack I agree with you 100%….just kidding! Have you ever taken a breath test after drinking? I have done so several times and you have to drink a lot of alcohol to get to 0.8 or .10. The limit is not low to get legally drunk.

  16. No fast food in years? Some of life’s simple pleasures are $2.99 Double cheesebuger meal from MCD, A chic-filet sandwich, A grilld stuft burrito from Taco bell(YUM), any burger from Wendys(WEN)


  17. Loved the rant Jack. Its funny when you get fired up on the air like that.

  18. @Walt – you put your faith in the genetically modified food all you want brother. As long as the GMOs don’t pollute my crops, and the trash, er, food, is labeled so that I don’t accidentally buy it, we’re good.

  19. @Walt that is the problem you can’t rinse off something a plant absorbs. When you eat GMO corn YOU ARE consuming round up. Washing it doesn’t help, get some facts before writing it off.

    For the record when I first heard about GMOs I thought it was more hippey bullshit. Unlike global warming though when I dug in and researched it the dangers were clear.

    I guess you think those assclowns creating a terminator gene is okay too? Patenting life is also okay?

  20. Excellent show Jack.

    I too had a good chuckle at your expense with your bad day rant (mostly because it hits so close to home).

  21. Great show Jack!

    I agree with your definition of Liberty, but I think that you overlooked some significant implications of your concepts.

    In order to protect individuals from infringing on each other Liberties a government must exist to make and enforce laws and regulations. Government must also play a role in providing for the defense of liberty against external entities. Therefore the government must exist and be funded in such a way to provide these services; yet some members of the society will more directly benefit from these services than others based on their circumstance and location. This is not fundamentally different than other forms of government services that are paid for through taxation yet distributed unequally based on need. If you consider all government services as some level of captivity along a spectrum with the Judicial System on one end and Welfare on the other, I think we could all agree that a line needs to be drawn somewhere in the middle; however, I think you will also agree that where that line is drawn is a subjective judgment with no single correct answer.

    I think my line is drawn a little to the left of yours, because I feel that the society has a responsibility to provide a minimum level of protection for the “captive” children until they reach a point where they have the opportunity to obtain liberty. To be specific, I believe that the government should ensure that all children have access to quality education, water, food and healthcare until they reach the age of 17, at which time they repay that debt through their own public service (military, law enforcement, public works, etc) for 2-3 years. At the end of that time, they can return to society and exercise their Liberty.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

  22. What a good show.
    I do take exception with your statement at 18 minutes about “equal opportunity”, saying the government wants to bring everyone “up” to the same level.
    It appears to me that all efforts are trying to bring everyone “down” to the lowest common denominator (dumbing down). Public “education” is the perfect example, punish achievers, mainstream dumbasses and troublemakers.
    That’s was our experience in the Charlotte school system.

  23. Jack,

    I seem to have heard you mention sheep and sheepdogs and wolves in a few of your podcasts. Do you get some of your philosophy from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman? “On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs” if not I highly suggest reading it and passing it on. Great job on this one.
    And, on a different subject, I met Ron Hood the other day at the Cabelas in Allen, Tx. He was there selling his Hoodlum Buck 060 knife. He invited me to sit and chat with him for a while. He seems to be a super nice guy and he didn’t even laugh too hard when the chair he offered me folded up underneath me and I busted my ass. It was a very enjoyable conversation. I caught the EDC episode with Ron and would like to hear more from him if you guys get the chance. Keep up the good work.


  24. ModernSurvival;

    Terminator genes are an interesting proposition. They way they are used now, and their use may be declining, is as a marketing tool. Use this seed if you want, but you can’t use any offspring.

    Kind of like using hybrid seeds. They may give you something you want; say a great fruit or veggie, but at a cost. It’s up to you if that cost is worth the price. Not for the survivalist crowd and that’s good. Having a small group of people growing heritage food and saving the seed makes us robust and could save our ass if things go south.

    I don’t seem terminator seeds as dangerous. Kind of a self-limiting problem.

    Patenting life is a fascinating topic for debate. Can you take existing genes, rearrange them and patent the result?

    A similar question is can you take existing words, rearrange them and copyright the result?

    Certainly life is different than words. A computer program is different than a book but you can copyright it. An algorithm is very similar to a recipe; you can copyright a recipe but the courts are split on the algorithm question.

    There are reasons one might want to allow patenting life; encouraging innovation being one. I get the sense that you’d rather not see any innovation along these lines but opinions differ.

    Patent life spans are finite and eventually any monopoly will expire.

  25. @Dan 16 I have played around with a portable breathalyser (a cheap $50 one from Brookstone or somewhere). It registers a small reading (or sometimes a very high reading) just by blowing over a drink into it.

    .08 was forced down the state’s throats. I think it is much too low, but penalties if someone harms someone else while proven to be impaired (not just a number) should be steeper. It is also a revenue generator and like Jack said, the basis for constitutional “unconstitutional” checkpoints.

    I used to be completely “Libertarian” so to speak on a lot of issues. Now, I still am philosophically, but politically I realize as Jack said, that we have much bigger problems to deal with first. I’d like to see the feds get out of mandating a number and tying it to highway funds and let the states determine it.

  26. Oh, yeah, Jack! I LOVED this episode! Thank you, I’m sharing it with my friends and burning a few copies to hand out to people.

  27. @Walt, DUDE! Do some research, you DO NOT know anything abut GMOs, your response to me asking about terminator genes proves it, you got it all 100% wrong. There isn’t a single correct fact in your statement, that isn’t my opinion but reality.

    First terminator genes are not currently in use, they made them but pulled back before ever deploying them, so “as they are used now” shows how little you know.

    Second as this is a TRAIT not the result of hybridization it could be passed to other plants via cross pollination. So if used (and they will do it as soon as they can) that cross pollination could very well destroy seed stocks all over the world.

    Walt I am fine with disagreement but you don’t know why you believe what you believe here. Get the facts, learn the reality. Then if you still disagree fine, but seriously you are showing me by each response how uninformed you are.

  28. Great podcast. Listening to the comments, I realize that sometimes liberty must be withheld to avoid damaging another person. So, I may need to grow GMO free corn to avoid damaging my neighbor’s crop. Then again, who was growing what crop first? It can sometimes be difficult to determine who must restrict their liberty to protect another persons rights. Life isn’t perfect and liberty isn’t pretty!