Episode-652- Bow Hunting Deer Part Two — 4 Comments

  1. I’m going archery bow hunting this coming fall in Oregon. Hunting regulations are police state tyranny, but get caught poaching and it’s prison time. Regardless, even with the excessive fees, BS rules, and WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT AND YOU AREN’T attitude of government assholes it is not that bad if only going for small game, deer, or elk.

  2. @Jack,
    Perhaps you should consider an abbreviated transcript of your 2 hours along with some photos as an article on your sister SOS site. It would be very informative.

    I’ve been hunting for about forty years and have been a state certified hunter education instructor for nearly 20 years, and feel I have to chime in on a little bit of tree stand information that you didn’t mention. From a safety standpoint you should always do two things when considering a tree stand. First, any tree stand you purchase should have the mark of the Tree Stand Manufacturers Association (TMA) to ensure it is of tested design and quality manufacture. And second when using a tree stand you should ALWAYS wear a full body harness and arrest system, properly adjusted to allow you to mount a firearm or draw a bow without too much slack. Here in Ohio, tree stands cause more injuries than other hunting related accidents, including firearms. On the subject of permanent home build stands from wood, keep in mind that dimension lumber is a fixed size, and that trees continue to grow, so if you’re going to build such a thing, proper inspection and maintenance is imperative.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that if you can use these techniques to become a successful bow hunter, these same skills can only improve your gun hunting as well.

    When someone talks about a specific hunting tool giving an unfair advantage, I simply remember that I’ve hunted in both OH and PA using rifle, shotgun, handgun, bow, and crossbow, and have taken deer with all of these tools. I have also come home empty handed with each of these tools. Perhaps that’s why they call it hunting, and not shopping.