Episode-651- Bow Hunting Deer Part One — 14 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to listen to this. I just picked up a bow and have started practicing. Right now the meat is more important than the sport so I may do deer in the bow season but I’m still doing elk with rifle.
    My state, Oregon, finally came around and are letting you bow hunt during rifle season to extend the bow hunting season. They still have lighted nocks and expanding broadheads banned, but we’re hoping they come around soon.
    For those of you who like to tune your bow there are some great articles on the Forums in the DIY section. I found that for $7.50 I can buy a luggage scale at Wal-Mart to use to measure draw weight. I’m also working on building a chrono that will plug into the microphone jack of my computer for nothing but the price of a little magnet wire, a microphone plug, and a piece of tubing. Should come in at under $10. Check it out. (I have no affiliation with ArcheryTalk.)
    Jack, you should find a pro to interview on archery hunting. Tell me you wouldn’t love to interview Ted Nugent on TSP…

  2. Can’t wait to listen. Nothing compares to full draw at 15 yards, having meat in the freezer by your own hand, and letting those walk knowing you could have.

    Sounding a little like Uncle Ted myself.

  3. I expect this will be the year I get my NYS license and a bow. I’ve wanted to for a while, so now is the time. This also reminded me to get with my fellow hunters to re-post the land we hunt and clear trails sooner than later…
    Thanks Jack.

  4. If you guys want a guy as big as Ted on the show organize a campaign and badger him into it. LOL

  5. After not hunting with a bow (gun only) for many years I’m getting back in thanks to taking up the hobby of bowmaking. Going into the woods this fall with my handmade red oak longbow. Can’t wait to listen to this one to relearn what I’ve forgotten.


  6. I envy you guys that can still bow hunt. I lost the muscle in my left shoulder to radiation for cancer. Now, I do the closest thing to bow hunting. I black powder hunt. I have to get back to the range and do some shooting.

  7. I might be joining HandAxeProMan. This past winter I slipped and fractured my left elbow. I still don’t have full movement back. I’m doing the exercises I was given, but the doctor isn’t sure if I will ever be able to completely straighten the arm again.

  8. @HandAxeProMan and @ Timothy Covington,

    First my condolences to both of you, I wish you the best recoveries that are possible.

    On a more positive note it would seem anyone that can shoot a rifle, black powder or otherwise could shoot a crossbow as well. So you might want to consider that.

    Many states that don’t allow crossbows for archery will for a disabled hunter. There is also a device that makes a standard bow fire like a crossbow also something many states allow for disabled bow hunters. Can’t remember what it is called though.

  9. Jack,
    I’m hoping I can get my arm back, shooting a crossbow just isn’t the same. I tried shooting a 35 pound recurve a couple of weeks ago. It was very painful, but I did it. I just have to get my arm to where it will straighten. If I can’t do that, I might just use a camera in bow season instead.

  10. For grunts and calls I recommend a short cheap book called. “Whitetail Deer Communication” By Ken Grace.

    I grunted up two bucks this year, (biggest I have killed) and pulled a buck off a Doe. It helps you to understand what you are doing.
    I do not buy beef but only eat venison. Try this out.

  11. Jack,
    Good episode. I look forward to listening to part II. I believe you should mention tree stand safety as part of your bow hunting advice. A good safety vest is a great idea and may save your life.

  12. I just want you all to be aware of another possible resource. I’m not sure about other states, but here in WI. there are tags you can get from farmers called “Agricultural Damage Shooting Permits”. These tags allow you to shoot (usually with a firearm, but sometimes with a bow) 1 antlerless deer per farm, outside of the regular season. Any deer you bag does not count against your regular license tag limits. Here is a link you can utilize to find out more info about these permits. The site from the WI. DNR also provides a list of farmers who participate in this program statewide. One other thing… Farmers who join this program must allow at least 2 hunters per 40 acres of huntable land, access to their property during the regular hunting season to hunt for whichever type of animal their ag damage tags were issued for (deer, bear, geese, or turkey).

    I hope this will be valuable info for someone!