Episode-648- Reaching the Unreachable — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for another awesome show, Jack.

    How can we get the edited version for sharing with our families and friends?

  2. Great show. I’ve been tracking all my food purchases this year and using the opportunity buy system to build up my reserves. Other than fresh things (milk, eggs, fruits and veggies), most of my food purchases are now for the storage side of the pantry (store what we eat; eat what we store). At the dinner table last night, after a conversation about escalating food prices and our stores, my husband asked me, “So what would it take to keep chickens?”

  3. @Jack,

    Great show, I agree with everything you say. Just kidding. 🙂
    What I really mean is that I agree with the principles you talked about today, which is of course why I spend an hour+ per day listening to what you talk about. I’d say most people who listen to your show DO share these principles.

  4. I loved the fox trap analogy with how debt is a trap. I would also extend it to how we’ve been trapped into eating unhealthy food, into materialism, into the whole work-retire-die thing.

    It’s all been so ingrained in our psyches by the media and Powers That Be that it is exactly like walking into a trap we can’t see.

  5. Perfect. I’ve been sharing through other ways, but this will make a great ice breaker for those that I know need guidance and don’t appreciate the copper round gifts that I’ve been using to break the ice. Keep it up.

  6. Amazing show Jack. Even as a long time listener I was still inspired. My wife is marginally on board and more or less doesn’t mind my prepping activities, but isn’t really involved either. Hopefully i can get her to listen to this episode with me and maybe why I’m concerned about the things I am will make a little more sense.

  7. I loved this show and I’ve listened to it 3 times already. My favorite part:

    Jack requesting that we visualize our Grandma at age 25
    Jack requesting that we visualize our Grandma going out to her mailbox
    Jack requestion that we visualize our Grandma pulling out a shiny letter from the “Visa” corporation

    *Jack in a hushed voice*

    “Dear Grandma….

    You’ve just been pre-approved for Fifty Thousand Dollars in un-secured credit…”


    So awesome, Jack. Thanks for this show. I think it is not only a really good one for “reaching the unreachable”, but it is also a great reminder / reference-point for all of us that need to never forget the fundamentals of why we prep.

  8. New listener over in the UK and must say thanks for a great podcast. Some very, very useful thoughts in there. Also nice to see someone not taking the conspiratorial “Black Helicopter” view and just going back to the basic principles for the reasons that they are genuinely good ideas. Shall be digging through the back catalogue.

    Any way to subscribe via RSS?