Episode-638- Survival Podcast Listener Feedback for 4-4-11 — 26 Comments

  1. The only thing that happened to me with law enforcement was right after the letter was sent to the state police i got some strange looks when i was getting out of a car wearing camo going mushroom hunting in april.

  2. I was aware of human breast milk proponentship, which first surfaced last fall, from the UK. As a former biologist, and a survival proponent, I am duly alarmed at the epidemiological possibilities of this development. The passsing of hormones, bacteria and immuno diseases by the ingestion of human breast milk by the populace at large canhave exponentially negative results, from a public health perspective. I will never utilize this form of milk, under any circumstances, unless it is fed into the human food chain, without the knowledge of the general population. This has consequences for immuneology which are very far reaching and dire. The SS, under the National Socialist government, on Germany, before WW II, also had thought of this development, and had previously began to develop this alternative source of nurishment, for their Lebensborn program. HOwever, due to the onset of war, it was not fully developed by the Lebensborn program administrators of the SS. This is the objection, morally, which I have to this concept, let alone , also, its public health dangers. Where, in the hell, are we, as a civioization, headed to. With onsuing developments of concepts such as this, what is the actual status of our survival, as a civilization, let alone, personally, with the onsuing crush of ever ongoing rising food prices, and the onset of potential world wide famine? I am truly puzzled by the direction in which we, as a civilizaiton, are headed. ANd it is most alarming. Makes me continue to stockpile food, ammunition, an to develop alternatives to living anywhere near any area of large population. Thanks to all here. Rick

  3. I had Mersa back in 2007 I think it was. I was surfing in Maine and when I tried to pop up on the board, my knee sort of caught the board and skidded on the deck of the board and the skin may have ruptured. The next day the knee was sort of stiff but became a much more swollen shortly after that and was not getting better. The doctor said it was mersa after other antibiotics failed and I was on a couple of antibiotics until it got better. I was convinced that I should be sure to always use fresh clean towels after surfing and take plenty of showers and wear clean cloths alot. The bad mersa cases according to my research is the people who don’t get treated right away or possibly those who are weak etc ..

    The year after that (2008), when I started camping in my truck camper in the spring, a second mersa infection started up on my thumb, but it was not as bad as the knee had been and with antibiotics prescribed, it went away eventually and I have had no problems since ..

  4. What is the link to the video that makes Jack’s blood boil in regards to rights?

  5. If you were looking for domestic terrorists wouldn’t those be reasonable attributes to look for? If you accept targeting, it isn’t just for Muslims.

  6. Re; farmer in Oakland. You were right to not call Chris Candell an assclown. I just got off the phone with the guy. He returned my call Immediately, and we had a follow-up email discussion. You are correct in that he is simply doing his job (never argue the justness of law with a cop). Anyway, he was quite diplomatic, and seemed to be both sympathetic and genuinely concerned about the well being of the public. (As he said; “how would you feel if your child got lead poisoning from her farm because the soil wasn’t tested?”

    Anyway, the good news is that he guided me to new legislation that is being drafted today that will hopefully resolve a lot of these issues. I’ve been on the phone all W/ various local government ppl. Their attitude seems to largely be “Its a problem, the laws are 70 years old, and suited for different times. We’re working to fix that.”

  7. Jack thanks for talking about container huglekulture on your show (you do read your emails LOL). Trust me on this Jack I am not smart enough to over think this and I should have went in to further detail on my first post. Where I got the idea was from mom, she worked for a green house that supplied flowers in big pots to the Chicago park district. The did exactly what I said before they filled the pot half with wood mulch and the rest for dirt. They did this for three reason, 1st they did it for weight, wood weights less then dirt and 2nd for cost, wood chips are cheaper then dirt lastly the did it for drainage, a container full of dirt does not drain very good. I know they did this for a season and planter did not turn in to a smelly mess but they dumped it out in the fall and never when in to the second year.
    When I heard you talking about talking about huglekulture this was the first think that popped in to my mind and when you did your show on container gardening I though it was perfect time to bring it up to see if anyone else did this and if it works. I know this system works for one year but after that I have now clue. Keep up the good work.

  8. I would like to second the WTF on the cows producing human breast milk. Hey didn’t we try to play god already once? hmmmm

  9. @gregory

    So you actually think a person who is concerned about economic collapse is a potential terrorist? Shit I am in trouble than! What about a person that doesn’t like big government, that would be all the tens of millions that voted for Ron Paul last time around right? If I believe in the constitution I am a potential terrorist?

    Hell I run “The Survival Podcast”, I voted for Ron Paul, I have a stock pile of extra food, I accurately predicted the economic collapse, I read books on survivalism, I am writing such a book, I reload, I have ammo, I have guns, I believe the Constitution is the foundational law of America and I TOOK AN OATH TO DEFEND IT and served my nation in the U.S. Army Airborne. After being discharged I took a second oath to honor that first oath even though my service ended (by joining Oathkeepers).

    I stand as a member of the REAL militia as an able bodied American male and I realize this is true based on the Dick Act which has never been repealed by the way. I am moving to a place in the sticks to grow my own food, raise livestock and provide for my own needs.

    Should the day arise when the last vestiges of the constitution are trampled I stand ready to defend the nation I swore an oath to. I speak to 20,000 people a day and tell them to do 80% of what is on the government list.

    How the hell does that warrant calling me or anyone like me a potential terrorist?

    The fact that anyone would claim that believing the foundational law of the land actually matters is an indicator of terrorism is insane. In fact I would say calling someone a potential terrorist for supporting the document every service member and GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL must swear an oath to should put the accuser on another list, one for people exhibiting a sign of mental illness.

  10. @Jack @gregory Here, here! What kind of institutional cancer is this!? Imagine the Salvation Army getting into prostitution. I really think it’s that wacky–but it’s true!

  11. Jack,

    In an era where minting your own silver coins is described as “A unique form of terrorism” by the government; an era where members of our government can decry the relaying of information as terrorism that must be punished with summary execution; an era where a private in the military faces the death penalty for releasing a video of the military knowingly killing civilians, while those military personnel go unpunished; an era where even being a peace protester labels you as a potential “terrorist”, is it any wonder that being a patriot puts you under “suspicion”?

    “See something, say something”
    Welcome to 1938

  12. GM Milk issue – So many issues with this one. And you can never do better than what nature provides, human breast milk for human babies.
    And if the cows have human DNA also does that make them part human?
    Another great point brought up by my daughter-in-law “It really irks me that they claim this “cow” milk has the same immune-enhancing properties as human milk. When a sick baby nurses, germs from baby’s saliva get into the mother’s milk ducts. Ten hours later, there are antibodies to those germs in her milk. NO other source can do that!”
    Bugs in hospitals- My youngest got group B Strep infection at birth, very scary. Later her doctor would just marvel,”I can’t believe there is nothing wrong with her!” She was born in a hospital, I was tested negative for group b before giving birth by my doctor. We always wondered if she picked it up from the hospital in some way.
    I’m all for avoiding hospitals, happy that my 2 youngest grandkids were born in their homes.

  13. Well Jack, you finally managed to piss me off today with your callous treatment of Novella Carpenter. I actually became a fan of hers after listening to your show for a year and had always wished you might some day interview her.

    No worries though, I will cool down soon enough. I still love your show( thought you now officially have pissed me off once, well actually twice but the first time was not as bad{that was early on in your show when you trashed people who are able to but choose not to carry CCW. I an New Englander BTW }) I still think you might consider interviewing Miss Carpenter.

  14. @Ben really? How was I callous? By saying a 38 year old that says it is time to act like an adult is overdue? Actually since reading her blog now I get the humor. I now understand that she was going for humor not reality. Still when a 38 year old says “I have to be an adult now”, I tend to first think WTF and secondarily ask what do you mean by that.

    Considering I moved out of my home at 15 and started paying my own way at that point I have very little understanding when someone in their thirties says it is time to grow up.

    Now anything else I said if you consider it callous I have to ask what you are talking about?????????

    As far as an interview I think she would make a great interview and I am considering having her on once I get the move accomplished.

  15. Re: Oakland Farmer

    While I think there should be a sliding scale based on the business size, why should this woman be treated any different from any other business owner in the city? She’s not just trading or selling a few tomatoes…we’re talking several thousand dollars a year.

  16. @Jack,

    Your comment about people trying to sterilize everything is one I’ve heard from others, but honestly, it makes little sense to me. Wanting to have a clean kitchen counter to avoid a specific, known source of contamination or possible health risk doesn’t mean that person is never exposed to bacteria, viruses, etc. Walk out of a perfectly sterile house (which isn’t possible) and you’ll be exposed to plenty of germs.

    Point is–we’re exposed to plenty of germs on a daily basis whether or not we keep a clean house, wash our hands, etc. The reason we clean toilets, kitchen counters, etc is that they are specifically known sources of high levels of bacteria that can and do cause specific health problems if not kept under control.

    We don’t need to carefully avoid over-sterilizing things so that we can insure we’re exposed to germs. We don’t need to create opportunities for more germ exposure.

    Lastly, I believe Antibiotic over use (which I agree is a major problem) is not the same thing as killing bacteria with a cleaning agent. Not an expert on that, but I don’t believe that the process is the same.

  17. Jack

    You talked about needing to plan for a possible 30 quarantine. Would be great if there were a list we could work from for preparing. Any suggestions?

  18. This is utterly insane. Every time I hear you talk about GMO’s, I think of a quote from the movie Jurrasic Park. “Just because we can do it, doesn’t mean we should”.

  19. Jack, thanks for bringing up the way that viruses are used as vectors for the purpose of changing plant and animal gene structure, but please stop calling them “GMOs”!

    The truth of the matter is that we have been engaging in “genetic engineering” ever since humans started agriculture. When we bred plants for certain characteristics, or started hybridizing plants to encourage certain characteristics, we were engaging in genetic engineering. Heck, even encouraging donkeys and horses to cross-breed in order to produce mules is a form of genetic engineering!

    What scientists like those working for Monsanto and those involved in this batshit-crazy project to get cows to produce human breastmilk is NOT genetic engineering. The major companies involved in this kind of insanity actually PREFER that we refer to it as “genetic engineering,” because it helps to reinforce the misconception that what they are doing is little different than what we have done ever since we started cultivating crops and livestock.

    The truth is, as you pointed out, that what they are doing is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. On a recent episode of the Agroinnovations Podcast, Frank Aragona suggested a new meme regarding this practice: VIRALIZED TRANSGENICS, or VTGs ( This is a more accurate term because it incorporates the use of a virus as a vector, and the fact that much of this work involves the crossing of natural genetic boundaries (e.g. the introduction of animal genes into plants and vice-versa). Most importantly, it helps to dispel the myth that what we are doing is little different than the manual cross-pollination of different tomato varieties in order to create an F1 hybrid.

    Viralized Transgenics, not Genetically-Modified Organisms. VTGs, not GMOs. Help spread the meme.