Episode-626- Prepping from Starting Out to Advanced Tactics — 25 Comments

  1. When it comes to emergency preparedness, most people I talk to think that nothing will ever happen to them- I constantly hear “why should I bother”. In today’s world it sounds crazy to talk about storing food. Why bother when restaurants, convenient stores and grocery stores are open 24 hours a day, 7days a week? We have grown up in the age of consumerism and take for granted there will always be food on the shelves. Well, what if there is a national emergency? Or if the unions repeat what happened in France – and stop delivery trucks in protest. What if our government keeps spending and hyper inflation occurs? Just look what happened in Boston! Why not be prepared just in case? It drives me NUTS when people have their heads in the sand!! But I know I am not nuts.
    As a father of 3 small children, I have always tried to protect and provide for all their immediate and future necessities. I could not come home and tell my kids there was no food on the shelves. Now, I can sleep in peace having purchased years of emergency food! I love having the peace of mind, the feeling of being empowered– that my family and I are covered with the necessary emergency food, and survival supplies for the next 20 years at TODAY’S prices for what ever comes our way. For more information, go to blog .

  2. One thing not being pointed out in the news is the number of people who have died because of this “meltdown”…Zero. Rescue workers are only allowed to spend one hour in the “hot zone” at which time they reach their life time limit of one time exposure. A limit that has been shown to not raise risk of pre-mature death due to cancer or organ failure.

    Now keep in mind they are not walking into the reactor and dancing on top of the pile. That would be a very good way to die as the amount of radiation inside a typical reactor is equal to about 1,000 Hiroshima bombs. (rather the energy equal to)

    So if you live near a reactor you are looking at a very low risk of death from radiation. Of course Three Mile Island had zero deaths but not to long ago a natural gas line blew up near Three Mile Island and killed 5.

  3. The disasters in japan are tragic to say the least. Throughout our history we as humans have had these crisises. 911 and katrina are a few more of the recent things aswell.
    What have we learned from these events? We can prep and plan for what only GOD KNOWS.
    Storing food,amassing arsenals of weapons and holding up in an underground bunker is not a life to live. If “the end of days” occured and Shit really hits the fan is that how you want to live?
    Me myself, know that prepping brings out not just the animal/ survival instinct but my need to be free. Not just the freedom of surviving a worldwide failure,but in my everyday life.
    Sorry kinda went out on an tangent. John from pocatello idaho

  4. As much as I like Dave Ramsey, he seems to put forth the same message as Suze Orman: you have to stay in the rat race until you’re traditional retirement age. (and with all the money he has?!)


    Happy are those of us whose brains are being washed with the truth of freedom.

  5. @Emily WOW! TSP Litener’s quote of the week

    “Happy are those of us whose brains are being washed with the truth of freedom.”

    JUST AWESOME! Thank you.

  6. I’m so glad you said, “Don’t panic and sit tight.”

    I trade stocks and I looked at the stock market in the last two days. It’s crazy. People react to emotions instead of analyzing charts or fundamentals and losing bunches of money. They were selling their silver and gold stocks. That’s where it’s safe or safer.

    Iodine Potassium for $100. Do you know how far we are from Japan? Didn’t we test nuclear somewhere close to Solomon Island. That’s a lot closer than Japan.

    Thanks for your sensible advice. Spend the money helping Japan instead. It will give you peace of mind knowing you have helped.

    • Karen, that’s exactly why I don’t have any faith in the stock market. If somebody farts sideways, the stock market plunges for three days. It’s ridiculous. Nobody seems to invest based on the merit of a company’s ability or worth anymore… or maybe they never did, and those of us who have capitalist morals are just “idealists”.

  7. Jack – Since I am still paying off my debt. I found a good water filtration system that cost me less than $50. It’s from Monolithic (yes, the same people in Italy, TX), filters to .5 microns and the kit itself cost ~$25. The rest of my cost was 2 5 gallon buckets.

  8. Just a clarification: I think Jack said something about “Aaron Burr” near the end of the show, but I think that was actually Alexander Hamilton. Aaron Burr of course killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.
    Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury and was in fact an advocate of Central Banking, however, that was a far cry from today’s Federal Reserve.
    Also–he was a character in the “John Adams” Mini-series on HBO, but he wasn’t a cabinet member (although some of his pals were–Oliver Walcott I believe was his replacement as Treasury Secretary–into Adam’s Administration). In any case, Hamilton wrangled the effective position of commander of the Army (though technically under Washington I think), and there was a scene with Adams and Hamilton in the show where he held that position.

    I think there is a lot to admire about Hamilton, and a number of things to dislike. Despite our preference, I think it is safe to say he had a very strong impact on the early formation of our government. Love or hate him–interesting character.

      • @Jack,

        No problem. To clarify my own post…Hamilton was portrayed as Secretary of Treasury in “John Adams” during Washington’s Administration, and I think that’s where he had the argument with Jefferson.

        Here’s a Link to that Scene on Youtube.

        It was a pretty good mini-series, and had an entertaining portrayal of Jefferson and Adam’s relationship as well. I think they re-bonded over their hatred of Hamilton. 🙂

        • Thanks, Kam! My great-great-great grandfather’s cousin was Aaron Burr. Both my ancestor, Timothy Burr, and Aaron were involved in what some claimed was a secession conspiracy (armed farmers homesteading) involving what later became Texas and Louisiana.

          “John Adams” is an excellent miniseries. I also recommend “Hamilton’s Curse” by Thomas DiLorenzo (at the excellent, which I am in the process of reading, and “The Whiskey Rebellion” by William Hogeland. “The Whiskey Rebellion” provides an interesting depiction of the financial problems facing the new, debt-ridden United States and how the government, financial interests and the people coped.

          Jack – Thomas Jefferson, with whom Aaron Burr served as Vice President, has long been my favorite President! Thanks for mentioning those resources in the Ackers interview!

  9. Hey Jack,

    Great show’s the past couple days. I’ve been working my 2nd job. So I wanted to comment on all for them. Thanks for the insight. Last night as I was leaving work. 3 people told me not to go outside on Friday because that’s when I cloud is going to hit. For the past 2 day’s I’ve been work 6am-11:30pm. So I’ve missed some news, but looking online, and listening to your shows this morning. I know it’s not as bad as they say. DAM Fearmonger’s ;)!!

    I wanted to comment on the Tuesday show were you talked about those movies. I think you’ll probley like The Road better. I liked it, and thought it was a better look at what could actually happen in the real world. The Book of Eli was good, but more of the Road Warrior action movie. I’m not saying it’s bad, but I think The Road is more of something that could happen.

    Last I’m pretty excited because I’m getting my first handgun tomorrow. I got a Glock 19 4th gen. I can’t wait to learn to use it. I also am on the Front Sight email list, and I got an email two days ago. It has this smoking deal IMO. I posted a link to the site. If you go about 1/2 way down it talks about the Liberty Tree deal. $300 for 2 day and 4 day handgun training, 2 day Shotgun, and 2 day rifle for life. I’m buying it today. I know it’s just basic, but that’s just what I need.

    Thanks Jack you’ve helped make a huge impact on our lives.
    Bryan from Nevada

  10. I am not worried about running out to get Potassium Iodide tablets because I can’t imagine needing them, but I am concerned with the very real potential of long term contamination of our food supply. Most of the information coming out is probably not very factual, but some of it if true indicates that our food supply will be contaminated. Course for us old folks wouldn’t live to be old enough to be effected but this could be bad news for young folks. I doubt that the public would be made aware of the contamination as it would crash economies around the world. Personally I am adding to our food stores and water purification capabilities. Can’t hurt in the long run and just might come in handy.

    • During the chernobyl accident most contamination occured when children drank the milk from cows that ate radiation laden grass, Its always the children that suffer most in these situations. However in future i might consider not eating fish from the pacific for a while

  11. Jack, the show notes mentioned a Gary V update, but I didn’t hear it. Is there an update?

    I did purchase KIO3 on Saturday at Directive 21’s normal price of $38 bucks for 3 bottles. There is a Nuclear Plant in my County to the East and a long silent fault line to the West. So I took Japan’s problems as a kick to the head to say, Yeah I should have done this before. I’m going to do it now” and did it. I also used it as motivation to get the propane tanks filled, gas cans filled, buy more dog food and check the pantry for a few things that we were low on and replenish them. Again, all things I should have done earlier, but could have made it through my day without doing and been okay.

  12. Jack brought up Alex Jones in one of his podcasts. Wonders never cease. Alex is now pimping over priced KI tablets on his website. I guess it pays off to hype tragedy.

  13. First, Congratulations on finding an office, or shall I say, world headquarters.

    Second, thank you for a couple great shows the past couple days. It was good to hear the passionate/crazy/honest/voice of reason in my head phones return.

  14. RE: Alex Jones being off his flipping rocker.

    I think Alex Jones needs to take a temporary vacation and during that time he should work to bring himself to an entirely new understanding of when it is and is not appropriate to embellish and exaggerate. I think you are correct, Jack, when you say that Alex Jones is NOT a liar. But he is either unknowingly spouting un-checked “facts” which his staff failed to research properly, or he feels the degree of exaggeration he resorts to is somehow “okay.”

    He might also want to sit down for a few days and watch a non-stop marathon of about 30 or 40 episodes of “Democracy Now!” with Amy Goodman. Some people think she is the most boring and snooze-inducing journalist/commentator in the world. But aside from that issue of taste, her facts are always solid. So maybe Jones needs to inoculate himself with a tiny dose of boring-but-accurate to try and offset his runaway penchant for exciting-but-distorted.

  15. I get a little bit sad when I see people stressing out about the nuclear boogeyman.

    Radioactivity would be something your has adapted to dealing with to a degree, and would be dealing with if nuclear fission had never been discovered.

    Consider this article:

    Also consider the city of Guarapari, Brazil (google it), where the background radiation is 175 mSv/yr. They’re getting by without an iodine tablet budget, and you can too.

  16. I am still unsure what to think. Just going to learn from this situation and make sure I am better prepared next time. I went from fearing the absolute worst to now thinking we won’t know for several decades, or less if our government and media were telling us the truth.

  17. I spoke to the Cold Steel rep at the gun this weekend and he said the Inferno pepper spray should be good for 5 years. He said to shake it periodically to keep it well mixed.

  18. As always Jack great Podcast. I was reading an article about awareness and Cooper’s color code and that made me think about how that related to us as Preppers. Basically condition white is no situational awareness, condition Yellow means you’re always aware of whats going on around you, you go to orange if you think there is a potential problem, red when you know there is a threat and condition black is when you are attacked. It seems to me that a lot of people are in condition white or black in regards to whats going on around them-when they should be in condition yellow or orange. Thats my 2 cents.