Episode-621- Steve Palmer of on Food Storage and Global Events — 12 Comments

  1. I purchased a pantry system and am very happy with it. Even my wife who is not completely on board thought it was a neat idea. Wanted to share something too. The way these racks go together the structural members form a lip on the top. If you order one of the shorter sytems you can cut a piece of plywood or particle board and make a shelf on the top of the unit. We use this to store boxed items and extra cans. I just formed a line for different types of cans and can easily slide them forward for rotation. Just an idea to get even more storage space out of the unit.

  2. Great show! Just what I’ve been thinking about lately. Many of the grocery store items are going up in price and lowering the content amount in the packages. We’re buying extras now, and have been, but we’re running into space issues.

    I’ve got 6 of the Cansolidator Pantry units stacked together and put on the floor of my kitchen pantry. I love them, and my kids enjoy loading them up from the grocery store.

    As I’ve been picking up more and more of the #10 cans, I’ve started having long term storage space issues and realize that the large rotation system would be best. My house doesn’t have an extra closet or room where I can put the Harvest, but I am probably going to buy it anyway and FIND space. Maybe I can sew a cover and leave it visible. I don’t know.

    I can’t wait to see the cook book! The Thrive videos are great.

  3. Awesome show, Jack! I love a good interview show. The Skype bugs were a little annoying, but that’s not anything you could control.

  4. That was probably a good show, but I couldn’t understand half of what Steve said. Truly the worst audio ever, and a damning indictment of Skype. Maybe it was on my end, but…

  5. Great show as always…one thing that peaked my interest was when Steve said something about the government buying large quantities of longterm food stuffs? What is that all about?

  6. You forgot to discuss the biggest threat of all to future food production, and that’s climate change. But that’s because you have been brainwashed by corporate interests into opposing any action to mitigate climate change. You’re not as fiercely independent as you think you are, Jack. You’re still reading from a corporate playbook, only you don’t know it …. yet.

  7. Everyone, as I wait to see if we are going to get hit by a tsunami or not I am glad. I have food, dog food, baby formula, diapers, means of collecting, storing & purifying water.

    Watching news feeds of people rushing to get gas and food makes me sad, get your preps together!

    Prayers for those in need in Japan.

    • Hope you and your family are safe Dave. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all in the Asia/Pacific area today.

  8. Good show. Do you think some of the storage food shortages are due to panic buying from people eating up the 2012 hype? Steve tried to bring it up. I was curious about the government buy up of food as well.