Episode-605- Listener Feedback 2-14-11 — 17 Comments

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  2. Heating electric cars in cold climates

    The AC unit in the car can when run “in reverse” and act as a heat pump.

    That combined with a gasoline heater (commonly used in cars today in cold climates) Remember that gasonline or some other chemical fuel will still often be used to run a generator capable of charging the batteries.

    In the future maybe fuelcells will be capable of generating both power and heat.

    So a combination of present and future technologies can probably be used to solve it.

    • @SolitaryAnt,

      Actually I just found an article where Nisan admits that running the heater in the Leaf has a huge reduction on mileage. So for products like the Volt it may be less an issue.

      You may be right and technology may solve this in the future but for now it seems to be an elephant in the room that none of the auto makers really want to discuss and when they do they have to admit it is a real issue.

  3. Brent in PEI:

    Hi Jack, I’ve yet to listen to the episode, since I stack episodes up and listen to them on the drive to work. But I’m surprised this has not been caught before, unless people are so caught up in the ‘All electric vehicle thing’, no one thought to ask. I since went to the Nissan Leaf Wiki, and there is a dramatic reduction when the heaters are used. So the southern tier of the U.S looks like the only place where this will not be an issue in winter.

  4. I work for a large Internet company that uses tons of IP addresses. We are working hard to be able to run on IPV6 as well as IPV4.

    I am also an IT old timer and also worked hard to make sure Y2K was a non-event.

  5. About roadside gardens: avoid roadside and active railroad lines for foraging as I was told by an employee of the railroads that the herbicide they use along the tracks is toxic. Farmers are frequently hired to mow alongside the roadside and sometimes the highway dept will spray, but usually the spray along the road is just the first couple of feet from the shoulder of the road. I still wouldn’t forage too close to a road, definitely not by railroad tracks.

  6. Ed: there is no “apparently even dried up leaves can cause a bad rash.” If you are sensitive, dry or fresh it itches and seeps and bubles and swells.

    I’ve had it so bad I had to have shots. I hate the stuff and it is the only thing i’ll use herbicide on.

  7. Not sure how accurate it is, but a friend once told me that goats can actually eat poison ivy. I couldn’t believe it but he said that is what his parents did.

  8. On electric car climate control: If I had an electric car, I wouldn’t consider winter heating a show stopper. Just dress for the weather – including long underwear and wool socks if needed – and run the electric heater only long enough to avoid frostbite.

    Summer is where I foresee a real problem. Cooling requires a lot of energy too. Especially when it’s a solar oven on wheels like most cars. (Our highs today got into the 70s and suddenly my car is HOT inside.) I think an electric car cooled to a tolerable summer temperature will also suffer on battery life. There are only so many layers of clothing that can be removed.

    Winter in the southern states is short. Summer drags on for a long, long time. I’m not giving up on the idea of an electric car in the future though. Climate control is yet another engineering and usage challenge, but I’m sure it’ll be sorted out eventually.

    Next question: What does the cold air do to the car’s battery storage capability? I’ve found most rechargeable batteries to be terrible in freezing conditions. So maybe the early models will just get crappy battery life all year round…

  9. @charlie

    I don’t think it is so much as the effect of cold on that battery as it is on the drain. Up here in PEI, Canada, we can get to -4F (-20C). And for weeks on end. We would use the heater much longer at a time and for a longer duration vis-a-vis season.

    Conversely, we would use the air conditioning maybe five days a year.

    BTW, substitute ‘winter’ in your ‘drags on’ sentence for us 😉

  10. About roadside pollution. On old, heavily traveled roads, you will see lead contamination from burning leaded gas. Lead can bioaccumulate so it might be a problem.

  11. I listened to this episode while at the dentist having a tooth extracted. I could be in the throes of a “Deliverance” syndrome as it will be a few months until things heal up for a replacement. However I was able to take the opportunity before they started extracting to tell them what I was listening to. I approached it from the gardening standpoint. The doc and nurse asked about where I got my seeds and why would I order online. Nice segue into non GMO and then the Survival Podcast. They seemed genuinely interested and the nurse wrote down some info. They the injected me and removed the tooth. I can’t say that your voice sedated me Jack, but it did distract from the prying and pulling as they removed the old crown, then the tooth.
    As a side note, keep up on your dental checkups as this problem wasn’t visible (under the gum) or painful and could have infected other teeth. It was a detail oriented nurse cleaning my teeth that found it

  12. @Jack

    One of my recommended books on Saudi Oil is “Twilight in the Desert” by Matthew Simmons.