Episode-60- Keeping Your Head in Tough Times — 8 Comments

  1. DefCon 1 was nuclear war. DefCon 5 was situation normal.. You got it backwards in your show today.. 😉

  2. Do you really think it will come back if (or rather when) it crashes? I mean take a look around. This isn’t the 30’s any more. The Fed is running massive budget deficits and the interest payments alone are beginning to reach military industrial complex porportions.

    Our society is aging. The bulk of our workers are about ready to retire. Our major industry has been moved over seas. We are facing peak oil. We as a society are heavily in debt at all levels of government as well is individually. Our infrastructure is in shambles.

    What exactly is it that suggests a recovery ever? To me this seems more like a slide down toward 3rd world status where we shall stay for at least several generations.

  3. DOH! You are right! Guess 1985 and the movie War Games was a very long time ago. Thanks for catching my slip up. I rely on you guys to keep me between the lines, thanks again.

  4. @Chris,

    On the recovery, yes indeed it will recover. The question is exactly how and by what means and what will the new nation look like.

    Why do I believe this? Because humans are “society builders” it is what we do. We will probably scrap a lot of the system and I imagine some free loaders will have a hard time.

    Think about it this way though, if you put 1000 people on an isolated island the first thing they would do (once they stopped freaking out) would be begin to organize into a community. They would identify who had what skills and knowledge, start building shelters, form some sort of government, set up educational means and start creating their own society.

    This has been the “way of things” since man understood his own reflection in water. It will never change. As for third world status, what makes this nation different is…

    1. Armed citizens who are not warlords

    2. We have tons of natural resources and good farm land

    3. Even though raped our Constitution still matters and it is the greatest statement of freedom ever created

    4. By and large our people believe in the ideal that is America. Politicians may have raped our nation and created and utilized false patriotism but in the heart of many of us is the real thing. That spirit sent the greatest army known at the time fleeing, there is no reason to believe it won’t happen again.

    This is how I really feel, don’t ask me the exact way these things will occur, I have no idea. What I do know is our nation is mostly made up of good men and women that have good hearts, good ethics and a belief in God (in many forms). Those things have an ability to reshape the world, let alone one nation.

  5. Something people forget…get rid of all your junk
    and stream line your life…I found 2 old gold rings in my closet…going to sell them…buy a little ammo
    and some storage food..and pay off some old bills
    if the rings make any money…

  6. The more I listen to these, the more I realize I need to learn. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. I’m going to do the drill soon where you see what your weaknesses are.

    My main question is, how do I secure my money? My wife and I have no debt except for our house. We have a good chunk of money in CDs, and have money in 401k through work. We have almost no cash in the house.

    Is there a specific episode I should check out to learn more? Right now I’m currently going through all of them. ALso, are there any forums or websites I can go to to learn more and educate myself?

    Thanks for any help!

  7. Jack, it’s ironic, though your podcast is always informative and eye opening; there are times when you also make me laugh (in a good natured way). As to this podcast, it is frightening what’s happening to the USA and both it’s and the world’s economy. I only caught sound bites of George Bush’s address to the Nation on this morning’s news (CBC radio in Toronto); but it’s scary that it’s taken him this long to finally say what you’ve and others have been commenting on. Well, he is a politician after all, he want’s to keep people calm and sedated…
    That all being said, I agree that one has to tighten their belt and save. I’m trying to do so and though things in Canada appear to not be as dire as in the US, I’m planning and have finally gotten my SWMBO on my side with preparations for hard times. Will we see the 1930’s again, I don’t know; but this is one time where I wish my grandparents and parents were still around to give advise and tips on how they experienced life and lived through similar times.

  8. Maybe a good way to describe the decrease in the value of money would be to say…
    If they were to print new money and double the supply of dollars, It would be like trading in all your dollars for a fifty cent piece.