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  2. In the “for what is worth department,” I came across this website. Looks like a really nice way to get a raised bed using a variety of wood type in a real hurry.

    The M BRACE™ is a revolution in raised bed construction … NO TOOLS REQUIRED! Slide any sized boards into the patented brace, fill with soil and plant. That’s it! The M BRACE™ is beautiful too, with laser cut designs to complement any garden.

  3. Hey Jack,

    I’m guessing at best (if you had a hot-rod system) you had a 1200 baud modem. I myself was slumming it with a 300 baud modem cobbled together with my Atari 800 on the Bulletin Boards. Wow, I fee old.

    As far as “Pump Up the Volume”–yeah a good movie, with a major dose of “guilty pleasure.” It is pretty heavy handed in some ways, and appealed to the ‘restless kid’ types, but that’s fine. It was still a good movie, but a bit of cringe factor–kind of like looking at one’s high school yearbook photos. 🙂

  4. I heard this live when I was a kid. Sure made me think about the pledge I said every day!

  5. Reminded me of dialing up bulletin board systems with my C64’s 300 baud modem capping a telephone receiver…Great show

  6. Great show Jack! I would definitely like to here a show on Thomas Jefferson! While we are on the subject how about an entire show on ” the chess game that China is playing”. And ” All about Pistols”. I look forward to hearing about china.

    Thanks Jack

  7. On treated lumber; Does anyone know that arsenic was in chicken food until this last year? So it took that long…from the time they changed wood preservative to last year before someone realized that chickens that we eat maybe shouldn’t eat poison? Did anyone ever test plants to see if there was chemical uptake either with the old preservative and the new preservative?

  8. I think you said in this episode that you hoped everyone disagreed with you about something sometimes. Well I have to say I don’t agree with you about cultured meat, I think being able to produce almost limitless meat in that fashion would be almost unbearably exciting.

    It would (potentially) mean an end to food shortages, huge benefits to our environment in terms of the hormones and anti-biotics that are dumped into the meat industry as well as the waste and pollution that comes from it, huge areas of land could be returned to nature, and it could solve a major barrier to human beings leaving planet earth. (OK, I admit it, I’m a star Trek Fan!) We’re going to have 9 billion people on this planet by the middle of this century, and this could help feed them without scything down what’s left of the worlds forests.

    I think people react against this because it’s weird and unfamiliar, and sounds revolting. But then if you tried to explain the process of producing beer or wine or cheese to someone who had never heard of them, they’d find that pretty revolting too.

    Obviously this would have to be tested for safety or unwanted side effects, but we can’t never try anything new because it might have negative consequences one day.

  9. @Spaghetti and Sauce

    Tell you what you are welcome to all of it you want and I will never be cutting in line in front of you. I personally see the potential risks here to be extreme. We already know the damage done to humans by GMOs, so after you guys eat that crap for perhaps 40 years and don’t get sick, have organs destroyed, destroy your immune systems, etc, I might think about it.

    Now beer, wine and cheese are all 100% natural processes I see NO CORRELATION between these two worlds.

    So BBQ up your test tube meat if you wish, I won’t get in your way but please don’t pass the plate to me.

  10. @ModernSurvival

    Your choice of course. No one’s going to force you to eat it.

    On the GMOs point. From my own limited understanding of genetics, any meat that came out of such a test tube would be genetically identical to that which was cut from an animal. So if the cow that the genes were taken from wasn’t GMO-d, then the test tube beef wouldn’t be either.
    And I don’t see how meat grown in a test tube is going to be more harmful than the factory farmed meat that most westerners consume now, drenched in hormones and anti-biotics and as you talked about a week or two ago, with colouring in it to make it red.

    We’ve an ever increasing number of people on this planet wanting food and a static amount of land to feed them from. Like you I’m an environmentalist, and I’ really worried about what we might have to do to this planet to wrench 50% more food out of it in just 40 odd years. I know you’re worried about the potential consequences of it, but don’t you also see the potential benefits? Isn’t it at least worth exploring?

    I always find your opinion interesting and I’ve gained a HUGE amount personally from your show: so I don’t want you to think I’m trying to put you down in any way. But I do think there is a good case to be argued for this.

    P.S. Loved the recent shows about herbs. I’m going to stop cooking the hell out of my garlic.

  11. @Spaghettie and Sauce

    You stated “No one’s going to force you to eat it.”

    Really isn’t this what they claimed about GMO corn? First it would only be for animal feed, then oh we lied but don’t worry it is perfectly safe, next thing we know GMO corn is in literally everything people eat from the store.

    Are we “forced to eat it” as in a gun to our heads. No but is there anyway for a consumer to know our food is polluted with franken genes? How many people eat GMOs every day and have no clue, to me they are in a round about way forced to eat it.

    So given GMOs are not required to be labeled why should I expect synthetic meat to be labeled? The modern food supply is being poisoned and it is happening right in front of us all.

    Don’t sing me that bullshit about needing to feed the planet either. There are plenty of safer ways to grow food and raise meat that are for more productive and far less damaging to the system.

  12. hey, jack, great work as usual. in regards to republicans and democrats- you know we have the government the american people want [sadly]. People wants these benefits, and just don’t like to think about who pays. Until we as a people change, it never has helped to blame our government & ‘throw the bums out’ because the new boss is always ‘same as the old boss’- because otherwise they don’t get re-elected. Sorry to sound so cynical, but maybe one day someone will get elected saying ‘ i plan to cut your benefits and give you less. i will eliminate [xxx dept etc etc]. until then, we get what we ask for. Keep the faith and maybe we can change this culture.
    on gmps: i’m sure you have already said, but GMOs will not end hunger as people claim. Hunger is not caused because we can’t grow enough food. its always political & economical. we waste so much food. Also- any increase in crop yield will simply lead to farmland being used to build housing for increased population. Monsanto wants to control your seeds. GROW YOUR OWN!

  13. “How many people eat GMOs every day and have no clue, to me they are in a round about way forced to eat it.”

    Yup I agree with you. There should be clear and honest labelling of GM foods so that people can make up their own minds. (In Britain there are quite a few specialist brands that proclaim non-GM on them, though it’s not as widespread as it should be.) But as I said, as far as I know this synthetic meat would not be GM per-see because it would simply replicate the genes of the original animal.

    A long way down the line it might be possible to make small synthesis machines on that would fit in our back yards. Which could help free us of dependence on huge agri-business, which you make a lot fair points about.

    Again, I’m not putting you down or anything like that, if I didn’t respect you I wouldn’t be listening to your show or spending time discussing things with you. I just don’t think it makes any sense to write of a technology with this much potential before any of us can even know how it would work. At the moment you don’t seem to have any concrete objection to it other than a vague sense that it’s not natural and doesn’t feel right: which if I may say so is the same reaction a lot of people once had to trains, firearms and electricity. It’s natural for people to be suspicious of new and unfamiliar things and I’m as guilty of it as anyone else, but as a society I think we should at least do the research to find out how it would work before dismissing it as something out of a horror movie.

    “Don’t sing me that bullshit about needing to feed the planet either.”

    Come on there’s no need for that, I’ve been very respectful of everything you’ve said.

    You know better than most people the food scarcity and environmental damage that is happening now with 6 billion people, we’re due to have 9 billion by the middle of this century. I’m not saying that this would be a magic bullet, or that other methods do not also have an important role to play. But I do think it could make a huge contribution, and we shouldn’t write it off before it’s even been developed on the basis of nothing more than hunch.

    Like you always say on your show, this is one man’s opinion and no one has to agree with it.

    • @Spaghetti and Sauce

      Sorry but I call it like I see it the save the planet shit is bullshit when used to justify screwing with nature. It is bullshit not because the planet doesn’t need saving it is bullshit but because behaving recklessly and tampering with nature is bullshit and using the planetary need to justify the same is total bullshit.

      Now you go take that personally if you wish though it is not how I mean it, I am arguing your idea not your personage. Yet if you listen as much as you do you know I don’t temper words and never will. The argument you make brought us modern monoculture, chemical fertilizer and GMO food. The exact same argument, so when you use it to justify feeding test tube grown meat to humans I say the argument, NOT YOU but the argument is total bullshit.

      • OK. We’ve both had our say, so I’m happy to agree to disagree.

        The only thing I would like to add is that “screwing with nature” is what human beings have been doing non-stop since the invention of flint tools.

        I’m off to listen to the interview you did with Paul Wheaton. Hope your throat infection clears up soon.

  14. Jack, great show. It seems to me that the concept of flu vaccines in GMO corn (VGMO) has the potential to really create problems. I was litening to you talk to Paul Wheaton and the thought of cows self medicating and knowing what to eat when to eat it made me think. How in the heck are they going to “know” how much of this VGMO to put in the foods? How are they going to keep the general population from killing themselves? I can see lots of overdoses because people tend to think more is better. Especially, like you say, they won’t ever stop creating this stuff. Ah, will it most likely have to be labeled (because it is a drug, maybe?). If they start labelling it, then their problems with labelling all GMO’s in the foods falls apart. It’s another example of the big pharms and big ag pulling the string on the puppets in DC and stuffing this crap down our throats.

  15. Here’s another article about lab-grown meat, this time focusing on the Dutch angle:

    I actually think it’s an interesting idea. Not to replace real meat directly, but to replace the fake meat currently made from soybeans and wheat gluten. Nothing natural about that stuff, yet there’s already a BIG market for it. At least cultured meat should have a passing resemblance to the real thing in comparison.

    Also, the same technology could be used to develop useful medical treatments. I got the impression that there’s a lot of crossover in the research.

    I have two main concerns though. First, genetics aren’t everything. Compare the meat from two cows of the same breed: One finished on grass out in the pasture, and the other stuffed with corn and antibiotics in a feed lot. You get the idea. I think when lab meat goes into testing they’ll have to do a lot of adjustment to the final process to get the “environmental” factors right.

    Second: The researchers seem to be obsessed with getting government funding. If it’s such a great idea and it can be brought to market in some form within the next decade, why not just raise private funds? Remember that government money always comes with strings attached.

  16. Jack, I don’t see a GMO tag on the main page. It would be handy if you could make one.
    RE; “feeding the planet”
    I invite anyone interested in this issue to head over to the “World Economic Forum Podcast” and listen to “the experts in the field” discuss food shortage issues.

    IT turns out that the problem with feeding the planet has nothing to do with the quantity of food available. The problem almost overwhelmingly consists of two basic but related issues; Waste and access to conveyance technologies. The places where people starve simply don’t have enough trucks to deliver food to market in a timely fashion. This leads to enormous losses through rot. We’re talking over 40% before it even gets to a market.
    In America, where we’re largely spoiled rotten (pun intended) the waste levels are even higher. Anybody who has worked in food processing or the produce department of a grocery store can tell you this.
    I can’t tell you how many apples I’ve thrown in the trash because they had a bruise half the size of a dime on them.

    Wanna feed the world? Provide viable infrastructure and a decent life to farmers.

  17. @spaghetti

    please consider a simpler solution… letting pigs, cows, etc be pigs and cows

    Also just a general link about treated lumber:
    the conclusion if you don’t want to read the tome: ACQ seems to fine for use in the garden – alkaline copper quat

    Thanks for the heads up jack! I love those cheap landscape timbers.. I made 1000 feet of fence line out of them – another good use and much cheaper than fence posts.

  18. Hello Jack, on the piece you did on Egypt I can and do agree with you that government in general fears the people but “at all times?” That if I were to walk over to my brother or sister of the military they would embrace me?
    Maybe they would if given their own choice but I do not agree with the notion that our law enforcement and military will be on our side should the shit hit the fan. I disagree with the mental picture you paint for people sometimes about how everyone in uniform thinks and believes as we do, that is like saying all preppers think and believe the same about the Constitution or Bill of Rights. My gripe is about when you paint these mental images for your audience you are (to me anyway) giving false assurance that when the shit hits the fan military or law enforcement won’t be kicking in any doors and to me that is just not true, my example, The Bonus Army:

    This is a true historical event that happened on American soil. “The Bonus Marchers, believing the troops were marching in their honor, cheered the troops until Patton ordered the cavalry to charge them—an action which prompted the spectators to yell, “Shame! Shame!” While I will agree that no violence should have occurred from the beginning, the protesters believed the military would stand with them because they too were military veterans of war and instead they were charged by cavalry, their camps set on fire and destroyed and Patton went away from the immediate situation and rode into the camps across the river and stomped them out too, shooting some in his actions. This was condoned by the then acting President of the United States of America!

    I am not saying to distrust everyone around us but I am saying, it is not right to give blanket statements to a situation. That is like saying we all have crystal balls and can tell just how everything is going to happen. I am saying that we all should be cautious and do not believe for one minute that the police officer dressed in s.w.a.t riot gear would not kick in my door because he/she believes it to be morally wrong or unconstitutional. The military and law enforcement are being fed lies also that they should fear us, they refer to preppers and alike as survivalists or home-grown terrorists and the poor law enforcement does not know who to believe so they will follow orders until they see sufficient reason to do otherwise. Please reconsider Jack the next time you make statements that you believe will give your listeners a false hope or happy thoughts because you feel a responsibility (and I know this because I have heard you do it) to keep people calm or to manipulate their feelings so as to calm them down and not react to a situation or action by this current administration. The government has been testing the ability to shut down portions of the internet:

    While the story says the motive for doing so was to stop spread of child pornography the government took an opportunity to flex its cyber-muscle and shut off tens of thousands of domain names just to give the rest of us a heads-up of what they can do if they so choose. You are right in that shutting down the internet would bring upheaval from the public and business sectors as well but I do not believe that is their intention. I believe they want to be able to shut down portions of the internet such as forums, blogs or internet radio programs giving out information that the government does not want people to hear. Would they ever really do such a thing? Ask someone who was part of the bonus army, they thought it could never happen…no…not in America.

    The Bonus Army is one example of government administration and the military joining together to restore order as they saw it but it resulted in Veteran American troops not only being dismissed by the President of the United States but also but lied to about what was owed them. That they would get their money only they would have to wait fifteen or twenty years to get it, meanwhile their families are starved for food and have nowhere to lay their heads and call home. It is an unpleasant reality to look at Jack but the fact is, we are all frightened people at one time or another and what evokes that fear in my opinion is assuming something is as we understand it only to be awakened to the harsh reality that I was lied to and now the full brunt of authorities has been brought to bear down on me or my family.

    If you have never been in serious trouble with the law or had a family member charged with a crime and the law come to check you out at the same time then it would be difficult to relate to the underlying mistrust of authority that I feel. Please consider what I have said here and please give yourself time to do so before hammering off another one of your impassioned responses. You are of Hungarian descent and I am Sicilian/Italian descent and we both can have flaring tempers because we become impassioned about what we believe and hold dear in our hearts but using fowl language to attempt to drive home your point really will not work on me. I listen because I enjoy the information and the suggestions of self reliance and self sustainability, I do not listen because I believe you have a better grip on life than I do or the next person does. You say you have an opinion and this is mine, true discussion and debate can occur as long as the participants involved agree that they can disagree and still co-exist. I agree that I will probably not agree with the response that you will give to this post because you usually shout back at the person who opposes your views. I enjoy the show Jack and I look forward to many more.