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  1. hey, haven’t listened yet but followed the link to the fluoridated water article. there is a link in the article to this site,, which actually sells “nursery water.” water with added fluoride for your infants and toddlers. as parents, my wife and i spend time researching most choices we make for our two children. sadly, i know most parents don’t. i can only imagine the amount of flouride being shoved into the mouths of babies and children.

    keep up the good fight, jack.

    cody johnle

  2. @Cody and to make it worse I know for a fact some mothers are giving this crap to infants that don’t even have teeth yet!

  3. right. me too. it even says in the post article that it’s best used applied to the teeth. we have a 3 1/2 year old and she uses toothpaste that does not contain fluoride. we’ve discussed this with other parents and some are shocked that we would “deprive” our child of fluoride and expose her to such horrible health. i read an article i’m going to try to find, that links fluoride intake to osteoporosis in women.

    when i was in grade school we were forced to drink fluoride every morning. that was in kentucky, and i wonder if it was a national thing or state by state. and i wonder when it stopped.

  4. Don’t know if they are still doing it, but local pediatricians would prescribe vitamins with added fluoride for infants to protect their future teeth, our local water supply has no fluoride.

  5. @cody I am from MA and I remember having to swish with flouride once a week for my whole elementary school years.

  6. Alsace pronounced All-sace, with sace being pronounced as if it were the english word “sauce”, but with ü instead of u. You could also come pretty close to if you used a “long a” sound, so All-saace

  7. Those hamsters are considered a nuisance and aren’t the friendly little ones.
    But back to why I am commenting.
    If you have a pond make sure that thereis no chance that it will overflow into local waters if a good storm hits if you are using non-native fish and plants. They can cause a lot of problems.
    Gambusia, mosquito fish, work ok but I find guppiesand sword tails work really well.
    At the end of the season if you don’t want the fish try selling them to a local pet shop or contacting a local aquarium society. They usually have auctions at their meetings and you can make a few bucks. If you start with a few guppies or swordtails you’ll have a lot at the end of the summer.
    I plan on setting up a couple of my ponds again this year.

  8. Major Sarcasm Alert!!

    Don’t worry about JP Morgan Jack they’ll take care of themselves!! Obama has appointed 2 senior exec’s to his team Stuff like this is why that guy Max Keiser start’s “Buy Sliver Crash JP Morgan”

    On a more serious note. Has anyone been to this website Is this something we should get behind??

  9. Do you think the lady with the chicken comment may have been a vegan? Even though true vegan diets are unhealthy!

    I remember reading years ago about Africa. There was wars going on and cities on lock down. They would raise and kill dogs for meat inside the city. If you have a pet I would be concerned. Hungry people think they have a right (to even steal your food) to take what they need to feed themselves and their family. Your pet may be their next meal.

    In the Ukraine, Stalin stole all their food. Starving people died in the streets and on trolleys, etc. No one had the strength to even bury them. Cannibalism was reported in some areas.

    My concern is not only for anyone staying in the cities, but for those of us in outer areas who may become victims of roving hoards.

    • I’m quite sure the woman was not a vegan. Contrary to your obviously unenlightened opinion, vegans have a very solid understanding of where animal and plant food comes from and the entire food chain itself.

      I’m vegan and I can assure you that I get all of the nutrients that I need (except Vitamin B12 which I get in a multi-vitamin) from a cholesterol and cruelty-free diet of fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, beans, and GMO-free soy products. Vitamin B12 used to be available from the dirt in our once-rich soil; however, when the U.S. Gov’t started subsidizing commodity crops like corn and soybeans to ensure that concentrated animal feeding operations (factory farms) had cheap inputs to fatten up cows for slaughter for cheap beef, they destroyed the topsoil providing B12.

      Great show Jack. I read Cam Mather’s book — Thriving During Challenging Times — after he appeared on your show. Mather advocates a vegan/vegetarian diet as the most sustainable, healthy way of eating. Given the enormous energy (oil) and water required to produce a pound of beef as compared to a pound of vegetables, the American addiction to beef will become increasingly more costly and ultimately unsustainable.

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  11. My daughter has discolored and pitted teeth due to the high fluoride in the drinking water of our town.

  12. The response to the woman who freaked out about the eggs coming fom a chickens butt…

    “Sure. Why not? I’ve kissed a baby, and have you seen where THEY come from?!?!”

  13. There’s no way to post comments on the Fluoride article, so I wrote directly to the author and requested a followup article that describes what the fluoride is doing to her son’s body as it makes his teeth sparkle and shine. Then she could evaluate for us whether her family’s vanity is more important than her family’s health.

  14. As a nutritionist, I can tell you that all man made Fluoride is a poison! It stores in your body causing disease. All fluoride that is added to ANYTHING is the toxic man-made kind. There is a natural type of fluoride that occurs in the earth naturally that is good for you. It is naturally in some dirt and is in a product called Calcium Monomorilite (or Terramin Clay). That said, it is also true that when you purify water such as through a RO system the fluoride is removed but also most minerals are taken out as well. When you drink the water that has had its minerals removed, and that water gets into your system, it pulls minerals from your body…. bones… skin….teeth…etc. So, it is true that most purified water can demineralize your body and cause tooth disease, the tooth disease has nothing to do with the lack of fluoride in water or anything else. I myself have a Berkey and I bought a 50lb bulk box of Terramin clay. We remineralize our water with the clay after putting it through the water purifier. Mineral deficiency is a HUGE problem and causes lots of disease anyway. Thanks for the great work you do! Love your shows!

  15. Just found out an interesting fact: the UK’s NHS (National Health Service) has 1.5 MILLION employees. Yes… million… just in the NHS alone. And yet they still have bad teeth, even with all those gov’t dentists on the payroll. Maybe we can send them our fluoride. 😀 I wonder if Obamacare is the prelude to our own 1.5 million plus employee national healthcare system.

    On the state sovereignty note… it’s interesting how this is the one time when states’ sovereignty is noted. As Jack noted in the show, no problem forcing all kinds of other garbage down the states’ throats. So right now if a state said screw it, we can’t pay these pensions (or whatever), the pensioners would sue in federal court, and would presumably win. Now the state is ordered by a federali judge to pay. What if it says f-u we still ain’t paying? What’s DC going to do about it? Invade the state capital? Time for some of these state officials to start growing some balls.

  16. @Kimberly

    I completely disagree ALL fluoride is poison, none is good for you. Man made is no different than natural it is the SAME MOLECULE.

    Now much of the fluoride they put in water has extra stuff in it, God know what because it comes from industrial waste but the fluoride part is fluoride plain and simple.

    This is like saying natural CO2 is fine but man made is evil. Again it is the same molecule and fluoride no matter the source is a deadly poison that will kill you with a quite small dose. Like say a few tablespoons full of common toothpaste.

  17. Fluoride in its natural form is actually considered an essential trace element, but we only need very tiny amounts and the natural form of fluoride is a far cry from the man-made form added to our water and products. The natural form of mineral fluoride found in your teeth and in nature is called Apatite (calcium fluoro-chloro-hydroxyl phosphate). The unnatural man-made form of fluoride added to our municipal water supplies is sodium fluoride – a chemical by-product of aluminum, steel, cement, phosphate, and nuclear weapons manufacturing. Such fluoride has no nutrient value or health benefits whatsoever. This is true and there is lots of documentation on this. It is the same as vitamin E. Most people do not know that 90% of the vitamin E sold on the shelves today is a by-product of the film industry. It was found that the by-product was something like 75% the chemical makeup of vitamin E so they marketed it to the health food industry as vitamin E. Most of the Fluoride and Vitamin E sold to us is toxic yet in their natural forms are not in small amounts.

  18. As a Dairy farmer’s daughter I have had people ask me what is fed to milk cows to make the milk chocolate and strawberry flavored…. I have also had people totally gross out over the fact that my brother shot and butchered a pig with his twin daughters who are 10 yrs old,thinking that was inhumane, etc. -probably alot less than at a meat packers and with a lot more quality control. I mean,these people don’t realize that what is in their grocery store’s meat counter didn’t come from the meat fairy wrapped in plastic. So I have no doubt there are people who don’t know that eggs come from a chicken’s butt.

  19. @Kimberly again fluoride is fluoride, what you are talking about are the additional things due to the source of most modern fluoride. But NATURAL fluoride can and will kill you at the exact same dose as what they put in our water.

    @Stuart, I think you took metteann comment totally the wrong way. Like many who are vegans you seem to see an attack on your choice where none exists. I find this all the time when I say I find the vegan life style less healthy then an omnivore lifestyle. That is not an attack on your choice just my well researched opinion. In the end you do as you please. Though I think metteann simply meant that some vegans may have an aversion to anything animal based. Personally based on my conversation with the source I think this person was not a vegan, they really just have no clue about food in general. She probably eats eggs all the time. I swear the only thing more sensitive then a vegan about a differing opinion is an atheistic. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they are opposed to you.

    @Candee, why am I not surprised. Same thing you see with new cashiers at the store, so what is this, ginger, what do you do with it, you eat it, oh really. Followed by what is this, parsley, oh like that thing they put on your plate at a restaurant, yes sigh, and this, parsnips, oh wow, and this, sigh those are potatoes, um why are they all tiny, they are fingerling potatoes, weird. etc. etc. etc.

    • @Jack. Thanks for your comments, though I don’t agree that I seemed to “see an attack” on my choice. The poster stated that a vegan diet is unhealthy and I simply responded. It is amazing to me, though, that anyone who has researched the issue could conclude that a well-planned and executed vegan/vegetarian diet is less healthy than an omnivore diet. It’s simply not true based on overwhelming evidence and research.

      But even setting aside the health issue, I don’t really see how any credible modern survivalist could fail to see and point out the connection between the environmental and ecological destruction of our planet and our society’s obsession with eating cheap meat. We can talk all day about peak oil and the corrupt practices of Monsanto, but these conditions wouldn’t exist if Americans didn’t insist on feasting on 99 cent Whoppers. Say “no” to eating animals and you’ll go much further in saving the planet and our finite resources (oil and water) than you ever would by buying a Prius or installing a low-flow shower head.

      And Jack, I grew up in Arlington, had a ranch in Hico, shot dove and quail, and raised Polled Herefords for slaughter. I can assure you, though, that I’m more of a modern survivalist now — living car-free in the land of fashionistas (NYC), shopping at the green market, bicycling to work, composting my banana peels and broccoli stems, and growing spinach on my balcony — than I ever was in Texas.

      Thanks for the show Jack. I honestly get a ton of useful information and have made a lot of positive changes from listening to the podcast.

      • @Stuart,

        The primary reason many of us don’t agree that the vegan choice (which I have far more concerns about than vegetarian by the way) is healthier is because of that very “well planned out” statement. If you have to plan a diet to stay alive something is wrong, humans did not evolve to “plan diets”. We evolved as omnivores, it is healthier because it is what we are.

        Additionally given you need to supplement B12 which is a necessary vitamin should tell you something. Again though choose what you want to do with your life just don’t expect me to agree with it. As for all the research for every study showing one outcome I can show you one showing the other.

        Next you know very well my thoughts on crap food like the whopper or taco bell, etc. I don’t consider such crap to be food, let alone meat.

        For me meat is grass fed beef, pastured lamb, free range poultry, fish from the cleanest water I can find etc. Deer that live on browse and acorns, wild hog, etc. I am not to a point where I stick to that 100% with all meat but close and getting closer all the time.

        The reality whether vegans accept it or not is many animals excel at converting plant life that is perennial and virtually unusable by humans into high quality protein and man has evolved as a species to feed on them.

        By the way Vegans may actually have a bigger negative impact on the environment then a responsible omnivore. My beef doesn’t requite a single field to be plowed or a single ounce of nitrate to be spread on the ground.

        For more on why vegetarians are not as soft on the environment as they often think they are read The Vegetarian Myth,

        • @Jack. I do think that everyone — vegan, vegetarian, omnivore — should have a well-planned and executed diet. The alternative is eat whatever you want, whenever you want, without regard to nutritional consideration or how it impact society. Most Americans do this anyway, which explains our ridiculous obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer that you never find in such proportion in a plant-based diet society. “The China Study”, “The Framingham Heart Study”, etc. make that clear.

          Look…if you want to kill a wild fish or animal, dress it, clean it, cook it, and eat it, that’s a better choice than participating in factory farming and you will have an intimate connection with your food. You don’t really need to do that (unless you’re severely destitute or in a true survival situation) as there are numerous cruelty-free alternatives available. So I do question what you’re feeding (ego, bravado?) by killing any animal, but whatever. And since you brought up “evolving”….shouldn’t we be trying to evolve into a more compassionate, selfless society that can understand that animals — wild or domesticated — have the capacity for, and do, suffer?

          From Cam Mather’s book, “Thriving During Challenging Times”:

          I’m not disputing that we “can” eat animal products. The question today is “should” we be…? I’m recommending…reducing your consumption of animal products for a variety of reasons. The main one is that it will be much easier to feed yourself in the future if you base your diet on plant products.

          Finally, as I said before, the reason for the B12 supplement is simple: industrial farming has raped and depleted the nutrients, including B12, from our soil. I have no problem taking a multi-vitamin so as to avoid paying someone to kill an animal so I can get this essential amino acid.

  20. @Staurt believe what you want, I will never agree with your personal choice for myself. The reality is simple, NO we do not have to plan diets to be healthy. All you have to do is eat foods that were available 200 years ago and back. It is not failure to plan our food that is the infection in America, it is industrialized crap that no one should even eat.

    Further now the real reason comes out, it isn’t about health or the environment. You like many have decided that killing an animal is “cruel” despite the fact that you did not believe so in the past.

    Let me tell you a fact, if you think a rabbit dying by a quickly broken neck is cruel, if you think a fish dying by my knife is cruel, if you think a free range chicken being decapitated is cruel, if you think a deer dying by my broad-head is cruel you really don’t understand nature.

    Simply put every animal I take a life form is treated with far less cruelty than if they were to die by tooth, fang, claw or starvation. Animals are not people and we should not try to elevate them to a status of equality with man. Though they do have an intrinsic worth and should be treated with respect.

    So eat your soy, corn, wheat and barley and it will destroy millions of acres to grow it and think about the animals cruelly displaced by such operations. Then tell me how you “only eat organic” and let me show you acres of land growing “organic grain” that while treated better than modern farming would displaces millions of animals.

    Then go look at the ranch I get my beef from, full of wild life, untouched by tractors and front end loaders. The land looks as it did 300 years ago, deer are everywhere, etc.

    What you call cruel I call natural. Man is a predator and fortunately a predator that is capable of thought, sympathy and self control. Watch an elk taken by wolves, a deer taken by a cougar or a song bird taken by a house cat, each is far more cruel than anything I have done or ever would do to an animal.

    Deny your nature if you wish, again I support your freedom of choice. Yet all we must do as humans to know what we are and what we are meant to consume is run our tongue across our upper front teeth, feel the canines and incisors and we should instantly understand the truth about our evolution.

    The human jaw is far closer to brother wolf’s than that of a cow.

  21. @Jack. Honestly, I don’t think we’re that far apart. I became vegan for health reasons long before I knew anything about factory farms, battery cages, peak oil, environmental destruction, and our government’s alignment with the beef and poultry industry. Yes, I do believe that killing an animal is cruel, but my initial health-related decision to go vegan was solidified by all of these things. So I really have no singular agenda. It’s all interwoven.

    And yeah, I’m glad I learned how to shoot rifles, pistols, and shotguns since I was 10 years old, but looking back, I don’t think it was really necessary to spend the night in a deer blind, just to get a shot off at a buck that we lured into range with a corn feeder. Shooting my .20 gauge at clay pigeons and squeezing off 9 mm and .38 rounds at fixed targets honed these skills just as well.

    I don’t think humans ARE predators, Jack. We have the capacity — unlike a wild animal — to make informed choices about such things as compassion, suffering, and necessity v. desire.

    I do eat local and organic and joined a CSA with some like-minded friends for the coming growing season (I found out about CSAs from your show). The land and energy used to produce these crops displaces far fewer animals (as well as other insects vital to the ecological system) than the wholesale clearing of rainforests to make room for CAFOs and commodity crops for inputs to these operations.

    And actually, everything I’ve read about our anatomy confirms that human’s facial muscles, jaw type, jaw motion, mouth opening v. head size, incisors, chewing, saliva, stomach type, stomach acidity, length of small intestine, liver, kidney, and nails are identical to herbivorous species.

  22. @Stuart,

    Man is a predator, you can’t change that. Hand a 5 year old a sling shot and stand back.

    You say our teeth are like that of herbivores? Really like the apes that NEVER EAT MEAT?



    Think what you wish humans are omnivores by nature. I have no interest in changing anything about myself that I see as innately human.

    There is simply no way I will ever believe that vegan is a better choice given any vegan could eat 3 ounces of meat a day and never again need to worry about a “properly planned diet”.

    Seriously any vegan with just a 3 ounce piece of meat a day could stay 100% vegan OTHER than that one intake and be totally free of concerns like combining proteins and B12, etc. Also if you are vegan even if you ate food gown from the richest soils known you would still end up B12 deficient especially as you age and loose the ability to absorb B12 efficiently.

    Hell eating meat is even linked to proper development of children especially males.

  23. On the subject of the egg’s origins: Maybe the lady was grossed out that the egg went directly from the chicken butt to the consumer without any further processing or treatment. Maybe she thinks egg packagers washes their eggs. Is that true? I don’t know. But I assume the home producer will wash an egg if it looks dirty. Also, many commercial egg producers keep chickens in small cages 24/7, unlike chickens that are free to roam around the back yard. Thus it’s possible that home chickens are cleaner and healthier.

    There’s an unspoken assumption in modern American supermarkets that whatever you buy must have been cleaned already. Never mind the occasional outbreaks of disease from unwashed produce. Guess what, guys, most veggies are grown in DIRT! And eggs come from chicken butts.

    On China nationalizing mines: When I heard about that, for a moment I thought of Francisco D’Anconia. Except anyone who tries to follow his example in China would probably wake up in prison or worse. (Read “Atlas Shrugged” if you don’t know about D’Anconia.)